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Do You Take Bioidentical Hormones? You Need to Watch This!

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http://www.ihealthtube.com Bioidentical hormones have shown to give benefit to many people as they age. But what else is in that solution in addition to the actual hormone? Dr. Daved Rosensweet discusses the shocking things he's learned and changed in his years of practice. He talks about some of the potentially toxic solution your hormones might be mixed in!
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Sean K (10 days ago)
This video is from 2014, but I see many replies so I feel the need to clarify some things mentioned. Propylene Glycol has a very low toxicity profile. Its used in many different personal care products, medications, even toothpaste for kids. ETHYLENE GLYCOL and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL are toxic, though DIETHYLENE GLYCOL does have some uses as a solvent, its used in very low concentrations. Some people do, though rarely, have issues with propylene glycol causing irritations. How well the solution/cream/ointment/oil is absorbed into the skin is going to affect how well the patient keeps consistent with applying the medication to gain the needed therapeutic affect. In my experience, oils just are not well-liked by most people. The final concern is also contamination. Oils get into clothes, get transferred to other people, sometimes are not easily washed. I'd recommend cream as a way for hormone delivery. There are a variety of cream bases in which you can incorporate bio-identical hormones. Not all offer the same absorption performance, with some being very poor choices for therapy. Do your research, pick the best base for you (or your patient).
Katie • (19 days ago)
Why not dmso?
Sean K (10 days ago)
Though DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) acts as a superb carrier as it temporarily disrupts the cellular membrane, it has its issues as well. Most notably is your body breaks down DMSO to a few different compounds and one, dimethyl sulfide or DMS, is eliminated not through the kidneys, but through your lungs. Your breath will typically smell "garlic" like........and not very people enjoy garlic breath.
Dylan Cooper (1 month ago)
Needing to shake the bottle means that it is far from homogeneous. A simple shake will not fix that, especially if it has not been made with a suspending agent. There's no telling what dose those patients are getting.
Jade Rose (1 month ago)
Thankyou Sir its always a pleasure to listen to your expertise. Massage, aromatherapy and similar suspended hormones in carrier oils you employ, prescribe would bring relief to so many who need complimentary medicine for their individual conditions! It would make me very happy to see the NHS and GP surgeries employ more holistic medicine now and in the future.
Donna Reidlinger (2 months ago)
If you are interested in BHRT You have a choice to do the creams or pellets. Just remember a female should also have PROGESTERONE. Also, if you are female or a male, getting pellets, you need a supplement called DIM. Those help the HORMONES to stay on right path.
Nanci Vonbehens (2 days ago)
Danna , which kind suplement ? I have been used about 4 month progesterone and estrogel in cream.
Sunethra Dissanayake (3 months ago)
Hi where can I get the natural hormone you talking about?
Ellen (4 months ago)
PEG powder for constipation is the same propylene glycol
Sean K (10 days ago)
No. Its not. PEG is PolyEthylene Glycol. its a long-chain glycol, with typical MW (molecular weight) of 300, 400, 1450, 3350. The higher MW, the longer the chain. Propylene glycol is NOT a chain glycol at all. BIG DIFFERENCE.
Deborah Maragopoulos FNP (6 months ago)
With my menopausal patients, I find that supporting their hypothalamus with phytonutrients is the key to balancing their hormones.
Christine Smith (6 months ago)
Hi, I'm interested to know about this particular product. I'm hearing there are pellet injections, creams, and shots witch sound scary and over whelming. I am apprehensive about using anything and just get through my menopause but this could be 10 years:/ It's already been almost 2 years for me. I would rather start light but honestly the kind you put on your skin seems like the route I would like to take however I'm hearing from different women that you need to do all of the options:( Is this true and what do I need to ask a doctor for? If anyone can answer anything at all I would be so gracious for I am in turmoil in what to do and where to go. Thank you
cubomania3 (1 month ago)
Viva Kroeger (9 months ago)
You can do injections but that is more expensive
Ink Spots (10 months ago)
Propylene glycol is in a lot of food and drinks. https://www.thedailymeal.com/news/common-foods-and-drinks-hiding-antifreeze-compound/103014
icecreamlady driver (10 months ago)
Where do we get this form of bioidentical hormone therapy. I was going to do the pellets but this sounds much better.
Peter Egan (11 months ago)
They know they're about to get hit with another round of big class actions and this is misdirection in hopes they avoid that.
Peter Egan (11 months ago)
This is propaganda by Big Pharma that knows its been selling products that cause breast, colon and prostate cancer when they were aware of that fact as well as the fact that safer alternatives existed.
Viva Kroeger (9 months ago)
Peter Egan i disagree it sends they are pro bios but not the form they use. I would rather have organic. It's such a toxic world.
Shaz W (1 year ago)
Oh gosh! Are these poisonous carrier agents also used in estradiol sprays and patches? :-/
epiphany 1.618 (1 year ago)
How do I get hold of this doctor? Thank you
cubomania3 (1 month ago)
Grab him by the balls. {LOL}.
Rosemay Ghazal (1 year ago)
epiphany 1.618 http://www.davedrosensweetmd.com/contact-us/
Graceology (1 year ago)
Anita Barneycastle (1 year ago)
VICKIE WHITE (1 year ago)
conflict of interest
Hvens Fury (1 year ago)
Finally some truth. Now how do i get his stuff?
cinful65 (1 year ago)
Try bhnformulas.com and check out Barbara Hoffman on youtube. They are not crazy expensive and organic. I use them and have had good results.
libertarianation1 (1 year ago)
Go to a hormone doctor. Be prepared to pay up as insurance will not touch it unless you have complications other than just low T or energy loss, etc. The medical community believes low T is normal especially if over 35 years of age. You may be able to find an every day GP doctor to prescribe it, but rare.
F L (2 years ago)
I am pleased to see Health Tube doing a serious interview with a reputable real doctor and not a quack.
LADILADY67 (2 years ago)
What about the pellets?
Melissa W. (2 years ago)
The Most amazing information for a woman to know. I am on BHRT and am taking mine from a compounding pharmacy BUT after learning from this video, WELL THIS IS HUGH!!! I am calling my compounding pharmacy NOW!!! Thank you, THANK You this video and the truth!! Use organic without the carrier to be toxins!!
cubomania3 (1 month ago)
carolyne shapiro (4 months ago)
Peter Egan (11 months ago)
Paid troll from Big Pharma.
Golden Retriever (1 year ago)
Melissa - what did your pharmacy respond? I think I may be getting toxicity from my BHRT but if I give it up I don't think I'll make it to the end of this decade.
Michael McBride (4 years ago)
where can you get this kind of organic oils for carrier for HRT?

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