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Pharmacist Reacts to Amazon Buying a Pharmacy

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In this video I discuss news of Amazon getting into the pharmacy business. This is a scary development for pharmacists, and I break it down. Amazon bought pill pack and will disrupting the pharmacy business.
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d1ngleb3rry (4 months ago)
As a prescription consumer, I don't understand the problem. I don't "want" my meds, I need them. My workplace already uses a mail order prescription service and it sucks. My local pharmacy is ok but there's nothing special about it. In fact, it costs more to use them than my mail order service. The pharmacist doles out my meds, I pay for them. Not much different, from a consumer stance, than getting something at Starbucks. Without insurance meds are wildly overpriced and this is where I hope amazon can make an impact. If was a pharmacist, yes, I'd worry but it would be about financial survival.
Jeff the Pharmacist (4 months ago)
Thanks for your comment!
Taylor Swifts Vag (5 months ago)
Jeff Bezos...now Jeff Benzos..king of xan...pop them like m&ms no biggie....
Christopher DeAnda (5 months ago)
I’m a pharmacist... also very worried... if I didn’t have a student loan and I didn’t buy a house last year I wouldn’t be worried!!
845callaway (2 months ago)
You are correct to be worried. With bar code scanning and other optical recognition technologies, coupled with waivers from pharmacy boards to eliminate the tasks that pharmacists once did...I have 18 years of pharmacist experience, and I can see very turbulent clouds on the horizon for pharmacists...
Jeff the Pharmacist (5 months ago)
Christopher DeAnda I know! If I had tons of cash I wouldn’t be worried either lol

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