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Lets have a look at some old auto repair manuals

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I have two Chilton's auto repair manuals one covers 1940~1953 the other covers 1954~1963. Back when cars had CLASS and a guy could repair his own car in his back yard.
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cariboubill (7 years ago)
Bill, I had a 49 Stude Champ, a 51 V8 Commander and 2 53 V8 coupes. That Champion got 25 MPG. but it would use a quart of oil at the same time. Bought my oil by gallons rather than quarts. But, my V8s were great engines, I think the '53 Stude coupe was the best looking car ever designed. Thanks for stirring up old memories. ...Bill
tb40ford (7 years ago)
Bill I agree with everything you say. I do have to think of getting in an original old car and taking a 7 or 800 mile trip. Wow the newer cars are comfortable for cross country. I do love the styling and mechanics of the vintage automobiles. . My first car was a 1946 Ford Ford 2 door sedan.My Dad said he would buy it for me if it was a coupe. I was led to believe it was a coupe. When we got it home it was a sedan. My Dad flipped out. happened in 1986 $ 1000 I was with a friend not Dad.
coolbluelights (7 years ago)
ugh I've been burned before buying cars, I bought a '96 VW Jetta 3 years ago for $1300 at night and it was way more rusted out than I thought, had all sorts of electrical problems etc and I ended up selling it for $500 but I got a good deal on my current '97 Ford escort wagon, best car i've ever owned! Those manuals are fun to read I do all the work I can on my car and I always get a manual when I get a new car. I agree with you about old cars and class! now they all look the same!
ncautoman57 (7 years ago)
I still own all my old Motors and Chiltons manuals. I have them from the 1930's up to the 1980s. I enjoyed the memories. Thanks
Barnekkid (7 years ago)
The older Chiltons guides were really good. They had good instructons, pictures, and drawings. I purchased one recently covering the 2000 Chevy Blazer and the book was crappy. No sketches, just vague information and lousy b&w pictures that you can just barely see. Damn book was expensive too.
thisisunreal1 (7 years ago)
Well Bill, I was born in 67 but, my project car is almost 10 years older than me. It's a 58 Plymouth Belvedere, 4 door pillared car that spent it's life in Alberta (no salt!!). It's got a 318 V8 (313 by Canadian standards) with the push button tranny. Interior needs to be replaced & I'm going to have the motor rebuilt but, the body & frame are solid & I have 90% of the trim. Very little bodywork. Hopefully, I'll be cruising the boulevard in the next couple of years with it. Cheers!
risraelsen (7 years ago)
"angry" was supposed to be "a guy"
risraelsen (7 years ago)
The cars were simple mechanical machines that angry like me could fix. I work on '50s motorbikes for this very reason. Nice video.
xle5363 (7 years ago)
Hey Bill what was the best car you ever owned?
MrGoosePit (7 years ago)
Thanks for the memories Bill. I've had a few old Chilton's Manuals. I remember how covered in grease they ended up. Lots of fun working on cars back in the day. Remember when you could open a hood and actually see the street underneath?

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