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How to hotwire a car

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Get the Kindle book on amazon US here: http://amzn.to/Mz5BJT For ebook freebies (including this one) every Friday check out this link: http://bit.ly/MwTLfI or sign up to the mailing list: http://bit.ly/NKVpeG Video taken from the chapter of the same name in the book http://www.howtodriveatank.com - Footage courtesy of the Bedouin Heritage Proejct: http://www.bedouinheritage.org/ Also on http://natgeoadventure.tv/uk/Show.aspx?Id=345
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Frank Coles (2 years ago)
So many questions in the comments, here's a quick summary of answers: 1. Desert = Wadi Rum, Jordan. 2. Stick shift, no need to depress clutch or start in gear. 3. Yes, the car/truck is a piece of shit. Pre-stripped everything. This vid was grabbed off-the-cuff to illustrate a point in a book, not a big budget TV production or instructional video. Therapy is available for anyone that finds this shocking in a youtube vid. 4. One day I'll repeat the vid from door entry to the various methods of starting a modern car. Just for shits and giggles. I do not know when. 5. See the plentiful comments on how to break a steering lock. Have a nice day . . .
trains galore (2 years ago)
Interesting video! Unfortunately this probably won't work on modern cars (anything built after early 90's) because most have an immobiliser system which uses either a remote or a chip in the key. Not impossible to get around but you would have to bypass the immobiliser relay which cuts power to usually either or both the fuel pump/starter motor. Other issue is the steering lock, although I'm sure there is a way around those too, especially if they are electronically controlled :)
Big Albert (2 years ago)
stick a flat head in the back of the steering column wiggle the weel should unlock...don't ask how I know this..hahaha
ps soon huevabdas
TopherFM (3 years ago)
Easy peasy on any car built in thee 70's or earlier. Otherwise, ur fucked and you starve to death.
Ozfan5000 (3 years ago)
How to hotwire a car: Step 1: Open the car door Step 2: Get into the car and close the door Step 3: Push LT/L2 and RT/R2 on the Xbox/PS controller repeatedly till engine starts
Kamran Khan (3 years ago)
You can hotwire the car but what you gonna do with locked steering wheel?
William Lugo (2 years ago)
you can also turn the wheel until the lock breaks, then u can steer
ِ (2 years ago)
Screwdriver solves it.
AKM5.45 USA (2 years ago)
Jam a screwdriver head in between the steering wheel to release the lock
Chris Welcome (3 years ago)
That easy huh? What tools did you have available? How did you identify which cables to use? How did you disable the steering lock? I guess none of this matters, just make sure your car is already half stripped incase you end up in this situation haha ;-)
DGOfTheCentury (4 years ago)
how did you start the truck without pushing the clutch pedal in? O.o
MrPappa2566 (2 years ago)
You are stuck somewhere no gas can`t push the car just use starter to move it bit but no
MrPappa2566 (2 years ago)
I hate those stupid american safety features..
Artur Eestlane (3 years ago)
+DGOfTheCentury he didin't have a gear in
TheRedHuskie (3 years ago)
+joemay5 The Newest cars full of eletronics got ''safety'' featers that would't let you start the car winhout pressing the brake pedal and the clutch. But if you got a old car or a car that don't have eletronics gadgets all over the place ( like the one's in third world country )
joemay5 (3 years ago)
+brunoraoni my car wont start unless i hold the clutch...
fuckedupswede (4 years ago)
Is it always two red ones no matter what car it is  ?
joel james (4 years ago)
what next how to rob a bank and escape the police
Austin Edwards (4 years ago)
Im ready for the apocalypse
sladjana ristic (4 years ago)
Excuse me, I have a golf 4 2000 Year, ignition I went, I tried to turn it on the wire, I connected the red / gray wire, and I pecnula black for 3 seconds, and would not start, I do not know where I'm wrong, Can you help me?
kerstas10 (2 years ago)
+sladjana ristic yea and hotwiring a car doesnt work on a newer cars. i dont thing that it is possible for a vw from 2000.
TheRedHuskie (3 years ago)
It color of the wires changes if you got a different car... You basicly need to know wich wire power up the ignition, starter and all that kind of thing that i don't have any ideia how it works.
dogsbestfriends (5 years ago)
THX for sharing. But I saw 4 wires. So which 2 should we choose.? Also when we connect the 2 wires, do we not have electricity pass thru us? THX.
Boots (4 years ago)
The electricity will take the path of least resistance, which is the wire, and not shock you.
Mills Mechanics (5 years ago)
another way to take care of the locked steering wheel i take a pocket knife or something of that sort find the pin that locks it and they are relatively easy to just pry back.
Demonic Deception (5 years ago)
Thank u very helpful!!
RSOLANO2 (5 years ago)
lol that is why I'm looking at " how to hotwire a car" videos
Liam Connellan (5 years ago)
This usually only works on 90's and pre 90's cars
themoonman2012 (5 years ago)
Good...now lets do some real GTA!
Jesus Acevedo (5 years ago)
so what is a barrel? i never seen nor heard that in a car !
thx, now i am in jail!
Sohave (5 years ago)
Easier just to untie the wires you twisted together in the beginning.
Sara Zakutny (5 years ago)
just lost my one and only set of keys and I appreciate this knowledge! (or it'll cost me $120 they say-at LEAST!) Hope its this easy!!!
yea next time you drive in a car with a gearstick start the engine and push the clutch in make sure its in reverse tho
Miguel Cruz (5 years ago)
He's covering a step when the ignition starts! & no stupid thieves this will put you back in county with your other special frenz. Dum video
thnks for the vid frank but its not that easy!! The sterring wheel lock can be an issure and wiring is different on all models of cars!! This vid was not very helpful..... U make it look tooo easy and its not easy at all! Thanks for posting though.
Kavika (5 years ago)
So all car wires are color coded the same?
Mohannad Sharief (5 years ago)
i bet you are in Jordan - Wadi rum am I right I can tell from the mountains and color of the sand magical place waiting your confirmation
Urethral Implosion (5 years ago)
Everytime you need tot run get out and push it in the right direction
Jocker (5 years ago)
try this one on a 2013 BMW ia a city and you`ll get yourself an automatic 911 call, how about that?
LJS (5 years ago)
I do that, the engine turns over but doesn't start, can't work out why?
thegr8pulido (5 years ago)
lol I tried this on my dad's old junker car and the wires are all black and I'm freakin confused
Adam Brett (5 years ago)
I'm from England - That final bit about a council estates was too true. I had give a thumbs up & a comment.
MrCinimod93 (5 years ago)
my buddy has a lite switch and push button haha
Hareth Tariq (5 years ago)
You look like Nolan North !
Paklena A (5 years ago)
it works
Jerzy GMB (5 years ago)
Neva catch a brother in da desert lol
Strawhat765 (5 years ago)
The two red wires are the power cables and the other wires that he used to start the car with is the starter cable...
Starta carbmw (6 years ago)
Hi If you want to start a BMW with No KEYS Get a T.2 Device Go To startbmwwithoutkey. tk
ben ford (6 years ago)
how do i rob a bank?
TiresSmoking (6 years ago)
now do that in a 2012 car
Astarsas (6 years ago)
I took notes on an other vid way better cuz toomorrow december 21 zombie apocalypse en of the world!!!
Agula Otgonbaatar (6 years ago)
is it same on all cars? for example: toyota, ford ..etc ? tnk u
janmarina1 (6 years ago)
Great info, can you show how to do various storage locks?
Ra M (6 years ago)
Thank fuck i have you tube on my phone. The cops were closing in on me
evidentsavant12 (6 years ago)
Back to your prison cell dog!
C Brown (6 years ago)
lol that's why I'm here.
Jasco Kovacevic (6 years ago)
Not quite coz if your in the desert you'll have to drink the camel's urine to keep you from de hydrating! lol
Jasco Kovacevic (6 years ago)
unless it's an X2 Hyundai Excel (1991-Aug 1994) they are clutch starts... no clutch = no start.
Elgranto Entertainment (6 years ago)
i wish they tought that stuff in school now all i need to do is learn how to pick locks and i can start my crime spree
Elgranto Entertainment (6 years ago)
i wish they tought that stuff in school
taxfreedollars (6 years ago)
He said he took the barrel out and you can see in the video it is not there, he has also cut the wires off the back of the switch when he removed the barrel. He does show you this on an old car. I would like too see him do it on a current model, the moral of the story is go into the desert in an old car one that does not have coded keys etc, if you have a chance of losing the keys or take three sets with you.
Andrew Stewart (6 years ago)
In Europe they don't have a neutral safety switch. I could be wrong.
bidefordrfc (6 years ago)
This is fake...cars don't exist...
haydn wood (6 years ago)
could always drive in a straight line
willy (6 years ago)
now to get myself a 2 door honda civic si
Yasmine Vella (6 years ago)
will this only work on certain cars ?
TheScooterdude80 (6 years ago)
The likelyhood is that someone is going to use this info to steal a car, AND IT BETTER NOT BE MINE. I have ruger sr40 insurance.
NoReply (6 years ago)
now that's education.
Darren O'Brien (6 years ago)
in the uk lol ok
tim1337boy (6 years ago)
then you can just do us all a favour and bang your big fucking meat head against the gearstick until you pass out. Much love x
BluePhantomCavalier (6 years ago)
but manual cars have a clutch safety switch in which the clutch has to be pushed in to start the car.. just like an automatic has the neutral safety switch
george collins (6 years ago)
ive done it it is great thx
travis benjamin (6 years ago)
how the hell do you lose your keys driving in the desert shouldnt they have been in the ignition any ways
Xcelorate (6 years ago)
Fuuck ya I'm gonna steal a Lamborghini my Neighbor surprisingly has
m (6 years ago)
and if u av no tools?
sum Ting wong (6 years ago)
You could also put another set of wires together and you hav to take the steering wheel lock thing so u can turn
max johnson (6 years ago)
max johnson (6 years ago)
boss but im in a ocean =0
Manuel Rivas (6 years ago)
@nicgoogo right here homie :)
Mateusz B (6 years ago)
thanks for my new lambo reventon
Charlese Sarbeng (6 years ago)
So... who else is doing Apocalypse survival study?
Jason McPherson (6 years ago)
That awkward moment when you stall and have to do it again in the middle of traffic.
Wetski (6 years ago)
Doesn't the wire colours depend on the manifacturer?
BDHtP (6 years ago)
it suffices in most manual cars to just let them in neutral. i'm from germany and the only cars i can think of that needs me to clutch while starting the engine is the dodge of a friend of mine. So maybe an american thing?
heba hisham (6 years ago)
watch out for the back seat
Apollo Powell (6 years ago)
sumtimes if u jam a screwdriver in between the top of the steering column and the steering wheel it will unlock the steering wheel. just watch hot wiring video howcast made for more info.
mike coogs (6 years ago)
he cut the video rigth before the airbag deployed and knocked him unconciose
jordan ramm
nightazi 1 (6 years ago)
jam a flat head screw driver between the the steering wheel and the thing that holds it and move it sideways or forward to back maybe and that should take the steering lock off
Mike Perreault (6 years ago)
Most modern cars won't start even if you do have direct access to the wires -- the computer has to allow it to, and tat typically involves receiving the right signal from the key, ignition switch or any of various security systems. So, this might work if you're trying to hot wire a '73 Pinto, but it's not going to do you much good on many cars built within the last couple decades.
petrolhead1987 (6 years ago)
actually if your on a council estate in the uk its second nature to everyone lol, the good old snap and cap method.........i was brought up on a council estate, but i dont steal cars and bikes hate people that do but from being brought up on a council estate i learned how to do it pretty quick lol
Sebastien Thomas (6 years ago)
easy, steal a recent car with a remote starter... inside the remote starter, theres is a copy of the smart key,just tap the 12v +ignition and starter... the lock will go off due to the fact that its an electrical lock...
sw201444 (6 years ago)
Filmed with a potato
alex tillman (6 years ago)
not bad but how to open the car first if locked out
12sem12 (6 years ago)
most stearing wheel locks are weak enough if you turn it as hard as you can it will bust off
Andrew Vigil (6 years ago)
But then you find your out of gas in the dessert. I'm gonna show you how to make gallons of gasoline out of camel urine!
Frank Coles (6 years ago)
@skater7b Nope, just leave it in neutral :)
Brandon Z (6 years ago)
@FrankColesify Wait a minute... if that's a stick, wouldn't you have to push in the clutch for the motor to even turn over?
Inside-the-sky (6 years ago)
i got in trouble cuz i tried it on my moms car ._. ty very much. XD
ewkerr (6 years ago)
IF the car is pre 1995 (1990 to be safe) simply lean with force on the steering wheel and the pin that locks the wheel will snap. Worked on my corolla anyhow.
Danious Curran (6 years ago)
@FrankColesify lol it already tried, car thiefs generally carry crowbars for this reason. There used to be an old trick, changing the steering wheel was very popular for a while cos of only one nut holding it in place. But manufacturers designed new ways of the lock operating on the shaft instead of the wheel. which means the clamp is small and weak, hence forcing it.
kingbubbs1 (6 years ago)
because everyone loses there keys in the desert lol
Frank Coles (6 years ago)
@DaniousCurran Good comment and technique Danius, will add it to the list to try out. Get's my thumbs up :)
Danious Curran (6 years ago)
@bengeify lol, the 5 second way of gettin the steering lock of is a peice of wood through the steering wheel and force it either way, a couple of seconds pushing will break the lock. If the police pull u over and u aint got keys, they will test for this by turning car of and turning steering wheel to see if it locks. If not would proberly mean going to the station
nobleknight2000 (6 years ago)
what if u dont have gas then what will u do
therealTOTOfan (6 years ago)
thumbps up if you thought that at some point in this video youd have to raise for the youtube international anthem!
TheStrikoutChannel11 (6 years ago)
that was cool!!!
o0RAGA0o (6 years ago)
muppets why hotwire when you can use the blackbox
Abby Mabe (6 years ago)
i am a 12 year old girl who plans on bring americas most wanted one day and remember my name... you will see it on grand theft auto. even though you don't know my name and never fuckin WILL!

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