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The Drugs Game of Thrones Characters Should Take

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Made a silly video about some drugs that might benefit the main characters in the seven kingdoms.
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Kita Krimson (1 year ago)
You might believe linking your silly video on a site about a very serious topic is amusing but wasting my time or anyone else's simply to pander views is in my humble opinion, ridiculous! I've taken this medication for 22 years and to suddenly not be able to obtain it, is extremely dangerous to my health! Not a funny situation.
Jeff the Pharmacist (1 year ago)
Sry this is the video I meant to post there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzEW5PSlHpk . Blaze doesn't let you delete stuff. It is about the atenolol shortage and the combo products Atenolol - HCTZ.

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