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Do you know what is in Monster Energy?

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I describe whats in this magical elixir known as Monster Energy. Chuck Norriss' toe nail clippings? Broch Lesnars tears? None of the above.
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Branden Ferrero (10 months ago)
Jason Voorhees mask
1320fastback (11 months ago)
What is it that your looking at just off to the side of the camera? It is very distracting.
Jeff the Pharmacist (11 months ago)
Right on! My air getting ability needs help.
1320fastback (11 months ago)
Jeff the Pharmacist Ah figured it was someone making faces or the TV. Lol Yeah I ride a 2005 CRF250R with a 1997 KX500 motor and race locally in SoCal. My cornering ability needs help but I'm having fun.
Jeff the Pharmacist (11 months ago)
My notes had trouble remembering all those ingredients. Thanks for watching the video if you got through it. You got a kx500, thats cool as f. I got one too. Green and purrple like the joker. Never raced or anything.

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