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💪Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Review💪

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Optimum Nutrition has been around for a while and so is this Multivitamin supplement Opti-Men that has over 75 ingredients and is very potent. Great for men and I highly recommend getting one of these. Like, share, and subscribe as always for more.
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Aaron Seligson (4 days ago)
Should you take this everyday even on days off or occasionally week off from the gym?
KNACK 2 THA FUTURE (6 days ago)
There's certain places you can find a bottle of these that 240 or 150, I'd if you don't want to worry about having to remember to buy these every time that you subscribe to them on Amazon. Me personally I get the 90 pill one every month and with free 1 day shipping the most time I've ever had to wait was a day without taking them.
sweepEaway (17 days ago)
I’ve been using these for 2 years I take 3 a day and feel great.
Илья 1987 (1 month ago)
Is it possible to drink opti men every day?
Finding Supplements (1 month ago)
+Dizzle right now I'm using Vitamin code Men.
Dizzle (1 month ago)
Could you recommend then what you are using right now?
Илья 1987 (1 month ago)
Finding Supplements Thank you friend 👍
Finding Supplements (1 month ago)
I personally I'm done with this one cause I've learned there is more synthetic and natural in it. You can try it for a month but I'd advise you to switch to something more natural after that.
Saint Man (2 months ago)
Damn they are like preworkout instant energy and focus...i think recomendend dose is 1 pill and 2 pills when u have a bad day..if u r not heavily active profesional athlete everythin more than that wll cause oposite effect..so go easy with these..ur body can take and absorb only part of that rest it goes throu ur liver and kidneys as a garbage..so..1 pill guys max 2 on bad days..
Haq Nawaz Baloch (3 months ago)
Cut your nails💅...😠😠😠
joesph gallo (5 months ago)
Been taking animal paks since day one 1982 I’m 66 and feel great
Rayan Saleem (5 months ago)
This supplement is great if you train and are serious with sports.... and yess you can consume it with omega-3 fish oil. I have been using this both supplements from a long time
Mohammed Ali (5 months ago)
Is it gluten free
Finding Supplements (5 months ago)
I doubt it is but I have this one called Naturelo which i'm using and will do a review on it, it says gluten free. It's one of the top rated multivitamins out there. Gotta say I am impressed with it but so you know it's expensive.
Mohammed Ali (5 months ago)
Amzon $25
mr face (6 months ago)
terrible stuff cause me fatigue and stool discoloration reli made me feel bad after 4 days of use.
Sreeja Mol (6 months ago)
Weight gain capsules pls suggest.
Finding Supplements (6 months ago)
Just eat natural foods with high calories.. It's the best I can suggest
Cbeyond (7 months ago)
Difference between opti men and animal pak?
Lex Beltran (2 months ago)
Cbeyond You take less tablets with Opti-Men and more with Animal Pak.
RebosOne (7 months ago)
why don't you focus on lifting instead of using so many supps?
J Boy (1 month ago)
Big Red bitch dafuq? U obviously didnt understand what he said. Stfu moron
Big Red (4 months ago)
Peter Saving lives
Peter (4 months ago)
RebosOne you're a dumbass
Big Red (6 months ago)
RebosOne #Triggered ❄️
RebosOne (6 months ago)
Big Red i said what I meant ur just assuming stuff now haha ur a special one 😂
ALL IN ONE (7 months ago)
You can try gm nutrition multivitamin. Less price and gud quality.
stolenHonor (8 months ago)
dont take it same time as fish oil
Adam (3 months ago)
Big Red and I hope you die soon of smelling it
Big Red (5 months ago)
jlira01 My uncle and dad both died of heart attacks after taking it and my 4 year son who i put on a 1 tablet daily regime died after a week of heart failure,my dog also died after eating my sons arm which was steal holding the deadly mix
jlira01 (5 months ago)
Big Red where have you seen this? I used to take these daily with fish oil, never had any problems
Rohit Borooah (6 months ago)
Oh really ??.. Damn!!.. Anyway I've stopped these for a while and started with 1000mg fish oil a day.. But I started getting a sore throat, cold and flu-like symptoms... Could this be a side effect of the fish oil?? Please help!
Big Red (6 months ago)
Rohit Borooah You will die, reports of thousands dying of a heart attack within hours of taking together
I M A QYN (8 months ago)
I live in Lithuania and we have very strict regulations and it was prohibited to be imported because it has magnesium aspartate, molybdenum A.A., chelat, iron chelate that could be dangerous to the human health. As we know USA has no regulations on supplements, you could sell lead in a bottle and no one really test it to see what's in the bottle really.
Raj Kamal (8 months ago)
Just take one tab a day its sufficient!
Lex Beltran (2 months ago)
Raj Kamal True. Taking more than one is just overkill.
Yash Yasho (8 months ago)
iske uses kiya hai
Yash Yasho (8 months ago)
what is this bhai
VIEZEN (9 months ago)
Very great review my friend, i sub!
Mahad Mohamed (9 months ago)
Should I take fish oil and opti men at the same time. Need help please
h h3400 (10 months ago)
I hâte optimum nutrition
Gmail H (10 months ago)
when we have to take before or after eating
Lex Beltran (2 months ago)
After a meal
DormaniAvenue (10 months ago)
Gmail H Take one with breakfast and dinner. Taking the 3rd one in between is optional.
Jitu Pandey (11 months ago)
should i take fatburner and multivitamin at the same time... suggest me
Jitu Pandey (11 months ago)
thank you so much...
Finding Supplements (11 months ago)
+Jitu Pandey no because the caffeine in the day burner interferes with the vitamins/minerals.
Mohamad (1 year ago)
I took only 1 pill. and my pee turned dark green and got headache. used for 3 days and kept feeling like that until i stopped. it has 2000% + of RDA not balanced multi
Lex Beltran (2 months ago)
Your urine should not be dark green. It should be a dark yellow color. Go see a doctor.
SuperMerlot (4 months ago)
You already had some health issue. Go see a doctor and get your kidneys checked
Artur Sucila (5 months ago)
you are not balanced for earth :D no abuse :)
Max L. (6 months ago)
+ 1 headache
Kéifus Mathews (7 months ago)
oh brother..
Simon Rapper (1 year ago)
Does it have anything to do with sexual disorders?.."potency"?
Daniel Flores (4 months ago)
Hey a this has definitely helped me. It took about half the bottle (I had the 150 count) before I really noticed. By the time i had only a 1/4 bottle left I would literally feel a rush of blood down there. I never knew this helped with sexual function until I read the back, turns out it has a blend of herbs and minerals for man's sexual function hence the name Opti men. Zma really helps a lot too. My sex drive went from a 50 yr old man to what it's supposed to be (I'm 27) after taking 2-3 pills per day for about a month and a half. If your decreased libido is caused by nutrient deficiency this will definitely help.
Big Red (6 months ago)
Rigers My penis grew 3 inches because of this , i’m now a proud 4 inches strong
Rigers (7 months ago)
it helps
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
+Simon Rapper not that I know of
Pradeep Sharma (1 year ago)
Amway Nutrilite multivitamin(Daily) is very good and cheaper than Opti-men multivitamin or other brands. Amway Nutrilite daily is purely organic made by fruits and vegetables. If somebody want Amway Nutrilite daily please contact on +91-8892890490
Arwin Bugas (1 year ago)
Hi do you take 3 tablets all in one time???
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
They're easy to swallow for me Arwin LOL. I take them like nothing. In fact some days i take 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Trust me, we think we get enough vitamins and minerals but we just don't.
Toukta Sivongsa (1 year ago)
How much is it?
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
for 90 tablets you're looking at $16-$17. there is also the 150 count and 240 count.
Muhammad Usman (1 year ago)
I'm taking one tablet in a day.. Is it okay?
Rajib Kejriwal (6 months ago)
Finding Supplements rr
Nitin Patil (8 months ago)
Finding Supplements :- why do we need to increase water intake ?
Lex Beltran (1 year ago)
Muhammad Usman Yes, that's fine.
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
like wise.
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
True that Ahmed. You're right.
Jossy DSOUZA (1 year ago)
is available in Bangalore medical?
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
Just ordered another one, you guys should try it.
almighty383 (2 months ago)
How does this compare to rainbowlight men's in your opinion
The major (1 year ago)
They have changed this recently . They have cut out many of the ingredients . https://m.onacademy.co.uk/opti-men-5
Cruz Filex (1 year ago)
optimen nutrition in my opinion and experience is one of the best brand out there, my favorite is its micronixed creatine. This vitamins give fast results and the + is 3 pills compare to others wich require 6.
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
yes i like these too cause you don't have to take so many one time.
sam o (1 year ago)
musclepharm  armour-v all th way nothing can beat it
Finding Supplements (1 year ago)
I'll look into that one as my next multi-vitamin.

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