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Statin Skeptic

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Don't like statin medications? Here is a discussion of reasons to be skeptical. Side effects of statins, atorvastatin, Lipitor, simvastatin, Zocor, rosuvastatin, Crestor, pravastatin.
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Text Comments (49)
Tad Tavi (2 months ago)
I took statin for 2 months low dose and i got muscle pain and cramps. i quit statin for good.
up yours (2 months ago)
statins causing problems , stop , no problems , well dont start then no problems !
up yours (2 months ago)
wow , how much were you paid to do this vid ?
CardioGauge (2 months ago)
I wasn't paid for doing the video. Thanks for your question.
Haggis Eater (3 months ago)
How much did they pay you to make this shit?
CardioGauge (3 months ago)
Haggis Eater I got paid nothing. I have tried all the statins myself and they all cause me to hurt. I state that in the video. I support statin use for people who have had heart attacks and strokes, and for people with a strong family history of blocked blood vessels. Giving statins to people who are well is not something I often do. The drug companies don’t care about statins any more because they are cheap, and generic. Thanks for your comments.
Haggis Eater (3 months ago)
Statins cause problems, sorry I can't remember what they are, have to stop writing as my arms ache. Seriously the drug companies are having a laugh.
Terrilee Hodroj (3 months ago)
Statin Side Effects (excerpt from Statin Nation) https://youtu.be/m3pHxF_syF8
Spy Bug (6 months ago)
Trying to avoid lipitor/statins...for my 86 year old mother. She is a diabetic, never had a stroke or heart attack. was wondering what your thoughts are regarding her blood tests. Cholesterol, Total: 217 Triglycerides 180 HDL Cholesterol 38 VLDL Cholesterol Cal 36 LDL Cholesterol Calc 143
CardioGauge (5 months ago)
You're welcome! When I said her sugars are probably pretty good, I just meant I could tell she has decent diabetic control because of her triglycerides. If sugars are very high, the triglycerides will be quite high. Sorry that was confusing, I did understand she has diabetes...
Spy Bug (5 months ago)
Thank You, CardioGauge. I will pass this on to my mother. She was on Crestor several years ago...she had some memory issues, don't know whether it was due to Crestor or not but the doctor took her off it for about a year, he now recommends Lipitor. From what I have learned it has many side effects & I wasn't comfortable with her taking any statin's so I have been advising her to not take it at this time. Although maybe because of my concerns he recommend only one pill twice a week. She is diabetic by the way. My dad's 96 and had a stroke 5 years ago. He was taking Lipitor at the time so it didn't help him. He doesn't take it now due to poor kidneys. Anyway, thanks again for your reply.
CardioGauge (5 months ago)
Hi, sorry for delay in reply, somehow I missed the comment initially. I generally do not start statins for people over 75 who have never had a stroke or heart attack. Sometimes I will get a patient who is older than 75 who has never had a stroke / heart attack but is already taking a statin. If that person seems to be doing fine without side effects, I won't stop the statin. Your Mom's Cholesterol Profile is in an average range for an American. So it is not terrible, and not great. The numbers as they are do not require treatment. The way I work is that if a person makes it to 86 without a stroke or heart attack, without having had to take a cholesterol pill, why would I start one now. This is supported by our guidelines (the documents put out by the Medical-Powers-That-Be that tell docs what to do), which state that treating people with statin who have not had stroke or heart attack and are over age 75 is optional, and not well proven. I wouldn't start a statin on my mom at age 86, with those numbers. When someone is 86, in my opinion the most important things are to stay physically active, do routine walking or exercise of some sort, and to stay socially active. Whatever she has been eating has gotten her to age 86, so usually I don't recommend drastic changes. Her blood sugars probably arent too bad, because her triglycerides were ok at 180. Hope this helps. Disclaimer: This is health education, not medical advice. Only your doctor can tell you what to do with your medications.
Tanya Pelep (6 months ago)
Thank you. This video is very informative concerning this medication, and it has helped me with my decision to continue taking it
CardioGauge (6 months ago)
Thank you for your comment! I am glad the video was helpful
Klee N (8 months ago)
make sure you explain to your patience the side affects!
CardioGauge (8 months ago)
Good advice for all docs! Thanks for your comments.
Klee N (8 months ago)
oh by the way,my muscles got so weak i could barely lift my purse,peripheral nueropathy,tingling in arms and legs,feet burned,felt i was walking on needles,etc. took 3 yrs to feel normal again. read customer reviews for statin drugs on the net. read it from people that took them then decide!
Klee N (8 months ago)
made me feel like i was 90. no thanks
up yours (2 months ago)
Klee N yep did the same to me , i was confused why i was feeling so old at 46 , added 2 and 2 , threw them in the bin , 3 months later and feeling good again !
American weapon (8 months ago)
Stain drugs are an absolute fraud. They cause diabetes, muscle aches, depletion of coenzymeq10, Alzheimer's, etc....... Guess what your heart is people, A MUSCLE. So when you experience muscle aches, I wonder if it affects your heart MUSCLE. Liver damage? Sure can. Eat right and exercise and screw bid pharma.
CardioGauge (8 months ago)
Thank you for your comment. You bring up some important points. This is what I think about them: "Statin drugs are an absolute fraud." I disagree, based on experience with thousands of patients over my career. Statins prevent a lot of heart attacks. I don't think they are an absolute fraud. But they are not as helpful as they are made out to be to patients. A person can have a heart attack, then take a statin, and then have another heart attack. It only prevents some heart attacks, at best about 50%. So how about "not as effective as they are made out to be" instead of "fraud?" "Statins cause diabetes." Yes, in about 1 in 250 patients who take a statin. This is how it happens: a person who has a blood sugar of 120 in the morning before eating could have an increase of a few points up to 126 with a statin. Since 120 does not qualify as diabetes and 126 does qualify, that person now has diabetes as a result of a statin. But a true normal sugar in the morning before eating is less than 100. So some people who are borderline for diabetes already end up meeting the definition of diabetes. The statin does not cause someone who has a totally normal sugar to suddenly get horrible diabetes. Statins raise the blood sugar a few points. Compare that to atorvastatin decreasing chance of heart attack or stroke from 50% down to 25% for people who have already had a heart attack. 0.4% chance of causing diabetes, compared to 25% (50-25%) chance of preventing heart attack or stroke. So you 60 times more likely to have statin prevent stroke or heart attack than having it increase the blood sugar a few points above the threshold of diabetes. "Statins cause muscle ache." 1 in 5 people get muscle aches. Stop it and aches go away. "Statins deplete Coenzyme Q10." We don't know what this actually means for people. It's a concern but imagine me seeing a patient who had a heart attack and telling them not to take a medicine that can decrease chance of another heart attack by half because the medicine could decrease their coenzyme Q10. "Statins cause Alzheimer's." Scientific study of statins does not show they cause dementia. see this link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4483758/ "Heart is a muscle and therefore muscle aches you are feeling are causing heart damage." Blood tests for heart damage don't show any damage in people who have muscle aches. Heart muscle and skeletal ("regular muscle") are very different. Statins do not cause direct heart damage. "liver damage." Yes Statins can cause liver damage. Severe liver damage in 1 in a million users. Mild liver damage that is repaired once the medicine is stopped in about 1%. This mild liver damage is detected by routine blood tests done once a year or so. "screw big pharma." big pharma is scary to me too and there are a lot of rip offs out there, but big pharma doesn't make statins any more. they are generic and there is no big money in statins. so not taking statins does not screw big pharma. Best Wishes
Steven Penny (9 months ago)
Statins are very dangerous. It's a money making drug.
Steven Penny (9 months ago)
CardioGauge Thanks for the information. Still, risks are high for side effects and adverse reactions.
CardioGauge (9 months ago)
The statins used to be massive money makers, but the patents and the money are gone. They are commodity drugs now, and the companies that make them do not make the huge profits they once did. Atorvastatin is 10 cents a pill, way less than many over the counter supplements.
ReverendRusty (9 months ago)
I was on several different statins and experienced a lot of mental confusion, depression, and some muscle pain. Basically, I can't take any of them due to decrease in quality of life.. even coworkers were commenting that I seemed confused all the time. It is slowly clearing up with time. Here's my question though: My cholesterol was down about 100 pts (270's to 170's) on just 2 mg Livalo daily. If my body reacts so "well" to such a small dose, could it be that I am also especially susceptible to side effects? Has there ever been a study that has sought to find a correlation between the effective dose vs. intensity of side effects? (BTW, I also experienced on at least 5 occasions, intensified depression while withdrawing, though that eventually went away.) I have been careful to not fall victim to confirmation bias - in fact I noted the symptoms before I even knew such side effects existed; I think the incidence of mental side effects is much higher than reported.. one of my doctors didn't believe me for example, because "that is not a known side effect." Doesn't that attitude prevent side effects from getting reported, thus putting us in a vicious circle without requiring a conspiracy, just a broken reporting system?
ReverendRusty (9 months ago)
Thank you Dr. for your quick answer.
CardioGauge (9 months ago)
Hello ReverendRusty. I will try to answer your questions in order. 1) If my body reacts so "well" to such a small dose, could it be that I am also especially susceptible to side effects? --> Livalo dosing ranges from 1 mg to 4 mg per day. So 2 mg per day is actual half the max dose, and would be equivalent to 40 mg of atorvastatin (Lipitor). In other words, you were not on a low dose of the medication. 2) Has there ever been a study that has sought to find a correlation between the effective dose vs. intensity of side effects? --> I don't know of any study comparing the effect of the medication on the cholesterol with the bad effects that can occur, as a function of dose. I can tell you in my experience there is no correlation between the two. 3) Doesn't the general negative, unbelieving attitude of physicians regarding patient side effects prevent them from getting reported, thus putting us in a vicious circle without requiring a conspiracy, just a broken reporting system? --> Yes, doctors are taught that statin side effects are limited and mild, and a recent study "proves" that statin side effects are somaticized by the patient. See item #3 of the article on this well regarded website if you would like to puke: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/876404#vp_2 You and I both have experienced side effects of the medication. No amount of lecturing from establishment websites or doctors will convince us that we are hallucinating these effects. --> I don't think there is a conspiracy either. Doctors and drug companies aren't trying to suppress reporting of statin side effects for monetary gain. The "money" is gone from statins for the drug companies. They are commodity-priced. --> common side effects are probably best studied in randomized trials, rather than by reporting of patients. You are right though about reporting of rare side effects, because that can only be discovered by patient reporting (and physician believing). Your side effect of confusion has certainly been reported and studied. You are by no means alone with that symptom. I have had a couple patients with acute confusion. If a side effect is infrequent, it may not show up as being statistically apparent in the scientific trials. The broken part of the system is the fact that many doctors assume the reported effects are pretend, when in fact (I think) they are very often real. Thanks for your comment!
MuscleMindConnect (10 months ago)
Very informative Thank you for sharing your insight sir
CardioGauge (10 months ago)
Youre welcome!
R C (11 months ago)
Question, i stopped taking the lipitor pills because it positively raised my blood sugar to the point i'm on metformin, i'm kinda afraid to tell my cardiologist this because he is in denial that the lipitor was causing it, so now i'm going as close to mediterranean as i can go and almost zero carbs. any advice
CardioGauge (11 months ago)
Since you had blockage in your arteries, atorvastatin or similar med is important for you. Being on atorvastatin decreases chance of having another heart attack. Without atorvastatin, risk of another heart attack, or a stroke, or needing another stent is somewhere aronud 40-50% over the next 10 yesrs. High dose atorvastatin, 40 or 80 mg per day, would decrease the risk by about half, to about 20 to 25%. A lower dosage would decrease the risk quite a bit, but not as much as the higher dosage. Atorvastatin can definitely raise the blood sugar as you mentioned. If I had a patient in your situation, I would probably try A lower dosage of atorvastatin to see what happened with the blood sugar, or, try rosuvastatin instead. It's great that you are working on eating right, and very active. Doing these things helps a lot. However, I think there is still a role for medication for patients in your shoes. Best wishes!!
R C (11 months ago)
and yes high cholesterol
R C (11 months ago)
Nathan Ritter yes i had what they call a major heart attack, 3 stints one straight and 2 combined to open a y in the artery, but i still feel 25 and dont stop for anything at 50
CardioGauge (11 months ago)
Have you had coronary blockage, heart attack or stenting? Why did they have you on atorvastatin? I ask because it can affect the importance of being on it.
MuscleMindConnect (1 year ago)
Great video/content/info
Mac Kelly (1 year ago)
I stopped watching when you said vegan diet.. NO WAY!
Mac Kelly (1 year ago)
I will agree with that.
CardioGauge (1 year ago)
Mediterranean Diet is a good choice too and I should have mentioned that it in the video!
Jerri Mills (1 year ago)
I'm a type 1 diabetic 35 years and was put on Atorvastatin 80 mg after a 75 percent blockage my HDL's cholesterol levels are normal range. Do I need to be on this medication when my cholesterol is great?
CardioGauge (1 year ago)
Sorry for the delay in reply. The answer is yes. It is straight out of the textbook and it makes a lot of sense. I have many patients with normal cholesterol numbers, who have developed coronary artery blockage. A person's cholesterol numbers are not the only thing that cause blockage to develop. Some people have cholesterol that is "sticky" and more likely to cause blockage, even though the total amount of cholesterol is not high. Atorvastatin can be helpful to those people. I attempt to give all my patients who have coronary blockage atorvastatin 40 mg or 80 mg. Because you are young, you warrant the higher dose. Taking the atorvastatin 80 mg per day for the next 10 years cuts your chance of stroke or heart attack in half. In addition to the atorvastatin, other things can be important, like eating a healthy diet (Mediterranean Diet is a typical recommendation), managing your sugar (usually shooting for Hemoglobin a1c of 7 or so), and exercising routinely if your doc says it is ok, 30-45 minutes per day, 5 days a week or more, where you get somewhat sweaty and out of breath throughout the activity. Also, usually I give my patients in your situation aspirin 81 mg per day. Best wishes.
Cia Tesa (1 year ago)
Thank you for the information. I appreciate the time you took to make this video.
CardioGauge (1 year ago)
Youre Welcome!
Rudyrose3 (1 year ago)
Causes cancer and my muscles are aching all over from those statin drugs!
CardioGauge (1 year ago)
It doesn't cause cancer as far as we know, but it can definitely make you hurt all over...
neworleans39 (1 year ago)
hello. i had a stent put in 5 yrs ago. male 50. im on lipator and asprin each day. 1. do u think this is a lot to take. 2. after my surgery my heart seems to be beating harder. i did test and they said im ok. is there any way to slow down my heart so it doesnt beat so hard. thank u.
CardioGauge (1 year ago)
I give aspirin and Lipitor to basically all of my patients who end up with stents. The Lipitor prevents further cholesterol buildup, and can decrease your chance of heart attack, stroke, and new blockage by 50%. Aspirin prevents blood clots and decreases the chance of heart attack by 30%. It is totally standard that your doctor put you on these medications. I have people in my family that have required stents and they take Lipitor and aspirin. As always, medications are not the entire answer. Eating a healthy diet, and getting proper exercise are important parts of preventing the need for further stent procedures, heart attacks, or strokes. Regarding feeling like your heart is beating hard, metoprolol, or any beta blocker type medication can decrease the sensation. This is also a common medication to use after stenting. If you were to tell your doctor about your symptoms, they would probably give you the medication. This is health education, not medical advice. Sorry for the disclaimer.
Kazim Bozca (2 years ago)
hi docter, i am a young male (19 years old) with extrasystole's. My cardiologist told me that they are normal. He recomanded me to use bisoprolol but i would get fatigue so i stopped. I have tried atenolol, nebivolol but they dindt help me with my palpitations at all. But propranolol really helps me, but when i do uses it for a couple of days i start to get dyspnea problems. Could that be because i have a low bpm naturally (50-58)?
Vina Hosein (8 months ago)
Kazim Bozca i
CardioGauge (2 years ago)
Yes propranolol can cause dyspnea by lowering the heart rate. I cannot tell you what to do, because this is a health education website, not medical advice. However, if I had a patient with this question, I would tell him or her to see what their heart rate was with exercise with and without propranolol. If the difference in heart rate or substantial, doing the same activity, for example a treadmill at a certain rate and incline, and symptoms develop sooner while taking propranolol, this would imply the medication is causing the Dyspnea. When I have a patient who has a medication that helps them with palpitations, but also has side effects, I often tell him or her to use the medication as needed, when symptoms are at their worst.

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