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Innovator Of The Year Awards - Bett Award Entry

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For more information visit: http://www.cbis.education/ Here are just a few of the reasons why CBiS Education should be the ICT Innovator of the year. Firstly CBiS are pioneering Integrated Engagement Learning™. This brings together everything a teacher needs to teach computing and STEM: 1. The hardware and technology to bring coding to life. 2. The lesson plans, courses and planning tools a teacher needs to deliver the curriculum. 3. CPD training and workshops teachers need to be able to deliver lessons. Secondly CBiS have developed Cardboard 2 Code and Binary Bots - a unique range of affordable cardboard robots which work with the BBC Micro:bit and allow each child to make their own robot and learn to code. Thirdly CBiS have developed TeachingCloud™, a comprehensive cloud-based teaching platform giving teachers everything they need to teach ICT and computing. TeachingCloud™ provides a state-of-the-art scheme of work planning tool mapped to the curriculum which saves a huge amount of preparation. Complete courses and lesson plans with all the resources they need to teach. Underlying all our innovation is our desire to make teaching fun and engaging. We believe that the innovative new products we’ve developed along with incredible cloud-based teaching technology, position us as the ICT Innovator of the Year.
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