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I Got New Chrome Side Trim on My Old Mercedes But They are Loose!

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Rather a common issue. Here is my fix of choice and its cheap. Link to parts and tools to DIY: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=side%20trim%20clips
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matroxist l (1 day ago)
Where do i finde those red pins ?
Mercedessource (1 day ago)
see the links in the description below the video
julio martinez (2 days ago)
That blue color is beautifull
Prankishsquire (2 days ago)
I have a 240 with a 4-speed manual trans and a 300 D motor, the day I bought it, ($1600, blue just like this one,1980), the stereo answered my phone, I was suddenly on the phone with a business client in Texas. As I settled into the freeway drive home I called the previous owner, using the stereo Bluetooth in the car, he confessed he had paid more for the stereo than he did for the car. I have/had a great mechanic, in 1994, we rebuilt a 1975 300d and installed it in a 1977 300D body, I called her Chelsea, drove her nearly 100K, then I found a fairly cherry 240, 1980 with a blown engine, so I pulled the engine from the 1977 and put her in the 1980, we called him Calvinstein. I did another, 100K in Calvin as a fish salesman. Then I found Sarafina, a 1980, 240 with a 4-speed, and a good stereo, in Logan Utah. She now sports Chelsea's motor. I lost track of the mileage, on the motor a couple years back, but I can track the first 439K Miles, the rebuild was at 298K. I have spent about $9,000-$12,000 in Mark's shop since 1994. Mark is going to retire so I am here getting to know Kent. Economy car, damn right, I still get 24-26 miles per gallon. Sarafina even has a sunroof! giggle, LOL
mike reece (5 days ago)
Excellent as always!
james adams (6 days ago)
Wonderful video Kent! Keep up the Awesome work!

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