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10 Medications That Will Get You High || Pastimers

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crimsonisback (3 days ago)
I prefer m51
Sanguine Seraph (6 days ago)
Your dumb as a box of rocks or a troll 😂
John Freda (8 days ago)
Benzedrex is highly addictive. You'll end up chasing for 2 days. Crash is miserable. Never again.
vortexx killaxx (25 days ago)
can i take any of these on the list if i take Zoloft?? i have an addiction to codeine and was wondering if i should replace it with something that is OTC. i heard dextro can cause serotonin syndrome, besides would it be as good as the drowsiness codeine gives you?
ghostmanriding (25 days ago)
I take Tylenol 650mg Arthritis pain to get rid of anxiety. It feels much very much like xanax and other benzos. Also works as a sleeping pill.
Codeman73H1337 (1 month ago)
Doxylamine just makes you sleepy; it's no fun on its own. But it can add to your nod if you are taking opioids with it. And oxymetazoline NEVER does more than extremely mild stimulation! Check your fucking facts!
Mark Jens (2 months ago)
N!kii A. (7 days ago)
Nick Van Wyhe (2 months ago)
In Mississippi you can buy codeine otc. Ask at counter for cheratusin AC, it's a cold med with 10mg codeine per ounce. You have to show ID and sign a book but... it's possible.
please enter a name (2 months ago)
DXM is the shit.
NachoTheBarnacle (2 months ago)
Do not try to get high off of Benadryl my dudes, it’s not fun :) at all :)
Ray Bans (15 days ago)
NachoTheBarnacle I disagree. I usually do up to 900mgs or 1000mgs which is about a whole gram. It sends me to different dimensions, but I'm always back before it's time to go to work.
Charles Ferdinand (3 months ago)
In what fucking world would Doxylamine, Oxymetazoline or Propylhexedrine get you high at all, are you out of your fucking mind? Realistically though, the rest of those drugs are fucking lousy anyway, except Tramadol and Kratom.
6uicideX Prod (3 months ago)
є×pʟѧıň ţoo mє һoɰ ʏouʟʟ ɢєţ һıɢһ ғяom ɞєňѧԀяʏʟ
Take a fuck ton. I was seeing shit crazy. But dxm has too be the most ball tripping, like I forget who I even am on that shit.
Flippity Floppity (3 months ago)
Kratom doesnt get you high
Phil J.L Fig (4 months ago)
Pathetic list man
Mark R. (4 months ago)
i call bullshit on this n kratom dont do shit
tse gansuvd (4 months ago)
people need to know about this heavy medicine addiction going on in Ulaanbatar the capital city of mongolia. its called Andante by the locals and known as Sonata Zaleplon . they sniff it get a 30 min high and it makes the user crave for more the crave is worse than coke meth or any other real drugs so becareful!.
RAIN MAYHEM (5 months ago)
Motion sickness drug makes you hallucinate
Itsdatnibba (5 months ago)
If you wanna get High offa Benadryl you have to take at least 12 and stay up for a bout a hour for the high to hit you. One time I took 20 and has a convo with a water bottle
Melly (18 days ago)
Ive gotten really high of benadryl took the whole dam bottle was not fun at all pretty terrifying
Roxanne Stine (22 days ago)
+thiccmemes 12 caps.
thiccmemes (1 month ago)
12 what bottles or tablespoons
MudzPie (3 months ago)
Isn't weight also a factor in how much you need to take to get high
Joseph Flores (6 months ago)
If you have hydrocodone it’ll get you high for sure for sure 💯
jokerella casper (1 month ago)
Gary Snowdon (7 months ago)
There person making this should be aware how much danger he has put vulnerable people in.
Anomaly88man (7 months ago)
Why is tramadol on the list??
Pat H. (8 months ago)
don't take diphenhydramine just don't its fucked up and you'll get hurt
mjazzguitar (8 months ago)
You left out gasoline.
grettagrids (8 months ago)
People say Phenergan does too.. and that just makes me very TIRED.. but works great for vomiting.
John J (9 months ago)
I smoked my share of weed over the years and experimented with other drugs but never once felt the urge for any of this BS. This reminds me of someone who runs out of beer or liquor and starts drinking mouthwash and lysol and shit.
John Curtan (10 months ago)
Yeah watch out for the withdraw from tramadol something about it is unusual to a normal withdraw if taking for more then 3 weeks be ready lol will be hell
Ry Tr (7 months ago)
Because Tramadol has SNRI properties as well. So it's like coming off an opiate plus an anti-depressant. That's why you might feel the 'brain zaps' every once in a while coming off it, among other SNRI withdrawal symptoms.
xXGameLordZXx (1 year ago)
Great know these kids are gonna Benadryl trip the most hellish thing ever
Seven4life (1 year ago)
Conspiracy (1 year ago)
Tramadol over th counter! Not in uk.
French Toast (1 year ago)
Everyone knows cold meds are good at geting you high... Lean is just cold syrup
Roadie Ratonga (1 year ago)
Why the hell is Kratom on this list? Cannabis+kratom yes but cannabis >> kratom is more like it.
999 (1 year ago)
my cousins best friend wanted to smoke and we didn't have weed so he gave us 3 pills, 2 dark brown and 1 light brown. he said it will take about 45 mins to kick in and everybody but him ain't feeling shit so we took another (keep in mind this was like 5 mins after taking the first ones) after that we pretty much kept fucking taking them until about 7 or 8 and the fist couple started kicking in. then we just got tired as a Motherfucker and drank and smoked some weed we got later. the I just went to bed and that shit didn't get me high motha fucka I was jus tired and fell asleep. the he was like "I got some shit that will fuck you right up" the next day and I was like fuck yeah but we didn't later cuz we had to do shit. if you read that go get a job or something bro lol.
Daniela Sprella (1 year ago)
Diphenhydramine makes me sleepy not high wtf 😒
Jesus (27 days ago)
take more
Dan R (2 months ago)
Take like 10-15 and stay awake. Then say it doesn't fuck with your head.
N9NE TOES (2 months ago)
I was only 13 (now 14) and I popped 15 of them and damn it was weird I felt in my own world my touch was so sensitive and it's like I passed out and woke up as a ghost where no one could hear me or new I was there. You get tired ASF but if you survive the tiredness your up like a crackhead wide eyed can't sleep. I did it for the trip but it never worked and I probably was overdosing but I'm fine now if you pop like 5 then you should get a high
Anthony VDA (2 months ago)
Nahh That’s Uncomfortable AF, Less Feels Better Than Being All Delirious
Anthony VDA (6 months ago)
Try Taking 6
Imma down the benodryl with that cough syrup
Ray Bans (15 days ago)
HughGRection12231 forealz
troll king916 (5 months ago)
1__《ダークボット》__ 1 liqued heron knock
HughGRection12231 (1 year ago)
That's the only way to do it!
The Joker (1 year ago)
In indonesia tramadol is everywhere even little kid around 10 year already consume that drug
Juan nito (1 year ago)
i thought tramadol had to be prescribed? or is there a way to get it over the counter?
William A (1 year ago)
hah for the love of god, dont go taking a bunch of anti-histamines.. good lord. you wont get high. just sleepy. lol.
Business Chicken (1 year ago)
William A No, you can get pretty fucking spun out. They just cause a terribly uncomfortable, super confusing, and almost always horrifying trip. Like a "good trip" on antihistamines is NOT seeing peoples skin literally remove itself before your very eyes whilst simultaneously being surrounded by hundreds of imaginary roaches/spiders/bees/or moths. And that's BEFORE you peak and almost completely lose your ability to see or walk.
vorkev1 (1 year ago)
in witch country as in my country tramadol is a narcodic and requires a perscription
turtle (1 year ago)
kava does not at all get you higher than weed. kava is such a light high and nothing in comparison.
Aybee M. (1 year ago)
turtle thats not you in the pic
Nolan Stauffer (1 year ago)
I agree that when you first do it it's kind of a mild buzz but it's a nice buzz nonetheless
Nolan Stauffer (1 year ago)
Kava had a reverse tolerance to many people. I do it every day, all the time and I'm always fucked.
Justa Prophet (1 year ago)
turtle dude I bet if you take enough kava youl feel like you took a 20mg perc
turtle (1 year ago)
+noob scraper thats sick
Halil Kocoglu (2 years ago)
Tramadol over the counter. Where?
Nick Van Wyhe (2 months ago)
Sultan hanga l (3 months ago)
Jcr Aka Speirs somali east africa
Dirk Arago (4 months ago)
Bridget M (1 year ago)
dumbshow3 (1 year ago)
as i just said in 2014 they where made perception needed schedule 4 (IV) controlled substance
Jess Volina (2 years ago)
You need a script for tramadol and not only that they just switched it to a controlled substance so your dr can't just call it in you need the papers. I don't fuck with it anymore because it messed my stomach up but man I'd take 6 of them and be WIRED. Can't sleep though and you feel like dogshit the next day. Fun while it lasted...
ocelot hayes (2 years ago)
should have put delsym instead of robotussin.. take a little longer but it has no other active ingredient besides dxm.. i know robo use to have a dxm only formula but its really hard to find now... but that dxm will FUCK your world up xD
Black Mage (2 years ago)
a little suggestion since you say DXM alone is harder to aquire extracting triple cs with the the CWE (Cold Water Extract) method it will leave you DXM alone with the other ingredients extracted out I don't suggest taking it but it's more safer than abusing it with other ingredients
Chase Clements (2 years ago)
key word DRUGS. Only drugs will get you higher then weed. Weed isnt a drug either its a herb.
James Connors (3 months ago)
And yeah, if I smoke/consume ANYTHING with THC (I'd assume), I'm in the shower for days if not getting IV fluids and IV meds. Yee
James Connors (3 months ago)
It it is a drug. It is a story. Though if you see feds, at the fuck outta there. In short: Weed IS by definition. Lot on more the sites, I'll talk to what it is. It helps, California have awesome weed shops. Free preroles, drinks, and all kinds of free names at the I have here in town. I get really sick from blazing/tincs/etc. I just want to them open a rec shop (Kern County HATES weed, or rather my many sheriff's do).
Wolf (5 months ago)
Chase Clements as a pothead i disagree pot is a drug
patrick ray (8 months ago)
it's both.
giggitygquag (1 year ago)
Chase Clements THC is a drug, that's why it gets you high
bingo_fuel (2 years ago)
You need a script for tramadol otherwise that shit would be hella popular compared to now
Thugger21 (2 years ago)
+kid krusher yeah it's schedule 5
Red Crumb (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure it's legal to have in you possession without a prescription but you need one to obtain it
Its BugsyGirl (2 years ago)
Dramamine and a controlled substance(benzo) w zzzquil...nice
matt Walter (2 years ago)
tramadol is not otc
John Pinter (1 month ago)
Tramadol sucks it is not good for long-term pain it wears off depending on how much of it you take just under 4 hours if you take too much you will start to feel nauseated sick in your stomach from my experiences it is only good if you're only taking this stuff for a month and that is it it does not work no matter if you are on 1200 mg 2100 3500 I took a lot as the months go on you get a buzz but it's not a high you do not feel endorphin affect the high that is associated with diamorphine Dilaudid oxycodone Oxycontin hydros Vicodin and plenty of others and you have to get a prescription at least and my state of Baltimore Maryland Robitussin is old school in it is probably the only that might be available over-the-counter that might get you high depending on the person kids teenagers please don't try this stuff wait until you are older in your late 20s early thirties anyting older than that you need to grow up it's time to move on to hardcore stuff now lol
Nick Van Wyhe (2 months ago)
Used to be.
Nickolas Jerremy (4 months ago)
Doug Johnson whoa really?
Doug Johnson (11 months ago)
Scott Perkins basically it is. They give it out like candy. It is easy to make tramadol at home as well.
Scott Perkins (1 year ago)
And no it is not otc
Christian Fletcher (2 years ago)
Robitussin is the only one on here that will get you higher than weed
esteban nicolas (8 days ago)
Nah bro if u take about 200 to 300 mg of tramadol it will make you feel your whole body numb and high af.
Mizter Jointz (6 months ago)
Of the tramadol
Mizter Jointz (6 months ago)
How many should i take at once i have four 627s right now
Get Wolfified (8 months ago)
+Doug Johnson ur right ever since I smoked weed I'm always paranoid. But benedryl was by far the worst thing I ever FELT. I did it yesterday it was so bad
Doug Johnson (11 months ago)
Scott Perkins but weed sucks. It gives you panic attacks then you have to take your Klonopin or Xanax prescription
Ultratyp3 Mania (3 years ago)
You must smoke some really shit skunk
jasmine lewis (3 years ago)
im high on tramadol right now.. love this shit
Joshua Bevington (9 months ago)
jasmine lewis itch twitch
Bleach (9 months ago)
jasmine lewis how I get
Kacie Harris (1 year ago)
Dude I took 2 and I didn't feel anything yesterday I even snorted it still didn't feel anything.
William A (1 year ago)
Maybe you arent high on the tramadol, and its actually the tramadol that is high on you !!??
Kayden Liam (3 years ago)
Benadryl gets you fucked like zoned out kinda high its weird.
Jared Sullivan (3 years ago)
benedryl is more fun than weed if ur by urself. take 30pills and enjoy life
999 (1 year ago)
Jared Sullivan yeah the last 30 seconds of it nigga wtf
Business Chicken (1 year ago)
Rick Sanchez It can get worse than that, believe me bro. I haven't touch the shit since I was a teenager it's so horrible. Stick with LSD, DMT, or a 2C chemicle to trip, my friends. Or just smoke some dank and stop there. It's less likely to give you ptsd;D
TheFormidable56 (2 years ago)
+doomanddeadspacefan It is.
Rick Sanchez (2 years ago)
ha, I've heard that you see fucking giant spiders crawling all over the place and you see realistic hallucinations of people you know and won't be able to tell if they are real or not and the trip apparently ends with an impending sense of doom.... sounds scary as fucking shit!
matt Walter (2 years ago)
eh I took it everyday in high school it's alright I like weed a lot better
Prof Mel (3 years ago)
I think we all know the person who made this has never tried pot, at least not good pot.
Ray Bans (15 days ago)
Doug Johnson Weed gives too many panic attacks and what not. I don't like weed anymore.
John Pinter (1 month ago)
Dan R (2 months ago)
The fucks weed gotta do with this? It's not the only shit you can get high off
Agent9724 (3 months ago)
Steve Dubb That's a you thing then and that's cool with me just most people don't get depressed and sad off it I know I don't. It's hard for me to be sad when I'm high on weed. I'm usually never sad with any drugs. Kinda alcohol but not really I just puke sometimes and have a headache but it doesn't really make me sad
Steve Dubb (3 months ago)
Agent9724 I don’t like getting baked getting baked doesn’t feel good makes you sad
Alvalanker EX (3 years ago)
DXM the best on the list.
Oh Yeah? (2 years ago)
Alvalanker Highwind you must of never had kratom or tramadol ....... but if you say so champ
Thugger21 (2 years ago)
Dxm and Benzedrex are great at high doses but not that safe I once took 800mg of dxm and kept hearing voices in my head and just totally blacked the fuck out and when I came back to myself walking and talking was all of a sudden an extremely difficult task lol shits crazy
asdf (4 years ago)
Benadryl makes you high? LOLWUT
W. Mills (4 years ago)
you are an idiot
XenosLangley (4 years ago)
I've been taking tramadol for years, and I've never gotten high from it.
Nick Van Wyhe (2 months ago)
Tram is one of best easy highs, easy meaning it's not hard to be prescribed it, do a will usually give it to you if you ask for it. It only gets you high for about the first 3 days though then you have to let bodies tolerance come down. Take 7 at a time and it's just like percocet but lasts longer.
Sultan hanga l (3 months ago)
Ali Mohammed i take 4 in 50mg It get me fucked up
Ali Mohammed (5 months ago)
XenosLangley you take minimum 500 mg 10 tablets of 50 mg to get high and feel good but I do not recommend it because after a couple of weeks you will get panic anexiety and it’s hard to treat
controllerbrain (8 months ago)
There's a specific reason you're not getting high from tramadol and it's not the tramadol itself. It definitely makes the majority of people high.
Doug Johnson (11 months ago)
XenosLangley Then don't say it doesn't get you high if you're just a puss and only taking it "BeCaUsE yOu NeEd It"
Queen Wolfy (4 years ago)
Benedryl high is not worth it but Robotripping is worth it. 

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