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2 Best Exercises For Lowering Cholesterol

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See how my parents lowered their cholesterol by 30 pts in 30 days - no diets or drugs: ►►►http://drsam.co/yt/LowerYourCholesterolBy30Points =============================== 2 Best Exercises For Lowering Cholesterol =============================== The best part is that it requires no money and can be done anywhere, anytime... But before I start with the exercises, I want to first discuss the REAL CAUSE of high cholesterol… something that most doctors don’t know Back in 1998 my parent’s blood work both showed high cholesterol levels. To make a long story short, we tried everything… Cholesterol lowering “statin” drugs - but these just had a ton of negative side-effects, as I’m sure you know. Change in lifestyle -- better diet, exercise, rest, etc.. -- this did help in the long-run, but it requires a lot more discipline and sacrafices Supplements, herbs and vitamins - most were just a waste of time and money. Only about 6-7 key ingredients had a magical effect. And I’ll tell you which ones at the end of this short presentation What I discovered through all of these things we tested is that the real cause of high cholesterol is genetics and the change in your HORMONES due to AGING! And this is why the older we get, the higher the cholesterol levels. And why women who go through menopause, all of a sudden have high cholesterol… Again, the change in hormones. And this is why teenagers and people in their 20’s rarely have cholesterol problems and yet, they live a very unhealthy life-style. Exercise And this is where the correct type of exercise can make improvements in your “youth hormones”, which will eventually cause an improvement in your cholesterol and lipid levels. One of the best ways to improve your “youth” hormones and help reverse aging, is by utilizing “resistant exercise”. Basically, lifting weights! This can be done with free weights, cables, machines or even your own bodyweight. Thus, this can be done almost anywhere, anytime -- no machines or gyms. When you lift weights, you increase testosterone, growth hormones, thyroid hormones and other “youth” hormones, which naturally help “fix” many health problems over time -- one of them being high cholesterol. And don’t worry, you’re not going to get “buffed” out - especially women. That’s just genetics and lots of steroids. Walking The next best exercise is walking. Again, you can do it anywhere, anytime. Walking is great because it is AEROBIC (with oxygen), while lifting weights is ANAEROBIC (without oxygen). You need both. The REAL benefit with walking is that it helps lower your stress hormones, such as cortisol -- which is an “aging” hormone. As far as how much, how often and how long? Start off lifting weights 3x a week, 20-45 min max. That’s all you need. And walk 3-4x weekly, 20-45 min. Start low and build up over time. You can do your walking and lifting weights on the same day or on alternate days … or whenever. What’s important is that you just do it! Click here for a natural solution: ►►http://drsam.co/yt/LowerYourCholesterolBy30Points Or you can watch other videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCYUe4I8xfU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqU64hnrFmU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtUp1JiHKnU ========================================­ Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends. Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins Visit Dr.Sam Robbins's blog for more information on your health! http://www.drsamrobbins.com/ ====================================================== Thanks DrSamRobbins
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Carol Anderson (2 months ago)
Thanks doctor sam , all of what u taking about I do it I love to walk , I do it 6 to 7 days a week , I love 💕 to exercise as well it great for the mine ,body , and eat healthy,is always the key , thanks for the tips ..
Deb Stay Blessed (4 months ago)
Thanks for video.@ 2:00 actual exercise
Dr Sam Robbins (4 months ago)
Please share it if you found it valuable Deb
Sudhir Kumar (4 months ago)
Thanks doctor for your insight .
vijju reddy (6 months ago)
Thank u doctor
Janoor Hot (7 months ago)
Thanks bro
Sara Soll (8 months ago)
Thank you so much Dr.Sam God Bless you
Dr Sam Robbins (8 months ago)
God Bless you too Sara
KYR3KID (11 months ago)
were all here becuse we have high collesteral
Dr Sam Robbins (11 months ago)
Jonas Ilagan (11 months ago)
I also workout a lot
Dr Sam Robbins (11 months ago)
good for you
Jonas Ilagan (11 months ago)
I'm 15 I have high cholesterol
Dr Sam Robbins (11 months ago)
watch my videos on cholesterol and apply as much info as you can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYFY4Vl19Fo&list=PLkoAH5env5qXvRRQ8eXCCFVF46hW-dFL8 there shouldn't be a problem - lowering your bad cholesterol naturally.
imelda espanto (1 year ago)
Thank you so much Doctor for the great tips and benefits for lowering ones cholesterol.
Dr Sam Robbins (1 year ago)
you're welcome
sean_g_ 7 (1 year ago)
Helpful vid
AFREEN FATIMA (1 year ago)
very useful info In simple grt
elvin quintero (1 year ago)
thanks doc !!!!
Simply Silent (1 year ago)
Very helpful video! Thank you! 👍👍
Joan Dixon (1 year ago)
ok thanks a lot
Joan Dixon (1 year ago)
Hi Dr Robbins thank you for your info. now I live in Jamaica how can I get hour cholestlo to buy
Dr Sam Robbins (1 year ago)
Hi Joan, you can get Choleslo online, by following the link in the description. We ship worldwide with a few exceptions...
Pratibha Bengre (1 year ago)
Thankyou so much doctor.
Fgg - (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for your valuable information we hope you will bring us more valuable videos in future I am your biggest fan
trix bueno (1 year ago)
1111111111202 (1 year ago)
thank you sir. i have high cholesterol and went off statins against doctors suggestion. i will do this more often
Dr Sam Robbins (1 year ago)
try natural ways of reducing your cholesterol...
Nusrath Bano (1 year ago)
Thanks Doctor for your valuable information on how to get health benefits from simple things. Thanks a lot. keep uploading ur healthy vedios.
Nusrath Bano (1 year ago)
Dr Sam Robbins .....My pleasure Doctor. 😊
Dr Sam Robbins (1 year ago)
thanks Nusrath... I will keep up publishing researched and valuable videos.
Jake Cooking channel (1 year ago)
Thxq great video
Julie Lim (1 year ago)
Thank you for your videos Dr Sam Robbins. Yes, its very true that as we aged, our cholesterol level especially the LDL and triglycerides tend to be on the high side. Indeed it is affected by our hormones.
sumit uparkar (1 year ago)
Muhammad Akram (1 year ago)
Ravindra Pandey (1 year ago)
thanks great video
Thanks Dr. Sam Robbins
Sammy ahmed (2 years ago)
thank you

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