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Doctor In The House | Only Human

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The doctor is called in to help 48-year-old Priti, a working mother who is struggling with multiple problems including stress, headaches, weight gain and disrupted sleep. But, after staying over and living alongside the family, the doctor discovers that it's actually Priti's partner, 49-year-old Sandeep, whose health is seriously at risk. He's been living with diabetes for the last decade, but his blood sugar is out of control, and a scan reveals he has frightening levels of visceral fat around his organs. One family. One month. One life-changing doctor's examination. This medical format from the house of Studio Lambert sees a normal family invite a doctor into their lives for one month to undergo the health MOT of a lifetime. The doctor will investigate every aspects of their lives by living alongside them; following them to work, relaxing with them at home, eating with them, and even staying in their homes overnight to observe their sleep patterns. Via a series of rigorous observations, medical tests and surprise visits, the doctor will deliver a hard-hitting health diagnosis for the family. Then, launching into a full-scale campaign to turn their unhealthy lifestyles around, the doctor puts a range of simple and effective changes into effect. But will the family stick to the regime? After a month of consultancy, it's time for the family's final prognosis... Click here to subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/Ro2hdY
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Kathy Anuenue (12 days ago)
Dr. Pamela Popper, 62, author of, "Food Over Medicine" had no menopause symptoms besides loss of periods. I'm 52 & the same. We both eat whole foods, plant based, adequate sleep & stay hydrated. Thank you Dr Chatterjee! for helping so many people! Loved his book, "The 4 Pillar Plan"!
Raja Dasgupta (18 days ago)
Sir i am indian and bengali. Sir i hava type 2 diabetes. Pls sir what can i do. I take medicine at least 8 years. I am 41 now.
lilmisspeace (2 months ago)
If only ALL Dr's were like this!! I have had migraine for 20yrs and other symptoms have developed over the years but Dr's have only heaped up more pain meds, stronger and stronger, and other medications to treat the symptoms. This week I finally found a dr who sent me off for blood tests and and brain and neck scan - I was so excited!! And I was so happy waiting for the blood tests as I researched what they were all (19 of them) for that I started to tear up!! We need more Dr's who want to restore health not bandaid symptoms with pills...
lilmisspeace (16 days ago)
Just for anyone who wondered - I turned out to have immaculate blood work except for ferritin iron deficiency which explained the chronic fatigue symptoms and hypothyroidism and a massive array of health problems and my scan showed a reverse curve in my that the dr referred me to a chiropractor to fix! So far so good- I'm on iron and feeling a million dollars especially after my chiro visits!!
Keshia K (1 year ago)
He can be my doctor anyday!
Tasneem Haque (1 year ago)
Where is Barry evans? 😭😭
Ahmed Khan (1 year ago)
That is incredible. Muslims are instructed to fast twice a week, no food whatsoever. In the past, we've been ridiculed and called extreme. But fasting for 15 to 20 hours a day is being proven by science!
rocket7697 (1 year ago)
The color scheme in the house is very stressful
hey (1 year ago)
I am so sorry, but If i had a wife like that who does not take care of her diet or exercise, is just moaning all the time , I will have a heart attack.......she did not provide him any help emotionally or in house work at all.She is uually sitting on a sofa or a chair all the time :( Happy with the ending though.....finally both of them nailed it .
Sofija K (1 year ago)
dislike, if you think that doctor isn't quite handsome/cute considering he's origins.
nougatschokie (1 year ago)
i really don't get how people that have type 2 diabetes can still munch down the unhealthy foods as if it's nothing.

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