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2017-18 Flu update * see 2-15-18 update below

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2-15-18 update. Despite the info I reported based on the CDC info at the time, the CDC now is reporting significantly lower protection from the vaccine than they did based on the early samples. There is still multiple strains of both A and B flu circulating which is unusual. The do report 63 pediatric deaths at this time, and 3/4 of those did not receive a flu shot. You would have to know what percentage of children got the flu shot to know if that was a meaningful statistic. Despite the less than perfect shot, and the fact that there are unpresidented numbers of strains circulating, the flu shot is still a good bet, and reduces the chances of getting the flu. Flu season is here early and strong. Influenza H3N2 strains lead the pack and tend to be more severe flus. H1N1 is close behind, and 2 or more B strains are also actively circulating. about 40 children have died this flu season and 10 in just the last 1 week. Flu kills thousands of adults and about 100 children every year in the United States.
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Richard The Lion Hearted (10 months ago)
CDC is saying 30% effective vaccine. Why would I believe you over the premier scientists in the world? Yes, I am vaccinated.
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
I think I know where that "30%" might be coming from. There are 10 or more variations of flu circulating. There 4 unique strains in the flu shot. If Chevy has 12 models of cars, and you purchase only 4, you have 30% of the entire lineup. Yet your 4 share many similarities and parts with the other 8 models. My explaination above and a paragraph taken directly from the CDC is a complicated explanation of just that.
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
This is right off the CDC website and what i used for the basis of my report. It is a hard read, but basically says there are many strains of virus circulating but 98% cross react with the A Michigan and A Hong Kong in the vaccine. My guess us that the 30% you quoted is a misrepresentation of the truth and not from the CDC. 30% may be the percentage of flu that us an exact match. I am not a flu virus salesman, I am trying to give honest info as presented by the CDC. A (H3N2): Phylogenetic analysis of the HA genes from 498 A(H3N2) viruses revealed extensive genetic diversity with multiple clades/subclades co-circulating. The HA genes of circulating viruses belonged to clade 3C.2a (n=406), subclade 3C.2a1 (n=87) or clade 3C.3a (n=5). One hundred ninety two influenza A(H3N2) viruses were antigenically characterized, and 189 (98.4%) A(H3N2) viruses tested were well-inhibited (reacting at titers that were within fourfold of the homologous virus titer) by ferret antisera raised against A/Michigan/15/2014 (3C.2a), a cell propagated A/Hong Kong/4801/2014-like reference virus representing the A(H3N2) component of 2017–18 Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccines
Dexter (10 months ago)
Why is media reporting 10% efficacy
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
I have no idea. I went on the CDC website and read and reread their data. There are multiple strains of flu circulating (many more strains than the 4 that are in the shot) They state clearly that, when listing the IDs of the strains, that although they are not exactly the same strain, they are similar enough to the strain in the shot to have effect. Chevy has a dozen models, you may have a Cobalt, it's not the exact same car as the Cruz, but they share a lot of parts. As always, the media try to sensationalize topics to try and get you to boost ratings. (No news is no news)
Sz Ki (10 months ago)
Thank you for the info. You do a Great service by keeping people informed!
Carys Cats (10 months ago)
No need for flu shot !
Carys Cats (10 months ago)
Dr. Greg Castello You tell them there is poison in flu shots !
Dr. Greg Castello (10 months ago)
Do tell, what knowledge do you base this on? And the parents of the 10 children that died this week of flu? Explain to them please how the flu shot is evil or not necessary.

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