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Old Mercedes Air Suspension Components Restored by a Real Craftsman

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See why I am so excited about what I just received in the mail. This is just a "look see" video. You will get to see the before pictures as well. Visit www.600airsuspension.com if you need help with our 600, W112 or W109 leaking air suspension.
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Middle Cove Motors (7 days ago)
They are pretty.
Ian Derzsi (8 days ago)
Ken, please, please, please make a longer video comparing this to the modern Airmatic system! Comparing the engine driven mechanical pump to the modern electric compressor, compare the lever actuated pressure regulator to the modern solenoid air distribution block, and compare the old separated air bag design to the modern rolling lobe air strut unit! It would make a fascinating video!
Harv (8 days ago)
Martin is a true gem in the Mercedes community and he work is second to none.

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