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Why Remove the Mercedes W123 Fuel Tank Sending Unit? - Easy D.I.Y.

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Special Tank Socket: https://mercedessource.com/store/116-123-126-chassis-fuel-tank-outlet-screen-removal-socket-0 Video manuals on rebuilding the sending unit and removing the tank: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=sending%20unit&type_1=2
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Text Comments (23)
Dale Eastern brat (5 days ago)
Great trick!
Renae Brannan (5 days ago)
wow took him nearly 4 minutes to speak. . . . . most unusual LOL
Will Chatham (7 days ago)
Mine was stuck and I pulled it cleaned it, working great now. Never thought I’d be so excited to have a working fuel gauge lol
David Lee (7 days ago)
I just bought an 82 300D last week, we had one when I was in high school. Delighted to have found Mercedessource!
cyronader (7 days ago)
Kent, could you make a video about the fuel tank sending unit for the w163 models? I am the original owner of my 2000 ML320 with 81000 miles and I have gone through 5 fuel pump changes (all genuine Mercedes parts) and I am still having issues (never showing the correct fuel levels). It's so frustrating that the fuel sending unit is integrated into the fuel pump. It's such a poorly designed part that even Mercedes has a service bulletin on it. Gasoline Service Bulletin 113144.
Jose Ayala (7 days ago)
I really enjoyed the format of this video! It's great getting to see you do the job and then explain it!
Chuck Iringtwice (7 days ago)
Looks like that could get pretty messy and smelly if not done right!
yak 1 (7 days ago)
That shift linkage bushing replacement tool you make was such a big help, thank you.
gabriel TDU (7 days ago)
kent i ve seen from other videos you were active back in the 70s .you dont really look that old lol
Dave (7 days ago)
i've never owned a merc but love watching you videos Kent. So much applies to other brands of cars aswell
Peter Smith (7 days ago)
Such an old fashion mechanic. I would trust my car with this guy.
Andrew Thompson (7 days ago)
What a nice design.
chad harmon (7 days ago)
Omg just when I thought I've seen everything 😲

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