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JESUS Believer Malone (1 hour ago)
OMG !! 😮 How could she ?? 😕
Gursharan Dhillon (2 hours ago)
First time I watched African movie.I am an Indian and watched Indian western movies.What is striking is the role played by Karebo the maid servant.although she plays a naughty seductive role.But the role is highly hilarious and entertaining.
Andrew Walker (3 hours ago)
If I were u I round away the wife and talk to the miad
Gursharan Dhillon (4 hours ago)
The maid acted well.Always smiling and evoking laughter.Good looking maid with head dress.
Francis Wangombe (7 hours ago)
Suzanne I just love you for nothing...uko juu tu sana
Jane Wanjiru (8 hours ago)
Lupe team fisi nakuona
Brunel Louis (18 hours ago)
Chandra Tamang (19 hours ago)
Peter Snipper (19 hours ago)
This video is so educative. If you were keen, for the wife not to act suspicious, she accused the man to have "something" with the maid and thats what ladies do if they are cheating on their husbands.
tawana wilder (21 hours ago)
I couldn't understand the language but I loved it anyway❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂
Sinta Sintchaya (1 day ago)
Bad acting man!!!
Bryan Kimwele (1 day ago)
and MZEE looks like he is" into the botch's food" ; )
Bryan Kimwele (1 day ago)
KERUBO reminds me of a botch i used to pull pranks on back in the days...Set off a timed ringtone...she always fell for that trick over and over...she be like ,"hello ni nani....eeeh?...hello....mbona haungei..."be4 hanging up....all the while i just watched and pretended the show i was watching on tv was making me laugh
Bryan Kimwele (1 day ago)
haahaha...ety ,'girls talk!???,' hii ni the line of the year
Bryan Kimwele (1 day ago)
naeza sikiliza uyu maid all day...she is unpredictable with her words..hahaha
Bryan Kimwele (1 day ago)
too much make up u look like a clown...but anyways i loved the show and am just 4mins in
Sipho Maseko (1 day ago)
I wonder what wrong with her husband... Why she's cheating on him or she's not being satisfied in bed that y she got nice small ben10 tli tli tli but men too must give us n satisfy us lol kwaaaaaaa
Kabanda Jimmy (1 day ago)
I love the acting but unfaithful woman
Ssekamatte Ronals (1 day ago)
Women are lyk dogs
Mghanga Wise (2 days ago)
Hahaha huyo maid hapendi kudanganya
Daniella Alex (2 days ago)
kerubo anadance afta kuunda mtu
ACHINIKE JOHN (2 days ago)
Waw good 🌃 👶 👧
Daniella Alex (2 days ago)
I miss the kisses but from the right person
Daniella Alex (2 days ago)
hahaaaa the maid is sweet ad funny uyo wife si mzuri
Vanessa Igloo (2 days ago)
<iframe width="1076" height="605" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/abZSmEderMs" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Blair Boyd (3 days ago)
If you watched these African movies they are no difference from the white man, the way they treated their maids, also yard man.They always like to shouts at their workers, also hissing their teeth at workers too.Also they likes to used the word rubbish, they does not show no respect to their workers.I know this is a movie,but it happens in real life.
Jackson Groove (3 days ago)
Ukichapiwa ni siri ya ndani 😁😁😁
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Hulisani Mbedzi (5 days ago)
English would be better
gademba brian (5 days ago)
Friends watch out those excuses
Nausenay Tefera (5 days ago)
ELIJAH IYEDJERE (5 days ago)
Is my own connected
Daniel Chola (5 days ago)
Ha! Hai I like it
Johannes Nyamakuti (5 days ago)
Stop posting us Nigerian nonsense...what a waste of data! Fok!
scott scotty (5 days ago)
Those scripts ave not been arranged properly.i love kerubo she's beautiful,natural n sexy😍
Melissah Puteho (6 days ago)
How did the husband find out the guy's place?😕
Melissah Puteho (6 days ago)
Hey! This lady has beautiful figure. 😍
Bob Murage (6 days ago)
kuna vile kerubo angekuwa madam boss aki views zingefika 5 M
William Modibe (6 days ago)
Wow many people are crazy y Mara, aish u can't Jorge them is part of life, do wat makes u happy, bophelo ke semphekgo aish (DJ SLOTHA)
Haggai Aura (6 days ago)
Extremely low quality plot and poor acting!!
douglas chimu (6 days ago)
Kerubo ans faa ku ni yeye wife......hahahaaa
Odebala Nelson (6 days ago)
Donell Howell (7 days ago)
That's what most females do! Most of them all cheat but know how to keep it secret
ti photon I (6 days ago)
ti photon I (6 days ago)
Paul Nyarotso (7 days ago)
Eunice Evans (7 days ago)
Movies zetu wakenya yawa!! aki we still have long way to go..... Anyway hizo kisses zimenifanya n miss a kiss wale tuko Gulf tuendelee kauka
Cody gt50 (7 days ago)
Why is he ringing the doorbell to his own house
Aleck Mwerwa (4 days ago)
lol wanted to ask the same question😅😅
wilson ndunde (7 days ago)
wilson ndunde (7 days ago)
Stanley Adiga (8 days ago)
paulina banks (8 days ago)
Trailero T (8 days ago)
lol finally got caught lol
John Gibson (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Jksmf-HEEMI Truth about pornography
Ezinah Anyona (8 days ago)
So unbelievable!!
Rona Mcgirt (8 days ago)
I would like you to phones
Luis Dela Cruz (8 days ago)
Sibongile Khumalo (8 days ago)
If I where mie the housegirl I was going to overtake for good
Sibongile Khumalo (8 days ago)
Mourice Oduor (9 days ago)
Very smart
Aisha Mustapha (9 days ago)
eddie otieno (9 days ago)
mspmsp4 (9 days ago)
Y the maid beat his Ass Tooooo
LavishHat TV (9 days ago)
wow great inspiration and subject,
Gray Abounds (9 days ago)
I have a 28 year marriage that was cut unexpectedly to a crushed heart, leaving me looking for answers. How do I know what, why,she chooses a life leading to a dead end, no security, most dedicated husband, giving her anything, not just my total attention in and out of our private sanctuary, was a secret place dedicated to her,asking anything, I loved giving to her.Please some one tell me what to do GARY B
Garba Tilde (9 days ago)
Kerubo the Amebo
Nuh lov (9 days ago)
Wooooooooow l like the way how the maid she is acting @ she don't mind ummm nice lve u lol # xemmm ummn to that mother doing prostitute
E N (9 days ago)
My goodness she is hot dammmmmm
Michael Phipps (10 days ago)
Hello it's Michael Phipps again as i was sayin before i accidentally cut myself off but anyway i can't stand cheaters as i was also sayin i know from experience ive bn cheated on before many times im not perfect or a saint but ive never cheated on a girlfriend or a wife cause i wasn't raised that way a long story short for any comment email me at 931335-1868
Michael Phipps (10 days ago)
Hello to Naava the Queen im Michael Phipps how r u doin ive bn readin u cheatin on ur husband speakin for myself i can't stand any man or woman that cheats on each other i don't care who they r i won't mention any names cause they know who they r but anyway i can't stand anybody that cheats on their husband or wife but anyway like i was sayin earlier i was watchin ur small video shame on u an everybody else that cheats i know from experience how it feels to b cheated on
Beatrice Mwaura (10 days ago)
Mzee yake,,, haaa,, Kerumbo, herself, himself, thank you, haaa,, goodnight
Betty Jean (10 days ago)
GIVEN KANCHALU (10 days ago)
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Waswa Timothy Mbirago (11 days ago)
It is amazing how much this weekend is going well for the best of the most important.
Roy Brown (11 days ago)
Adewale Isiaka (11 days ago)
Good job
filcainos chipadza (11 days ago)
Joy Manigo (11 days ago)
Michala Senior (11 days ago)
Cheater she is a curvy woman
roger lee (11 days ago)
Hours later....and he's STILL eating the same noodles lol
Ukachukwu Emmanuel (11 days ago)
quite somehow
Rejoice Ngwenya (11 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkk can't stop laughing @ the dance of ths maid
Mo H (11 days ago)
Kerubo good actress
Betty Nantongo (12 days ago)
Kadamaz in UAE can u see selves 😂😂😂😂
odong carol (12 days ago)
kerubo played well
Sarahi Spetiti (12 days ago)
Kerubo uko sawa
Geofrey Ogera (12 days ago)
Kerubo yeeei! humble
obi babilah (12 days ago)
Good acting
doris jackson (12 days ago)
Mara one and only
John chigara (13 days ago)
this is unbelievable
Jose shumpa (13 days ago)
huyu kerubo ni cartoon
KEVIN BUCHANAN (13 days ago)
Hours later and he is still eating the food that he says is really good 😎
peter macharia (13 days ago)
Kerubo my best
peter macharia (13 days ago)
Kerubo my best
ojomo fidelis (13 days ago)
Pauline 2015 (13 days ago)
Same food lol!!a cheater n very jealousy
Maxine Simms (13 days ago)
Women, NEVER satisfied. He ate and enjoyed, she is a constantly being witchy.... Then accused the husband of the same thing she’s doing...
James Nyaoga (14 days ago)
This video is unrealistic because with such a hot woman, the man's dick should always be erect... Wether in acting or not. But he seems quite ok even after kissing her.
Maay Maaay (14 days ago)
Omar Robinson (14 days ago)
Dam Mama come get some u want my address
Ramnarayana Desha (14 days ago)
empress angel (14 days ago)
Love the maid

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