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How To Drive A Manual Car (FULL Tutorial)

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This is a complete tutorial to show you how to drive a manual car. It is actually REALLY EASY, but it does take a lot of practice. This video shows you the steps that are involved, but you have to devote the time to practicing the essentials. Start by focusing on starting to get the car rolling in first gear, and then move on to the higher gears. You learn how to drive standard in no time after watching this video and following the steps! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=helpfuldiy FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: https://gumroad.com/l/vFujc Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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Text Comments (4271)
Ayumu Hamano (44 minutes ago)
Too much bullshit
bryce (14 hours ago)
Thanks Jordan Peterson
cfb sdg (17 hours ago)
I use to drive very aggressive cars. Now i have my own car so i learn how to drive and to take care off my transmission :D
19swaggkidd (2 days ago)
i takeoff on 2nd gear and sometimes 3rd it realy doesnt matter
Visi Visi (2 days ago)
just start that fucking car dude
lillian mhandu (2 days ago)
i find this video very helpful thank u so much
Khristina Carla Tayao (4 days ago)
Soccer&Aphiwe (4 days ago)
Thanks you made everything so simple 👍👌
Zak (4 days ago)
Why the fuck was the car off in 2nd gear? Yall make this shit too confusing
Amber Robinson (5 days ago)
*sees third pedal* *faints*
Wayne Thomas (6 days ago)
It’s easy gut I thought myself in one night! First make sure car is off, then just sit in that car and learn where the gears are at from 1 to 5and 5to one . Then know where the clutch brakes and gas is located. Always know that the clutch has to be depressed before you can change the gears. And just practice them all together, once you change the gears without holding your head down it means you are ready for the road. Depressed the clutch and put in neutral when you want to stop by holding the brakes. Always slowly ease up off the clutch. Make sure emergency brakes are up when you park so it won’t role away the rest you will lean by. Common sense
ExcuseMyEnglish (6 days ago)
Had my first lesson with a manual shift today, so confusing. I usually just press the R2 button to start driving
zahra ben (7 days ago)
So i saw ur video .. i had the courge and went to drieve my father car . the good new it worked but the bad news i have forget to see my back and hit the wall behind me whail trying to move it - _ - until one guy came and moved the car while i was watching him .SO embarrassing but thanx
RD: Redoy (8 days ago)
thanks a lot bro
cyberdyers (8 days ago)
Im lost.
Andre Martinez (9 days ago)
Thanks Michael Rapaport
francis domingo (10 days ago)
3:40 that is very slowly.... for real.
ELITE Guardian (11 days ago)
Thanks bro
Marco Sanchez (11 days ago)
Granny shifting not double clutching like you should.
VGames 1 (11 days ago)
Shit, learning to drive scares the shit outta me! I drove for above two hours through the night, without any experience. I were so stressed! Sure, I were not alone but still.....wierd. And scary.
nirary israil (11 days ago)
How do you reverse?
Gregory Hill (12 days ago)
Thanks friend for your video
Maddie Idk (12 days ago)
He sounds like Kermit lol
Jacob Fuller (13 days ago)
I’m English so it’s normal for us to learn in manuals and 99% of the vehicles driver are manual, is manual a massive deal in America lmao?
Nehemiah Joshua (13 days ago)
Jamaican baddie (14 days ago)
Thanks much
Terrell Johnson (14 days ago)
Actually drove my first manual car home today (I have past experience) everyone on the road was super nice and patient with me even tho I stalled at almost every stop. They probably got a great laugh out of it!
Mus Likan (14 days ago)
kamu nonton juga
Vitez Koja (15 days ago)
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Amal Shanthi (16 days ago)
You don't know the torque of the engine, when to shift gears and above all don't know how to drive a manual. Why are you raising the rpm all the way upto 3500 before shifting up another gear?
Prodigy A.C (16 days ago)
A easier way is just to switch the wheel with an PS4 or Xbox Controller.
Tyler the tiger (16 days ago)
Nice boots🔥
Degamer ita (16 days ago)
I'm only 15....😅
Sunny Kumar (16 days ago)
that part where you say 1500rpm first and then release clutch is awesome,my man! people her just tell release clutch slowly and take little acceleration,i mean wtf
Andrei Ionescu (11 days ago)
+Sunny Kumar The thing is, you're never going to be in first gear for too long, becasue almost always you need to change into second gear very soon (traffic jams may be an exception). It may sound weird but you need to get to know the car.
Sunny Kumar (12 days ago)
that's the stupid mistake I am making since a goddamn year and not able to learn this car driving... in my mind I see I have to release clutch fully to let car go.
Andrei Ionescu (12 days ago)
i do that too, i never fully release the clutch pedal when im in first gear.
Bora Corba (17 days ago)
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SweetRide671 (18 days ago)
In my country manual cars is the norm. And if you can drive manual, automatic will be like gta😂
mumo vincent (18 days ago)
i bet its simpler than he explained the ordeal
juvydamexican (18 days ago)
Newer clutches shouldnt be held down
giovani zarate (19 days ago)
I got a question what happens if you release the clutch fast is it necessary to do it slow ?
Harrison Brand (20 days ago)
can you shorten the intro next time please? the police are getting closer
Clement Khums (20 days ago)
September Hawks (21 days ago)
Thank you!
Jane Warner (21 days ago)
The way he talks is already giving me anxiety
jacob nehs (22 days ago)
You forgot a major part about driving a manual or standard transmission vehicle! How to downshift and rev match. Also parking
Mr. Crazy (22 days ago)
Thank you so much bro. I was always having problems with shifting gears and get rolling. the car shut Down when I started to drive but now I perfectly know how to drive. And what about reverse? you should've also taught that.
Mr. Crazy (22 days ago)
And I'm only 13.
دانيال (23 days ago)
Zachary Tyler (23 days ago)
My biggest issue is starting in first gear. The whole car starts shaking and sometimes I stall.
Cookie Mite (24 days ago)
very soon auto and manual will be dead. and transmissions will be on 1 gear only.
J Aurelio (24 days ago)
You know what would've been funny at the end of the video? The guy hitting another car.
Kimbo Slice (25 days ago)
Instruction unclear I ended up in the trunk
Ladislav Alex Balog (25 days ago)
Its so fucking easy and this guy is making it hard LOL
Korbin Lemonds (25 days ago)
Very good tutorial. Best one out there.
is this shoegaze? (26 days ago)
Also what is even the point of switching gears? What does each gear do? How do you even know which gears to use and when
is this shoegaze? (26 days ago)
"It's that simple" he says after like a million steps. Is that actually what people do every time they start up their car if they have a standard? This is so ridiculously complicated why would anyone want this
Clyde 15 (26 days ago)
Robbe (26 days ago)
I just got a chance to drive my dad's car and i thought it was gonna be as easy as it looked in this video. I mean it's not hard at all but the only thing that annoys me is that the gas pedal is so sensitive when trying to go from neutral to 1st. That's like the only thing that irritated me a bit
Weto Low (26 days ago)
Why americans dont drive manual as much? Because the land is mostly flat and traffic! Yes, horrible traffic! Not like europeans, who take a lunch break at noon and come back to work at 4pm...
This is lame, I watched Keiichi Tsuchiya's footwork in Best motoring and boom learned how to drive.
SEMARY - (27 days ago)
Julian - P (28 days ago)
I drive manual, always...its kinda remove the art of driving to drive on auto..and for me, i feel scary and unsafe to drive on auto..... "real men use three pedals" btw 😋
Noel Panaligan (29 days ago)
Diesel car
Morton Schmidt (29 days ago)
The first time i drove a manuel car, i spin the wheels and the instructor got mad :P
Ally Yussuf Shuwari (1 month ago)
Nice video
AlpacaJones (1 month ago)
As a 16 year old that only drives standard, I think many parents should get their kids manuals, it keeps them from being distracted and it makes them be more involved when driving. I feel like many kids just see a car as something that moves them so they don’t even bother trying to learn how to drive stick, but in reality its a really useful skill to have.
Gediminas Jesinas (1 month ago)
Do not buy manual cars because they are old technology
Antonio Lonigro (1 month ago)
You forgot to teach how to downshift
TheLondonCyclist (1 month ago)
Americans teaching manual lol
- Skyyy (1 month ago)
I’m 13 and watching this lol
Gepaul Foster (1 month ago)
So how can we stop the car well?
Sami Malal (1 month ago)
Osvaldo Ah (1 month ago)
To much fucken work just to drive I’m okay with an auto I can care less if I’m not really “driving” a car
Zatan Xavier (1 month ago)
I know how to ride a Manuel bike. But not a Manuel car 😂
ajm.8 (1 month ago)
Dude this is definitely Don Self or Saul Goodman
copperman (1 month ago)
Next video show people how to breath...
copperman (1 month ago)
omar diaz (1 month ago)
Is that you Michael Rapaport??
Kristiyan Ivanov (1 month ago)
How to be able to drive a manual transmission car: *Don’t be American*
Amir Khan (1 month ago)
Its nice way to deliver tutorial
HAZIK PROGAMER (1 month ago)
Best way to teach Bro Awesome Video
Venhon Khodabandehloo (1 month ago)
this foo sounds like Kermit the frog
Airam airam (1 month ago)
Thanks for this 👍🙂
Hamid Afghan (1 month ago)
rebecca kahindo (1 month ago)
thx a million brother
Galactic Defender (1 month ago)
Sorry if i don't know this,why some of the people release the clutch fast and some release the clutch slow Again sorry if i dont know
Pexxan (1 month ago)
Galactic Defender It depends on how well you know your car. If you know exactly where the clutch will catch you can do it quickly. But when youre starting out you should do it very slowly and with practice you will be able to do it quicker.
jonny atkins (1 month ago)
I feel like this guy learned how to drive off a YouTube video
_ (1 month ago)
Everyone saying manuals are more fun. My mustang is the 5.0 manual and my daily car is a Toyota Camry. Definitely enjoy driving the Camry more when it comes to every day driving. No one just wants to constantly shift up and down.
Pexxan (1 month ago)
_ Thats just preference. Personally i prefer manual because i think its fun to shift and it feels like a real car and not like a go-kart.
MOTO GUY (1 month ago)
Wow over 7 million people don't know how to drive a manual 😂😂😂
MOTO GUY (1 month ago)
I only came here to see the comments
Cesar (1 month ago)
Sigh why do we even have these I feel like I’m in my head too much when I’m going into first gear instead of paying attention to the road, my brother tells me it just takes practice but it just seems unnecessary when compared to a automatic
Cesar (1 month ago)
+Pexxan well I live in the flat part of Texas so there's really no need for it
Pexxan (1 month ago)
If you can drive manual its way better than automatic because you can chose the right gear for the right situation which a automatic car sometimes cant.
Jesaya Kamati (1 month ago)
yeaah now we're talking
ZM14 (1 month ago)
I'm 14, tryna learn this so i can avoid some money costs when I'm taking my driver license. Why do i want a car so bad?
Pexxan (1 month ago)
Dash CS:GO cuz its fun:)
Jawad Kanwal (1 month ago)
U fuckin put the gear in neutral whn u start the car u said it the othr way arund dumb
Evan Pete (1 month ago)
thanks Badger
Vishnoo Ramdin (1 month ago)
Well driving a standard shift vehicle will prevent the driver from using a cell phone because you are always engage with the driving task.
Vishnoo Ramdin (1 month ago)
Well I do appreciate your lesson on how to drive a manual transmission car.you explained the upshifts but i would like to see downshifting at tragic lights.thanks.(Toronto)
Pexxan (1 month ago)
Vishnoo Ramdin You can either downshift gear by gear (or skip every other) when you can feel the clutch starting to rumble (at about 800rpm) or if youre lazy you can just put it in neutral and roll with the foot on the brake and then put it in the right gear (depending on your speed) when the light turns green.
StormmDZN (1 month ago)
Sound like conor
Gwapitobato Agonias (1 month ago)
It's really a big help for a starter like me 😂
Rkeng Junyuh (1 month ago)
Good lesson
LI BP (1 month ago)
Drove automatic for 4 years got a standard shift now I don’t want anything else but standard
hayabusa bangbang (1 month ago)
why im watching this, iknow how to drive,... but nice tutorial.., one like for you bro.

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