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How to fix nonresponsive Chevy remote key fob

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I have had two key fobs become nonresponsive over a 6 year period. The battery was not dead and some buttons worked as expected. The main buttons that became unresponsive were the two most used, Lock and Unlock. This tutorial shows what I did to fix the buttons to be more responsive. A new key fob costs over $100, so save some money.
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Vyacheslav Ivanov (23 hours ago)
Oh my lord. You are a savior! The lock button is not working on my 2012 Malibu. I tried your trick with just the one button and all is well. Thank you!
Brittany Ralph (1 day ago)
Just tried this!!! You are amazing!!!! You really saved me some money! Thank you! Being a female trying to keep up with my car has been depressing as I am quoted high prices and sometimes for the simplest fixes. The lock button hasn't been working since May of this year! You just cost me nothing but 2 small pieces of foil in my fob!
M RS (6 days ago)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!
S Willis (18 days ago)
Thank you so much, it got the job done! One less problem to have to worry about
Noah Rupp (23 days ago)
Can’t believe this worked
geo freorn (24 days ago)
It worked like a charm . I saved $142.00 , thanks
Kevin Millar (26 days ago)
Tried it, 2011 Malibu, na-da, oh well, cost nothing, but time
William Wheaton (28 days ago)
I did this on a 2010 Malibu, nothing worked before and now all my buttons work! Thanks man!
Luiz Gustavo (1 month ago)
Best video I ever seen. Works like new! Thanks brother!
Ben Davidson (1 month ago)
This worked for me. Thank you very much for posting and saving me $150 :-)
Dry Ink Creative (2 months ago)
this worked. chevy cobalt 06
john kurzyniec (3 months ago)
Thanks bud. That fixed my issue.
AllDayVapor (3 months ago)
Lonny Olds (3 months ago)
Thank you! You are the key fob king! Tried cleaning contacts & didn’t work. That remote has not worked in years, works perfect now!!!!
trevor wilmot (3 months ago)
Worked great!!
Becky Clor (3 months ago)
It worked!! Thank you!!
Andre Tripoli (4 months ago)
Fidel Loza (4 months ago)
Genius... worked like a charm. Thanks
David S (4 months ago)
Thanks for posting.
Cornelia (4 months ago)
Thank YOU!
Rick Bohan (5 months ago)
Erich's video saved me $100 between 2 remotes. It worked the first time. Thanks, Erich!
Matt Lacey (5 months ago)
I cleaned my contacts and had no luck so i add tinfoil and also had no luck. Upon further testing i discovered that the battery was not making a good connection so i bent the battery contacts accordingly to make a better connection and resolved my issue!
ThatOneGirl_La Vlogs✨ (6 months ago)
Thank you so much! Saved me $60 instead of buying a new remote!
sissy nunya (6 months ago)
Omg you are amazing!!! This worked on my granddaughters 08 Pontiac G6! I almost spent 85.00 to have a new one programmed! Thank you!!
Manuel Monroy (7 months ago)
Dude this work perfectly thanks
KingK 07305 (7 months ago)
Wow for months I thought my Key fob was dead. Then it dawned on me that only my panic button and trunk button worked thanks to you I don’t have to buy a new one 😁
Nancy M. (7 months ago)
Nathan Hale (7 months ago)
Add my voice to an ever growing chorus of relieved & thankful people. Followed step by step & after 2 minutes of labor- works like brand new. 🇺🇸
Dau Truong (7 months ago)
Thanks Man ! It Works!!!
Tough Building (7 months ago)
Works I tried it
puppies156 (7 months ago)
Can somebody tell my why mine still won’t work?? Even using it with foil
EGGINFOOLS (3 months ago)
The loop that holds the battery breaks the solder sometimes. 2 solder points and it will work again.
Matt Lacey (5 months ago)
My battery was making a poor connection with the contacts. That could be your issue
puppies156 (7 months ago)
Whats the battery you're using?
puppies156 (7 months ago)
Yeah I have. Should I use a specific one only to cars? I used the 2032 energizer, one but should I use one that says for a 3V 2032?
Erich Schroeter (7 months ago)
Did you try replacing the battery? Perhaps it's dead.
Kellye Clark (7 months ago)
Yes!!!!! THANK YOU kind sir for sharing! Worked immediately! Beyond thankful!
Dan Tolley (7 months ago)
My daughter had an unresponsive key fob for her 2012 Chevy Malibu, and this worked like a charm! Thanks!
warren isherwood (7 months ago)
buddy use the right tool a screw driver then you wont need a band aid
Dave McWilliam (7 months ago)
My original remote used a cr 2032 battery. When I replaced the battery with a cr 2032 lithium battery the remote would not work. I removed and replaced the lithium battery many times to no avail. However, when I put the old cr 2032 battery back in the remote worked fine. The only difference between the old battery and the new lithium version (that I could see) was a slight voltage increase (3.3V) , where as the old battery was right on 3V. Is this a known problem?
qwsxcde0988 (4 months ago)
Dave McWilliam Both are lithium. That is literally what the "C" designates. 3.3V would be a fully charged lithium cell. Should be no issues.
Brody Bowen (8 months ago)
Thanks so much! Great catch and fix!
Darren Strank (8 months ago)
I was honestly skeptical about this working. Just tried it and it worked instantly. Thanks!!
Kris Bartram (8 months ago)
Simply ingenious! I bought a truck and it had a key fob that didn’t work I am at work on break saw this and used cigarette tin foil out of the cig box. It worked thank you!
Jacob Fountain (8 months ago)
I did this little trick and it actually worked as described!!! You sir are a life saver! Works great like new and no need to spend $150-$200 for a new key fob + programming at a GM dealer! Thanks a bunch!!
Kevin Kev (8 months ago)
Worked better than before! Thank you
Hartman (9 months ago)
Another thankful viewer.............G
John West (9 months ago)
Just tried this, your a F'n genius man!!!
Jordan Lee (9 months ago)
You deserve a god damn award
Oren Ben-Zeev (7 months ago)
Second that.
Alexis Pedrick (9 months ago)
I was desperate and locked out of my car this morning and this tutorial saved me! It really works!
Jay P (9 months ago)
thank you !! this fixed the issue 100%
77ljgc (9 months ago)
Was very skeptical but this actually worked for my 07 malibu remote! Only the trunk would work and even that would take a couple of presses but doing this made the lock unlock and trunk open with a soft push
alex moisson (9 months ago)
Hi guys I have a Audiovox 4 button remote starter for my 08 CRV the remote is not working even when I press every one of the button can you guys please help me . Thanks
hezlea (9 months ago)
THANK YOU! My open button wouldn't work but some aluminum foil and bam! It opens lol
Kyle Osika (9 months ago)
amazing, worked!
Lila Katrina (9 months ago)
I cleaned the circuits with rubbing alcohol AND put the foil on... you can also use nail polish if you don't have glue. Works perfectly!
TrekerT (9 months ago)
Wow - it worked. I had a remote not used since 2005. I popped a new battery in - NO GO. Used your hack - worked perfectly. Thanks so much for posting this!
Lilmama 88ty (9 months ago)
Omg thanks so much it worked!!!!
lo bitch (10 months ago)
just did this. worked like a charm! I didn't glue the foil just placed it in the problem spots because I didn't have glue, still works awesome!
Raul Romo (10 months ago)
all you have to do to fix this remote is clean those metal contacts with rubbing alcohol.  I repair these all the time, no need to use aluminum foil, unless the contacts are almost deteriorated.  good luck
woytinek1 (9 months ago)
Raul Romo.. I just cleaned mine as you said, stepped out and hit the buttons and it worked...
Andy Dillon (10 months ago)
Okay I have to say when I saw what you were doing I thought to myself what a load of horse pucky No way will this work. Tried it anyway and much to my surprise it freaking worked. Took a whole two minutes. Erich dude you are the man. Thank you!
Jerry 917 (10 months ago)
This was amazing. Took the cover off and there was a black film over the contacts. Used a clean, soft cotton piece of cloth and the black film came off. Put the fob back together and works like new/. Super. We had put in a new battery prior to this but nothing happened. Cleaning off the contacts allowed the devise to work again. Thanks. Easy and effective.
Brian Dacey (10 months ago)
Thanks for this simple solution. Worked like a champ!!!
Don Harris (10 months ago)
They were going to charge me $185+ dollars at the chevy dealership for my new fob, sheesh. Thanks so much!
jamaicanmecrazy1000 (10 months ago)
Saved 99 bucks thanks to this video.....bless you!
Tonya Willison (10 months ago)
Omg I can not thank you enough for posting this video I have been without my locking and car starter for 3 years and didn't want to pay the 200$ to get a new one I tried everything and come across this video and tried it it WORKED thank you so much
BNRZ28 (10 months ago)
Wow thanks for this. Saved me time and money. Now that it's winter time here we definitely needed the remote start to work!
John Ambrose (11 months ago)
oh yes thank you ever so much Erich 😄 ..I'm subscribing
John Ambrose (11 months ago)
I own a 2005 Buick Allure, I live in Calgary, and well I was thinkn this fix was a good try at best, hahaha holy shit it works!! I'm so happy ..and to be perfectly honest - I did put the glue/tinfoil on the wrong spots, I had to remove it - the tinfoil came off easy, the glue not so much but i took my time and scraped it off very carefully from the copper, (I think I was so excited to finally have it work i had a brain fart when watching and didn't follow your "very clear" directions LOL) but anyway ...so remember everyone LOL glue/tinfoil on rubber/carbon button sides not the copper -geees louise- I can't believe I did that😝 anyway it works great and it actually saved me a hundred plus dollars on an OEM AC Delco from Rock Auto or around $20 to 30 bucks from Amazon Canada, this is the Part # GM/ L: 22733524 on my 5 button remote just like his, and ya know what if you have to buy one it say you must have it programmed professionally by the Dealership or a Locksmith...however I'm (sure) someone on here has a video for the exact application to reprogram it ....I did see a few, till I saw this one👍 please try this you have literally "nothing" to lose! just time (in my case right ..still can't believe I did that hahaha oh well) oh yea
jonnymo (11 months ago)
Works like new, my other car problems are still there, but this will be one less issue. Thank you.
Vickie O'Rourke (11 months ago)
Fixed 2 key fobs for my daughter tonight! Thanks
Andy Porter (11 months ago)
Just did this and it worked perfectly.....thanks for the video
Rico S (11 months ago)
Thank you so much man this solved My problem, I don't know why I never thought of this!
Celeste Carr (11 months ago)
This was GREAT.  Thank you for you video.
You Salty Pretzel (11 months ago)
This! Ours stopped working so naturally, we bought a battery. The key fob wouldn't do a thing. After watching this and gluing some foil under the buttons it worked like a charm. Thanks!
Scott Walker (11 months ago)
Amazing fix! Watched the video and fixed two key fobs in minutes. Works perfect.
Michael Berry (11 months ago)
It might have been the pubes that were blocking contacts.
23vespid (1 year ago)
This solution was easy and amazing. The fobs for my 2010 Malibu had both stopped working well, one pretty much useless. Being a bit skeptical at first I tried it without gluing the foils down and it worked! Then I super-glued the foils down, let them dry in the air for a while (also hoping to avoid gluing my fob parts together) and the results were fantastic! Cheap and easy fix, try this first! I remember using a foil fix on some other electronics and I was wondering if it would work on fobs. Thanks!
Stephen Rolle (1 year ago)
Thissssssss worrrrrk omg n I use the foil from my gum wrapper
Celene Lozoya (1 year ago)
This vid saved me some money on a new keyfob tryed it and worked great thankz

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