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Cipro floxxed update 1 year 10 months

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Cipro poison from hell
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Paul Thompson (6 months ago)
Any major setbacks or improvements? The EDA are holding a public enquiry to review Ciprofloxacin in the UK to review the side effects from Quinolone drugs
Paul Thompson (6 months ago)
taxivid its a bit tricky trying to get access to the forums, as the info im receiving is from a 'closed group' on facebook. The public enquiry is sometime in June 2018, and once i receive more info or links, i will happily send you them. If you are on facebook, send me a link and i will be able to send you them through messenger. People do recover from the people ive seen who have been damaged, so dont give up hope.
taxivid (6 months ago)
Paul Thompson still not all the way healed at two years and three months but I have been taking injections of peptides to help heal the tendons so this is still ongoing and right now my thumbs are problematic and having trouble with them so my lifestyle is not the greatest either but I’m still definitely experiencing the toxicity of Cipro and probably could not do any laborious job without risking debilitating injury but I can take short bike rides and do most things on the normal level but I’m lucky there are people in the Facebook groups who are way worse off than me and have been suffering for years and years... thanks for the comment and checking in if you have any links to the upcoming forum i can post them around so people know in the groups
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
Have you been on pain killing meds?
taxivid (1 year ago)
Going to start a vitamin c protocol based off this lecture https://youtu.be/y0LLX0sgwAU
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
taxivid it will help replace the collagen. Let me know how it goes. Ive watched part of it, and need to watch the rest later. Im defo going to increase my vitamin c supplement. Ive enquired about blood donation, however there is long waits to do this in certain parts of uk so unfortunately cant donate for 3 months. Have you had any tests for Leaky Gut/Candida, as cipro is notorious for that too, and Leaky Gut can cause joint, ligament, neuropathy pain amongst many other symptoms. Leaky Gut diet is brutal
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
Keep updated my friend. I keep being told that my cipro poisoning is Functional Neuro Disorder
taxivid (1 year ago)
Paul Thompson thanks, check this out ! https://youtu.be/y0LLX0sgwAU

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