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Rip Off Medications: Dymista

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Maeve Wright (4 months ago)
In the UK, on the NHS - FREE!!
Maeve Wright (4 months ago)
In the UK, on the NHS - FREE!!
Mario Licastro (7 months ago)
Italy 36€
Nidal Shehadeh (11 months ago)
Duexis Be careful with this medication aft I want on it I had problem voiding meaning going to the toilet , and right now I am having blood in the semen , this medication needs a serious look
Agent Smith (11 months ago)
I paid $60 AUD .
Off/Load (1 year ago)
Dymista D here in mexico is 23 dlls.
deltadivajp (2 years ago)
Azekastine alone triggered migraines but the Dymista didn't and it has helped my allergies. I wouldn't mind the cheaper alternative but i definitely don't want more migraines.
X Gen (2 years ago)
Yeah I just had a WTF!! moment too at the chemist cash register. $53 AUD for this Dymista stuff. Never heard of it until today. Had my first dose about 20 minutes ago, my mouth tastes like a mix of morning breath and cough medicine.. blech. Hasn't done shit for my symptoms yet. It better really impress me, like it better clear my nose, relieve the burning inflammed tissue, reduce the itchy watering eyes, paint my house and wash my fucking car.. Or I'm going to have a stern talk to the silly git who prescribed this expensive junk.
X Gen (2 years ago)
+mavfps Yeah I've had a go at everything else too, only to achieve fattening up the chemists wallet. Chemist staff like to play doctor without knowing really knowing anything about your condition. That's another thing, the cost of all these medications. And they're only designed for temporary use, but I have to take them everyday to maintain some degree of normality as I'm sure you can appreciate. I hope the dymista works out well for you. Cheers.
mavfps (2 years ago)
+X Gen i don't think i necessarily have ens since i don't have cold or burning sensation when breathing, asma and some other symptoms that ens suffers often complain, is mainly the pnd that is caused by the perennial rhinitis, because before the surgery i used to sneeze all the time but now i don't sneeze so the mucus is going directly to the throat. I've tried every medication out there, nasonex, anti-histamines, and while they do reduce the mucus they also make it thick and hard to remove, recently i started using nasal rinse with pulmicort and it has shown some help along with dymista
X Gen (2 years ago)
+mavfps Oh no.. That's not the first time I've heard of turbinate reduction surgery resulting in pnd and ens or empty nose syndrome. These kinds of problems are a constant drag on life, so I empathize. It'll be interesting to see what my ENT will make of it, but I'll need to tread carefully I think. What medications are you taking that help your symptoms?
mavfps (2 years ago)
Sad to hear, i've never had pnd my entire life, but 10 months ago i made a turbinate reduction surgery and since then i have a severe thick pnd all day and it has been killing me,
X Gen (2 years ago)
+mavfps Hi. No unfortunately it didn't have any noticeable effect at all, except for making my mouth taste horrible. Everyone's different though so it might help you I don't know. My Doc suspects there may be structural issues which is the root cause of the chronic drainage, allergies and infections problem. I'm going to see an ENT specialist, so I'm hopeful for a resolution.
mike evans (3 years ago)
I paid $39 AUD today for Dynista. I thought that was a rip off.

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