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Knife how to

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Butterfly knife how to. No sound for done off my digital camera but anyone can figure it out.
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NICKSTIB (9 years ago)
no its got dif handles and dif blade
ikra (11 years ago)
Graeme Cochrane (11 years ago)
Should be Titles "How to Lose a Finger"
tamrix (11 years ago)
moral of the video: keept knifes away from hands when swinging them widly about
Soreth (11 years ago)
I don't get it, politicans ban it, and so what? Don't give a cop reasons to frisk you, that's all... ... Largefilipino, the latch drop open can work reliably if someone practices not only for the opening but calculates "working capacity" after opening.. For me, a latch drop ends in a thumb-reinforced pikal grip... nice vid btw... :D
Igor Cabbab (12 years ago)
Squadron Shoppe (Cubao na ata, wala na sa Greenhills). Sa Hahn sa mga SM meron din.
Z0MGitsandrea (12 years ago)
dude i want a butterfly knife. haha.
BlackTalon53 (12 years ago)
This pisses me off, all Balisongs were outlawed in Germany two years ago...f****ing know-nothing politicians.
Chaosedge (12 years ago)
Chill96 (12 years ago)
Finally! a useful video! Better than any how-to book! Thank You.
Pedro Couceiro (12 years ago)
argh, my finger!

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