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Car built from scrap modelled on BMW

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(7 Feb 2005) 1. Dirt road through Makapanstad village 2. Johannes Monene driving the MMW through village 3. Tight shot side view of car driving 4. Tight shot Johannes at the wheel of the MMW 5. Johannes driving into village 6. Friends gathered around car 7. Cutaway people watching 8. Friend getting into car for ride 9. Close up of exhaust pipe 10. Johannes driving off with passenger, people waving 11. SOUNDBITE (English) Johannes Monenes "This car took...." 12. People admiring car 13. Close up of number plate 14. Johannes opening car bonnet 15. Various of Johhanes working on engine 16. Indicator lights at back of car flashing 17. Close up of gear stick 18. Close up of hand operating electric window control 19. Window going down 20. Wide of Johannes operating electric windows 21. Close up of hand turning switch on 22. Electric hand waving at back of car 23. Various of Johannes in car driving along tarmac road 24. Car entering village, head lights turn on 25. Johannes driving car down road in village SUGGESTED LEAD-IN: South Africa has come a long way since the end of apartheid just over a decade ago. But modern technology and higher education remain out of the reach of many black South Africans. It's a country where resourcefulness mixed with a little technical know-how goes a long way. The townships of post-apartheid South Africa are producing a generation of innovators with dreams of a better life. In Makapanstad, north of Pretoria, one young man has built his own car - out of scrap. VOICE-OVER: A dusty road runs through the village of Makapanstad, 150 kilometres north of South Africa's administrative capital, Pretoria. Here, incomes are low, unemployment high and university education out of reach for most people. But that did not stop Johannes Monene from turning his dream into reality. The 22-year-old wanted to build his own car and now he has - out of junk. Johannes began collecting scrap metal around his village two years ago, determined to build his car. The doubters advised him to stop wasting his time. Today Monene drives around his village in a bright blue handmade car he calls his MMW Z2 -- and everyone wants a ride. SOUNDBITE (English) "This car took me two years, almost two years and I had to struggle to make this car because I did not have materials in the first place. I had to look for materials down there around my village, I had to face people to find materials, I had to beg them. And because they are saints they did give me some materials. Some I had to buy with my money and then this is what I did at the end." The car has been modelled on Johannes favourite vehicle, the BMW - which stands for Bavaria Motor Works. Monene jokes that his car comes from the Makapanstad Motor Works - MMW. It has a 1400cc Nissan engine... ...customised indicator lights.... ...and manual gear shift. Johannes even worked out how to install electric windows. A unique feature is the waving hand he has wired in to the back window. It's a wonderful example of ingenuity and determination. Johannes hasn't got the right qualifications for his next dream... the former maths and science student could not afford to go to university. But he hopes to one day work as a mechanic for BMW. In the meantime he is planning to put a roof on his car and continues to search the scrapyards near his village for accessories to add to his beloved MMW. Keyword: Wacky You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/5211c7bdf326db9dd933f8b964eccb9c Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (78)
Stephanie Cole (2 days ago)
Yes iyah!😀😀😀
super man (16 days ago)
Not a bad job
Lehtosenkanava (25 days ago)
Awesome work. Building something from scratch without a shop and decent materials is impossible. But not for this guy. Id love to take a ride in this BMW
itzsmejw (25 days ago)
That's what I'm talkin about!!! Very talented and skilled.
1HourMartinizing (2 months ago)
it looks like it's barely held together.
UncleFeedle (3 months ago)
Sounds like it has a tractor engine.
Marthinn Kehntoozs (3 months ago)
Is that thing street legal?
JackStrait (3 months ago)
What kind of car was it originally?
Robert Phipps (5 months ago)
Very impressive how resourceful some people can be!!
Adolph Zuckerjew (6 months ago)
The blacks in my town all drive crappy cars like that.
Rick Son (3 days ago)
I'm sure you can find a better excuse for the inbreeding that goes on in your town than the crappy cars driven by blacks.
epic games (7 months ago)
Damn the new competition looks lit
fojnica222 (7 months ago)
this man deserv to be king.god....greetings from croatia
Richard Kgotlaetsile (8 months ago)
Mjozi i knw ths guy we attended de same school bt he ws at de front
Cars Car (8 months ago)
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Chamaine Winfred (8 months ago)
U r a star man
tano man (9 months ago)
A bmw with a nissan engine?
FrnnkEducation (10 months ago)
i love my people. this was great. ps. neanderthals in the comment section and worldwide make me sick
Dustin Baltis (11 months ago)
fojnica222 (11 months ago)
nice job...greetings from croatia
Benny (1 year ago)
That's like a lambo for them
Killa Bee (1 year ago)
Very Impressive I could not have done one better.
Emerald Blaziken (1 year ago)
Wow im amazed on this guy
Piotr K1986 (1 year ago)
Bmw 950 i
Rashad Marie (1 year ago)
Nice car bruh👍 fuck anyone who disagrees
Simba Museka (1 year ago)
CurierFrom Xibalba (1 year ago)
terrible rendition... everyone knows that BMWs dont have working turn signals.
MsLampalampa (17 days ago)
CurierFrom Xibalba 😂😂😂😂😂
MonkeyWith72Magic (1 year ago)
Still better than a real BMW
TKR (1 year ago)
DieEneBelg (1 year ago)
oh nice to see that!
davebatistaaa1 (1 year ago)
Respect for his E30
this is something nice u made bra
yaw ben (1 year ago)
enemy of progress can you do that yourself stupid fool
Randall Huston (2 years ago)
The term "unsafe at any speed" comes to mind.
Anshu Gaming (2 years ago)
Looking on his financial status and resources he needs to turn into a nice finished product..Its very hard for him to turn it into a real dream car!.You people cant jude him directly! He have a big dream that he is trying to achieve!!!!! Come on Guys!! he built it out of scrap with shortage of resources!!
Mike Nagle (6 months ago)
Dream in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.
reekashade (2 years ago)
But does it pass the emissions control & safety tests,is it infringing on CopyRights.Has permission been given for combining different manufactured parts.Does it pass the sniff test & a 1,000000 other tests & licenses needed to sell it here in the USA.
S K (2 years ago)
That looks horrible and seriously no matter where you live or what tools you have it is the person who can create something from nothing . If this guy had the money and tools he would still make the same thing .
That's the most retarded thing I've heard all decade
Smiley (1 year ago)
stop hating
Randy D (2 years ago)
This looks like a kids Go-Kart that you can buy from Toys R US
Daniël V (1 year ago)
Like the way the first world built, I don't know, BMW?
Bambino Mustafe (1 year ago)
fucking dumb ass you live in a first world u would never build anything like this
magma2680 (1 year ago)
Randy D lol show me that rare ass tous r us cus i've never seen anything like it
Deus Laurent (1 year ago)
Like dildo on yua ass
yaw ben (2 years ago)
you fucking idiot. if you cannot say a good things about the guy shate your dirty mouth up. idiot.
Ali Shour (2 years ago)
u need to go on top gear or pimp my ride
lucky xulu (2 years ago)
wow this is impressive over...these are the next Mr Ferrari and Benz of south africa ....keep on pushing bafwethu konke kuzolunga
Sadik Meah (2 years ago)
That car is what happens when a Skoda mates with a lawnmower
giovanni panganiban (2 years ago)
On :36 he's gonna get laid from that chick 🐥😽😽😽
Jude Nwabuisi (2 years ago)
more grease to your elbow my brother..
Dhaley moodley (2 years ago)
Fantastic job
asmoov (2 years ago)
Ai love it
MORRISON7585 (2 years ago)
That is pure art at its finest. What a truly unique and brilliant rendition of a B.M.W... incredible priceless folk art . Listen ...the last thing you want to do is give him a modern shop. Pay him handsomely for these priceless pieces of art and let him go wild. I personally would like to see him attempt an interpretation of James Bond Aston Martin. Woah!!!
Tony Hancock (10 months ago)
Me too. That could be seriously funny 😀
poorboyz inc (2 years ago)
Keep up the job bro
Irv. GI. (2 years ago)
isaac mo (2 years ago)
Car needs wheel alignment that is all I know.
GearzMonkey (2 years ago)
Nope, not really. The steering arms are just long. Or could be he's using spacers in the front for some reason.
Todd Payne (2 years ago)
Did it say no pear on the mud flaps
Tumelo Monyama (2 years ago)
Yea i know right, its actually "NO FEAR", if you look closely the first letter to the second word is "F", it looks like a p.
Todd Payne (2 years ago)
Did it say no pear on the mud flaps
MrCrowart (2 years ago)
Imagine what this man could create if given a proper workshop and good materials !!
shibby dibby (1 year ago)
MrCrowart same gibs me dat bullshit all the time. There's always some fagoot like you commenting on these types of videos. "Wow look at this piece of shit i'm pretending is impressive! Just imagine what this genius could achieve if the white man was throwing money at him! Throw your taxes and foreign aid into the 70 IQ black hole of Africa whitey!" Reminder that sub-saharan blacks couldn't even invent the wheel. I'm not even fucking joking lmao. THE WHEEL
Simba Museka (1 year ago)
therealdeadpen he modified something that was already built
Meme 1 (1 year ago)
MrCrowart True lol.
Amin Haq (1 year ago)
MrCrowart you are correct
therealdeadpen (2 years ago)
He would probably build the same thing. Tools don't make the man, the man makes the tool. If you have the skill you can do it no mater what turd you are given. Do you think someone who can play a $100 guitar can play better with a $1000 guitar? Do you think someone who can't play at all with a $100 guitar can rock the stadium with at $1000 one? The point is he didn't build a car he pieced together a car from other cars and still made a pretty poor car. So don't go all crazy and open a GoFundMe account for him any time soon. Before all you turd sniffers go ape shit about my comment answer this to yourself. Yea he can use a hammer but can he use an english wheel? Can he use a welder? Can he use a planisher? Piss no, Yea he uses a hammer like a hammer but he can't take a leather sack, fill it with sand, and use it with the hammer to shape the sheet metal. OH yes I know you can teach him but who has 15 years to wait for him to develop a skill that is clearly not their.
The Carsonist (2 years ago)
Now let's see the Stig do a lap.
Mart More (2 years ago)
lol, stig do a lap on that, I'll love to see that, it'll be the best top gear ever...hahahaha😂

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