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Inside Mexico's Drug Labs | Narco State | Sky News

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In this Sky News special report, one of Mexico's most infamous cartels gives correspondent Stuart Ramsay unprecedented access to its industrial-scale drug labs. Across the country, gangs are profiting from the insatiable appetite for illegal drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine from neighbouring America and, further afield, Europe. It's a billion dollar a year industry - and virtually all walks of life are involved. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skynews and https://twitter.com/skynewsbreak Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skynews Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skynews For more content go to http://news.sky.com and download our apps: Apple https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sky-news/id316391924?mt=8 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bskyb.skynews.android&hl=en_GB
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Text Comments (1600)
João Magliano (11 hours ago)
One thing I can’t understand is, why do Americans use so many drugs? Pablo Escobar got much richer after putting his drug in Us. Now, i see the same story with Mexicans.. seems like a good country to commercialize it
Victor Tx (12 hours ago)
If Mexico is a "narco state", USA is a "Drug addict State" or "Junkie State"
Daniel Brown (16 hours ago)
This Jesus Malverde song was re-done for Walter White in Breaking Bad. Love it
Steve Hanlon (19 hours ago)
This will grow year on year, secretly backed & supported by the governments who "say" they want to stop it!
dreamfall2 (2 days ago)
Trapping like a narco
Azael Beltrán (2 days ago)
Ellos no son un cartel, son delicuentes comunes, el típico chilango roba carteras!!!
Zorasdomain (2 days ago)
That's why trumps want a wall duh trumps the best
Felipe Calderon (2 days ago)
La canción de Amores perros no mamen ajajajajajajjajajajajnajjjj
Jason (2 days ago)
how about we napalm all of mexico??
Victor Ferrera (3 days ago)
I bet they paid the church to lol.......
Ohio Destiny (3 days ago)
But they not rich, don't even own nice houses. They all found in the ghetto. I wonder what they do with the money
Aj Lfc (3 days ago)
Man I wanna go to Mexico give me the yayo 😋
Herbert Siegl (3 days ago)
why does every docu about cartells start with....for the first time ever , the cartell lets us into their world.....lol
anthony chew (3 days ago)
Since making it requires various chemicals, wouldnt it make sense to control all chemical shipments instead?
Lovely Arlene (4 days ago)
Watch Mexico turn into Syria even it’s almost like that already cause this ppl fight with basucas ,grenades, and military weapons all they need it’s to start throwing aircraft missiles
Rick Kan (4 days ago)
Why would they agree to be filmed?
lr (1 day ago)
Fame, publicity, ego.
Angela Gonzalez (4 days ago)
They say that it's a job like any other with risk's the jobs we work legally we are never in risk of getting arrested or in trouble that's why I work like a man for my money and family I salute all my hard working people 👏👏👏✌️
Julian Sainto (4 days ago)
Quit trying to learn about what we do in Mexico mine your own business 😤🤧Jesus malverde is real
Electric Family (4 days ago)
The translations are not the best. They're exaggerating what they're saying in the translation to English. I expected better from SkyNews.
Big Franku (4 days ago)
Yup, these are my people
L W (5 days ago)
so that super factory is never used again...
Mikhail Angel (5 days ago)
Bakind soda so many uses
richard3716 (5 days ago)
BLAXICANO 0 (5 days ago)
Only reason cartel cool in my book..no government stopped them
BigWorm281 (6 days ago)
i have one question.. where is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman?
Banana Ice cream (6 days ago)
That lightbulb pipe got me
Isauro Dominguez (6 days ago)
This ain’t a movie .. There no pretty girls or white boys in trailer homes .. This is real production
Natty Games (8 days ago)
arty (9 days ago)
"He is a full time cooker " I'm like waaah 😲
Maria Sanchez (9 days ago)
México y los mexicanos pagamos con sangre la adicción de sus parásitos drogadictos que se quieren meter la droga hasta por el c*** quieren que los mexicanos seamos su baby city su problema es interno drogadictos estúpidos sin valores que lo tienen todo y los parásitos dedican su vida a meterse la droga y vivir para drogarse quién arma al narcotráfico Los Americanos que financian al crimen organizado los americanos son un cáncer para toda latinoamérica con una guerra estúpida contra el narcotráfico que no nos pertenece es la guerra de sus adictos de sus gobiernos corruptos porque no Sigues en tu país quién distribuye la droga después de la frontera a los Estados no se mueve sola ustedes también tienen sus narcotraficantes en la USA
Rocky (10 days ago)
Look up El Ojos Cartel Leader of Tlahuac Mexico City. He owned the city, marines took him out last year tho.
Ricardo Cespedes (10 days ago)
y lo peor jueces corruptos
Ricardo Cespedes (10 days ago)
para que nos hacemos tontos mientras las autoridades de cualquier pais y de todo nivel tengan nexos con los narcotraficantes esto jamas va a cambiar, mas aparte los consumidores
Nordav Devito (10 days ago)
Those makers don't use the drugs, they let the consumer do it. LOL!
Mjuhu Bbko (11 days ago)
They can’t translate at 5:36 he said consider your self lucky to be alive cause most don’t get to see this cause we would of killed y’all
Kam Sam (11 days ago)
how can sky news find these narcos but not the fukin police??
Ema Leins (11 days ago)
Doesnt thus show the police were they are
Alfa7beta0 (12 days ago)
The corrupt LGBT, banana republic of Florida is a Failed Narco State.
binoy A (12 days ago)
and i thought Philippines has the worst
Coco_Puffs-ML- (12 days ago)
This is just a small gang in Mexico city, they are not a cartel.
lowe mabz (12 days ago)
Mexico cartel's Working with the police come on
Emmanuella Arianda (12 days ago)
'later we add rat poison to make it powerful'OMG!hehehehe,where did we go wrong as humans! my goodness!!!!
Lud Van Barbosix (13 days ago)
America is in all the HOT Spots of big traffic. Drugs and Oil are CIA main operations. Many in America live from the dying worldwide.
Andy P (13 days ago)
LOL, working hard to overthrow the ones who pay your salary? OMG I have heard everything now.......
Andy P (13 days ago)
... risk of detection? I thought the police was working for the cartel?  why worry? another lie.........
Scat (13 days ago)
"In this Sky News special report, one of Mexico's most infamous cartels gives correspondent Stuart Ramsay unprecedented access to its industrial-scale drug labs."  For a suitcase full of cash I'm sure.
King Flexbot (13 days ago)
But where do they get the Socon from?
Gary Riefle (13 days ago)
With all the money they make off drugs, you'd think they'd have a safer way of making it. Would be no need to expose yourself to all the fumes and release it in the open air. I can think of several ways to keep it inside a vacuum chamber and still be able to mix it up at the same time. Not that hard to figure out really.
mark (13 days ago)
one spark and it will explode and they are using metal spoons and pot.
Onyachin B (14 days ago)
1billion a year. Nah mate more. Escobar was making 420ish mill a week. Try a billion a month. Who knows whats el chapos income a month could be 2billion a month. A billion a year is all the drug busters(police/government) can get off the street
Billy Willy (14 days ago)
That didn't look like meth. If anything, that was crank. And not even good crank
Jim Jurkowski (14 days ago)
I hear they make pretty good chicken too. 🍗
foremount (14 days ago)
Truth facts Logic (15 days ago)
And building a wall is a problem ?
Hector lopez (15 days ago)
I want some tacos
lil sturb (15 days ago)
no french subtitles 😣
ManŌculta (15 days ago)
Journalist straight looks like Mexico’s president! lol
Beryl Inwood (15 days ago)
Brave reporter and crew man seriously brave!!
Rogelio Cañada (16 days ago)
Happy is the Devil for these poor souls that will perish in HELL!!!
Rogelio Cañada (16 days ago)
God will punish this cities soon!!!
Joel Davis (16 days ago)
How exactly is this "fake news"? Everything explained in this documentary is really happening and is going on right now.
Joseph Smith (17 days ago)
Mexico is just a hellhole of country intended on destroying peoples lives... one way or another!
Kane Middleton (17 days ago)
How this man not dead
Berd Brot (17 days ago)
LOL this is soo fakeö
7A (18 days ago)
messico and everyody in govt is in on it.
David Morciglio (18 days ago)
Beautiful piece.
Jorge Garcia (18 days ago)
Truckfit on cartel members shout out to weezy
Kenneth Stinson (19 days ago)
this whole thing is bullshit... and lies.....
Miguel Castaneda (19 days ago)
so ahh same as downtown los angeles...seattle..chicago..the bronx ...dade
George (19 days ago)
2:26 the guy was bout to dip
MrMethadrine (19 days ago)
What a lovely business
Croatia Today's (20 days ago)
#sodoma und gomora aka US $
SuperPerfektionist (20 days ago)
Leon Thorn (20 days ago)
Its like a cook show. LOL
Fatemah Moh (20 days ago)
I wonder if they can reach the Middle East? corruption here is all over the place. Wars, poverty and racism control middle class. They will get 5x profit than the US. Mexico is just like the Middle East. Don’t get fooled by religion, royal families and lies on media. When I grew up I realized that no drugs will ever enter any country unless governments have massive corruption within individuals. Again poverty, greed and need for status drive people whether they barley get to eat or they eat from golden plates. Makes me laugh when governments be acting like “we fighting drugs” lol what is being caught is like 5% only. It’s a smart cover.
Truth Matters (21 days ago)
UGANDA (21 days ago)
Iowkey seems chill af wouldnt mind chillin
Politically Correct SS (21 days ago)
Why do they let the reporter come in. He can literally report them after his done, why do they do that???
Wolf Tapia (21 days ago)
They said they were in the capital
Schatten Faust (22 days ago)
Make it legal,tax it = no more mafia/violence/crime.simple...war on drugs drains the economy,
Christopher Brandon (22 days ago)
c.l.b. my album mixtape central America 2018
Jay (22 days ago)
This is why we have many immigrants coming to the U.S.
I Smell Fresh Cash (22 days ago)
Chef Tony (22 days ago)
@2:05 The way he said Taco Stores is legendary 😂😂
Mario Martinez (22 days ago)
Es una lástima siendo un país grande en todo políticos an mandado ala mierda todo e su país
Dan Mega (23 days ago)
Holy crap, who needs this garbage.
oneworldonehope (15 days ago)
Dan Mega all the junkies in the usa
Dan Mega (23 days ago)
Amazing, this reporter was able to film this video and come out alive!. Holy crap!.
TigerGenocide1989 (23 days ago)
8:30 "I dont need a degree in chemistry to do this"....9:00
Months of investigations to see 3 muchachos stir a big pot.
Iradier Anaya (23 days ago)
Que huevos para estar entre carteles, sobre todo entrevistarlos y poder grabar el proceso, es muy raro ver que un local obtenga información así para medios de comunicación, rifado su reporte especial.
OMAR MACEDO (23 days ago)
Dont blame us Mexicans cuz y'all some junkies
Kevin Johnson (23 days ago)
Tacko stores lol...
Red Planet (24 days ago)
Humanity is destroying itself for some money....sad
CZIONER CZIONER (24 days ago)
That guy is holding a gun. So BE ALWAYS KIND U REPORTER
john S (25 days ago)
This has never been filmed.....what a joke. This isn't journalism
Ally Bamma (25 days ago)
Bet the cops had to arrest a few when this went out
killa buds (25 days ago)
14:00 did that car fly into the air?!?!
killa buds (25 days ago)
The subtitles are alittle way off, Some of the English subtitles words are not even the things they are saying

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