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Midnight Club 3

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PS2 still rules.
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Jerrymiah Cabungcal (7 years ago)
LargeFilipino.. Pinoy?? XD
jay eltatertoto (10 years ago)
man watching these vids again, makes me want to pull the ps2 out of its final resting place. ( a shoe box lol)
jay eltatertoto (10 years ago)
oh, if u check my prof i did a vid on this game 2
jay eltatertoto (10 years ago)
oh, and i did a tut on the glitches, see my prof on here.
jay eltatertoto (10 years ago)
nice! do u play online? if u do my user name is the same as my u tube i think, if i can find my ps2 id love 2 play ya, ive been playin with my bike way to much lol, i might have frostbite from the cold :)but let me know in advance, cause i gotta find my ps2, its in a box in my room, i changed rooms and that stayed in the box.

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