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70cc bicycle engine clutch mod

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I rigged a better clutch cable design on my 70cc bicycle engine. The original way get's too close to the engine and has a pretty hard kink before the cable reaches the clutch arm. This design allieviates the kink and another benefit is the absolute ease of engaging the clutch now. More information here: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=100405#post100405
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Ernest Lowther (1 year ago)
Added your clutch mod to both of my bikes. Works like charm and should be a standard addition to very motorized bike kit. The ease and differences is night and day. Beautiful idea. Thanks so much!
Joe Jones (8 years ago)
my clutch is nearly impossible to pull and i dont think that it should be so hard. is there something wrong with it because i cant pull it with one hand.
tmccread (8 years ago)
hey mate i'm a diesel mechanic ive thort about doing the same thing. but the time money and effort spend modifying would be wasted and u would be best to design something from scratch, u would need a way of injecting fuel best to have forced induction and different piston, rod and bore, your best bet would be to buy a cheap yamoto diesel stationary motor (200cc) and copy it to 1/4 size
Jesse guy (9 years ago)
if ur asking this question the odds are this particular project if it was even remotely possibly is far out of ur element
randolphmarshall (9 years ago)
nice mod
jay eltatertoto (10 years ago)
nice! did u have to replace the cable for length? or did u just strip the old one?

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