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TAYLOR SWIFT's Fans *Die* at 1989 Secret Listening Parties - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA

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TAYLOR SWIFT's secretly stalking her fans online for invitations to private listening parties... where her fans keep dying! Don't miss an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW with guests JOHN CLEESE, TAYLOR SWIFT, cricketer KEVIN PIETERSEN and musical guest NEIL DIAMOND *** SATURDAY OCT 18 at NEW TIME 10/9c *** Immediately following DOCTOR WHO only on BBC America Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1aP6Fo9 Watch GRAHAM's Wildest, Craziest Moments Ever: http://bit.ly/1vnKBZr Twitter: http://twitter.com/bbcamerica Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcamerica Tumblr: http://bbcamerica.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcamerica
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Text Comments (1207)
Kris (2 days ago)
So Taylor is a serial killer. LOL
AKH319 HHH (8 days ago)
She’s such a creeper I love it 😂
Rix xy (9 days ago)
I'll agree that this is hilarious.
Livvy Coseriu (11 days ago)
hahahahah omg this literally has me DYING i am laughing out loud so hard lolol
:') I love her so much lmao
chopak slay (15 days ago)
Here I'm after more than 4 years just watching this 😢😢OK
She can't write a song to save her life... Hopeless.
Lasse (27 days ago)
Hilarious!! :-), thank you!
Lasse (27 days ago)
WahidunSiji (1 month ago)
3:00 🤭🤭😂😂
Leon Harpley (1 month ago)
Sneak upstairs
Leon Harpley (1 month ago)
Little man little
What ?? (1 month ago)
Omg i‘m laughing so hard rn!!! Love you tayyyy💓💓💓💓💞💞💗💗💓💓
do they always read tweets or find the other artist's old post?
allistair61 (1 month ago)
Firstly I would like to point out that I have security and first-aid training, secondly if a fan dies I can get rid of the body. No one will ever find out.
allistair61 (1 month ago)
I would like to know if anyone tried the naked man (how I Met your mother)
I watch her on youtube... i died
LifeInPink999 (2 months ago)
This is great.
tech four9 (2 months ago)
I would marry Taylor Swift and have many babies with her
W (2 months ago)
It's kinda cool that she was able to tell who her fans were as they were arriving. And how she invites them into her own home to sing her whole album. I'm telling ya, she's the singer of this generation that we're all going to remember when we're old like how our parents and grandparents remember their favourite singer and how their deaths impacted them, like Elvis, Whitney, Freddie etc..
Alex.B ailey (2 months ago)
“And just kind of watch them for months and months” STALKER🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol jkjk but this was hilarious 😂
JESSICA WELLS (2 months ago)
Would you quit interrupting her jeez?!
Anonymous Poster (2 months ago)
LOL...Taylor Swift the modern day Jim Jones!
idkbuthi (2 months ago)
«so i just found them on Instagram and I would just watch them for months and months” *scoots away*
Prince Sy (2 months ago)
love her so much <3
Martini Dah (3 months ago)
0:12 what is he saying? What's that word? Geff?
Ryan Vagle (3 months ago)
But I would have loved to see Amanda dieing
Ryan Vagle (3 months ago)
I am dead
Ryan Vagle (3 months ago)
I didn't make it I think I died
LonelyStarbucksLover (3 months ago)
OMG I just died dead after watching this. R.I.P. me
Bishnu Limbu (3 months ago)
I love 1989 but I love Red too because there were so many sad but beautiful emotional songs on Red where I could just like imagine the story whilst listening to the songs on Red.
Annabelle Lavin (3 months ago)
Taylor swift is queen of this Universe
Kaitlin June Henderson (3 months ago)
He’s wearing pink socks
Mary _1462 (3 months ago)
Why they seating so far apart?!
Leena Cabrera (3 months ago)
Karen Martin (3 months ago)
Nashville SS for rep Oct 2017. I still can’t believe it happened. Taylor and her family and her TN team are the real deal. What a genuinely amazing family.
Bella Smith (3 months ago)
I can’t stop watching 😂. That’s totally me tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SwiftieRunner .89 (3 months ago)
*Amanda died right there* ⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰
Antonio Avecilla (4 months ago)
Nunca jamás me gustaría conocer .una mentira.piadosa x amor..Antonio avecilla Hurtado
Antonio Avecilla (4 months ago)
La iproque cia no la puedo soportar ni siquiera escuchar Antonio
Ajay Kumar (4 months ago)
Bea (4 months ago)
This is still funny in 2018 OMG I'M DYING 🤣🤣🤣💀💀
2Bdiscovered (4 months ago)
Areeta Shams (4 months ago)
She should’ve been a secret fanpage and question them
this is fun (4 months ago)
She and her fans are so freaking cute...
Char1ey Xoxo (4 months ago)
I'm taking notes 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Malin Bakker (4 months ago)
When I saw this video I was like "she's never going to invite to her house and I will never meet her" few years later... she invited me to her house to listen to Reputation.
scott toombs (4 months ago)
Amazing. BBC actually broke Taylor out of her shell. Amazing how just being real and keeping to clean humor, is her. Really awesome to see her happy!
Kelly897 Booo (4 months ago)
Taylor is super creepy I’m not even joking
Kelly897 Booo (4 months ago)
LifeOfLeya B (4 months ago)
Not gonna lie don't really like the fact they're laughing at it.
Jessiejsblood (4 months ago)
Ugh bless her soul
Hayley Ava Mathieson (4 months ago)
Hehe 😊 great! 😁
eva_vert (4 months ago)
1:47 are they both allergic of her? wtf :D
Taylena Ro (5 months ago)
The only problem is I don't live in USA...😫😫😫
LITTLE ARTIST [LA] (5 months ago)
No, it's Becky.
Steven Hanratty (5 months ago)
She so adorable
Joana Pio (5 months ago)
I think THE greatest show EVER would be if Graham got Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran at the same time! The one dying would probably be me!
Andrew Bartlett (5 months ago)
I could see the look on her face! She started talking about it, then, as she was explaining, she realized what she was saying. Stalker! Lol 😂!!! See, I’d probably call her a snake because all of her fans, apparently, die as soon as they’re within five feet of her! I’m not sure if that would offend her, so let’s just settle for Taylor being the kindest, sweetest, most gorgeous snake on the planet! Week-later edit; Also, this is the perfect example of how NOT to use the word literally. Like, this is literally the best example of how not to use the word literally. Thanks Taylor!
Luke McLaren (5 months ago)
Is that john cleese
Anjali Mandal (5 months ago)
NO wonder we all love her! *cries*
Metti Jotte (5 months ago)
I just love love Graham's reaction...the laugh
Kate Scott (5 months ago)
Well she did it again for this album, Taylor is literally the best artist out there and she is so amazing with her fans
dırırı rım (5 months ago)
1:57 this man is clearly making jokes but you can see Taylor’s nervous laugh. She really easily gets butthurt and this explains why she always finds inspiration from exes& enemies or basically anyone who talks negative about her.
Megan Stagles (6 months ago)
I still love this video so much
Forever Potterhead (6 months ago)
RIP Amanda
Chima Amanambu (6 months ago)
That was one of the best fandom moments I have ever seen in my life.
navami pranathi (6 months ago)
the way graham reads it is what makes it funny. he is literally the best talk show host
Keith Purdue (6 months ago)
I loved the way she protected herself with her hands on her short skirt showing those lovely legs. I was so turned on by them l died, at least according to the paramedics who did CPR on me till l recovered.
Kate (7 months ago)
3:23 is my favourite 😂
Keith Purdue (7 months ago)
To repeat my prior tweet: Her legs are to die for. Gorgeous. And the way she covered her modesty on this show made my heart feel strange, and l died. The paramedics who did CPR and used the AED to save me told me not to look at her legs for at least a month. But l took peeks and only needed CPR one time more.
Austyn Paige (7 months ago)
"Omg those where so funny I think I'm gonna die. Gonna die right here dead"😂😂gotta love my queen💖🤤
SushiRoll Speaks (7 months ago)
She’s such an angel!
Whit Neely (7 months ago)
rosepetal34 (7 months ago)
i wish they would
Moonlight bae (4 months ago)
rosepetal34 You're heartless
Keith Purdue (7 months ago)
Those legs! OMG! I saw them and listened to her and then died. It was awesome! Really. And then the paramedics did CPR on me and now l can watch her again.
THE LIGHT (7 months ago)
She looks so gooooood
Mahin Afroz (8 months ago)
I just died laughing
Oruganti Amrita (8 months ago)
What makes it even more funny is the way Graham reads those posts🤣
Sboshy (8 months ago)
Worst case scenario Andrea
Keith Purdue (8 months ago)
She is gorgeous. She is an excellent artist. And those legs....omg. l looked at them and the way she protects her modesty and l suddenly died. The way l know this is the paramedics told me l did.
kate jordie (8 months ago)
John Cleese is about to fall off that sofa.. haha
Jack Howard Peterson (8 months ago)
letícia (8 months ago)
i mean, this is so amazing. i can't
Abhar Bhattarai (9 months ago)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
B Mac (9 months ago)
Well know the Old Taylor Died🥀
Timmy (9 months ago)
Timmy (9 months ago)
new favorite show.
Ammar Kil (9 months ago)
Amanda died. Right there. Died.
Ammar Kil (9 months ago)
2:59 someone please make this a gif with subtitle thank you
Burcu Bayık (9 months ago)
"I love them so much because they always talk about dying."
Reha Dar (9 months ago)
The way he read them just made everything even better!😂😂😂
Gameking 49 (10 months ago)
Taylor swift is the only person that could get away with stalking someone
Keith Purdue (10 months ago)
She is sitting there showing those fabulous legs, demurely protecting herself and l was so overcome with her beauty l just died. Really. And my friends did CPR on me and l got better.
Fearless Swiftie (10 months ago)
she’s sooo gorgeous..I think I died.dead
Flowish Loz (10 months ago)
They sat so far away from her
Horror Gamer (10 months ago)
Rip old Taylor
Keith Purdue (10 months ago)
I was told that two of the guys doing CPR on me died because they saw the pics of her legs but were saved by the AED. Really.
Salvador Rodríguez (10 months ago)
3:00 cringe
Keith Purdue (10 months ago)
she guards her crotch. legs. ohhh. l died. really. they did CPR on me and l came back. and there were pictures of her legs in the room so l died again. but l came back to see her legs again.
Palace of Brilliance (10 months ago)
hahahhaha Omg those fans are sooo cool!!!
Alice Pahler (11 months ago)
Two of my favorite people, Taylor Swift and John Cleese!

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