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Cadillac V6 Technical Bulletin

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I was changing the oil on an 09 SRX and stumbled onto a technical bulletin when I was picking up the Delco filter cartridge from the Cadillac dealer. Turns out that the thin O-ring seal around the cap for the filter housing is causing problems after it's reused a few times. Why GM doesn't include it with the filter boggles the mind. In the Video the Part number and procedures are outlined and highlighted for your convenience. Tell your friends and neighbors about the TSB.
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playlist55 (1 year ago)
GM is a joke. This engine will need timing chains at 75K. After it's out of warranty of course. Get rid of it if you have one. Do some research before you buy a new car. These V6's are junk.
Mark Gittelman (4 years ago)
Stumbled across a TSB for the 3.6 L V-6 related to Oil Changes. http://youtu.be/jr6J-smFsk8

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