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History of Sanitary Pads

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To the ladies out there, a lot of you have been using sanitary pads for a good part of your lives, but have you wondered about how pads have evolved over the years? We are thankful to be working with SOFY, the No. 1 brand in Japan, and will be conducting a giveaway of their latest range - the SOFY Cooling Fresh, which will provide you with a Real Cool Sensation while you go about your day! All you got to do is to comment below as to why you want to try out the SOFY Cooling Fresh, and we will pick 3 winners! We will also like to thank everyone for participating in our previous giveaway! Congratulations to the following for winning the Uniqlo Wireless Bras! Guo Xin Yue (Genna) Rachel Tay Joylet Laurel Find us on Instagram: Ryan - https://www.instagram.com/nightowlcinematics Sylvia - https://www.instagram.com/sylsylnoc Aiken - https://www.instagram.com/aikenchia/ Deekosh - https://www.instagram.com/deekosh/ Sikeen - http://www.instagram.com/chansikeen Aurelia - http://www.instagram.com/aureliahathaway Joanna - http://www.instagram.com/joannalhs Grace - https://www.instagram.com/gracelsyy/ Nixie - https://www.instagram.com/nixieangel/ Rachel - https://www.instagram.com/iamrachelwan/ Nina - https://www.instagram.com/ninatsf Sherri - https://www.instagram.com/sherriashlee/ Charlene - http://www.instagram.com/kiewc Anna - http://www.instagram.com/anna_en/ Franster - http://instagram.com/fransterwong Victoria - https://www.instagram.com/victoriacheng/ Julian - https://www.instagram.com/juliantaytm/ Zijie - https://www.instagram.com/raozijie/ Click This. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=alozerk SUPPORT US ON PATREON! https://www.patreon.com/noc FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/nightowlcinematics EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at sylvia@noc.com.sg VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.noc.com.sg TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/RyanSylviaNOC ADDRESS Kent Ridge Post Office PO Box 1049 Singapore 911102 NOC PARTNERS Cathay Photo - http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/ MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/ Shunji Matsuo - http://www.shunjimatsuo.com.sg/ Flesh Imp - http://shop.fleshimp.com IMBA - https://www.facebook.com/IMBAinteractive?fref=ts TopGear PC - https://www.topgearpc.com / Bosch - https://www.bosch-home.com.sg/ Aftershock - https://www.aftershockpc.com/ OUTRO SONG Darren Ashley - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJZq4bADmW0 Disclaimer: While we respect everybody's views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you're gonna be butt-hurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humor, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! :) Thank you! Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia
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Ryan Sylvia (7 months ago)
SOFY is holding an event over this weekend (26 & 27 May) at Watsons Takashimaya! Drop by to catch Sylvia in person from 5PM - 7PM!
Queen Mythalix (7 months ago)
Ryan Sylvia can you do history of make ups please
Jessica Long Mei Yun (7 months ago)
I wanna win necause it is worth fighting for these pads and i can finally return my friends good pads kekekek
Rachel Tan (7 months ago)
Sylvia I want to win it cause I want to try a new brand of pads other than always using the same old slimguard. Also when Rachel described about SOFY's pad it sounded like it is very comfortable. If u let me win, then THANKS SO MUCH! ~Rachel❤~
AR .R (7 months ago)
I would the pad cause right honestly hor my period come only 2 times a year and every time hor come ah very painful and i always use pad ah that is very hot one leh i wanna try the new pad let me win lehhhh
Eileen Siak (7 months ago)
Dear Spotlight, i would like to win this give away as my birthday present .. lol.. DOB 28th May You csn chk my ic.. hehe.. but yea, its a gd new pdt worth fighting for. TIA..
Leepheng Leepheng (12 hours ago)
1:16 anyone realised that there was lipstick stain on her teeth or is it just me
Jaymee Rose De Ungria (11 days ago)
I love this!!
Rose petals Nicole (11 days ago)
Can you do history of nail polish?
Megan Rei Ong (19 days ago)
Omg Rachel had lipstick on her teeth!
Nora Norie! (21 days ago)
My favorite part is where Qing Qiu use the rabbit skin to clean her sweat 😹😹😹
Nationally GT (26 days ago)
I told my sister to be cheapskate and use a tissue instead of pads....but now I know why....
Violinist clarinetist (26 days ago)
Taylor Goodall (29 days ago)
history of makeup
Taylor Goodall (1 month ago)
Sylvia: these pads make it easier for your period hor Frances,Elizabeth,Quin qui: -gasps-
Taylor Goodall (1 month ago)
history of lipstick!!!
kwaii slimemaker (1 month ago)
can you pleaseeee do a another of these kind of videos! I love ur channel!
Leon Chua (1 month ago)
Calisa Loveable (1 month ago)
Did no one realize that Jessica's teeth had lipstick stains?
Yu En Lim (1 month ago)
Simply Pokelogical I did
Mi Max (1 month ago)
wings like birds
Hi It's Ying Zi (1 month ago)
6:57 its good that you have friends 😂😂😂😂 . Did she just roast her ?
Sakura Nayoma (1 month ago)
Can u do history of lingerie
c (1 month ago)
uh but i’ve heard that fragrances aren’t good for vaginas. someone care to educate me on this?
yes yes (1 month ago)
History of Condoms next. Lol
rainie ong (2 months ago)
More of this kind vid
Chin Jie Yee (2 months ago)
Lets appreciate how much effort Rachel gave in this video.:)LOVE U
Mc Kenna (2 months ago)
I use Rachel's type. Comfy.
Boneywolf de (2 months ago)
tampons are a thing
holi daes (2 months ago)
love the French one tho HAHA
Wang Felicia (3 months ago)
Rachel is my fav actress AHAHHA Monica is your friend? Is good that u have friends
KOH SOONHEE (3 months ago)
Omg Sylvia looks damn chio
Elizabeth+Jessica=World War lll😂😂😂
pototo (3 months ago)
I got an advert for pads before this video played hahaha
Rais Dariq (3 months ago)
During the 14th century, MALAYS populated what is now Singapore. Not Chinese people during the Yuan dynasty.
Nadya Tan Hui En (4 months ago)
I really admire Rachel. She can play different people in one video. Must really be grateful that Rachel is in NOC if not there wouldn’t be history of women products.
Mikaela. Nel (5 months ago)
~WiNgS LiKe BiRd~
KOH SOONHEE (5 months ago)
Seriously women were so disgraced back in the time of the Chinese one
Sophie Poh (5 months ago)
Do history of shoes
Kpop Love (5 months ago)
Is there a history of make up?
Ashy -san (5 months ago)
Plz history of toilets XD I wanna see the toilets back then and how react
Jimin's lost Jams (5 months ago)
"Blood and sweat" Me:Nae pitam numal
omgshh (5 months ago)
Please do history of condoms O shet
Davenn (5 months ago)
The ang moh accent is just cringee
Kpop Corn (5 months ago)
Did i hear blood,sweat! Bs&t!
Michelle Ng San Ching (6 months ago)
History of make up?
Michelle O (6 months ago)
Do a history of boys' athletic supporters and jockstraps lol
fangirl of got7 x twice (6 months ago)
Hey Spotlight, i really would like to win this giveaway because im always finding a suitable pad that will keep me fresh for the whole day as im in a sports cca. During my that time of the month, things get really uncomfortable because i sweat the whole day and it is very humid, hence i would like to try out these cooling pads so that when im physically active, not only it is refreshing and comfortable, but also maintain a good personal hygiene.
Toxic Aura (6 months ago)
History of sex
I am a banana (7 months ago)
Ffs I really want those pads😐😐😐
omg this qing qiu lol WINGS LIKE BIRD 😂
Jovitha Krishnan (7 months ago)
Is the fur fake
Cecilia Ngai (7 months ago)
You know,you can reduce the number of pads used a day by changing one big one in the morning and add a smaller one on top. When you need to change the pad, you can just remove the small one on top and change it. When the blood leaks out of the small one, it can still be “caught” in the bigger one (but you don’t need to change the big one that many times because the blood on it is just a little). Smaller pads are also cheaper so you can use more cheaper ones than waste the expensive ones all at once . It may be a little unhygienic but you can still change the big one after a longer time.
Phoebe Chan (7 months ago)
Ok... Rachel/ Rachael, TELL ME WHERE U BUY UR PAD! I NEES IT
jungkooks ding dong (7 months ago)
Winnie Goh (7 months ago)
Akashi Kei (7 months ago)
The English so like ang mo so nice and comfortable to listen and learn 😂
Jessica Teng (7 months ago)
I wanna try these pads because in Malaysia it is so hot and I would like to try if it is really a cooling pad
Raeanne Ho (7 months ago)
I want it cos I want a cooling feeling down there
Queen Mythalix (7 months ago)
Sylvia can you make history of make ups pls...... i love it so much....
Eunice Leong (7 months ago)
Cause we need to cool ourselves down in hot humid Singapore! 😭 never tried something like that before, always using the conventional pads. This will be great!
MILK_N_ COOKIES (7 months ago)
Haha lol
Bro (7 months ago)
Kind Kaylee (7 months ago)
Does anyone remember Rachel from Trevmonki? Only me? Ok
Shirley Lin (7 months ago)
Hi noc:) thanks for the educating video on the evolution of pads. I would hope to win the sofy cooling fresh pad because I would like to try it out and recommend it to all my friends and family if it is good. Comfort is the top most concern for all girls during their period!
Moon Light (7 months ago)
Make more video about history NOC😂😂
Shelby (7 months ago)
I want to win these pads as i suffer from a condition called menorrhagia which is a heavy bleeding disorder. My periods always last 8-13 days and they are horrible!! Horrible cramps and heavy bleeding.....cant handle it! And i also have to change my pads every 2-3 hrs and its rlly horrible!Sry i dont mean to make periods sound so bad!😅. I also have to buy like 6 or 7 packets of maxi pads so.....yep rly horrible! Ok sry if this is tmi but anyways those who are suffering the same fate as me,stay strong!☺
deb kek (7 months ago)
Hi! I wanna try out these pads because I have always been using many different brands and when I sweat alot down there I think I stained myself (but thats not the case!) and I have never tried one that actually keeps me from worrying the whole day if I have a red patch on my pants ahah!! If these are as cooling as they sound it will really help me alot!! Also, pads aren't very cheap and being a broke student, buying pads really take up quite a sum of cash 🤧🤧 So I hope I win hehe
deb kek (7 months ago)
Rachel Wan Spotlight NOC Hi! I have dropped you a message with my username @faborah
Rachel Wan Spotlight NOC (7 months ago)
deb kek Hello! If you are from Singapore, drop us a message on IG, @spotlightnoc ! (:
雨〥KL진우 (7 months ago)
do history of condoms plzz
Xin Chuan (7 months ago)
Do history of men/women fashion pls :))))))
summer summers (7 months ago)
Disposable pads since 1988 only?!?!? Pulease do your homework Lah!!! Or ask people!! That's bull shit. Disposable pads have been around since 1888!!!!! NOT 1988!!!!! And it was definitely available in sg way way before 1988 puleassse!!!!! Millennials seem to think life and the world only started 30 years ago hahaha!!!
Ashlie Shi (7 months ago)
这个Monica 是你的朋友啊?
Ashlie Shi (7 months ago)
Lmao this is Super funny and informative😂
YZL1000 (7 months ago)
I have sensitive skin and I always get abrasion from pads. It can get really painful and annoying sometimes and the cooling fresh may help to relieve my problems. I really wish to try them out before using.
Pixel unicorn (7 months ago)
Do one on condoms pls
A Wee (7 months ago)
I would like to try the SOFY Cooling Fresh because it would be interesting and cool (haha) to feel how the cooling technology works! Its features seem to go a long way in making those few days easier so am excited to try it! Have always enjoyed using pads because, in my opinion, they are less of a hassle compared to tampons. Am actually in the midst of trying out various sanitary products, so these SOFY pads might be a personal game-changer!
Ayusha Thapa (7 months ago)
I actually want to try it, the way it was explained sounds a lot comfy. All the good pads are expensive and the one's that aren't have given me some bad bad experience.
Kh (7 months ago)
I want to win cuz got the cooling thingy. And also don't need to change so many times. And it doesnt leak very easily. I really hope i win though. Thks!
Bee Geok Ong (7 months ago)
As my work requires me to be in the outdoors often, I often feel stuffy and uncomfortable during my period due to the hot and stuffy climate in Singapore. Hence, I would like to try SOFY Cooling Fresh to relieve stuffy discomfort and so that I can feel fresh all day and concentrate better at my work. Furthermore, I do not have to fear about leaking or not being able to ind toliet to change my pad with the Superior Absorption!
Belle Bie (7 months ago)
I want to use these pads because I heard that sofy is a good brand but a bit pricy, so that is why
eataeroplanes (7 months ago)
Tiffany Tedany (7 months ago)
I want to try the 70s one 😂😂😂
Green Lime (7 months ago)
History on cosmetics
Solar Panels (7 months ago)
history of panties pls😂
Do history of swimsuits and Jessica’s tooth got some lipstick
Petrina Ng (7 months ago)
Hello Spotlight! I would like to win the giveaway because I have never tried sofy’s products before. My mum is the one who buys the sanitary pads all the time however she’s really skeptical about trying brands that she haven’t used before. By giving me a chance to win this giveaway, I’ll let my mum know about how much benefits the new product from sofy can provide! Especially the girls in our always tend to get rashes down there all the time. Hope that I’ll be able to win this giveaway, thank you!
Angela Tan (7 months ago)
Hi Sylvia, I’m hoping to win this Sofy pad as I wanted to try for a new brand & with the cooling sensation hoping it would ease my Mense cramp n also there is serveral layers to absorb my heavy flow. Thanks! :)
Meiqi Kae (7 months ago)
Omg Sylvia, loved this episode!! Never knew they once used rabbit fur....... can't imagine the germs down there LOL. I hope I'm picked to win the new Sofy products, I just had the time of the month and had the worst days ever. The weather was so warm and I had rashes down there and it was so damn painful and yet I still had to wear pads on... it was not helping at all and even making it worse day by day.. and I keep switching from brands to find the best one for me, till now not yet found.. I hope to try out Sofy and pray it's the best solution to my allergy skin :( hope for no more rashes and pain ;-; it even hurts to walk around hurrhurr
Diamunds (7 months ago)
Why does Elizabeth looked beaten?
Licht Von Edelweiss (7 months ago)
I stop bleeding... ever since my surgery
Licht Von Edelweiss (7 months ago)
MutatedCheeseVlogs it's just a normal laparoscopic cholecystectomy (keyhole gallbladder surgery) due to my surgery it cause my sudden weight gain and that causes hormonal changes, that's why it stop.
Shelby (7 months ago)
Licht Von Noblesse Orden wah what type of surgery did u get? So good sial,sry i damn kapo
Clara Choo (7 months ago)
I would love to win the giveaway bcos I always buy the cheap pads and often get the napkin dermatitis. It's super itchy and uncomfortable. I hope I can try their new range of cooling fresh products so I can live life more comfortably especially since its almost 6 years of wearing pad. I should treat my body better 😊
Queen Mythalix (7 months ago)
Can you do make up please
Sharon Almighty (7 months ago)
Thanks for making another interesting video! Hopefully I'm not late to join! Would like to win this set to try our sofy's new release! I use to be a sofy user but Alot of people say Brand A is better than Sofy in terms of absorption etc hence i stopped using Sofy to try Brand A and have been using it ever since. Hopefully this set can make me change my mind about it esp I'm a sporty person, extreme comfort during the time of the month is definately a bonus!! Goodluck everyone!
ong erica (7 months ago)
Hello!! I hope to win this giveaway because my Mother doesn’t believe that sofy has a difference and believes all pads are the same . However watching you promote their effectiveness, I hope that I can win this to let my mum try out sofy and convince her to use sofy instead of other brands so I can say goodbye to heat down there!!
Lien Jei Foo (7 months ago)
Would like to try sofy pad because it is the Japan no 1 brand ... anything no 1 is worth to try :)
Cheryl Ngui (7 months ago)
I like Rachel. She's kinder (although all of them are the same girl)! Oh, and I thought Elizabeth was dead in The History of Bras?
Joann Kho (7 months ago)
Hi Spotlight! I hope I am 1 of the 3 to try out the new Sofy pads! Cooling-effect sounds cool & seems healthier for the overall feminine lady body.. This is the first time for me as I have not try any of the Sofy products before, so I hope I can have the chance to try it :) Kudos to you guys for this interesting & fun informative video! 👍S👍uperior quality products 👍O👍verly attractive 👍F👍eminine brand 👍Y👍our one & only for ladies Have added some creativity in my comment and hope this inspires you too. Cheers! 👑
smolmochi 95 (7 months ago)
This vid is about sanitary pads and i got a ad about periods.
Le win Marisa (7 months ago)
Do the history of hair plz !!
진태황Tobias (7 months ago)
Saw the bra one and now this, i just notice it would be really priceless if there is one for man with their undergarments😂😂😂😂.
Eve Loveyz (7 months ago)
What is menopause
Joe Han (7 months ago)
Normally I dont comment on videos but Rachel really deserve to be praise!! Other than Michelle Chong, I hasnt seen anyone that can act so well in different accent. Thumbs up, Rachel! And poor Elizabeth also kenna from two episode of Spotlight. 😂
Rachel Wan Spotlight NOC (7 months ago)
Joe Han Thank you so much!!
I Hate Snakeu My Faceu (7 months ago)
The same cast! Really lol but how did u get the stuff from the olden days?
Jiejietan Wt (7 months ago)
How about tampon
christineHJY96 (7 months ago)
To learn history in this funny way is really fun!!! Do more history vids 😊

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