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Living With Diabetes and Without Junk Food

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By Jamie | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: http://bit.ly/storybooth-merch | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. Do you LOVE junk food? Tons of people do - especially when we're kids, it's everywhere. And so, getting addicted to sugar is easy. Do you kind of HATE healthy foods like vegetables and fruit? You're not alone. Jamie, up until a few years ago, ate nothing but junk food - all the time - chips, soda, candy, anything she could find that had lots and lots of sugar, or was fried, or processed, or just plain bad for you. It was all she craved. Even though her Mom told her not to eat all that junk food, and tried to get her to eat better healthier foods, she just ignored her and went on eating whatever she wanted. And this went on for a few years, until, Jamie started having trouble hearing. She didn't think much of it, but it got bad enough so that her Mom ended up taking her to the hospital. After the nurse tested her blood sugar - which Jamie hated since she hates blood and needles - she came back with bad news. Jamie had diabetes! It was a diagnosis she did not expect nor a disease she wanted. Her Mom was concerned, but Jamie was just totally confused - she had to learn all about it fast, AND, she had to take medicine - insulin - every single day. So, with a serious fear of needles and shots, Jamie found out that she had to give herself the shots, and monitor and test her blood sugar levels on her own. It was scary, and people would look at her when she had to do it and make her feel different and uncomfortable. But the hardest part of all was that she had to stop eating all of the junk food and sugar and start eating healthy foods. As a diabetic, She had to totally change her diet. And eventually, she got used to her new diet and at making healthier choices for eating and snacking. She even got used to the shots and is really living a normal life - but she does have to take care of herself a little more carefully than most kids her age and manage her diabetes. This is an important storytime to tell and to hear. Everyone's got a story....we want to hear yours! LINKS Website: http://www.storybooth.com Instagram: @thestorybooth https://www.instagram.com/thestorybooth G+: https://plus.google.com/+Storybooth/v... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Storybooth-192780537821140/
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storybooth (1 year ago)
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Adam Ahmed (20 hours ago)
Greyson Sings (5 days ago)
+Kelly-Loan Le your not the only one
willie young (7 days ago)
storybooth hjgghg
storybooth u,
Boogy Jom (12 days ago)
I had a tummy that hurt my belly
Christina V! (5 hours ago)
Finally a real story unlike actually happened
Ruby Budziszewski (15 hours ago)
I have diabetes too
Kayshlian Mendez (16 hours ago)
One of mt test were wrong so i dont has that but i cant eat a lot of junk
Mangle Queen (17 hours ago)
My only question for this video, why did the mom have that much junk food and candy and chips and everything that could cause diabetes?
Mina Daniels (20 hours ago)
I have diabetes. Type 1. I just got out of the ICU 2 weeks ago.
The Tea Drinker (1 day ago)
its hard to hear out of my ear... oh no
i got a diabete ad before this 😂😂😂😂
Keyzha Angelica (1 day ago)
Im like her but i kinda eat some healthy stuff but its only a little
Rashika Saha (1 day ago)
I have sugar. My age is 11 years old.
Mitchell Bushie (1 day ago)
How are you not fat?
Javan Paul (1 day ago)
I was fat once
Khadija Naz (1 day ago)
I have diabetes sadly but I’ve actually had for eight years and I am so much used to it and my age is 11. I did not get it cause of sugar I got it because I was rlly ill 🤒 so that’s my story
Mia Hunt (1 day ago)
I can totally relate! I have diabetes too! I've had it for 3 years. Coming up on 4!
? Cuber (2 days ago)
Gotta go
But I’m eating pizza rn..
Ines Angel (2 days ago)
Tbh sprouts are Yunmy
Uzi Zuckles (2 days ago)
You go to school all you see befor lunch five kids giving them self shots 😂
Ryan MaNN (2 days ago)
She kinda brought it on herself sooooooo....
Smol Buttons (2 days ago)
1:40 *i has no idea for why i laughing at her voice when she voice the blond hairs girl-*
Gianna Boccuzzi (2 days ago)
I have Fatty liver:(
Holly Gigliotti (2 days ago)
I have di
Hachishaku Sama (2 days ago)
I would rather get a shot or a blood test than take medicine because I hate medicine or any kind of thing you take
Сама виновата надо было мать слушаться теперь расплачивайся уколами
Willows Meadow (3 days ago)
I legit just took my insulin for my meal before watching this
Majestic Mittens (3 days ago)
I love salad with ranch.... :/
Cyborg—fizz 12 (3 days ago)
I saw an advertisement for a book called the Veda blood sugar remedy. It might help.
Daniel Duncan (3 days ago)
Ok I'm not really scared of shots no more but it stings and I eat gluten free food alot now so ya
Maxim Kascelan (3 days ago)
Sorry for my english
Maxim Kascelan (3 days ago)
Hi everyone i also have diabetes type 1 and i haves it for 4 years now its working very good and that i know is that diabetes dosen’t Come from suger and junk food and that stuff when people say that diabetes Come from suger I am getting so mad.
King Yeti (4 days ago)
Well I hope you get better
lps cat girl 52 (4 days ago)
I have diabetes to I got it when I was 4 years old
David Bossman-Aggrey (4 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I don't have diabetes So I feel sorry for you At least least you are used to it A shot feels like you are getting bit Life is a 105 year ride Do not end it with suicide 👶👨👴
Selena Lil gamer (4 days ago)
Now im going to eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetable everyday
Kimberly Duff (4 days ago)
This video to all the vegans out there!
You guys are so fake I have type one diabetes and yea u do have to get shots and Check your sugar but that is not how you get diabetes it is just a thing with your pancreas Thank you and have a good day 😊
Google Search (5 days ago)
*Watches While eating Soda and Ship*
Alicia's world (5 days ago)
Francess T (5 days ago)
i was drinking soda and i stopped but then im like "i just ate a whole salad, i'm good" but after this, i think i should cut down on the sugar
Nelly Hamer (5 days ago)
If i don’t eat for a week...what will happen
Greyson Sings (5 days ago)
Fruits taste good. I like pineapples.
FAT SHEEP (5 days ago)
I can't find many other people that enjoy salads as much as myself. SALADA SQUAAAD
I eats junk food but I eat healthy stuff some times like fruit and certain vegetables
Tatiana Malvoisin (6 days ago)
I don’t like candy though so I’m good
Lisa Zenker (6 days ago)
Ich habe auch Diabetes
Mr. kitty (6 days ago)
Omg that a bad habit
Takdeer Brar (6 days ago)
I eat a lot of junk food and I jave trouble hearing... Oh god.
Jaclyn Kavanaugh (6 days ago)
That story made me want a Apple
She gave you an option? My mom forced me to eat healthy and I’m STILL FAT
tacoboy 79 (6 days ago)
I eat like 2 junk foods everyday but that's all
Nicholas Antonio (6 days ago)
Lettuce is delicious 😋
Manpreet Kaur (6 days ago)
I eat a lot of sugar and it's been a few days I told myself to live in a healthy diet cause if I wanna become flexible as sofie dossi
Funcionabostas Bosta (6 days ago)
Ali Yt (7 days ago)
It's fine I have diabities as well you get used to it
Katty The unicorn (7 days ago)
while im watching the video, Im eating chips. I feel bad about myself.
Korbes (7 days ago)
John 3:16
I have milk that have inside have veggie
Marvin Morrow (7 days ago)
Through picking “amazing fivu com” (Google it), you`ll recover from diabetic issues and set you to a more favourable life-style. My has been following this program religiously for more than 45 days. It has been five years since he has been taking insulin shots. He has been a type 2 diabetes patient for six years. His dietary habits have positively altered since he has been an avid reader and follower of this plan..
juutuupin katsoja (7 days ago)
I have diabetes but i can eat anything and just like normal people
Iryks studios (8 days ago)
You can do a "shot on" in toilet
Candice Perry (8 days ago)
People should take care of themselves so you don't have diabetes
Xander13 halo hell (8 days ago)
U have diabetes well u shud eat good OOF!
Pokemon squad (8 days ago)
I eat junk food alot but I'm still skinny
Pingu 1986 (8 days ago)
You can always make keto desserts :)
The AButton (8 days ago)
I know exactly how u feel...I have T1D...thats part of why this channel is a thing, a lot of people have empathy or sympathy for the stories told here...
Normie Norminton (8 days ago)
Fatty fatty diabetes nigga
Lennox the dog (9 days ago)
I have diabetes
Shasne Husein (9 days ago)
Abi Seifried (9 days ago)
Two of my cousins have T1D and unless she has type 2 she dose t have to completely give up junk food. She just has to watch what she eats and make sure that she can supplement the insulin for it. Otherwise such a great story of how being healthy can really make a difference in your life!!
imlee gaming (9 days ago)
I love healthy food itt tase so good!
Gacha films (9 days ago)
Once i went to the hospital becouse of a syndrome really serious and no one needs to know ok so they poke a needle/tube (they put it so they cant poke you a lot)so i Wore it a whole month now im use to shots im Like meh
Isaiah Bigboi (9 days ago)
Why is this girl doing heroin she’s like 2 years old
Aly Michelle (9 days ago)
well um.. *chunks Oreos from bed*
I have a friend with diabetes. One day, we went for a meal with some other friends. And he had to take a shot. Problem was, he had to take it in his butt for some reason. But instead of going to the bathroom to do his shot and keep some dignity like most people would, he sat right there, partially pulled his pants down and took his shot. Right in front of everyone.
Kristi (9 days ago)
I have type 1 diabetes I had it for 4 years
MaybeMerani (9 days ago)
There's a lot of kids in my my middle school with diabetes, even my crush, who's a guy. I felt bad because of whatever they had to deal with. I hope whoever has diabetes or or was just diagnosed with it feels okay and gets better.
Ty Thacker (6 days ago)
Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas' https://www.bbc.com/news/health-39070183
ATE Roblox (9 days ago)
This is a funny one mixed with a sad one
Богдан PRESENT (9 days ago)
Сама виновата и мама тоже виновата надо было русским ремнём с бляшкой бить по булкам
MidnightSwirl (10 days ago)
Diabetes runs in my dad’s half of the family. And they think I have it... I was literally just like this girl (eating junk food, sweets etc)
MidnightSwirl (10 days ago)
Idk if this has anything to do about it but I zone out a lot too, and like I don’t hear anything anybody saying. I snap out of it when someone taps me or walks in front of the thing I’m staring at. If anybody could tell me what this could be... I would really appreciate it!
Cheyenne Kocurek (10 days ago)
I recently moved to a new school, and just found out my friend has type 1 diabetes. Her name is carly, and she has to carry her phone everywhere, because it tells her, her blood sugar.
Jacqueline Green (10 days ago)
Need of the Overhaul (10 days ago)
U can eat a little bit of junk food with diabetes I have a uncle and a step sis who have diabetes and they eat junk food sometimes
Sahil Gandhi (10 days ago)
I think she has wite muscels 😂
Kevin Ackhurst (11 days ago)
I didn’t know what cola or soft drink until I was 8 it’s a bit strange😆
Official LegendYT (11 days ago)
I'm guessing ur favourite vegetable is carrots
Brooklyn Dove (11 days ago)
Alanah Backstrom (11 days ago)
I’m a type 1 Diabetic, and I eat all kinds of things. You just have to correct for the amount of carbs you eat.
Dave_Spac e (11 days ago)
why do they have a big head
0XxcamillexX0 (11 days ago)
My Ex Best friend had diabetes and it wasn’t that big of deal for her
Diana Carolina (11 days ago)
Right now I can't hear from one ear and also I'm a bit overweight does this mean I have diabetes
Gerrald Benson (11 days ago)
That insulin animation though...bruh😅😅 Am I right?!?!😆
Bounzig EDM (11 days ago)
Yeah junk food is the worst! Here is another great video on diabetes, https://youtu.be/AhWKzFbcmMA
OctanePlays Mc (12 days ago)
I never get faint due to low bg i can feel that my blood glucose is dropping idk y
gacha redsparkes (12 days ago)
Stay strong
Layla Rose Garay (12 days ago)
I eat healthy and junk food every once in a while what does that mean
Ivkck Mvmvi (12 days ago)
No more ice cream 😢😢😢
Retarded Penguin (12 days ago)
I was eating chips watching this.
Vikkipoo (12 days ago)
i go to school (12 days ago)
I've had diabetes for 6 years and I still have it and I'm 11
Arek I love you vibios (12 days ago)
I have that too but I have a pump

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