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Cold water extraction for NEETS

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Decided to show you neets how to filter your mindies and increase your liver production with this "One weird little trick". To see which pharmacies are on the pharmacy guild and use the codeine monitoring system go to this site and look for a pharmacy guild logo next to the name and address. http://findapharmacy.com.au/?&gclid=CK2Ei7bV2c4CFQwnvQodKGEDYg
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Text Comments (27)
Scimitar steel (4 months ago)
so you drink it after you're done?? no tablet after the extraction:/ 12pills for one drink..
Neet King (3 months ago)
You just...drink it all
Bhatt Hole (4 months ago)
WTF is that accent? Did an American, who lived in Ireland, immigrate to Australia? Or perhaps an Australian who studied in Ireland who's now been in the states for a decade? Those "R"s...wtf? Russian! Gotta be Russian. They are sneaky, after all.
So Sparkly (2 months ago)
def Australian with influence or living in the states or canada? And, down in South Australia they say Asss when the rest of us say Arse.
Jeroim3142 (3 months ago)
Lol wtf is it. Now I'm curious.
Alyan 83 (5 months ago)
first mistake: never grind the pills. You can't make out when they are completely dissolved Second mistake: Never use warm water. Opiates are fairly sensitive to higher temparatures Third mistake: ALWAYS freeze the solution before filtering. It seperates codeine from paracetamol End result: Don't listen to this idiot for one second
revivedfears (3 months ago)
+Neet King the UK is still otc thankfully. I'd be so pissed off if they madlke it all prescription. Codeine is just lovely
revivedfears (3 months ago)
+Scott Baromski nah, it's better not to crush the pills. This way it is easier to tell when the tabs have actually all dissolved.
Neet King (3 months ago)
None of this matters anymore since you need a prescription for coedine nowadays here, just gonna stick with the goon.
Scott Baromski (3 months ago)
You're the only idiot here from the sounds of it. Warm water, not boiling is good for CWE. Second never let the solution freeze. And yes, grind them. Idiot.
revivedfears (4 months ago)
Warm water is fine, no hotter than a swimming pool. It dissolves the tablets quicker. Never crush, its pointless, you're right there. You only lose more yield and you can't tell they're dissolved. You never want to let it totally freeze, just enough for it to seperate, then filter straight away.
Gaming Exploits (6 months ago)
Can I just repeat the process over and over just to be extra safe or would that kill the potency
revivedfears (6 months ago)
HITLER you shouldn't have to repeat the process more than once. Some brands of pills will never look clear after filtering because of the fillers in the pills. As long as it filtered fairly slowly, drip by drip, you will be good to go.
HARNESS84 _ (7 months ago)
what is a neet?
HARNESS84 _ (7 months ago)
hahaha wtf, fare enough then!!
revivedfears (7 months ago)
HARNESS84 _ a smelly virgin who spends too much time on 4chan
man i mean no offence but i cant believe the number of things you did wrong here
fridaydayday (3 months ago)
Ye tell me about it.. it's like watching a kids baking competition 😂
Neet King (1 year ago)
How I skipped the anal insertion part?
deetrupt10 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video fam, it really came in handy (living in Australia & all) I just used generic nurofen+ instead of mindies, didn't receive too much schtick at the chemist in getting it..
deetrupt10 :::hey ..where I can find Suboxone in sydney....new here.... ran out of my supplies
deetrupt10 (2 years ago)
One thing though, as handy as the pillcrusher was, I did find little specs of blue in my powder after using it. Presumably shredded the plastic from the unit itself. Did I just buy a shitty one? I got it from fucking chemplus. Have you ever encountered this issue before.
Blaabaer (2 years ago)
Thank you for this tutorial, I'll be sure to do it the next time I have the equivalent of mindies in my country.
Neet King (2 years ago)
Remember to use thick filters, thicker the better
South Sider (2 years ago)
Do more videos
Portsipa TV (1 year ago)
South Sider Amen

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