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Permanent Side Effects of Vyvanse, Adderall, and Amphetamines

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Sorry about the poor video quality. I am using a drift camera. They only work well in very good light.
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Black Wallstreet (29 days ago)
How do you fix this?
The_Gaming_Kitty (1 month ago)
Ive easily eaten over like 250 adderal like pills in my life due to adhd, ive smoked atleast an 8th everyday for the past like 2 years. Ive done acid 20+ times, mushys like 5 times, cocaine 5 times, ive done xanax prob 30+ times, ive sipped like 12 oz of codeine syrup, probably eaten 20 vicoden, percs like 5 times. And ive never been dependant on anything AND i honestly feel like im a better thinker than b4
The_Gaming_Kitty (23 days ago)
+Chuck Norris yes i was diagnosed when i was 5 or 6, i had it pretty bad. But when i first started smoking weed while i was taking my adhd medication daily it would completely supress the affects of the pot, so i just completely stopped taking my concerta , for a few months i still didnt feel anything from weed, then i started feelin it. Id say acid and other hallucinogens have affected my marijuana high more than my adhd meds ever did:)
Chuck Norris (23 days ago)
Wow. Did you actually have adhd before prescription? I don’t have adhd but I’ve been using Vyvanse to cope at school. Before Vyvanse I used to smoke once or twice a week with no problem. After I started taking it it’s made me extremely paranoid and anxious when I’m high and it puts me off smoking. Has this ever happened to you?
Mr. C (2 months ago)
I abused Adderral for about a year. Everyday I took it. I stopped taking it more than 2 yrs ago and I am in an extreme depression. It follows me. From when i get up til I go to bed I am in an angered state of mind. I hate everything and cannot "feel" happiness or pleasure. I am just STUCK. I constantly obsess over how great my life was and regret over losing my quick mind. I lost interest in EVERYTHING. I really hope something changes, but I don't know what to do to start healing. I feel like my brain is damaged
squat til u puke (2 months ago)
+Jahir Montes nah
Snowee Paws (2 months ago)
Sometimes if i take Vyvanse my hear beats fast...
Andrew Daviston (3 months ago)
ADHD is motivated by money Ritalin and adderall is an unnatural drug for unnatural behavior (in a class room 8hours a day) I myself was forced to take it my whole life and it changed me forever. I'm 26 now and seriously it messed me up. Specifically my friends told me they remember when I wouldn't take it I was funny way more talkative and when I take it in a zombie. Has anyone pursed the pharmaceutical companies yet? This has effected my brain
howard Porter (3 months ago)
Is adderall you think to heyper thyroidism ?.
Angel Ventura (5 months ago)
Thanks for the honesty.
The One Joke King (6 months ago)
I was a long term user and abuser of amphetimines. Unless you have legit ADHD and these medications calm you DO NOT TAKE AMPHETAMINES.
SRFinSLO (7 months ago)
Is this addictive quality also true for Dextroamphetamine? For Ritalin? Thank you for sharing this important information. I believe all the information you have presented, especially the addictive aspects. It has made me think more than twice about requesting it from my doctor.
A.Demetriou (7 months ago)
I've just started taking vyvanse but seeing this and reading the comments is making me worried. It's the only thing that let's me read and write without losing focus or forgetting what I'm writing about mid sentence. Im not sure what to do. I've tried everything else and nothing works like Vyvanse.
Lu Kush (7 months ago)
I had a experience with side effects (anxiety,depression,cant focus,confused)after abusing preworkout supplements with DMAA and other stimulants,still dont feel in my own skin...
Sperm (8 months ago)
Does vvyanse affect memory and motivation? And if it does can you reverse it? I was on 70mg and stopped 2 years ago but I don’t really feel the same. It’s like it’s harder to form sentences or think abstractly. Not only that I’ve been diagnosed with depression.
Mr. C (2 months ago)
Me too
Clara Hall (11 months ago)
I was prescribed vyvanse 15 mg when I was around 14 years old. I'm 18 now and can easily take 125 mg of dexedrine in a day as well as 60 mg of adderall. All the stuff you said it true. I'm just bored of life when I don't take them. I have no motivation to do anything and I can sleep for days on end. My mom always tells me I'm gonna have a heart attack and I just don't feel like I will. The doctors did a heart trace on me 2 years ago and said if I keep abusing ADHD medication I will die. I'm still here though, so I kind of feel invincible which I guess is how everyone feels untill they overdose one day and don't see it coming.
Aimee (11 months ago)
for everyone that went off their addies, remember how quickly that stuff use to make you wanna take a shit?
Amanda Nelson (11 months ago)
I'm screwed. Neglegent Drs after weight loss surgery lack of stomach acid made higher levels of Adderall in my system now my life is push and crash. I've lost six years. I had no idea what it was till years later. Just thought it was changes cuz if surgery. Now I'm climbing a sawed off ladder. Knowing my time is almost up. It's weird. And to tell you the truth I'm gone already....
BLACK LOTUS (11 months ago)
i heard that snorting tylenol turns you gay!!!...
Tamara Till (11 months ago)
thankyou !
hugo sanchez (1 year ago)
should you cycle off of adhd meds ?
Rob Cosentino (1 year ago)
This is 100% true in my case. I was taking Adderall for 10 yrs or so and stopped taking it in April 2017. It's now November and I still don't feel like myself. I have 0 motivation, always tired, can't focus, can't work, getting fat, and just wanna die.
MsPuggles (12 days ago)
+Jessica Sigler I found I really had to be strict with my diet and try to do something every day even if it's as simple as speed walking. Gotta get that dopamine flowing and have enough nutrition to create it naturally. Also I take an antidepressant so that helps-- I cannot even imagine how I would be without that help. Your body also went through a big change with pregnancy and birth so maybe your neurotransmitters are low as well from that. Make sure you are eating enough of the right protein and get your veggies even if they are frozen. Complex carbs help serotonin production in some people as well.
Jessica Sigler (12 days ago)
After I stared taking vys I’ve never been normal with out it I HATE IT it’s ruined me when I don’t take it I’m good for nothing can’t even get out of bed d not want to talk to anyone it’s horrible I’ve legit not taken it for 9 months when I was pregnant I LITERALY WAS NOT OK the entire 9 months I was literally a blob how long dose it take to be normal n have normal energy again cuz I hate this drug that it’s stolen my natural will power I couldn’t even make it thru a day of work with out these pills I’m completely dependent but I’m not addicted how the eff is that? I’m furious
MsPuggles (22 days ago)
Hi Rob... how are you doing. I stopped in April 2018 and it's almost November like you and I still am very tired and can take hours long naps. I do take paxil so I'm better off than many I think. I really have no interest in anything but staying at home watching stuff and minimal housework. I was going to the gym a lot (forcing myself) and that did help a lot until I had surgery a month ago and got into just laying around. I was also drinking heavily at that time and stopped that as well at the same time. I'm still holding out hope and getting back to my meditation practice.
Pugtato (1 month ago)
Holy fuck i feel the same way, i stopped reguarly taking it over halfway through my senior year of high school. Im not sure if its the reason i feel this way but maybe it contributes. I need to know more about the subject to know for sure
steven morty (1 month ago)
Strat O'Catster feeling better yet
Will Mire (1 year ago)
Ultramind diet by Dr. Hyman is the Solution!!!!!
Dave B (1 year ago)
Are you leaning on a throne......
itsdannyftw (1 year ago)
Our bodies were designed to work in a jungle? That's dated thinking mate. Modern-day humans have adapted through evolution. Obviously these are slowly introduced changes, but it is true. I am speaking from the sources of academic journals and research.
thevisi0nary (1 year ago)
How do you feel about Wellbutrin?
Caleb Hille (1 year ago)
I abused vyvanse for about a year wanting to do top notch in school and I do think I have pretty bad damage it's been 7 months since I cut myself off. My symptoms now are difficult concentrating, almost like there's a constant fuzz over my brain, and daily headaches still. Two things I never had before. I don't think I had ADHD.. just maybe more prone to depression and anxiety, and got myself a prescription.. I worked my way up to about 100 mg daily of vyvanse, toward the end taking an average of 140 with caffeine. It got me an internship at tesla.. but I ended up breaking down there and now my brain really doesn't feel the same. Don't take them if you don't have to. Watch motivational videos every day if that's what it takes. I feel like I have Alzheimer's daily
Chuck Norris (23 days ago)
Wow it’s like you’re describing me. I stated all of this to do better in school as well, I hightly doubt I have adhd. Though I started on Ritalin 7 months ago and switched to Vyvanse around 3 months ago. So all together around 7 months. I’ve limited my dose to 50mg a day and I’m taking protein and fish oil ect daily as well. Do you think this is still dangerous? So far I’d say I developed some sort of anxiety which I didn’t have before and the comedowns suck. Also I get extremely paranoid and anxious whenever I smoke and this never used to happen before. It’s helping me cope at school but I’m not sure if I should stop completely. Thank you for your comment.
Mr. C (2 months ago)
+Girl Power where can I get information because I am desperate I damage my brain or something from abusing this too long and now that I'm clean I feel like I'm dead and just a corpse
Girl Power (8 months ago)
Francis Gallant well this would be your butt drinking coffee.. So yeah, either way, you're still crapping😉 But this is healthier than drinking it because you're getting rid of toxins, parasites, and lbs of stored waste in the liver, gallbladder, and bowels... Just google it or look it up on YouTube. 👀There's plenty of studies on it..
Francis Gallant (8 months ago)
coffee enemas? I have to take a shit every time I drink a coffee lol
Girl Power (8 months ago)
Please consider coffee enemas, chelation, and heavy metal cleanses.. Its so hard to find information on healing from medications and drugs, but you can reverse (some) damage.. Sometimes a lot of damage.. You need to cleanse your liver and brain tissue. These ways are the best way to do so..
unquestionablebeing (2 years ago)
It's very difficult to explain neurology. That doesn't mean we shouldn't. But you should be careful how you explain it. You're leaving a lot to the imagination, in the way you explained it. Leaving people to jump to conclusions and make irrational beliefs. You have to realize a lot of people will listen to the first example and stop watching the video. Try to give clear examples, if you can't then don't bother?
Brant Morse (2 years ago)
You literally said nothing about how it damages anything definitively or any side effects...
Will Calderhead (2 years ago)
I have taken vyvanse for 6 years and it has deeply affected my life. I am only 15 years old. I have no real friends I can't communicate with other people because I think of what can go wrong when I talk to them so I just avoid talking to them in total and when I do all I can talk about is what school work and what I have or haven't done. Vyvanse has ruined my childhood. I remember before I was taking it I had tons of friends and was the class clown, I would get invited over to people's houses every weekend. Now, I havent been invited over to someone's house in over 2 years. I am very independent and sometimes I wander in a reservoir near my house for hours a day. I fell extremely lonely and I try to talk to girls. I see them looking at me a lot and I always make eye contact with them and they'll smile but the same thing happens with talking about school work. The people I go to school with I don't like, we have nothing in common at all I've tried to get into the shows they watch and the sports they play but I just wasn't good at it or my parents couldn't afford it. Whenever I take the medication on the weekend when I'm not thinking about school I am giggling a lot and stupid things. I'll see a weird shaped water bottle and start laughing and then tell myself "it's not really funny it's just the vyvanse making you think it is". In class I'll sit there by myself while people around me talk. I am alone. I'll try to comment on things but no one laughs. It wares off around 5 which is when I should start but homwework but I don't. I procrastinate until around 1am. I know I should be tired the next day but vyvanse keeps me awake. vyvanse has ruined my life and I'm only 15 I've tried to quit but I get extremely depressed whic I already am on vyvanse so it is multiplied by 5 when I'm off of it. I do not suggest you take vyvanse or any other drug to make you study for more than a year. For it will change who you are forever.
Ian McCracken (8 months ago)
Berberus that is ADHD
Berberus (10 months ago)
Logan House so I noticed when I’m off the vyvanse , I’m even more hyper and talkative and I often wont shut up is that like a side effect or ?
Logan House (11 months ago)
Berberus yeah man, vyvanse will screw you up after a while. I know because I went through a sort of cycle where for the first few weeks I felt great and super talkative but your tolerance will build up to the drug and it will start to make you feel more and more like a robot and you loose the natural ability to feel happy and function without your daily meds. It's a trap, and an endless cycle.
Berberus (1 year ago)
I’m currently taking vyvanse daily but I’m making more friends than ever , will that like go away
Will Mire (1 year ago)
Ultramind diet by Dr. Hyman is the Solution!!!!!
nohad (2 years ago)
is there any estimates that how much over what kind of period of time would cause permanent affects?
georgia sokolay (2 years ago)
amphetamines do not work like steroids at all plus people who are prescribed adderall have ADD or ADHD which is when the brain on its own does not create enough dopamine and it does not make it so when you are off adderall your brain doesn't forget how to create dopamine but the extra neurotransmitters adderall produces wont stay that way. brain doesn't forget how to do its job after taking meds to help a problem that you have. Plus when humans were jungle mode they had medicine from plants. If you are prescribed adderall long term and a psychiatrist is prescribing it you wont suffer permanent problems, if you abuse adderall long term you can fuck yourself up thats why its legal as prescription and illegal without one.
25falcons (2 years ago)
what is considered "long-term use" of adderall? like how many years?
Seth Tanaka (2 years ago)
i believe it would be anytime taken regularly over the course of 6 months
Debra M. Young (2 years ago)
Looking for the best adderall results? Search this site http://goo.gl/9LDQec
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (2 years ago)
adhd is a lifelong disorder,i don't intend to stop taking the medication as I'm not going back to how it was before,so would an addiction go unnoticed/be unimportant?
Mike S (9 months ago)
Justin Ross not true. You can do everything from behavior mod and spinning on your head but if you really have adhd then medication Might give you the right canvas to make behavior mod really work.
Justin Ross (1 year ago)
ADHD is a fake condition invented by the people who get paid to prescribe the drugs that treat it. Try getting some more sleep and you will be more focused.
Din Dobermann (2 years ago)
i think all western medicine is bullshit. im tryng to find my way out of this hell with ayahuasca i decided to start to save up money and fucking stop taking evreything and clense myself. good look to evreyone else
Din Dobermann (1 year ago)
I havnt gotten ayahuasca yet. But i found out that high dosages of psylocibe mushrooms can bring superb spiritual experiences. I have confronted many of my fears, but there is still more to go. anything else pm me. its always good to help others for me.
Jordan Walker (1 year ago)
Din Dobermann how did the trip affect you? any notable difference afterward?
Navjot Singh (2 years ago)
Can you please remake this video? The sound quality is terrible and you raise great arguments people should hear clearly.
N/A (2 years ago)
The side effects are only permanent if the medicines are abused. if they're taken as directed by doctor, and cycled off of, the side effects are not permanent imo
Aria David (2 years ago)
I agree with some of your points but I feel like we're vastly overgeneralizing here and not getting into some important variables and without that this video sort of predicates a fear module that could deter those who are in serious need of help from these drugs. Like all drugs have permanent or rather semi permanent effects. It just varies on the levels of caustic impact. Tylenol and Aspirin can and do damage you it just depends on how much you take with what. Alcohol is far more damaging than amphetamine. The sort of neurological activity that you're describing the video is typical of how amphetamine works. Though not exactly as cut and dry as you describe. The neurons do fire more heightened messages resulting in a plethora of exhibited characteristics and the tolerance level for these drugs can and almost certainly will develop. The rate at which varies from person to person. Tolerance is not indicative of damage but exhaustion, which after prolonged periods of time CAN result in more serious conditions however cessation usually remedies these. Also, tolerance is typically more inclined to happen with people who are neurotypical. As in people who have nothing neurologically wrong with them and are either being misdiagnosed or taking them recreationally. This can lead to cases like amphetamine induced depression which is difficult to treat but not impossible. It means that the person has depleted all of their dopamine reserves. Recovery is usually attained through dietary measures, exercise and social support to resensitize the individual. They may add on an SSRI like Prozac to help further recovery process. Depending on the length of the person's usage of amphetamine vs their overall health will determine how long it take to get the dopamine reserve back up and likewise see the tolerance to amphetamine to lower and stabilize. Permanent side affects in the classical sense is not typically something we see with amphetamine largely because there aren't any sites for the drug to bind to which would instigate long term affects, in fact we are in the process now of discovering potential long term benefits, especially since the terrain of indications for amphetamine are expanding. It's not exclusively limited to people with ADHD anymore. Additionally it has been proven to treat conditions like Chronic Fatigue and in rare case such as myself severe clinical depression. I agree with you that no matter what condition is being treated its always good to go on what doctors describe as "drug holidays" because obviously the less exposure to any chemical the better. Children going on summer vacation typically cease stimulant therapy until the school year starts. For myself if I'm going on vacation or I know I won't be working for a bit or have a a time that doesn't require my utmost concentration I too take drug holidays. But I can say that my life has been vastly improved by a combination of Dexedrine and Vyvanse. I was always suspicious of Adderall over the years but some friends of mine swear by it, it doesn't really agree with me.
LiamWen (2 years ago)
Hi, I've been on vyvanse for a year come February and although I've noticed side effects mainly appetite and difficulty sleeping from taking it every day, I have to keep taking it because it makes me feel better then I've felt, it was like I was instantly able to clear my thoughts and hear things the way I was supposed to. Further more when I don't take it I feel awesome still, I will still go out for exercise and wake up early unlike before I started taking it. I am up to 50 mg, and I think it helped pull me out of depression as well as help me control my impulse and it no longer sounds like I'm hearing a million people talk at the same time. Socially though I find I am far more self assured, sometimes to a fault which is helpful but also potentially off putting, but on the upside I also think that it has made me more emphatic and energetic about the things I am interested in. As far as feeling not myself, I still feel like myself regardless of whether I am on it or not, I don't really crave it when I'm not and I can't help but think it's doing good for me as my psychologist suggests. I don't know, I am afraid that if I keep going it could fuck me up though.
Dopamine (9 months ago)
LiamWen it's been 2 years, how are you?
Kerri Shaw (3 years ago)
I myself am a person who takes vyvanse, and I believe there isn't any permanent side effects. Now, I am probably different from other takers, but I have a very bad gag reflex, and I gag when I take pills mostly because I am scared of them. It seems like a chore for me to take the pill and forcing myself to take it but I haven't been taking it over the summer or weekends- I feel fine. I only take it for school and I never feel the NEED to take it to feel normal. And let me mention that when people stop taking the medicine, they dont feel themselves because they're so used to to taking it that over a period of time that they aren't used to being back to square one. If you haven't taken it and gone through the symptoms during it, you really don't know or understand the use of it because your'e not the one with the moderate or severe ADHD, and if you have pictures of brains as they do whatever you call "damaging" from this medicine, i'd love to see it because all your'e doing is really talking nonsense unless you can show it bud. And a lot of the time, the people that checked their old facebooks, have grown up and matured more. ofcourse your'e missing something because you have grown up more and learned more.
The_Gaming_Kitty (23 days ago)
Try going to school for months without it
Taylor Ferguson (2 years ago)
+Kerri Shaw I agree; I've been taking adderall for over 3 years now (for ADHD) and I really don't see how anything would be permanent unless you have a very addictive personality and move on to using meth or coke. I never take it over the summer and i rarely take it on weekends, and like you i have never felt the need to take it to feel "normal". There are withdrawal symptoms but those pass.
RioMtl94 (3 years ago)
I used Vyvance for 1 year daily as prescribed.... When I stopped I went through a crippling withdrawal, it was a depression that completely took over me. Even 5-6 months after I feel like Im still not quite 100% but Im much more functional..People need to be really careful with stimulants.
Night King (9 months ago)
RioMtl94 im giviing naturall supplements a shot like l tyrosine and rhodiola, if they arent working, im jumping on vyvanse, i rather take the side effects off vyvanse than have an early parkisons or dementia disorder because i have such a low dopamine level that i cant walk proberply
Xanmax (1 year ago)
RioMtl94 couldn't say it better my self mom pushed a misdiagnosis on me and I moved out that bitch😂
Jay Evans (3 years ago)
Weather or not amphetamines or methlyphenidate cause any permanent changes in the brain is questionable. One reason many amphetamine users report not feeling like them selves after prolonged use is because of receptor down regulation which from my understanding heals over time completely from abstained use. And neuroscientist Carl Hart also challenges the argument that amphetamines will cause any permanent side effects in the brains of humans. He argues that the animal studies were flawed because the amount they used in the experiments where way larger than any human would take. He says that amphetamines being neurotoxic is a factual claim but only in massive doses that no person would consume
Mr. C (2 months ago)
Are you sure that time will heal my brain and I will gain my receptors back? I am 46 years old I didn't start taking Adderall until I was 43 and I abused it for one year straight. I quit taking it immediately and it's been 2 years and I still feel jacked up
What about people with ADHD
Stahpitt (3 years ago)
So essentially what you're saying is, any ADHD medication will have long term dependency. So what would you recommend for somebody like me with ADHD that "Cripples" so to speak my ability to function properly. And are there any Medications for ADHD that don't have such high long term side effects.
Justin Ross (1 year ago)
How much sleep do you get each night? If you can sleep more, do that.
Morning Star (1 year ago)
Grant Huling that's not easy to do when you are depressed from adhd you. Can't even brush your teeth let alone eat healthy
Grant Huling (2 years ago)
It's good to reconsider revamping your nutrition, from the bottom-up. Poor nutrition can contribute to a lot of issues like depression and possibly ADHD (though I'm no doctor).
LiamWen (2 years ago)
+Stahpitt try magic mushrooms. No really google microdosing psilocybin, it's been used to treat adhd before.
Taylor Ferguson (2 years ago)
+Stahpitt try cognitive therapy (no meds required)
huk (3 years ago)
you say damaging . like what kind of damage .I have been locked up in the county jail 6 times.The addiction to nicotine  , caffeine  and sugar is what made me so miserable . I would have traded ten bottles of adderall  and my sister for a pot of coffee, large canister of sugar and a carton of cigarettes . Not once did i think about adderall. If i dont have addy then I'm stupid. I was that way before i took it . Thats why I take it
Ronnie Evers (3 years ago)
omg,,,really,,,lets see how difficult you can make this,,,,its painful
Big Cazza (3 years ago)
i am 15 and i take 50mg of vyvanse and 50mg of setrona, i feel like shit when im on them, they burn my throat
Xanmax (1 year ago)
Big Cazza quit asap
McIntosh Woodruff (3 years ago)
Great video, I'm confused about one thing though. You are saying that the body reacts negatively to the difference in neurotransmitters, but people with A.D.H.D already have a difference in neurotransmitters because norepinephrine and dopamine don't stay around long enough in them. I was under the impression that the stimulant helps keep these neurotransmitters around longer. What your saying sounds like it applies more to people taking these drugs who have a normal brain chemistry (no A.D.H.D), because then the brain would be over flooding with those neurotransmitters rather than offsetting the lack of them.
Samuel Hammons (13 days ago)
McIntosh Woodruff I’m thinking the same thing. I’ve been prescribed for years and I don’t see the lasting neurological effects he’s bringing up because it’s accurately prescribed for me. I think the lasting effects he’s referring to are for people who take it that don’t necessarily need it.
Osmund (3 years ago)
I had a shit time after quitting vyvanse, just got diagnosed at age 23. This is the main question I have tried to look up, and every "reliable/scientific" source(including my psych) basically say no long term effects is proven and so on. My brother said exactly the same as you, but I didn't quite believe him until now. I mean, these pills are paid by the government here in Norway. Given to children and shit, but it might help some despite all the greed. Your channel is very interesting, please keep it up! And try not to die as your friends did. :(
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
+Geir Osmund Aamlid Thanks man, they can be, just like amputating a leg can help, its just depends on if the price is worth the benefits, but to pretend there is no downside is misleading and false. In my opinion the problem at least in the United States, is that school before college is to easy. I went through the whole thing without opening a book, not because I'm smart everyone does, because it was that easy. Lots extra credit, easy tests. Homework doesn't need to be correct. There are people that went to my school who could barely read and graduated. When people finally get to a place where study discipline is needed, its hard, because they have never done it. Its like if someone who never did any sports their whole life were all of a sudden thrown onto a sports team. They will have poor endurance, slow reflexes, weakness, ect. That wouldn't be unexpected, because they have never done it before, and its the same with studying. You wouldn't give everyone steroids, although it would immediately help, because a hormonal deficiency is not the problem, its a lack of training and the side effects are severe. Those deficiencies do exist, but are very rare.  Its the same with these study drugs and like steroids most people after a while end up quitting them, because of the side effects and they realize they just never learned how to train or study properly. Thanks I'll try not to, but I ride a motorbike and there are a lot knuckles driving cars around here, which mean a lot really old people driving around and they'll hunt you down eventually!
James McKenna (3 years ago)
you sir are a very bright individual
cyberlogy (3 years ago)
How about Ritalin/Concerta? It's said that these are neuroprotective rather than neurotoxic. Are there similar permanent side effects as Adderall, etc?
McIntosh Woodruff (3 years ago)
+ONEEZE Well it would have to do with the drug itself because different ADD drugs work in entirely different ways on completely different parts of the brain and have completely different side effects. Some aren't even in the stimulant category.
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
+cyberlogy It doesn't have anything to do with the drug itself. These reactions are the body's reactions to the increased neurotransmitters. Anything that increases the neurotransmitter will give the same effects. The body generally doesn't react to most medications, because it evolved without them and therefore doesn't know to look for them. Most of the time what people think are reactions to a drug are actually the body's reaction to the drug's effects on the body and not the drug. It doesn't matter the compound. Those all natural things remedies people talk about as well will have the same sort of side effects, if it raises those neurotransmitter levels. Its the body reacting to the effects. That is why they have such similar side effect profiles.
Skizzel (3 years ago)
Worth to mention, Shire has published an interesting "Prescribing Information" pdf for vyvanse that is publicly available on their site. Shire has clearly went above and beyond with the info regarding Pharmacokinetics and the toxicity of this drug.  Whats interesting, if you actually take you time to read it all, you will have quite a very different outlook on this drug, than you may have had when the doctor explained and prescribed it you.
Frater Tenc (3 years ago)
+Timmieisblack Could you summarize a bit for me? I'm a Vyvanse addict who gets off with 1-2 week early scripts via dose changes that often for various reasons. The doc seems to go along with it for some reason , even knowing I'm an addict which is weird to me. It's like it's gotten to the point where he'll do anything I ask with the Vyvanse.. he won't rx dexamp or Adderall but still. I'm getting to the point where I'm almost ready to admit my addiction to him (since September) as I'm feeling it's probably having perm. effects on my cardiac health. I get winded just going on a short walk, like severely winded for a minute.
Mark Lester (3 years ago)
Are you talking about routine prescription use or casual abuse, or both? And is it your opinion that use of these things causes permanent damage even after an extended cessation of use, or does the body and brain recover over time? Thanks for the vid
Mark Lester (3 years ago)
sweet thanks for the detailed response man
ONEEZE (3 years ago)
Both, as to the extent who can say. I would recommend you talk to people who have done as you say, used then ceased. Often they will go back on much later and its never like the first time, they will start at a higher dose than the first time they started originally, which would lead one to believe that even in therapeutic quantities there are some permanent effects after cessation. Just as anytime something is damaged, its possible to fix it up pretty good, like a broken leg or knee, but it will never be 100% and this is much more complex, without any medical assistance. How noticeable will vary by individual. I have found that people who have very vibrant personalities, are very creative, or very thoughtful seem to be the most affected by it. More so than people who do things that require less mental agility. People with those type of traits I have found often are the ones who continue to take it, because they feel like they can't get back to where they were with out it.  Again just my observations. Im not saying its bad, its just a tool and the cost may be worth it. I wouldn't take my word for it, I would find people in your life who have taken it, ask them and come to a conclusion from there, but there is little doubt that there are very real effects. Thanks for watching!

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