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Have the Republicans gone crazy or are they just playing political games

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The Republicans either don't care about the well being of the American people or they don't know any better. Why should we vote for them. They just seem disgruntled because Barack Obama won and seem bent on seeking retribution even if it prolongs the misery of millions of Americans. Don't fall for their tricks. Vote Democrat. At least the Democrats are trying to help us. The Republicans just say NO!
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Brent Holman (6 years ago)
This country has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, but corporations often pay No taxes, aside from considerable PAYROLL Taxes...that said...US Corporations are also reporting RECORD PROFITS, ie: the most profitable profits in the history of the human race. YET: Exon et al need a couple'a Billion dollars in SUBSIDIES every year? Green Energy is an elitist socialist scam? The redistribution of wealth has been inexorably UPWARDS. 1 trillion dollar bills,stacked up,would reach to MARS
KD Medlock (6 years ago)
bjscaggles...you need to revisit those fundamentals, because 30 years of foolish tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% prove you wrong. yet people like you (republicons) cling to the "belief" that a free market cures all ills. history proves you wrong, but far be from me to suggest you need to alter your "beliefs" and face reality. we are in this mess now precisely because of deregulation and foolish tax cuts.
bjscaggles (6 years ago)
I guess people don't understand the fundamentals of economics and business. More taxes and more regulations = greater unemployment. If you tell a company it has to pay its workers 7.50 an hour then it will hire less workers. If you take the money away from corporations then they won't expand and hire more employees. Democrats are for welfare (subsidizing failure) and taxes increases (to pay for billions of dollars in wasted spending). Government needs to shrink and fast.

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