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1985 Chevy C30 Replacing Accumulator and Flushing System

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A/C Repair - I'm replacing the accumulator and flushing the evaporator core in preparation of hooking up hoses from compressor and pulling a vacuum. I added about 4 oz Ester oil to accumulator, the other 4 oz will be added to suction side of compressor. Next video will be hooking up the compressor.
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jawad khan (26 days ago)
how much oil put in Accumulator ?
farmboy30117 (25 days ago)
I can't remember exactly, but I'm thinking about 3-4 ounces or 80-100 ml.
What Compressor are you using. GM A-6 Unit? ??
Scott Jones (1 year ago)
Flush with nitrogen, just put a bunch of moisture in the system
Scott Jones why did you put moisture in your system.
Cameron Arnold (2 years ago)
but what is the big black box directly behind the tank ?? I can find the answer.
Cameron Arnold (2 years ago)
+farmboy30117 yes you are correct thank you for the quick reply.
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
+Cameron Arnold I think you're referring to the evaporator housing.
ducklandwikeno (3 years ago)
is that a rooster in the background
ducklandwikeno That big black box hold the Connoter valve inside it
dan deac (3 years ago)
Very informative video. I have a question for you. When the a/c compressor come with Pag oil from factory you still have to add oil to receiver/drier. Doesn't hurt the system? Thanks
Joe Kim (2 years ago)
+farmboy30117 This makes sense! Thanks! Although i dont think i have to go through that because the compressor I ordered doesnt come prefilled so Ill just have to add the correct amount in the compressor myself from start.
Joe Kim (2 years ago)
+farmboy30117 ohhh. so the oil that gets put into the compressor also continually gets cycled around with the freon?
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
What I did was add 1/2 the bottle of oil to the drier and the rest to the compressor through the low pressure port.  The Freon will pick up oil in the drier before going to the compressor and would eventually deposit oil in the drier, so I am just speeding up the process.
farmboy30117 (2 years ago)
I'm not an a/c tech but the issue I see would be hydro-locking the compressor if it had way too much.  From what I've seen on YouTube videos, is you should drain the oil from a new compressor to see how much oil it came with and subtract that from the oil the system is designed for.  Then add the oil back with any additional oil the system requires.
Joe Kim (2 years ago)
+farmboy30117 is it bad for the ac system if you accidentally add too much oil?
Montrose Patriot (4 years ago)
did u flush the condenser out - im currently servicing a K5 Blazer where I swapped out the accessory drive 2 the 88+ serpentine belt drive where I did the same with the evap core as seen in the video clip (the condenser came out of a 85 C20 diesel which does not have any leaks)
farmboy30117 (3 years ago)
Some A/C System Flush I picked up at my local auto parts store.
Jeremy Remele (3 years ago)
+farmboy30117 I've heard the same thing actually, and another point to make, technology these days is FAR better than it was back in the day. With the advent of laser welding, condensers these days are manufactured to be much more efficient with less materials. Question for you, what did you use to flush out your evaporator?
farmboy30117 (4 years ago)
I am under the impression that these condensers can't be flushed.  I replaced mine with a new one.  Might want to check someone more knowledgeable than me though.
Rob111270 (4 years ago)
Nice video.  When starting from the beginning where exactly is the orofice tube located?  
farmboy30117 (4 years ago)
The orifice tube on these year trucks is located in the lower evaporator  tube (against the firewall). It's the tube the hose screws in to, not the dryer.
farmboy30117 (5 years ago)
Thanks, I'm still learning about A/C systems. There are some decent vids out there but I haven't found one that shows everything!
joe tiller (5 years ago)
Good job on ac I wish I lived next to you because you know a lot of stuff.

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