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defending yourself from radiation

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Arthur Haines shares ways that you can defend your health from the radiation escaping the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. The video discusses methods of boosting endogenous antioxidants, use of clay, important vitamins, and foods to avoid.
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thank you for sharing your pretious knowledge
Marushka France (4 years ago)
Marushka France on Facebook... see the Notes section for information and the best resources for finding the information to understand the impact on the world...  food, water, air...  look especially for the titles incuding 'six steps' and 2 on Radioprotection Love that he encourages us to do one's own research!  
Polite Q (4 years ago)
I didn't keep up with doing the things I should to protect myself. It's astonishing how one becomes fatigued by bad news and sort of gives in to it. I live on the west coast of Canada and I know better. But really, at this point radiation must be covering the entire northern hemisphere? Every surface water source and food crop must have it? Is there any avoiding it now?
Mitch Mitchell (5 years ago)
Agree again, I called up our favorite yogurt which is located in Cali and discussed radiation and their milk, asking what measures they were taking.. their response was that the government health agencies and local agencies havnt stated there is a problem and asked me why i would think there is an issue... unreal. Any person looking at the convective flow easily comes to the conclusion, thus they are either stupid, blind, greedy or evil. Regardless i havnt bought Cali yogurt since.
Arthur Haines (6 years ago)
If you gather clay from thick deposits where much of the clay is concealed by other layers of clay and soil, it would not be bound to high levels of pollutants. Remember that clay's charges hold onto heavy metal ions, so these would not be released in quantities in your body.
dubldmeister (6 years ago)
I've heard that you can add a small amount of calcium bentonite clay to milk and even wash vegetables with a clay water combination and that will get rid of the radiation. Have you heard of this?
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@BruceAchterberg I would not consume dairy from regions affected by the radiation (portions of Japan, portions of the west coast of North America). Fungi are well known to uptake and bio-acumulate heavy metals and radioactive particles, in part due to their large surface area of hyphae. It is sound advice to avoid many species of fungi in areas affected by the radiation, especially those occurring on soil and leaf litter. It would be best to order mushroom medicines from unaffected regions.
Bruce Achterberg (7 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your strategies, Arthur. When you say that you'd not drink dairy produced in "the region," are you referring to the west coast of America, Japan itself, or both? Also, in a podcast David Wolfe did, David mentions that eating medicinal mushrooms would not be a great thing to do (I believe he said they may concentrate radioactive substances). Do you feel this is sound advice in general, or something mostly applicable to people on the American west coast and in Japan?
Shelley Frankling (7 years ago)
@arthurdhaines thank you for this valuable information on the western north american pines. i look forward to more studies with you. blessings.
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@jeebug There is a current in the Pacific Ocean that travels west to east (i.e., from Asia to North America) called the North Pacific Current. It is known that radiation is being carried away from Japan by this current out into the open ocean. Whether this radiation will reach North America and affect safety or our food resources is unknown. Officials are stating that the ocean will dilute the radiation. However, I don't like relying on dilution as our safety strategy.
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@jeebug There is aPacific Ocean current that do travel west to east (i.e., from Asia to North America), such as the North Pacific Current. It is known that this current is carrying radiation away from Japan out into the vast region of the open ocean. I don't yet know what effect this will have on ocean life (and food resources) off the western coast of the US. Officials are stating the ocean will dilute the radiation, but I don't like to rely on dilution as our safety strategy!
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@ShelleyFrankling Pines are safe foods when used as part of a varied diet. There are many you can use in your area, including whitebark (Pinus albicaulis), limber (Pinus flexilis), ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa), and lodgepole (Pinus contorta) pines. All of these species were used in one way or another by the aboriginals of western North America. There is record of the Cheyenne consuming the pollen cones of ponderosa pine for food. Best wishes.
Shelley Frankling (7 years ago)
Thanks yet again for the amazing information, Arthur. I especially appreciated your comprehensive list of foods for providing the building blocks and pre-cursor to glutathione forming naturally in the body. I've just ordered pine pollen and am truly looking forward to working with it. Eventually, I aim to collect my own here in the canadian rockies if that is possible. How would I go about learning if the pines here would be ok to collect from? Any advice about this would be appreciated.
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@prodigaldaughter99 Unfortunately, in this age of the world, there is truly no where you can go without encountering some form of pollution. For example, PCBs are now found in remote areas 1000s of km from the factories that produce them. Switching food source locations merely trades one form of pollution for another (though levels may differ). Having all your food shipped isn't really sustainable. Eating wild foods provides deeper nutrition that can protect you from environmental toxins.
Arthur Haines (7 years ago)
@BigFishingShop Thank you for your appreciation of the video and for the typo. Edit made!
BigFishingShop (7 years ago)
Very informative, thank you for taking the time. ps Radiation in your title is mispelled, a correction will help others to find this valuable info.

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