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TIE - A Game About Depression

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TIE is a game about depression and how it can effect every day life Depression and Anxiety are very real and serious issues for many people in the world. If you are going through either, please reach out to someone for help. You are NEVER alone! Tour Tickets ► https://www.jacksepticeyetour.com Try To Fall Asleep ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdrJT0cGxEw ►Twitter : https://twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksepticeye ►Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye Game Link ► http://agameaboutdepression.blogspot.co.uk Edited by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA Outro animation created by Pixlpit: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixlpit Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPtNBwMIQ9Q
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Jeremy Romberg (8 months ago)
Hi Jack! I'm Jeremy Romberg - I worked on the sound and composed the music for the game. I met Tony Nowak (the game developer) in the summer of 2013 when he approached me online and asked if I would be interested in composing the soundtrack for the game. Listening to his idea and looking at the work he was showing me, I was immediately drawn into it and agreed to work with Tony on the project. I decided to have 7 songs that would be associated with every day of the week: and with each passing day I tried to reflect the character's state of mind in the music. If anyone is interested in listening to the rest of the soundtrack, they can listen to it on my bandcamp (search for MeatAnalogue) Tony and I would just like to point out that you haven't quite reached the end of the game in this playthrough. You've only reached the second day, Tuesday, and have encountered a collision bug which prevents you from carrying through the rest of the level. To pass by it you need to tap on the left movement key a few times to nudge the character past that point. Tony has actually been continuing to iron out some of the bugs that you see in the game like this one, and he'll update the current release once it's ready. For anyone who wants to download the current release of the game, they can do so by following the blogspot link that you posted. I'm not sure I can put into words how amazed I am by the response that you're getting with this video. This project has been on our minds for several years, and to see how you've given people an avenue to express these feelings which they might not normally feel comfortable or able to express, well, it means a lot to me.
Mr. Muffins (6 days ago)
God bless mate, god bless
Harley Quinnen (18 days ago)
Jeremy Romberg you did a good job with this. Keep doing what your doing
Krov Irma (24 days ago)
Great job
Alpha X (2 months ago)
Cool bro
SmGameplays _ (2 months ago)
Thanks jack for pinning this comment Or this would have burried by stupid jokes
Butterfly Of Despair (3 minutes ago)
6:12 Numbness. That's what you call numbness...
deathstrokebro9 (8 hours ago)
Man this hit me hard
Matthew Pool (16 hours ago)
Poor baby Chase.
Matthew Pool (17 hours ago)
5:27 "As a single father with two kids, it's hard sometimes to go out there and just try your best and still feel like a failure." -Chase Brody
LilyCanadian (18 hours ago)
even if the comments didn't already say its chase i would know its not jack talking. he's always been so upbeat and happy. he wouldn't hide his depression if he had it because he hates lying to us. plus i've only ever seen jack wear beanies. he dosen't wear hats like chase does
kalebdatman26 (2 days ago)
I am going through depression and I try hard to hide it but when I watch one of Jack's videos it always makes my day a bit brighter. and Jack i want to say that there have been some rough times in my life that you've helped me through and I want to thank you for making the videos you make. thank you.
WinterAnimations (2 days ago)
I new where this was going! Fuck you! You are making me feel sad things!! 😭😭😭😭😭
WinterAnimations (2 days ago)
When he started acting like Chase I started to cry
I'm pretty sure I have depression. I always barely eat anything, never want to get up, and I think about suicide and self harm. But my boyfriend is kinda helping me, but he is officially depressed. I don't do self harm tho, I just use a red marker on my arm, my arm is almost entirely red from the marker. Every single day I look in the mirror and I tell myself I look horrible. I never leave my room anymore.
Marsya Damia (4 days ago)
I was suprised that he is literally reading my life.
thomas james (4 days ago)
When jack said that some people can’t even get out of bed, all I could do is hang my head in shame
Riona Henry (6 days ago)
Yeah this seems pretty on par with my low days. Some days I'm just too tired to put in the effort of getting food.
Kat Th28 (6 days ago)
I have depression and it makes me feel not hungry an it makes me feel empty, I stop talking to my family when I started to get my depression but that effected my life I lost my friends even my online friends and so I'm a shut out I just stay in my room trying not to make any social actions at all.
Felicia Almén (6 days ago)
CR4ZEE LEE (7 days ago)
Comments on a video about depression - I have depression and (blank) Comments on a different video - literally anything else
xxCheetahKinzxx (7 days ago)
Chase..... *hugs*
Alpha wolf (8 days ago)
That glichy stuff is what depresion feels like and im 12 yrs ol it started when I was 6
Alpha wolf (8 days ago)
I have depresion
TeamRabidDog (9 days ago)
So sad
Animal Appreciation (11 days ago)
He is so sympathetic explaining it and so genuine that I actually cried cause depression isn’t not just being happy it’s an emptiness
Charbil Aabdo (11 days ago)
Depression are a dark place I have been fighting depression for 6 years i can't do it anymore don't think this game will help you to get out to win depression will follow you till you die
any time youtubers say like uhm for example uh gorgeous i forget that it's a word so i'm like "oh fudge nuts that's a word??" i todaly forgot!" *hint hint* sorry if i don't know how to spell i'm only in 3rd grade
Elliott Hatch (12 days ago)
It's strange to see that people seem to understand what it's like to be depressed, to have enough understanding to make a decent game out of it, I really relate to this game's character which makes me sad because I then start overthinking about my depression but then happy that it's not just me and that there's loads of people out there who I can talk to and will understand.
Maxwell Mclaughlin (12 days ago)
5:25 my heart was confused 5:26 making connections 5:27 Chase?! 5:28 *crying*
Fidget (12 days ago)
Never have I ever: ❌ cried ❌ wanted to die ❌ *asked for help* It's never too late for you, if you suffer get help. (edit) You mean a lot to people who are close to you. There's always someone who's going to miss you.
Wild Wolf (13 days ago)
Jack, I just thought I should say thank you, for everything you've done, I've had depression since I was 9 years old, and starting from May 17th, 2018, it's been getting worse sling with my anxiety, something happened that day to when I see someone similar to him, I have a panic attack, I've tried commuting suicide a few times but my best friend saved me from it, you saved me, just your videos help me, they make me feel like I'm in my happy place, just watching them just makes me feel like every scary and haunting memory is gone, it's like your videos have that magic touch to change my mood, I have never had such a good laugh since the 5th grade, and now I feel like a better person, no, I'm not getting any better, but just hearing your voice and seeing a video of yours makes my day better, your videos are the reason I keep going in my day and I thank you for this, I have been through so much I can't even explain, some people at school think I say I have depression because I just want attention, but I dont, the ones at my school who say have depression are the ones who have over 13k social media followers, very sucecful parents, sweet siblings, popular, captain of some sports team, have expensive phones and phone cases, trendy expensive clothes, always smell good, have the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, perfect grades, parents who spoil them, a BEAUTIFUL big house, everything any teen can dream of, but they still say they have depression, we ask why, they don't know, I know some people get this but don't know why, and they get "oh I'm sorry" or "get better" but when they find out I have depression I just get "attention seeker" or "you're a fake" or "stop being such a fake whore" and it hurts to much, but I still am here and moving because of toy, so thank you Jack, so so much, for everything, I love what you do because you just make my day, love you lots 💖💘
Staplers Break (13 days ago)
Got diagnosed as a teenager and it means a lot when people like Jack play these games to understand. Thanks fam
Daphne Fisher (13 days ago)
I feel bad for Chase :( </3
Whale Cat (14 days ago)
Kinda accurate...
Cotton Cat (14 days ago)
Hi. I am Sayori. And also sans.
Cotton Cat (14 days ago)
"some people can't even get out of bed" (Raises hand) *Me*
Koneko Draws (15 days ago)
Wooooo I have depression and anxiety yay. I'm dying inside. P.s I am not doing this for attention. I have been raped and abused. I don't like people feeling bad for me. Other people have suffered alot worse, and I feel I have no excuse to cry while making this comment, or crying any place in that matter. I know some people may say "Oh, stay positive". But that's hard for me. It's not really simple for me. I don't like complaining. But it seems it ended up like that. Well whoever you are, wherever you are, have a wonderful day or night.
Jay Meyer (15 days ago)
4:30 "Does anyone else see this weird glitchy sh*t?" Everyone in the fandom when Anti first showed up.
DoggyLover_619 Puppys (15 days ago)
I had depression and once i cut myself and i was so nervouse that someone was gonna find out i had a panic attack
Skittles sauce (16 days ago)
Skittles sauce (16 days ago)
i is a PAINFUL thing to deal with everyday
Candy Sun (16 days ago)
Did jack say that he was a single dad with two kids? Or did I just misunderstand him.
Imagination World (16 days ago)
We love you Chase.
BHG/GHG Channel (16 days ago)
I feel bad for Chase (Ó-Ò)
Imagination World (16 days ago)
Aww chase is so sad
potato (16 days ago)
ouch my life hurt
Lizelle Liwanag (17 days ago)
When I was back in grade six, I had Anxiety and I wouldn't eat recess or lunch nearly every single day. I don't do that any more, though after watching this video, it REALLY hit me and wanted to cry. Plz stay safe you guys.
danger mouse Emily (17 days ago)
The egos are back !! Please your putting to much on me. Chase 😭 Me ..........
Emily Howton (18 days ago)
The glitchy dude is the game dudes version of anti
Emily Howton (18 days ago)
Dear game developers... "YourE on time today." You are so it's You're
CajunGirl- (18 days ago)
Art imitates life.....
Paarthurnax (19 days ago)
There’s quite a few side affects to depression. One them is where you don’t really feel hungry. I went through a stage myself where I didn’t eat for at least a week because “I didn’t feel hungry”. Every morning, I tend to wake up only to be asked why I don’t eat, why I’m not happy, and then when I thoroughly explain it, all people say is “go outside.” “Just think of something happy”
red leader (19 days ago)
Chase i know your thar and i feel well like shit for u. Chase i love u and you have lots of people that care for you (yes i know he is a fasit of jack). Stay safe Chase. We love u.( This is for anyone thats deling with depression or anxiety)
Mia Steiner (19 days ago)
Who else is watching in 2019?
Allen Brickey (19 days ago)
A way to tell if you're depressed is if you feel alone, like a failure, or unloved. It's hard, but I pushed myself to seek help. If I can do it, you can too. For those who don't have depression, it's hard to comprehend it, and not having depression is hard for someone with it is just as hard to comprehend
Krazay Cat (20 days ago)
He’s such a good actor so it is hard to tell if use being Fake or not
Astrid van Arkel (21 days ago)
As someone that “suffers” from depression, this game is true. If you wake up, u dont feel anything. Emptyness and not Caring. Its just always the same. Every day when i look into the mirror and see a failure... it hurts in a away But still i dont feel it. Hallucinaties Has happend. I hate myself and i cut myself Bc then i Can feel someghing again. I Can say that i get happy by watching video’s and i do. But its only for a few minutes. Then.. i feel lonely again knowing ill never become who i ever Wanted to be. If i only could feel something...
RAV3N 00 (21 days ago)
Depression is like drowning and seeing everyone else around you breathing. It’s being suicidal, and some don’t have the courage to do so. I know my boyfriend, friends and family love me. I know I have reasons to live but sometimes I feel I would be better off dead.
Darkiplier (21 days ago)
This is too relatable
Darkiplier (21 days ago)
Goddamnit Chase how dare you make me cry.
freakypelt (22 days ago)
This just hit home.. Im a military spouse and right now my husband is deployed. I dont know anywhere where I live because im really bad at making friends and the few friends I did make were neighbors that ended up moving away due to new orders. Now I spend literally every day sitting at home and just cleaning up whatever mess there is that day. Dishes from the day before, a load of laundry to catch up, take the dog out, and then just spend the rest of my time on youtube or sleeping. In the time my husband has been away I have only gone through a little over a tank of gas. Considering hes been gone for over 2 months now I think thats probably a bad thing. Half the time I feel like there is a weight on my chest and I dont know what to do. Living in Hawaii you would think that there would be a lot to do and such. But honestly its expensive and with no one to do it with, its really hard to motivate yourself to do more than go out and get stuff for the house. Everyone tells me to get a job but honestly.. I dont have the mental will power to get one and actually go. I just want to sleep deployment away.. Idk.. Normally I wouldnt write anything and would just enjoy the game and move on. But lately I have been feeling more and more unhappy. I miss my husband.. And I miss my friends back home. But home is so far away.. So I just have to muscle through.
Emma Hills (22 days ago)
Wolfie The Taken One (22 days ago)
This is a pretty accurate game... depression makes ppl loose their appetite...and interest....and other things
HappyCupkake37 (22 days ago)
This game is so real to me. This is how I behave sometimes, not hungry, super tired. I was diagnosed with depression really early in my life so it's hard for me to feel "normal"
1:07 clearly, you haven't been to Alabama 🤣
Rahemeen Musa (22 days ago)
Sean's the one in the coma isn't he...
Brooke Strate (23 days ago)
nabiha zehra (23 days ago)
Wait a minute................jack do u have 2,✌ twooo kids???
RealityUnhinged (24 days ago)
I've got very mild (at least I think it's mild) depression, so I didn't think this would hit me too much, but... The thing about not eating hit way too close to home, especially since all I had to eat today was some chips, and half a piece of toast... Yeah, that's a big problem... Don't worry, I'm not always like that though! So don't worry about me! -RU =)
sam kidd (13 days ago)
RealityUnhinged More than me anyway. I had a price of apple.
《REÐJIVE》 (25 days ago)
When you’re depressed, you really are empty, and you postpone doing things that would cheer you up or give your life meaning Wether it intentional or not I think this game got it on the spot
Cri Lune (25 days ago)
Cri Lune (25 days ago)
SkyMaster Albani (18 days ago)
i was expecting CHASE YES at the end
AuroraMarvaela (26 days ago)
As a person living with depression, I do stop eating because I have no energy. I stop doing a lot of things. It is a very difficult thing to explain to someone that hasn't gone through it.
RealityUnhinged (24 days ago)
Yeah man, today all I ate was some chips and half a piece of toast... I mean, my depression is very mild, so don't worry about me, but still, it affects so many people... -RU =)
nonya bidness (26 days ago)
Dang touching. I know the feeling of you wanna chat I'll listen I won't say I fully understand but I've been through a bit so I understand it hurts I would give guy a hug if I could... I'd say more but I hope you are ok Asics better I know there are many fans and stuff keep smiling when you can ^^
nonya bidness (26 days ago)
It Some what does a good job doing so good Game thanks fire playing it and theones that you b do ^^
italy with a d (26 days ago)
I find it beautiful that you always find the positive side of things, I respect you for being humble and optimistic. And i thank you for talking to people about these things, I really do find comfort in that
Journee Clark (27 days ago)
from having depression i think its pretty damn accurate
ShaylinThePriest Vlogs (27 days ago)
If I watch this over and over again, I feel like my depression is gonna come back. No one cares for me They like you but not me I'll never be fixed, I stayed broken without any support.
Jungiplier.x (27 days ago)
i had been going through it for a while but i recently spoke to my school about thoughts ive had and that i have been self harming for a few years now, they sent me to the doctors and i was diagnosed with depression and put into EWMHS again (emotional wellbeing and mental health service) i had been in it before but they discharged me because they thought i was better. although, i cant see them for 10 weeks and honestly? im starting to give up hope, i wont be helped and things wont go back to the way they were. but every morning i put a brave smile on my face and i go through the same old day with the same old people with the same old feelings, emptiness. and i tell the same old lies 'yes, im doing great' 'yes, i got up at 6am and didnt rush my morning because i felt like theres no point in carrying on' 'yes im doing much better'. i love seeing games like this because it gives a good view into a depressed persons mind and gives out awareness even though it is impossibly hard to explain since it is such a personal disorder. and to be honest, we need more awareness and we need more services because even though i have been put in emergency for therapy, i have to wait 10 weeks, someone could commit suicide in that time and we dont hear anything from them, like they dont care but theyre getting paid so its good for everyone. im not quite sure why im ranting but there you go
Adyson Fernette (28 days ago)
would you rather be hated or not exist not exist.....
Shadow Otaku (28 days ago)
melon head (28 days ago)
*'i put on a brave smile and deep inside it hurts'*
dan reilly (29 days ago)
The end. The ending really gets to the heart. All the pure emotion is so raw and straight that they stick to my very soul.
Esther Audrey237 (29 days ago)
I can't really open up much...because im pretty close about my depression and stuff like that...but i've been wearing a mask (thats all i could say publicly) but Jack (well in this case Chase i guess) you've been...an amazing, wonderful, spectaculat, beautiul person, even words can't describe you...WE love you Jack, always....❤❤
Mitchell Ryan (30 days ago)
never be depressed but always positive :)
GoofyEagontheboy (1 month ago)
Depression is that feeling when you feel broken or you dont feel like you are in control. I suffered it and im happy im still alive today :). Parts of you are teared apart and you dont feel like yourself anymore. Everyone i knew at the time, changed... I became more lost and the downspiral of sadness and lonelyness hit me. I became more quiet and introverted although i wanted friend. I felt different from everybody else (probably cuz im asian but i watch american things lol). I did see the light though and now im happy again. YAY
GoofyEagontheboy (1 month ago)
Mu dreams became nightmares, my world crumbled in front of me. My routine felt the same, and my smile was suddenly upside down xD
it sucks feeling like this, it's the worst feeling ever. I felt like i was trapped and happiness was just in my reach but i couldn't break true. Those 3 years were the slowest years of my life. Thankfully i feel so much better than i did back then but i still have days when everything seem to weight heavy and i feel trapped.
John Mark (1 month ago)
It's so funny how Jack plays a fun game and everyone is commenting jokes and memes... But when Jack plays a game about depression, everyone is like "I have been depressed and it sucks", and they are commenting edgy depression quotes. It makes me wanna strangle them, I know these are fake people who claims they are depressed, and most of these people watches " 10 signs of depression" even if they are not the right one, and everyone starts relating to it and use it for attention. And really wanted to fucking bash their heads of the people who are commenting "My life sucks and I want to die" and most of these people in the comment sections are disgusting attention seeking whores! That's why I don't fucking care about your stupid problems because most of you are fake fucks!!!
SkyMaster Albani (18 days ago)
this is random but, you should only use one explanation marks at the end, it makes it more asthetic instead of 3, unless you use caps, it's just random writing tips that i know
hachi9944 (1 month ago)
*chase references!??*
two happy beans (1 month ago)
You can't just shove an ending like that on my feels what did they ever do to you
kasiel 7983 (1 month ago)
This game kinda shows the hallucinations to it and the feel of depression, it’s hard to grow up with it and yeah you get used to it but it’s really hard todo somethings. You just gotta be strong, I try to be. 💕
Blue J (1 month ago)
ThatDudeWithBoobs (1 month ago)
Anyone happen to know the outro music?
Purpl3 G0y (1 month ago)
I know this is not cool but your the best to me you mean the world to me you help me when I am depressed and lonely you fix every ones problems.❤️🖤
Kameron Bancroft (1 month ago)
There are at least four hints of chase making the video instead of Jack first of all the hat second of all when he said just writing a letter to get my wife back and then when he said is the glitchy man gone chase was referring to the game and anti.
NaniMonique (1 month ago)
yeah, depression really fucking sucks. even though I'm a chunky character, I don't eat in the morning and I barely eat anything for dinner. I walk out of the house feeling empty, come back in feeling empty. it seems like each day i get angrier and angrier at nothing. my laughs towards certain things and people arent even real and its not because i dont like them. I want to find some help... I figured out that I have mild depression, so yeah...
Hi jack!! I'm Marthena Danielle and I'm a depressed kid and I just wanted to say that thank you for makeing me happy and smile and jack you always make me laugh and sometimes I get bullied at school and I got no friends and I am always alone at capel service and sometimes at home I get abused by my dad and my brother I almost died and I got a scar from my brother and sometime I cut myself to kill myself and sometime I'm just a loner and a stupid girl and pls help me 😥
Galactic RockStar (1 month ago)
Jack are u depressed??
Aria Creator (1 month ago)
Awww chase don’t be sad.....Stacy will come back
Samoo whale (1 month ago)
I can say. Having depression that this is close to the truth. We fight our way through the day not caring about eating because we want it to be over. I'm learning to get through it but it's only gotten harder we think we are happy then one think breaks it all and I fall further. Luckily I'm climbing extremely slowly and I have a couple really good friends that are by my side. Thanks Jack for making this video and all your other content.
Chloe Larsen (1 month ago)
"being a father"me:STAP"being a um single father of 2 kids"me: STAPPPP"its hard to go out there everyday"srry had to,i miss the egos since jack has not uploded a video,had to wacth this,JACK WHERE ARE THE EGOS,DO SOMETHING WIRH THEM
Soul Of Rei (1 month ago)
I'm sorry if I'm interrupting the mood here, you're free to not respond to this comment if you don't want to. But does anybody know where the piano music from the end at Chase's part come from? It's a really emotional piece, and say what you will, but I'd like to listen to it in my spare time- or maybe those times when I can't truly smile.
“You’re fine, don’t let any mirror take ya down.” Too late.

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