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Verapamil for Cluster Headache (Day 5) - IT'S WORKING!!!

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Hey YouTube, this vlog is my experience with Verapamil and Cluster Headache. If you would like to donate, please follow this link... www.PayPal.Me/DougThaHead Yesterday I skipped my dose in the morning as I'm on 120 mg once a day, I skipped it in the morning so I could take it at night. I wanted to try this because my worst headaches are at night. After 5 days I'm SO happy to announce I'm Cluster Headache free for the last 24 hours! I wish peace and comfort in your journey with this disorder, if you have any questions please ask below and subscribe to keep up with the series!
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Julie Marsella (1 year ago)
So I have to tell you - I always watch your videos on my IPhone and at least on my screen - there is no comment field below the videos on the phone. There are no links to it. There's no way to get there. Now that I have finally watched one on the laptop - I do see the comment field and can write to you... Congratulations. I think it's very brave of you to share your story with the world and I hope verapamil is very successful for you. I also encourage you to keep looking for other lifestyle type things (diet, environmental toxins, allergies) that may contribute to your headache issues. I know it seems like no one has nailed that down and it's probably very specific to each individual - but it's worth the hunt to try to find things that will help keep them at bay as much as you can. Keep up the good work. You are in our prayers for complete success in getting them under control.

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