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How To Drive A Manual Car (FULL Tutorial)

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This is a complete tutorial to show you how to drive a manual car. It is actually REALLY EASY, but it does take a lot of practice. This video shows you the steps that are involved, but you have to devote the time to practicing the essentials. Start by focusing on starting to get the car rolling in first gear, and then move on to the higher gears. You learn how to drive standard in no time after watching this video and following the steps! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=helpfuldiy FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: https://gumroad.com/l/vFujc Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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Text Comments (3885)
Apex Predator (3 hours ago)
I really wanna buy a Range Rover Evoque man I love that car
Apex Predator (3 hours ago)
I m 14 today I drove a car for first time it was manual lol no one told me a thing it’s fuckin easy lol 😂 and I see people can,t even drive normally on a auto car for first time I can,t u understand why peoples are soo fool
SOARS (6 hours ago)
Why tf is driving a car so dam hard.
Donald Trumpy (14 hours ago)
Nice explanation
Cody Meyler (16 hours ago)
Why did he start it in second
D Bayliss (1 day ago)
In the UK 99% of people drive a manual, only lazy Americans drive autos
manish kumar bharti (1 day ago)
Fake advice the car stalls while releasing the clutch
Orema Reacts (1 day ago)
To stop the whole thing jump out the car ... just kidding, very good tutorial 👍🏽
Watchdog 1021 (3 days ago)
I learnt to drive when I was 5 idk why I’m watching this
Angelica Lee (3 days ago)
Love it
Auto bangla (3 days ago)
Nice video #autobangla
tien to (3 days ago)
Good lesson man
Javier V (3 days ago)
Lol good video, but give an automatic car any day.
Leveri Mlaki (4 days ago)
Thanks a lot!
HAHA TV (4 days ago)
how do you reverse
Edward ¡999 (4 days ago)
Thanks for teaching .Today is my first school car lesson . I've drive in empty area for hours . Today is almost first time I drive between traffic . Wish me luck guys 😁
Brandon Langlais (4 days ago)
Anyone learning to get a sport car when there older
McKek Yeety (4 days ago)
My car doesn't have an RPM gauge :(
Just keep car in N when not in use
omar snoopy (5 days ago)
hey 3k dislikers take it easy we are not in FF8
M. Junaid (6 days ago)
So...i just learnt the whole way to 1st gear....and I'll practice it tomorrow on my hubby's car...and lets see what will happen PS:m still wondring that either the car was moving on 1st gear or not(bcz i didn't notice that in video)
LeemoMeemo (8 days ago)
When you look at it it seems really hard but when you try to do it its easy and you will get used to do everything
Best way to learn is to bang through the gears on the highway. Lol j/k.
GotShampooinmyeye (8 days ago)
I hate how slowly I need to take rhe foot away from the clutch. My father was teaching me and everytime the car died because I was taking the foot of a milisecond faster
John De Castro (9 days ago)
Why i am watching this but i dont have even a car SO ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE A CAR PLSS😊😍😭
Carranza Arjay (10 days ago)
Armando Tho (10 days ago)
Do I do the same to downshift
Alex Woods (11 days ago)
I applied for a job as bell services , I didn’t know I had to learn Manuel :/ I’m fuqed
Palpal Lama (11 days ago)
Hey everybodyiee.......
Random Slavic Guy (11 days ago)
Hawk qatar (11 days ago)
Really Really Thanks Alot , You helped me Alot
Triz ENY (12 days ago)
This sounds a bit like Michael rappaport
Hello Money (12 days ago)
And why the fùck u speeding ?
Transistor Express (12 days ago)
Cool, know i just need my ae86 and I'm good.
TTIG (13 days ago)
and now I know how to drive, neat
TTIG (13 days ago)
the clutch thing and changing gears has always been a dark place for me, maybe because I never drove a car before.
TTIG (13 days ago)
Number 1 Tip: Dont make a video like this while driving in public.
GRINGO ZOVAC (13 days ago)
You sound Like Saul goodman
Eric Lozano (13 days ago)
This guy sounds like Michael Rapaport 🤔
Xo Summers (14 days ago)
We have to press clutch when we brake ?
Ndumy Oldivai (14 days ago)
I like the way you explain cz I get knowledge now on how to drive manual car
Ranjeetha Shenoy (14 days ago)
It's confusing for me... In my country we drive on opposite side of road☹️
doctor veedu Savitha (15 days ago)
Thank you sir.
Maz Beard (16 days ago)
Ji dan (16 days ago)
Damn this seems like a lot to keep up with
Snoop Cheesus (17 days ago)
I forgot I was watching at x1.25 because it sounded so normal
Octopus Food (17 days ago)
It won’t play 😡
Lebron James (17 days ago)
How do you slow down is the question? You showed them how to go but not how to slow down... would be a key video to make & showing the vehicle ahead would be an awesome video even tho would require 3 cameras
A Google User (17 days ago)
Thanks bro
Nova (17 days ago)
Dead ass eh
steve nash (17 days ago)
Tnx heyyyyyyy,,..,.......... Everybodyyyyy.........
Tx. Angel (17 days ago)
thanks man i really needed lessons from someone else because my aunt don't know how to teach to drive cars
Adam Gondos (17 days ago)
Thanks now i can finally steal my moms car
Nyasha Mukwenah (18 days ago)
Yu great
Dirk Hoekstra (18 days ago)
Why don't you just put it in neutral before you even start is? If you handbrake is still on, you don't have to keep your foot on the brake pedal. When you want to move, just press clutch, shift to first, and while you release clutch and add feul pedal pressure, you simultaneously drop your handbrake lever. If you stop on a slope, you have to pull handbrake to prevent rolling backwards. When you want to move again from a standing position on a slope without accidentally rolling backwards, slowly release clutch in first gear while adding fuel and just when you feel the car want to move, quickly drop the handbrake.
Dont (18 days ago)
awesome thx
Michael Doyle (18 days ago)
I like how you didn’t explain how to downshift....
Ping Ping (18 days ago)
woow.. its a big help for me..
Bala karna (18 days ago)
Thanks you , very useful video
Jennethsarv Sarvajenn (18 days ago)
thanks to you i learned a lot from you you're a very good driving teacher
Selmanzwak Blazevic (18 days ago)
Automatic is for boys Manual is for men
gaucho correntino (18 days ago)
Minnesota Accent ?
faawziii 93 (19 days ago)
Lol thats not a smooth way of driving manual you make it to hard, first of all you just tap the gas pedal then you release the cluch halfway (every car is diffrent) then let it go gentally ,then in first and second gear dont go to 3,5 or 4 thousand rpm go as fast as possible to thirth then shift around 3000 rpm to fourth and so on ,second to stop first of all you break and go all the way true you gears so you are in thirth gear you break go to second then break ,when you almost come to a complete stop push in clutch and go to first
Jack Frohreich (19 days ago)
So u have to release the clutch that slow
rayraytut11 (19 days ago)
hell no am sticking with automatic
logan v (19 days ago)
I wanna learn how to drive manual car whenever I can when I'm 15 or 16😀🚗🚘
munsin uppala (19 days ago)
I like car
Liam Mortimer (19 days ago)
You ride those gears
GoatBaaad (21 days ago)
But my question is, if you wanna race someone from a stop, what do u do? When the light goes green or whatever the indication to start racing is, Doni still have to release the clutch that slow? Because then when the other guy is long gone your car will just start rolling. Same with all the gear switches. In a simpler form of my question, how do people shift so fast?
Sheila Diolazo (21 days ago)
Hey guys! If you are HAVING LONG DRIVE late night, you can play in this playlist to shake off the bad day vibe! https://open.spotify.com/user/suxei/playlist/1mNrQQIyIIv2Gi7B2V0SCn?si=yEwTSawJSQKFYnvi3XPpFQ
✓уeet✓ (21 days ago)
This is funny cuz in the UK like 99% of us drive a manual😂
Nasiv Josef (22 days ago)
Just lk a motorcycle
TNTFreddan (23 days ago)
Why am I watching this? I already have a BE and CE drivers licenses.
TNTFreddan (23 days ago)
B is for car and C is for truck or a vehicle over 3500kg. The E afterwards means that you're allowed to drive with a heavy trailer above 750kg.
Makata Harouney (23 days ago)
I salute you teacher
najib muhammed (24 days ago)
Driving a manual car is easy asf
The Gaming Emoji (24 days ago)
Watch u-tube videos how to drive cause you just bought one and havnt driven one in ten years--😜
im 14 and im watching this im from lithuania and live in a village so my uncle lets me drive but i always mess up starting but switching gears is very easy for me and thanks for showing me this i got better
Ali Kadik (25 days ago)
What about braking lol did you forgwt the cars got to stop
Unknown to known (26 days ago)
Thanks bro tommorow I have my first driving lessons. 😅😅😅
IdiotGONEWrong Badly (26 days ago)
thanks i stole my brothers car
This and That (26 days ago)
Instructions unclear : dick got stock under the pedal
Sponsored by Gucci (26 days ago)
Too hard rather ride a bike
Sponsored by Gucci (10 days ago)
+JC Shepherd driving car has nothing to do with being good at school and getting a career
JC Shepherd (11 days ago)
If this is too hard for you to grasp, your future has McDonald's employee written all over it
Rulingmoss 55 (22 days ago)
just dont crash
stngys (26 days ago)
Sweet just need to rob a car now
Ducati man (26 days ago)
Ross Kellerman (27 days ago)
Sounds like saul goodman
asspss rashes (27 days ago)
Learned manual transmission when getting my license years ago. Gotten so used to auto cars that I need to learn this from YouTube. Considering a manual car for my next purchase🤔
Black Curtain (27 days ago)
*Distracted Driving*
Bruh youre da real mvp im gonna pass this dmv bitch
HK BEATS (27 days ago)
"crashes into wall*
Javis Stewart (28 days ago)
what's the meaning of rpm?
BurntAnims (28 days ago)
Javis Stewart revolutions per minute
Thank bro for the idea now im starting to learn how to drive..
Kuzmanovic (28 days ago)
you dont need to take ur foot off the clutch when ur in second or third or fourth gear, u can release it fast or normal
Koprofi zk (28 days ago)
"Hey guys I am Connor the android sent by cyberlife"is what I wish he would have said
Rohan Chhima (28 days ago)
you speak as if we’ve never heard of an ignition key before
QTee (29 days ago)
well i had to go move my car lol ... on a side note.... this will not help any one learn to drive a stick... you just gotta get behind the wheel and go for it! Lol thats how i learned... and it was on an old beat up '86 Datsun~~ you read that right.. they didnt make those anymore and that was way back when 😄 so dont be afraid..just hop in and make it happen
Gregory Vicky (29 days ago)
Thank You So Much!
my name don't matter (30 days ago)
this guy explained it so much better than my dad did lol
Trushal Patel (30 days ago)
michael rapaport, is that you?
Another Jackson (30 days ago)
Speed it up to 1.25x and he'll sound less like RJ from Family Guy. Great instructions

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