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How to install subs+amp BMW e90 WORKS ON ALL VEHICLES!!

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Sub and amp install. If the battery is in the front, same process but you must run positive wire through firewall to where ever you are mounting your amp. Line out converter is not 100% necessary, you can tie straight into the speaker wire but it can very easily damage the amp or the car stereo system. If you are not installing in an e90 BMW your factory amp will likely be in a different place but should not be hard to find. This is the same fundamental process for all vehicles.
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Anthony Williams (2 days ago)
Anybody know where to connect loc to a bimmer without Amp?
Saul Cabello (13 days ago)
This is the dumbest install i have ever seen. No lugs on the postive lead to the battery and also connecting the negative lead direct to the battery. Just a tip to some of you out upgrade your grounds to 4 or 0 gauge from the engine to the body and the body to the battery. you always want a thicker (for some of you) or lower gauge ground cable than your power cable.
fr0d (1 month ago)
slo' the fuck down
Austin Hunt (1 month ago)
Arshdeep Khinda (1 month ago)
Where can i find those tabs?
C-10 Gaming (29 days ago)
if your asking about the connectors he used to hook up the line out converter they are called T-tap quick splices or something similar but i would recommend doing a proper splice just search online to see a couple different ways
Covencraft (2 months ago)
HOLY FUCK, I know your heart is in the right place, but damn so many common mistakes made. Take this video for very basic info.
DVS23K - (2 months ago)
I have the lp-7 convetor and I have a 2011 bmw 335d I got the amp workinh but I don’t know witch wires hook up to witch wires on the convetor. I have the clips on the red and white red and blue brown and yellow and brown and white
Julien Nadeau (3 months ago)
Succes!! Thank man it worked in my BMW e90 2011!
TurtleCaveStudios (4 months ago)
where do you connect the remote wire on a base system
TeamUnfazed (4 months ago)
so you amp and sub are always on then?
Jimmy b (4 months ago)
Lol this does not work on ALL models, i know cus i have the one whit out the amp.
martin yates (2 months ago)
+Jimmy b yes , I figured that out , now too. I will take the signal from both under seat speakers.
Jimmy b (2 months ago)
I took the high level signal from the "bass" under the passenger seat, and remember this car has Canbus so this means it only have +8V, i had to mod my amp to get it to start on +5V instead of +12V. there are newer amps that start with out a remote. On I-Drive the amp has a built in 150Hz HP filter, so take it from the bass under the seat the only speaker with full spectrum of audio.
martin yates (2 months ago)
Jimmy, me too - did you find any guide for that?
George Magana (5 months ago)
I need help connecting my subs and amp for a 2013 328i if anyone can help thanks
Richard Cowtails (5 months ago)
lo ball (5 months ago)
if you are installing a single sub, is there any differences in the speaker wire splicing?
Jeremiah Arroyo (5 months ago)
Where would I run the remote wire?
Sean Thao (5 months ago)
How did you put back the wiring harness for the factory amp? I'm having struggles of putting the harness back into the factory amp. Any help is appreciated!!! Please help!!
Phrizby (5 months ago)
helpful car specific video! i was getting ready to make it way more complicated. thanks!
Phrizby (5 months ago)
commenters say slow down...they can always rewind thanks for makin this vid under 10 minutes!
Mark Lydon (5 months ago)
Guys please disconnect your battery negative before any work on the positive terminal or you are going to have a F ing poor day if you socket/spanner touches any bare part of the bodywork when it's on the positive terminal.
itsk3hiphop (29 days ago)
I cringed so hard when he goes to the battery and the negative was still in....lol
gadgetsystem (6 months ago)
I got a easier method on my channel check it out!
jose ramos (6 months ago)
What about with out a line out converter
Based Satan (6 months ago)
This is the best tutorial ever for someone that knows what you're talking about. god bless.
Steezy Beats (7 months ago)
Will this work in my x3 2006
Elephant In The Room (8 months ago)
the amp needs open air to breathe otherwise it will over heat and fry
Anthony Wright (8 months ago)
Everyone talkin about slow down, there's a fuckin video play speed function for a reason, slow the shit down yourselves. Great video! I loved the fact I didn't have to sit here for half an hour to watch how the install is done, thanks!
Sukhveer (8 months ago)
can you give me your email id ? i havesome questions
MrBeast9000 (8 months ago)
i have a 325i 2006- all factory audio , just recently the subs stopped pushing anything- and they are just blanked now- no audio from them- should i replace them at 299 each, and have a factory amp pushin them- or should i just do a cheaper sub box and aftermarket amp like this video. Thanks!
MR.MUZIQ (8 months ago)
you should've used a lc2i line out converter instead of that cheap one.
TheAngelAbandoned (8 months ago)
The purpose of the remote wire is to turn on/off the power to the amp when you turn off/on the ignition. If you connect a switch and forget to turn it off the car battery will run flat.
Alex Mcfly (8 months ago)
If this didnt work for u maybe u should check that every thing is connected the right way. Because this worked for me on my e60 and i had to comment because this is actually legit. Just make sure u have it on right and make sure ur connecting everything in the right.
Rico K (9 months ago)
Does this work on 2011 328i?
Waqar R. (9 months ago)
Loved the video straight to the point. I suggest putting the ground on the bolt you suggested instead of the battery. Other than that it’s perfect. I got a wiring color code printout at my local custom audio store which is the best place to go to know for sure what the colours mean. I have a silver HIFI system amp on a 2008 335 and not the black one. Now after everything is completed, I’m running an issue with the amp in protect mode and after reading my JL monoblock one channel amp is getting power and everything it just seems the OHMS are not correctly matched. Maybe having two subwoofers might make it work or switching the amp.
Paper Chasin (9 months ago)
Can you talk any faster ?
Tyler Wood (9 months ago)
What kind of line out put converter did u use ?
Kristoffer (9 months ago)
Idiotic title, this does not work with all vehicles. BMW's with the shit sound system does not have that amplifier. You have to steal signal from the subwoofers who sits underneath the seats.
Swervo Xan (10 months ago)
I have a 2006 530xi is it the same setup or would i need an aftermarket radio to work
Ricardo Gomes (10 months ago)
E Puf, fez.s o chocapic 😂
ale1001 (10 months ago)
My 320i e90 lci does not have anything on that spot on the left, but has the underseat subwoofer, i need to figure out from where i'll pull the audio signal to my amplifier.
martin yates (1 month ago)
martin yates (1 month ago)
we have the "stereo" system. So we have to tap into the under seat subs and run wires back to the boot
martin yates (2 months ago)
me too. WHen there is no amp, I think we have the BMW "Base" or "stereo" system
Mohammad Alhalabi (5 months ago)
did u find it at the end ?? i have the same problem and need help please !!
Teamwork Filmz (11 months ago)
subscribe to me I will subscribe back to you
Cardichon Christloudjy (11 months ago)
Where do I find the connection peace at
Cardichon Christloudjy (11 months ago)
They made me buy a pyramid hi/low impedance adaptor do I need it
john smith (11 months ago)
Nice dude thx
wattage power (11 months ago)
Slow down brother your driving a 2oo miles a hr
Sniurasx Gamer (1 year ago)
Where i can buy this small amp for original radio? Please help
Brent Skinner (5 months ago)
drivingdadevil (11 months ago)
vb7200 (1 year ago)
This does not at all work on every model of the e90.. Some upper trim levels that have the Logic 7 or Hifi system use fiber optic cables for the speakers. This is being done to a base stereo system, if you try this on a car with Logic 7 or Hifi, you will most likely screw something up unless you know what you're doing.
Brian Bailey (1 year ago)
Interesting. Why not connect remote wire to back of the radio? 100% of aftermarket radios have a dedicated blue remote wire that is provided for amp turn on so why not use it. Maybe your using the stock radio but even with that, the wiring diagram would have shown which wire is remote. A switch just seems like a waste of time and energy. There is also fuse taps that you could have used to tap into something that only turns on when the car key is in the "on" position.
GuamanianBlood619 (1 year ago)
Straight forward and no BS thumbs up, doing this tomorrow on my e38 , it's so nice to have the factory amp and battery in the trunk! Makes this a breeze
Austen Cottam (1 year ago)
Anyone know where you can get the clips shown at 43 seconds?
drivingdadevil (1 year ago)
Any auto parts store should carry them. By the way those are called wire taps.
Brandon_B_God (1 year ago)
does the stock amp have to work to make this setup work?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Brandon_B_God typically not but in order for any of the other speakers to work it does or else you will just have a sub working
stephen moore (1 year ago)
You don't put the ground on the battery.... it has to be grounded to the vehicle itself
Mark Welch (5 months ago)
I am an electrical engineer. The ground on the battery IS the reference for all other grounds. A chassis ground will always have a few micro Ohms of resistance VS a direct battery connection (assuming they are both done well). In most applications, a good ground anywhere will do well.
Gareth Dale (8 months ago)
but then the choke point is still gonna be the dinky wire going to the battery as its gonna go through there anyway
stephen moore (1 year ago)
You have to think about resistance and voltage drop. The ground from battery has a dinky little cable going to the chassis verses the 4g or 0g you would be using. You want the smallest resistance and smallest voltage drop. Going to the battery it's just killing power and sound.
chris f (1 year ago)
The negative post on the battery is attached to frame/chassis ground they are the same point electrically so why would it matter? Not arguing mind you , I'm curious as to why it wouldn't work
Cole Jankowsky (1 year ago)
How do you get your amp to shut off when you shut your car off? What do you use as a switch
CLASiiCk 773 (1 year ago)
He bridged the remote wire from the remote input to the power input
Mr.dabbs420 (1 year ago)
Cole Jankowsky he forgot remote wire I guess🤔
Craig Dyckman (1 year ago)
So bad.... and SOOOOO WRONG!! Lol
Marcus Wright II (1 year ago)
He left the leaf in.......
Israel Escobedo (1 year ago)
MANPREET SINGH (10 months ago)
I had someone install my system in my car and the output is very low. I am guessing they connected the subs to the mid speakers instead of the subs. Any idea what color the wires for the subs are? I am assuming the coloring scheme is standard across all BMW models.
MANPREET SINGH (10 months ago)
Well said sir.
Bloodlust (1 year ago)
Don't connect them to the mid's. The 335i has two subs under the front two seats. Splice them into those. I have an 07 335i.
Alex Murray (1 year ago)
oh my god it would be so much better if you slowed down... i find myself replaying a sentence 10 times plus to understand what you said..
Hubert Sidło (1 year ago)
Did anyone find out colours of sub cables under the seats? It would be better to feed the amp from them..
fez14 (1 year ago)
I thank god for you. No BS and straight to the point. Cheers
Petrol Headz (1 year ago)
Do you know if there is a ignition wire in the boot any where speaker wire doesn't work
Vendetta UK. (1 year ago)
there is a line out converter that has a remote audio switch for the remote line to the amp so when it senses the audio being active from the speakers it turns the amp on its made by inphase
jose ortez (1 year ago)
For people asking questions, 1st the safest way to turn on/off the amp is with a switch, 2nd you can do this the easy way or the professional way, but beware that if you mess up a wire your stereo won't work, i work a lot so i don't have time to do the tutorial but i'll do it soon. I saved myself 1k by doing it myself. Lastly props to this guys friend for uploading this video which gave me an understanding on how to complete my setup. Remember don't rush this as it can cost you thousands if you mess up. I promise i'll upload a step by step with working links for the necessary tools and accessories. And also with credits to the original poster of this video.
TheAngelAbandoned (8 months ago)
A switch lol? And if forget to turn off the amp with the switch then what?....
MANPREET SINGH (10 months ago)
Mate you didn't even upload a tutorial :(
Bassboy1972 (1 year ago)
So dumbass. Your amp stays on all the time? Learn to install properly.
simon br (1 year ago)
Hoonedout you should have wired it up to the REMOTE lead that turns your stereo on with your ignition. none of this stupid switch business. learn to install properly before you try to teach others. great "how to install a sub the wrong way" tutorial!
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
well did u not read any of the other comments bud, people have asked how to do that already but we installed a switch to turn on when we want them on just did not show that is why the vid is called sub install not sub switch install
David Holmes (1 year ago)
my line out converter has +/-L / +/-R /12v power / remote/ ground i installing on a 2010 bmw 535 (e60) i am still not able to power the amp i dont think my remote wire is powering up. i ran power from battery to the amp and ground to the negative on the battery is this correct?
Nanne Daryl (7 months ago)
David Holmes ??
David Holmes (1 year ago)
thanks for the tip man i just got it tested at a local pawn shop and it work fine my wiring is just wrong i will try and a remote wire from the positive on battery terminal .....ricght now i have it all going to and from the line out converter thats why i think its dead or something
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
David Holmes you need positive signal to the remote on the line out coverter and on the amp. Just try to tie both wires onto the positive battery lead where it hits the sub just to check. If it doesn't work get a test light or multi meter and make sure ur getting current between the positive and negative main power wires going to the amp.
Gangle (1 year ago)
can I contact you for some help?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
well whats the issue?
Felix Garcia Medina (1 year ago)
I am wondering if your amplifier gets enough air circulation in that compartment........
Belessobvious o'clock (1 year ago)
Does your amp turn off when the car isn't on? And if so what were you able to tie it into?
Cole Jankowsky (1 year ago)
Belessobvious o'clock what wire is the stock amp power. Trying to connect the remote wire to it
kike sanchez (1 year ago)
Belessobvious o'clock yeah no problem. I'm gonna be installing mine today so if u still don't know which cable to use I can help you out.
kike sanchez (1 year ago)
Belessobvious o'clock you can always check which wire connects to the stock amp and use the power to activate the after market amp. Because if you connect the amp directly u r gonna drain your battery over night since the amp would continue been on.
Antonio lac (1 year ago)
went to hook an Lc7i in a 2007 cadillac dts but now the car won't start can you help on where and what to check
Ki K (1 year ago)
Could this work for a BMW 7-Series with the logic 7 amp?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
if its similar model year it should be very similar!
Sam Caruso (1 year ago)
Does the stock radio have an RCA output for my amp? And if so is that also the case if it has the computer screen with navigation
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
not sure on that one sorry, id imagine nav system wouldnt change much
Ghost (1 year ago)
Can i do anything, that this is only on, when the ignition is on?
A B (1 year ago)
The proper way to do this is to check your fuse box. Using a test light or multimeter, check which fuses are ignition-switched (only powered when the car is in accessory mode). Once you find a suitable fuse, you can tap into it with your remote wire and your amp will automatically turn on and off with your ignition.
Ghost (1 year ago)
Hoonedout but the alarm of the car is not working with a unplugged battery ^^ maybe this doesn't drain the battery too much. I'll check it ^^
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Ghost there is a fuse thing u can do Best Buy did it for me on my G35 so idk how to do that but my friend plugs and unplugs his battery definitely try doing that while on vacation
Ghost (1 year ago)
Hoonedout okay, but it's not possible to connect it to a wire from a fuse, which is only active when ignition is on, or am I wrong? Do u know how much battery it trains, when the car is off? For example when I park my car for 4 weeks during I'm on vacation, and I come back, I don't want my battery to be empty ^^
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
you need to hook up a switch between the power from the battery and to the amp and you could run that switch up to front seats
Wrosky (1 year ago)
Are thoose 12-inch? Do you think i can fit two 15s?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Wrosky yah they are 12 inch and probably so it might end up depending on the box size, I'd do a rough measurement first.
Mark Farnsworth (1 year ago)
Can I do that to a 2011 328i???
Mark Farnsworth (1 year ago)
Hoonedout ok thanks man
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Mark Farnsworth yes I believe so that would be the e90 series model correct? If so it's going to be veryyy similar.
nathan saltzman (1 year ago)
Quick question,,, i have a 2010 328ix, and want to retain the factory unit,,, do you know if the amp wiring and location are the same,,, also what are those clips/connectors you used on the factory wiring harness. I am considering installing a new amp and sub while retaining the factory headunit... thanks
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
yah you totally can maintain all stock stuff for head unit so basically you just will tap into the battery for power and then the factory subs so your receiver can get a feed on the music. just look up the speaker diagram for your car and go to images im pretty sure its gonna be the same tho only difference is premium or base model. and the tabs are so two wires can connect smoothly.
brilliant video thanks for this I'm just wondering though does it make a difference if you connect into the rear speakers rather than the mid bass wires as-far as sound is concerned will it send treble signals to the subs rather than bass I've been out of the game as far as subs and wiring is concerned and forgot alot thanks in advance by the way I'm fitting it to a 2005 e91 320d if this makes any difference thanks
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
hey sorry for late response! but yes it will sound just fine when connected to mid speakers, as I have tested in the past, but sounds much better and hits wayyyy lower when connected to the subwoofers.
Cameron Weckerly (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I have been trying to wire my amp and subs for a few weeks and couldn't find a diagram for my car. This video made me able to finish it today! Great vid!!
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Sweet thanks man!!!
Charlie Douglas (1 year ago)
How do you wire the rem to the speaker wire to make it turn on when the speakers turn on ?
Christian Roby (1 year ago)
Charlie Douglas where can I watch that tutorial?
jose ortez (1 year ago)
Charlie Douglas I'll post an expanded tutorial here soon, since there's no way for a remote turn on for the speakers I made due with a switch.
YUREVN (1 year ago)
I'm a bit confused about the remote wiring section. you jumped it to the positive wire to give it power meaning the amp will always be on even when the key is out?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
right, but we used another on off switch thats up by the drivers seat that turns the power on and off from the amp.
Ben Sime (1 year ago)
thanks dude, awesome video
Ben Sime (1 year ago)
It did help a lot thanks
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
Ben Sime no problem hope it helps
tommy steinsvik (1 year ago)
did the tabs follow the line out converter? i find the line out kit on ebay, but if it dident follow can you send a link where you did buy them? :)
Tron Legacy (1 year ago)
Travis Swartz I'd like to see your install lol
Travis Swartz (1 year ago)
This kid has no idea how to properly hook up a system dont listen....
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
tommy steinsvik sorry I didn't get back to you, but if you're asking if they are sold together, no you have to buy them separately. Hopefully I'm understand you're questions
jose ortez (1 year ago)
So i've managed to install my sound system. It sounds amazing i'm very pleased with the results. I can also confirm that you can use the speaker wires though the amp to the sub. Left side speakers: (thick wires) red & white=positive yellow & brown=negative Right side speakers: (thick wires) red & blue=positive brown & white=negative This install is for the "hifi" BMW e92's sound system. Another thing to note is that i couldn't run the Ground, Remote power to the amp using the line out converter. I'm trying to figure a way for the remote to work without a switch or attaching it to the positive battery terminal.
jose ortez (1 year ago)
Charlie Douglas Scosche Line-Out Converter with Bass Control from Walmart for $20.
Charlie Douglas (1 year ago)
jose ortez what loc do you have ?
jose ortez (1 year ago)
Hoonedout My line out converter has a remote wire, it taps into the speaker wires to turn off and on when the key is in the off position.
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
jose ortez great I'm glad to hear that it went well! Is this a remote to turn the system on and control everything or am I misunderstanding? If so, I've heard issues similar to what your saying from people.
jose ortez (1 year ago)
What pins did you use to tap into the speaker wire? It will help me a lot since i have the same car model and sound package.
jose ortez (1 year ago)
Harry Coad thanks bud all i need are those pins.
Harry Coad (1 year ago)
jose ortez they're called scotch locks or quick crimp connectors
Harry Coad (1 year ago)
quick question how come you wired into mid bass/door speakers rather than the subwoofer speakers?
jose ortez (28 days ago)
+itsk3hiphop I did but ended up uninstalling everything since i ran out of storage space, i'll try to at least write up a step by step process soon.
itsk3hiphop (29 days ago)
+jose ortez Ever figure this out? I was going to hook up subs in my X5 this weekend. Thinking I may still feed off the mid bass anyway. And not disconnect the subs under the seats. If it sounds too bassy I may change.
Braddon Stephens (1 year ago)
anybody know the under seat sub wire color? Did anyone find that out?
Hoonedout (1 year ago)
jose ortez okay thanks a lot I'll keep that in mind...if I get them you will see an install video here on my channel I'm sure lol.
jose ortez (1 year ago)
Hoonedout I've always used Polk Audio and Kicker as well. As for tweeters and door speakers i always go with JL audio or kicker. They are very good for their price and not too expensive either.

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