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Top 5 Transformers Cars In Real Life 2018

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Cheap Toys ► http://bit.ly/cheapToys Help us get 300.000 subscribers ► https://goo.gl/wqrHvV
Porfirios Guarding This Channel
Harish Chand (1 day ago)
Porfirios. , Guarding T xhis Channel XM the
Vincent Nguyen (1 day ago)
Porfirios Guarding This Channe
Kenneth Monfil (5 days ago)
Porfirios Guarding This Channel hey u!!!!!!!!! Where's the "car" shown in the "thumbnail pic" on this "video" which I didn't saw?
Shoaib Khan (8 hours ago)
It's nice
Thank you for the comment Shoaib Khan
cupcake zionwanga (15 hours ago)
thank u for filling our heads with dreams that won't come true
Thank you for the comment cupcake zionwanga
Magikill GD (17 hours ago)
That guy with the first car is a *savage*
Thank you for the comment Magikill GD
Burak Yıldız (20 hours ago)
Burak FİDAN (8 hours ago)
Thank you for the comment Burak Yıldız
Md Abu Taleb (21 hours ago)
Its super fakeeee
Thank you for the comment Md Abu Taleb
Temir Batyr (1 day ago)
Я че одинешенек тут не российский?
Thank you for the comment Temir Batyr
If flying cars becomes a thing. More landing strips will have to be made. People would need a pilot license and a drivers license. The vechile will need to be register twice as car and plane. I think electric cars on the ground is better than flying cars
Thank you for the comment Aluminum Wire Flowers
Gilson Anacleto (1 day ago)
Show de bola.
Thank you for the comment Gilson Anacleto
Michael Kelley (1 day ago)
Best cars
Thank you for the comment Michael Kelley
Thank you for the comment Abhiram Sahoo Abhiram Sahoo
Lily Richardson (2 days ago)
Pte order now for the small price of one million dollars hint hint not everyone can afford these multi million dollar inventions pal.
Thank you for the comment Lily Richardson
K. Anandsheel Kokane (2 days ago)
Wow what a lovely cars
Thank you for the comment K. Anandsheel Kokane
nady pono (2 days ago)
Fantastico 😯😯😯
Thank you for the comment nady pono
Naimur Rahman Laskar (2 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Naimur Rahman Laskar
raZa Man (2 days ago)
What's the point watching when I can't buy them..
Thank you for the comment raZa Man
HunteЯ (2 days ago)
Lol guy at 0:43 as a helmet on
Thank you for the comment HunteЯ
Sevko Cantekin (2 days ago)
no... i have no car.... and... i like this one as my OC
Sevko Cantekin (2 days ago)
Y re welcome. ^-^
Thank you for the comment Sevko Cantekin
rehman sa (2 days ago)
A👌W👌E👌S👌O👌M👌E😎 S👏U👏P👏E👏R👏B 👏😎E💞X💞C💞E💞L💞L💞E💞N💞T💞 👏😎CARS🎭🚘 🤳👌VIDEOS🚘
Thank you for the comment rehman sa
Faruk Aydin (3 days ago)
Number one letrons👍🏽 made in turkey 😎☺️
Thank you for the comment Faruk Aydin
Rajesh Jhajhriya (3 days ago)
Amazing cars
Thank you for the comment Rajesh Jhajhriya
Caleb Haslam (3 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Caleb Haslam
Ivan Alansyah (3 days ago)
Sangir tenan
Thank you for the comment Ivan Alansyah
Caleb Haslam (3 days ago)
I love your video's
Caleb Haslam (3 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Caleb Haslam
Tips &Tricks (3 days ago)
This happens when you watch lot of cartoon
Thank you for the comment Tips &Tricks
___DerpKing ___ (4 days ago)
The first car is cool but stupid if their is a truck in front of you
___DerpKing ___ (8 hours ago)
This you for making me the hight light comment
Thank you for the comment ___DerpKing ___
cool videos awesome (4 days ago)
Future technologies
Thank you for the comment cool videos awesome
CreativeWork shopGuy (4 days ago)
"Cough" shitty song. "Cough"
Thank you for the comment CreativeWork shopGuy
Cynthia Pattalitan (5 days ago)
So fake not real
BloodFang - Kerem (4 days ago)
letrons Is real
Thank you for the comment Cynthia Pattalitan
Wowww lamborgini now
Thank you for the comment Niyazinin oyun dünyası
Girdhari Lal (5 days ago)
Super fake
Thank you for the comment Girdhari Lal
Anan Zaaa (5 days ago)
3rd fake
Thank you for the comment Anan Zaaa
FireLord 99 (5 days ago)
Only the 2nd one is a transformer!You're garbage!
Thank you for the comment FireLord 99
OyunDersi (6 days ago)
OyunDersi (5 days ago)
yeah bro :D
Thank you for the comment OyunDersi
iFierceleon Lee (6 days ago)
That awkward moment when the antenna get stuck up in your ... 😬
Thank you for the comment iFierceleon Lee
Marco Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Marco Rodriguez
Zulfqar Ali (6 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Zulfqar Ali
krisnalin fellyano (7 days ago)
Thank you for the comment krisnalin fellyano
Mathilda Turina (7 days ago)
Ç est fabuleux
Thank you for the comment Mathilda Turina
Amin Salim (7 days ago)
عاجل يا اصدقاء ربحت ايفون من موقع Rob7ak 😍 انا ربحت هاتف ايفون 8 الجديد و3 من اصدقائي ربحو لتربح هاتف انت ايضا اكتب في🔍 جوجل Rob7ak وادخل للموقع الاول الموقع له مصدقية ☑ من جوجل ونسبة الربح كبيرة أانا حبيت افيدكم اكتبو في جوجل Rob7ak وادخلو اول موقع 🔥 الهاتف يصلك مجانا حتى المنزل .
Thank you for the comment Amin Salim
Asanda Thabethe (7 days ago)
Unbelievable !!!!!
Thank you for the comment Asanda Thabethe
Team MafiaTR (7 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Team MafiaTR
J Clar (8 days ago)
Rather than spend the same amount of $ that would support a village in Zimbabwe for 2 yrs, build a car that can get me 7 Lanes ahead in traffic
Thank you for the comment J Clar
Rahul Raj (8 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Rahul Raj
Akash Kori (8 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Akash Kori
Nicholas Alexander (8 days ago)
I wish they could work like the transformers in the movies But very cool
Thank you for the comment Nicholas Alexander
Freebricklaying T.A (8 days ago)
Flying out is like a beautiful day dreaming yet it's good to feel free .
Thank you for the comment Freebricklaying T.A
Arzoo Ansari (9 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Arzoo Ansari
Arzoo Ansari (9 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Arzoo Ansari
Reign Mamuyac (10 days ago)
wow amazing wow magic
Thank you for the comment Reign Mamuyac
PHILIP JHome (10 days ago)
how much a airomobile
Thank you for the comment PHILIP JHome
Eduardoo 501 (10 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Eduardoo 501
Miklós Molnár (10 days ago)
6:10 that is hungary on the map screen #magyarok
Thank you for the comment Miklós Molnár
Mona Nagar (10 days ago)
fake video
Thank you for the comment Mona Nagar
DJ RED (11 days ago)
0:24 like a boss😎
Thank you for the comment DJ RED
Loy Nas Bong Bong Subscribe Nhom Puog Ok
Thank you for the comment R Club Thai 2018 MrZz Rak On The Mix
AndroiX Gaming (12 days ago)
Pue lcaca
Thank you for the comment AndroiX Gaming
GamerDudeFTW (12 days ago)
Thank you for the comment GamerDudeFTW
Holly Cox (12 days ago)
I have seen the hum already and letrons
Holly Cox (6 days ago)
Porfirios Guarding This Channel your welcome I guess
Subo pakhira (7 days ago)
Holly Cox 0
Thank you for the comment Holly Cox
猫ちゃん6017 (12 days ago)
We're getting closer to the future~ can't wait!
Thank you for the comment 猫ちゃん6017
Esteban David Mena (12 days ago)
ese robot mas falso que este comentario 2:30
Thank you for the comment Esteban David Mena
Esteban David Mena (12 days ago)
Esteban David Mena (12 days ago)
esos por que todos son o plástico o fotoshop
Jashmeer Rampearie (12 days ago)
Number 1 you will get your ass beat you do that in South Africa... Taxi drivers will whoop you try that stunt. Man anyone here actually will lay you out for that and while your ass be KO you stand a chance of getting robbed too.
Thank you for the comment Jashmeer Rampearie
immrnoidall (12 days ago)
1st one;rubber tires that slide sideways on the tared street? i call fake. so title is fake.
Thank you for the comment immrnoidall
yusuf mirza aktaş (12 days ago)
letrons is made by turkishs engineer lol
Thank you for the comment yusuf mirza aktaş
Simone y Giosue Biagi (12 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Simone y Giosue Biagi
Darwin Bello (12 days ago)
La biblia dice q en los últimos días la ciencia del hombre aumentaría
Darwin Bello (12 days ago)
Porfirios Guarding This Channel u welcome. God bless you.
Thank you for the comment Darwin Bello
Block Dude (13 days ago)
First ones illegal af lmao
Thank you for the comment Block Dude
pprotory (13 days ago)
Was I the only one that thought Gee this first vid looks like the opening to a road rage crime scene.
Thank you for the comment pprotory
Saddam Hussain (14 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Saddam Hussain
micah Keiyzer BrumUK (14 days ago)
@0:37 the car couldn't make it over the pick up so the camera view changed lol
Thank you for the comment micah Keiyzer BrumUK
Jacob Lim (14 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Jacob Lim
XMattingly (14 days ago)
Uh, yeah... the poorly animated Lamborghini isn’t “in real life” as your title suggests, butthead. And way to keyword spam this video’s description, lol
Adeniyi Aderibigbe (14 days ago)
I want one
Thank you for the comment Adeniyi Aderibigbe
reski nursyam (14 days ago)
Jangan mi beli i karna jele bodok
Thank you for the comment reski nursyam
Kris Warner (14 days ago)
The Lamborghini was fake news
Thank you for the comment Kris Warner
Boxertheorist (14 days ago)
Imagine being the first guy, everyone will fuckin hate you
Thank you for the comment Boxertheorist
Shamim Ahmed (14 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Shamim Ahmed
mohd meraj khan (14 days ago)
Thank you for the comment mohd meraj khan
Musarraf Alam (14 days ago)
wooooooow wonder full
Thank you for the comment Musarraf Alam
gkid 99 (14 days ago)
#1 when she says she's home alone but it's rush hour...
Thank you for the comment gkid 99
Brothers In Arms (14 days ago)
3:17 now that is impressive
Thank you for the comment Brothers In Arms
FALCON N (14 days ago)
2.40 as bayrakları TR <3
FALCON N (14 days ago)
Np bro
Thank you for the comment FALCON N
Rohit Solanki (15 days ago)
that food video
Thank you for the comment Rohit Solanki
Rohit Solanki (15 days ago)
A TRUE GAMER (15 days ago)
I think 2nd, 3rd nd 4th one was fake but it's looks so real I can't take a decision plz help me which was real nd which was fake or maybe all was fake
Thank you for the comment A TRUE GAMER
Mayuri Rane (15 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Mayuri Rane
Thank you for the comment RIN.マイクラYOU霊.
Create Logic (15 days ago)
Great video!
Thank you for the comment Create Logic
David Kumar (15 days ago)
Awes wow
Thank you for the comment David Kumar
Imdad Hussain (15 days ago)
Nice car
Thank you for the comment Imdad Hussain
Alice Mark (15 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Alice Mark
CinCin playlist ROMA (15 days ago)
Wow wow wow
suraj Chauhan (15 days ago)
CinCin playlist ROMA hgwhj
Thank you for the comment CinCin playlist ROMA
WarLord 529 (15 days ago)
That first car is probably the biggest fuck you on earth.
Thank you for the comment WarLord 529
Sweetchilliheat18 (16 days ago)
I want to see the boston dynamics/darpa versions. Submarine/jet Boat/jeep Humanoid/jet So manny scary millitary applications, a small drone sub/jet combo would dominate
Thank you for the comment Sweetchilliheat18
Madelin De Leo (16 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Madelin De Leo
Murad K. (16 days ago)
Thank you for the comment Murad K.
Kenne Divin (16 days ago)
I love love... It so mush
Thank you for the comment Kenne Divin
Azariyah Israel (17 days ago)
A wheelicopter lol
Thank you for the comment Azariyah Israel
rony Banerjee (17 days ago)
I like transformer very much
rony Banerjee (15 days ago)
I want another video of different types of transformer
rony Banerjee (15 days ago)
rony Banerjee (15 days ago)
Marco Scalici (16 days ago)
rony Banerjee
Thank you for the comment rony Banerjee
丸山彩 (17 days ago)
丸山彩 (16 days ago)
Thank you BOOMERANG comment
Thank you for the comment 丸山彩

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