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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Text Comments (487639)
I THINK IN ENGLISH (1 second ago)
belem ???????????????? para algueimmmmm
0:40 When you get soap in your eye but you can't let the ghost rape you
btsarmy aj (40 seconds ago)
maeu meosjida, naneun geugeos-eul joh-ahaessda.
I THINK IN ENGLISH (41 seconds ago)
manooooo melhor musica do mundo
Team Drift (49 seconds ago)
This is the right song for america
Yoongi (50 seconds ago)
Trending in slovakia!♩
Leg-Less Legolas Lego (51 seconds ago)
*If you happen to find this rare comment, type in, Jake Jacoby... That dude's an amazing rapper!*
currup (57 seconds ago)
When I get 99 kills in fortnite well this is America
Cloudy Rosesz (1 minute ago)
When you've seen Gambino's growth from 800.000 views a video, to two billion in three weeks now.. That's honestly inspiriational AF.
Giovani Anthony (1 minute ago)
This is Nigeria🇳🇬🇳🇬
Clutch Games (1 minute ago)
All you see is just people running past them in panic/shock in the background, but they just dance joyfully and try to distract you like no one is there. Adorable. :D
Team Drift (1 minute ago)
This is america lads let's all smack this bald men in the head
lich king (1 minute ago)
This is star wars
Bagroň teamos (2 minutes ago)
3 weeks 197 000 000 views
Legend X (2 minutes ago)
0:54 he stood up and then dropped. 🤔
HellRaider _ (2 minutes ago)
This is my first time listening this song with headphones it's totally different
HellRaider _ (1 minute ago)
The start music is happy-happy But when it booms.... Man I must have listened this with headphones first
_Κqramela_ Sweeqyz (2 minutes ago)
Only me sometimes i hear 21 savage in the background
Ivan Alexander De Silva (3 minutes ago)
this is America where people are less important than guns
Knucles Sawada (3 minutes ago)
Xavier :v Cabral (3 minutes ago)
Daniela Dani (3 minutes ago)
Incrível, sem palavras para definir.
anthony sims (3 minutes ago)
This is America
Agustín Silva (4 minutes ago)
Mike Mike (4 minutes ago)
Damn this is deep
Dany 22 (5 minutes ago)
Meme in coming
ZA FFYRO (6 minutes ago)
This is MEXICO 🇲🇽❤
nin ski (6 minutes ago)
Me as a Canadian watching this be like
Sergo (6 minutes ago)
https://youtu.be/wYUA1ABhT8o This It's Russia
Nicole Cruz (7 minutes ago)
SkullCrusherz 5678 (7 minutes ago)
3M In 3 weeks. That is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Random Bean (7 minutes ago)
I feel sorry for him, cuz he hasn't any money for this song :(
JF PP (7 minutes ago)
there's a man at 3:33, what does that means :v ?
Michel Gibson (8 minutes ago)
0:50 title
Polo7111 (8 minutes ago)
If you dont like America then I mean... no one is making you stay here so you can just leave?
Buteto Suytan (8 minutes ago)
Buteto Suytan (8 minutes ago)
Jonaï Boky (8 minutes ago)
Lando on fire
Emily Deze (8 minutes ago)
It's Will from REACT
Cliquelove (7 minutes ago)
Gegegegegegegege *KNO DA WEY*
0:40 That moment you realize you shat your pants.
Stephen J. Williams (9 minutes ago)
Half of the lyrics are barely understandable at this point. Singing about a girl named Molly and saying this is America should not be considered provocative lyrics. Disappointed in the youth these days. Dislike.
This patrick
Sanchir Otgoo (10 minutes ago)
Muniz França (10 minutes ago)
Que obra!
Green Skull (10 minutes ago)
Bro Just Magnific
Xxx_360 noscoper_xxX (11 minutes ago)
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
Tunnel 2 (11 minutes ago)
From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦? The racism is very bad
Любитель (11 minutes ago)
Сука блядь
gohan 3 (12 minutes ago)
1:56 usa hacks
This is afagica
loafers (13 minutes ago)
I appreciate that this is a rap song that took actual effort and has actual meaning unlike most 🙄
Onion Ninja (13 minutes ago)
علاوش خمبلة (13 minutes ago)
روعه 💙
cometvermont (14 minutes ago)
Very positive message. It's very brave for a black man to explicitly show that 1) black Americans are the ones killing other Black Americans 2) stereotypes are based on reality & truth 3) bringing attention to the white genocide happening at the hands of savage black Africans 4) that Republicans are the only political party that actually cares about safety & freedom. Thank you, Mr. Gambino, for taking your first step off the mental plantation. Maybe your next video could artistically explain how black people are the most racist people in world.
GobroMash (14 minutes ago)
Am I the only one who laughed a little bit to much?
F (14 minutes ago)
2018, 27th May , 20 : 15pm ? Anyone?
Eppops 123 (14 minutes ago)
This is world .
BEN YIYi (15 minutes ago)
This is wakanda :v
Fernando Reyes (15 minutes ago)
Worst song of 2018
Aboosh Rawahneh (15 minutes ago)
!!!This is Fire!!!
xbabejordanx x (16 minutes ago)
I swear I cannot stop coming to this video
Sr. Rodrigo (16 minutes ago)
Tantas referencias
KENNETH ORTIZ (16 minutes ago)
Rose's are red, Kissing a guy is gay, Read more
Angel torreblanca garcia (17 minutes ago)
Yo pensé que era otro meme ni ganas tenía de verlo pero me entró la curiosidad y lo vi el vídeo fue muy fuerte demasiado y es que esta mal pensar que era un meme de hoy en día es lo único que encuentras por esa razón no lo quería abrir y como explica el vídeo en >otras palabras< como bailan y lo demás a su alrededor está muriendo y hay disparos y corre al final para no morir el racismo está horrible de hoy en día muchos se quejan pero no hacen nada lo único que ganarías de hoy en día defendiendo eso es un disparo en la cara que importa quien seas las armas son la moda...pues This is América No?
itz joshrosas (17 minutes ago)
At 0:50 tho.
MyTube Productions TM (16 minutes ago)
this is *MERICA*
Saheem Davis (17 minutes ago)
Reminds me of what Colin keapernick was doing trying to protest peacefully using his platform but some people tell him to shut up and just play football (entertain them) that he has no business doing the protest just make his money. Like thousands of Americans saying he's disrespecting the flag. Those hundred to thousands of people missing the point didn't people fight for the rights he's using which is non violent let me add. When you have all the other violent acts play out and nothing being done about it and it just goes away and comes back like that skipping cd or broken record and swept under the rug.
All_About_Them_Fandoms_ (18 minutes ago)
Is no onw gonna talk about the kids taking the guns? Like damn.
Flameless Diablo (18 minutes ago)
Their only fucking black people where the mexicans
Lord Fota Fotita (18 minutes ago)
A 312 K miembros del "Ku Klux Klan" no les gusto esto
Lol Lol (18 minutes ago)
This is all the world, good job congratulations👏🏽
Nick Crompton (19 minutes ago)
*This is England*
Marvel King Dimos Swag (19 minutes ago)
this is america
Arj Tabudlong (19 minutes ago)
is that you Lando?
Ava Cardona (13 minutes ago)
The meaning of this video is so true......what a shame..😔
LeFr3nch Studio (19 minutes ago)
ça va faire polémique , j'adore !
Zeca Urubu (19 minutes ago)
América fuck yeah
John Russell (19 minutes ago)
The choir scene is so unbelievably jarring.
Koko 16 -_- (20 minutes ago)
This is usa
Sr. Crazy (20 minutes ago)
*This is Acre*
tonyaheartsmith (21 minutes ago)
He reminds me of Miguel
DZhackers 27 (21 minutes ago)
Brittney Sims (21 minutes ago)
I love this song and the message it sends!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mattazoidis7 Fc (22 minutes ago)
hallucina tion (22 minutes ago)
This is amirica💫🔥🚫
yo y yo (22 minutes ago)
This is Argentina
Katiau ;-; (23 minutes ago)
Critica social! *Foda*
Audreyz (23 minutes ago)
the face expressionsss omgg! BAHAHABHasbhASBh
Roger roger Mothafucka (23 minutes ago)
Best dance moves ever
JB Da ravaga (23 minutes ago)
He killing people and no one attack him they just keep rioting
_KAXSH_ (23 minutes ago)
This Is The World Men :/
TripleSlayTV (23 minutes ago)
This is Africa
Warrior27 (24 minutes ago)
I live in canada 🇨🇦 (jk)
Zombie Gamer8 (24 minutes ago)
the message of this video is very strong and I love the message itself, it is very well done
puto negro 😂😂😂😂
Sebastian Gallegos (24 minutes ago)
Fuck this nigga
jérémy 23 (24 minutes ago)
Song or the year...
Adrian (25 minutes ago)
Dota Boost (25 minutes ago)
200millions 20days,OH MY GOD
Adalto Lourenço (25 minutes ago)
Capitão america ficaria louco com tantas referências.#euentendiareferencia

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