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How to remove window crank 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

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I looked all day at the internet for a solution even the Volkswagen dealer tells me about a metal clip get a knife in there. So after staring at a picture of a replacement crank I figured it out on my own. Please reply on other years and models this applies to also. I quite like that it's rather easy but then people can take your crank rather easily too. Still,replacing a door window in these cars is rather easy and you need to know how this comes off so I hope this helped somebody.
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Text Comments (54)
narudedaw (1 year ago)
Thank you!
mythatcher (2 years ago)
mesa003 (2 years ago)
And I was over here looking for a pin! Hahah!!! Thanks!
Andrew Kerr (3 years ago)
You are a superhero if I had millions I'd give them all to you my man.
Kirk Moses (3 years ago)
Dude, you Rock!  Had been screwing with that thing for an hour trying to get it off. After watching your video it took all of 3 seconds to remove it. Thanks largefilipino...
Shagg E (3 years ago)
Thank a million for posting this!!
Epic Adrian (3 years ago)
Hahahaha wow. Thanks!
Trevoreeno (4 years ago)
i'm that somebody...thanks man!
Nick Kennedy (4 years ago)
I love you
Francis Juarez (4 years ago)
Same thing for VW 2002 Beetle. Thank you very much.
cecil nero (5 years ago)
romanticwarrior thanks you made my day I pray you have better luck with your car !
NiceAndCreamy (5 years ago)
I want to marry you! This was such a big help!!!! :)
Alberto Tirado (5 years ago)
Thank you, very much! Same system here, 1992 Golf, made in MX.
coosess (5 years ago)
I thank you much. Now go buy a lottery scratch off. you deserve some good karma.
doughboy09bravo (5 years ago)
Like you said "somebody is going to thank me for that" well you are right! Thank You!
ajsime47 (6 years ago)
you are the man, thanks
Rebecca Lynn (6 years ago)
thank you! spent a day trying to figure it out, and finally gave up. its the same on my 95 jetta
Art Martinez (6 years ago)
THANK YOU brother! I was just about to rip that sucker off. Your the man this week. Thanks again.
Bohemian Wrecks (6 years ago)
I thank you!!!! Now, how do I get the panel off? Rivets? My door won't catch anymore!
wasph22 (6 years ago)
Dude, it was the 3 of us like monkeys effing a football till I watched ur video. Much appreciated!
F85Norway (6 years ago)
You are AWSOME!!! Thank you thank you thank you
autova (6 years ago)
You are the man! Accidentally found your video after hours of searching......... even the Haynes manual has it wrong. Same technique works on my 97 Jetta.
kathryn patrick (6 years ago)
Ah! Thank you so much for posting this! I was pulling my hair :)
fil665 (6 years ago)
perfect! Great help! thanks very much!
Michael Ellis (6 years ago)
Thank you so much. I all but tore the handle off try to get that thing off. Thanks again!
Baktunmaya (6 years ago)
Wouuu thanks so much you save my day, time, money etc,etc thanks so much..:)
jjtt2003 (6 years ago)
Genius, thank you!
Neil Clappison (6 years ago)
Aw man THANKS!!!
jason Patsalis (6 years ago)
Dude, THANK YOU so much!!!!
wan2bvader (6 years ago)
well I guess I have to stand in line to thank you . the more I learn about these cars the more I like them . anyway thanks much great info :)
Krikke (7 years ago)
igl5403 (7 years ago)
Thank you , Thank you All I have heard were horror stories and you are right there is no info any where and I asked my VW / Audi dealer also no help, also my car is a 2002.
Lamin (7 years ago)
The ONLY video like this on the internet!!!!! Worked like a charm on my 1999.5 VW Golf
Bill Piercy (7 years ago)
Awesome trick!
questionmarke (7 years ago)
I thank you for that!
E Alcala (7 years ago)
do you think it would work on a 2001 new beetle?
shmokeadakush (7 years ago)
holy shit thank you i thought that it was going to be so complicated hahhahahahaha
John Abraham (7 years ago)
omfg, thank you. i have been looking around, and this is the best information i have learned.
Tom Callanan (7 years ago)
Great trick, and help. Let me see that I do not remove the panel at all on VW Golf 97
Robtimus Prime (7 years ago)
Thanks.worked just like you showed.
Manetheran (7 years ago)
Thank you for that!
n.dado (7 years ago)
thank you!
AXGOD707 (7 years ago)
awesome. thank you
Mike Hatrock (8 years ago)
thank you so much. that shit was pissing me off haha. helped me from destroying the handle. damn, some things are just too easy.
krhitme (8 years ago)
Thank You it was a suprise for me. Hope you got your radio replaced.
Hank Schleber (8 years ago)
Thanks! worked on my golf. You da man.
jbur105 (8 years ago)
You are a damn hero buddy. Thank you so much.
Roger Brunswick (8 years ago)
You are the MAN. Thank you for simplifying this process. I just spent a ton of time searching for a How To...
SylverSterlin (8 years ago)
thanks a lot! I almost destroyed mine. Now i can fix the new speakers by myself instead of going to a workshop.
Stephen Butler (8 years ago)
thanks for that! :)
Luke (9 years ago)
thanks man, your video is an inspiration, it helped us in a crucial of need. bless you kind sir!
Lauren Moore (9 years ago)
thank you so much. Fitting new electric windows to my new beetle and these handles had me stumped. Brilliant Lauren
Tim O'Connor (9 years ago)
I just spent two hrs. trying everythig else.Thanks for your simple answer..
Anneka White (9 years ago)
ur were right thank u sooo much i was trying it for the last 2 days finally did it cuz of u =)

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