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Early Signs of Bronchitis - Bronchitis Symptoms Don't Ignore These

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Don't Ignore These Early Symptoms of Bronchitis Like, Comment, Subscribe and invite all your friends to see our videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfR3Y90G-fFDYI6i7E7xPBQ Signs and Symptoms of Bronchitis, Bronchitis Treatment The first sign of bronchitis is usually a persistent dry cough (associated with an upper respiratory infection). Eventually, coughing brings up sputum from the lungs that may be thin, clear, and white. As infection progresses, the sputum becomes thick and yellow, green, or brown. A thick, pus-filled discharge suggests a bacterial infection. Other symptoms include the following: - Burning pain, wheezing, and crackling in the chest - Painful and difficult breathing - Malaise (generally feeling unwell) - Low-grade fever (101ºF–102ºF) Insomnia can develop with persistent nighttime coughing. Symptoms usually last 3 to 7 days; a dry cough commonly persists several weeks after the infection resolves. Complications of Bronchitis Left untreated, acute bronchitis can occasionally progress to pneumonia and chronic bronchitis, particularly in people with suppressed immune systems or lung disease. Chronic bronchitis is associated with long-term constriction of airways, bacterial infection, and other diseases, including asthma, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Bronchitis Diagnosis Diagnosis is made by the health care provider taking a careful history of symptoms and performing a physical examination. A stethoscope is used to listen to the lungs. If symptoms are prolonged or severe, a chest x-ray may be performed to check for a more serious condition. Treatment for Bronchitis Viral bronchitis usually resolves without treatment. Increasing fluid intake helps reduce congestion and is necessary when fever is present. Rest is also helpful, and fever and back and muscle pain may be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol). Over-the-counter cough suppressants and expectorants and steamy showers can temporarily relieve symptoms by thinning mucus and opening airways, allowing for easier expulsion of mucus. Bacterial bronchitis is treated with antibiotics, such as tetracycline, erythromycin, and amoxicillin (in children), depending on the causative bacteria. Side effects of these medications are usually mild and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Prevention of Bronchitis Good hygiene can reduce the spread of viral infection. Immunizations against influenza and pertussis can reduce the risk for bacterial bronchitis. Avoiding smoking cigarettes, second-hand smoke, and heavy fumes can hasten recovery, because the lungs' task of filtering pollutants is made easier. {The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information. we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need}.
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Text Comments (34)
Fangirling109 (1 month ago)
Text to speech Smh
best lecture on the pharmacology of alcohol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03K7dH2JB_c&t=13s
Hannah King (2 months ago)
Yup I'm totally exhausted, been coughing for weeks and everything hurts. Got diagnosed at statcare. So sick
heng kimhong (2 months ago)
what sigh different between bronchitis and bronchiolit!
richard coulson (4 months ago)
I thought I had bronchitis, then I realized I’m allergic to fucking robot voices.....
Kevin Giron (6 months ago)
I'll buy anyone's codeine for a good price lmk
Dave Jones (6 months ago)
I blame pharmaceutical industry making these things in the lab. It's a money maker.
B. Christine (7 months ago)
How do you know if it's viral or bacterial????
Lorinda * Zandberg (7 months ago)
I had bronchitis 1 year ago and it was so bad because after a week of me feeling sick my mom took me to the doctor because i always just got sinus and it normally whrnt away after 10 days but when it didn't we went to the doctor. Got to the doctor but not my normal house doctor. So he then gave me som sinus medication without listening to my lungs 🤦 then after i think 5 days of me not feeling better and sounding like an walrus at night my mom took me to my house doctor. After seconds when he walked in and i cough he knew i had bronchitis. He had me send to an emergency xray when it came back the hole right lung was white. So he then put me on the strongest antibiotics that he could give me. I was treated with thim for like 10 days and then a nother 10 days. After that my mom and brother also got bronchitis but not my dad that smokes.. At this time i wad 16 and my doctor just wanted me in hospital because i had so much long damage but i could not go because it wad june exam. Now a year later every time its hummed or i am in a place with a water cooler i get the same bubbely, crakeling feeling in my chest.
Mohammad Nawaz (3 months ago)
Lorinda * Zandberg same problem
rosemary matina (8 months ago)
I have found the truth know
Michael Mell (8 months ago)
There were nipple rings in that one lung x-ray...
Last name First name (2 months ago)
Sweet Dreams It’s common.
98 weirdo._. (9 months ago)
I have a cough and sore throat also my throat itches when I breath also my chest hurts do i have bronchitis
Voycho (9 months ago)
I got it I get chest pains every day
BizarreAbc 123 (10 months ago)
I have all the systems
Irene Karen (10 months ago)
I got bronchitis..i took antibiotics and it will finish today as i have to take it for 7 days..i feel better now,but still im coughing sometimes??why is that?
Kareena Fahim (10 days ago)
Try to detox your livers and u will be fine . MIX 1 TBS OF VINGER WITH SALT ,LEMON DRINK IT
a Patel (1 month ago)
Irene Karen Morning
Truth B Told (1 month ago)
It takes a while for the cough to go away. Your lungs were irritated for a while, it just takes time to get back to normal.
Lord W.S. (10 months ago)
I usually get healed very quickly after having cough. But idk wtf is happening in 2018... I recently got better from a viral influeza.. But its been a week my dry is not improving. Im so scared !!!!!!! I dont wanna be a chronic bronchitic .
angelfirelite (5 months ago)
Chem trails killing us....
Zach (8 months ago)
Lord W.S. It’s the bio warfare lmaooo...nah I feel ya Lord, I think my Upper Respiratory is turning into Bronchitis, probs gonna call my Dr...hope everything is better!
Fionna Farrar (11 months ago)
I have had these systems since winter started and I still have em
A_Wise_Young_Man (11 months ago)
Me too. I've been feeling like death for two weeks. Apparently I have acute bronchitis. I feel so sick.
Fionna Farrar (11 months ago)
I have some of these simptoms
rdl prods (1 year ago)
yup I've got bronchitis. chest pains started last night smh
Reda Lhioui (8 months ago)
I have it for 4 years now
La Sportie (10 months ago)
rdl prods Aid
Fionna Farrar (11 months ago)
Goth Bitch but if I’m ill I don’t
Fionna Farrar (11 months ago)
Goth Bitch I drink one glass a day normally
BAT DOLL (11 months ago)
Fionna Farrar milk usally causes mucus but when your sick it's best not to drink so much

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