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The Simple Summary

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This video will teach you to summarize as story using the 5 fingers, in 5 words or less, in less than 5 minutes method.
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Text Comments (159)
ICantThinkOfAName (2 days ago)
I wouldve loved you as a teacher
Angelo Likaj (4 days ago)
ma vattelo a pigliá in culo te e il tuo inglese⚡🤫
Danielle Adonis (7 days ago)
no, YOU'RE awesome
Sk mucis (11 days ago)
Thanks so much
Sparkle Raika (12 days ago)
Helped me
Evany Morris (13 days ago)
You’re a lifesaver thank u
DEAR SIR junior (18 days ago)
Nice very very nice
blackhawk32b (19 days ago)
Umm I was asked to write a summary with no less than 200 letters
Glenda Edwards (20 days ago)
Thank you i needed that
Samanta Aguilar mujica (20 days ago)
thank you
רינת סרור (21 days ago)
Nathan/Darlene masih (25 days ago)
Lejon Cummings (27 days ago)
My teacher makes us write our summaries 4 or 5 sentences
OneFlagMan (27 days ago)
Then make your summary 4-5 sentences. It doesn't have to be exactly under 5 words, if that's what your teacher wants.
vinic.0li (1 month ago)
Amazing ty very much.
Monika Soltani (1 month ago)
I write my exam tomorrow. Thanks for useful video.
Natalia Lopez (1 month ago)
Can you please male more videos it past 1 year please make more
hadi saleem (1 month ago)
This an amazing and helpful method I really do like it thanks a lot for sharing it !
Juan Salazar (1 month ago)
my teacher says that for the hand it's I think it's somebody so but then so I think your ex you wrong and then there's one more and then what so you're wrong and she's a reading teacher yes
Roopao Saravanan (1 month ago)
Supper teaching
eatsurmom (1 month ago)
why can’t my teachers do things like this instead of taking 45 mins of my days
Henry Gullic (1 month ago)
thanks this is helpfulkl
Henry Gullic (1 month ago)
damit typo XD
V Ø I D S U G A R (1 month ago)
I forgot what a summary was so I had to watch this. Thanks for the info lol
Bajrang Bhai (1 month ago)
What do you exactly mean with five words is (do you count a,an,the,this,that,verbs also or prepositions also as a word)? I'm looking for an Answer. Thanks
Holly Bullock (1 month ago)
Bajrang Bhai I would not count articles, pronouns, or prepositions. The idea is to ensure that the summary is brief.
sam daniel bonite (1 month ago)
thak you
Truth Seeker101 (2 months ago)
debajit roy (2 months ago)
very helpful cute mam :)
Sony Bai (2 months ago)
last upload 3 years ago , what happened?.
Sony Bai (2 months ago)
thanks mam I'll get good grades. in exams .
Fatima Luna (2 months ago)
Annalie Herrera (2 months ago)
Thank you so much, this made my homework much easier. :)
Denisse (2 months ago)
Thanks u 😉😉😉love u i need it for homework thanks
It's Me Jennifer (2 months ago)
Thanks helped me with summer homework
AMIT KULLU (2 months ago)
It's really pretty good.
Katarina Arce (2 months ago)
I'm doing honors English for my freshman year and I have to read a book during summer and I have this 6 page packet to complete over the book before school starts. And it wants me to write a 25-word summarization of EACH chapter... Book: The Pigman
Seah Wanling Sharon (2 months ago)
Hi! Can I use it on newspaper?
XxBri_101Xx , (2 months ago)
What if there’s a lot of people in the book what do I do there also is this the same thing as a one paragraph summary of the story’s plot?
Pedro Talosig (2 months ago)
Arigatu (Yzhrael Pedro's son
Gemma_Chan (3 months ago)
Why is this like... Amazing.. Thankyou so much ! Btw any of you out there have to write a longer summary just change the number 5 for example: I'm gonna change it to 10 because my summary actually needs to be 50 words or more. :) thanks for this video !!!
Hope Borah (3 months ago)
Its a good trick to remember the steps but if in our education system we write a summary of just 20 words they'll not offer a single 2 in our exams.. It should be 2 to 3 pages long.. But I really liked your technique coz it helps to remember everything short way which will help us to elaborate 😊
Jenix Magar (3 months ago)
Thank you so much, I needed this video to do my summer reading. Now I can do my summary very easily with this information. Thank you so much and God bless!
vikas paswan (3 months ago)
Hey can u please summarise the story of the thirsty crow ...pleasssssssssse I'm gonna be very grateful to u
bui bui (3 months ago)
thank you . i love the way you talk .
Pamela Hickman (4 months ago)
liked the clear explanations and instructions
Scaresinfo-News Update (4 months ago)
thank you ma'am
muhammad kashif (4 months ago)
xxx tentacion (4 months ago)
What if it's a chapter book
Aghdinal brilliant (5 months ago)
wow this is awesom, i love the way to make a short summary after watching this :D
Che Roodal (5 months ago)
Omg this was the best video for teaching summaries
Bat Soy (5 months ago)
My teacher asks me to do 2 summary paragraphs on one article likeeee...
Timon Vincent (5 months ago)
This was very helpful
Timothy Moss (5 months ago)
Think you
Nataly (5 months ago)
George Cried Today World Because Dunno THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT FOLKS!!
Nicole Hobbs (1 month ago)
D. Davis (5 months ago)
Great! Thanks!
Febi Rigor (5 months ago)
i wish there was an example :/
Illiana Marie (6 months ago)
I don't really like school. but I would love to have you as a teacher you explain easily and your voice is soothing! :D
Junior Mint (6 months ago)
The "s" sound is hurting my ears so much :(
Tushar DTuber (6 months ago)
That's great madam... it will help me... thank you from Bangladesh 💜
Alnora D Russell (6 months ago)
Juggling my beautiful hope you all God bless he has given 8th and 4th to 44
aisha sk Allauddin (6 months ago)
hate you and your idea
Usha Pawar (7 months ago)
thank you mam
Help Humanity (7 months ago)
What an awesome teacher!
Black Foot (7 months ago)
Wowwwwwwwwwwww Holly that exercise was very usefully effecient in writing summaries and or book reports the way you explained that was very well put you trimmed the fat and you didn't take the long way home like most people do with a lott of talk ,I personally myself was taught by my teacher the five W's rule but your method relating them to fingers was much better and with the steps you walked me right into it,and made it seem so simple with no major effort which leads to no stress for me followed by an anxiety attack when I would have to do a report in a certain time period taught by someone perhaps who has no patients/no true love for teaching anyway just interested in a paycheck ,yes I'm a artist full of passion and I can tell right away if someone may or may not have passion or love for anything just by being around them listening and observing them your method also helped in my song writing as well so I will subscribe😇😎 thanks
Avijit Chakraborty (7 months ago)
Great idea dude really very effective
Connor McCarthy (7 months ago)
i have no fingers. idk how i'm even typing this right now.
Voice Ninja (7 months ago)
this woman is a genius and i want her.
Night Ryder 2017 (7 months ago)
Why the fuck would I practice 5 words or less when I've got a 2500 essay to do
iShani Mami (6 months ago)
Harvey Specter exactly lol
Lady Lyn (7 months ago)
Score Moore (7 months ago)
think about it sir if you were to think of 5 words, then you can write about one to two sentences using just one of those words, and then that 1 word now becomes even more words.
Harvey Specter (7 months ago)
beacause a summary isnt an essay lol
Michael Mifsud (8 months ago)
Good job
Saurabhkumar Pandey (8 months ago)
Awesome thanks
ashley dodge (8 months ago)
them 'S's Tho.
Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil (8 months ago)
Excellent vid. Thanks for the insight and hints
Justin St.Germain (8 months ago)
OMG the s's Are so annoying
Christopher Castañon (8 months ago)
That is very cool because, i am Learning that and that day was my birthday.
Penoffee (8 months ago)
Thanks for the vid
1 DON AKEYNO (8 months ago)
o0o_Yaz_o0o (9 months ago)
but the story i have is 600 words How can i sumrise it in 20 words only
Gemma_Chan (3 months ago)
o0o_Yaz_o0o make it longer, intsead of 5 words do 10 or more
iShani Mami (6 months ago)
Just try 100 to 120. Here we use 100 to 120 and no more it’s cxc English just don’t go over that but ask your teacher which is better for where you’re from
Aahil Shabbir (9 months ago)
not very good
Yicheng Wu (9 months ago)
This is great
Jordan. Riveras (9 months ago)
Thank you alot because i had a winter work and it said “Read a book and give a summary of what it was about. Draw a new cover for it.” Thanks you so much!!!
Destiny Collins (10 months ago)
this is amazing
Night Shiin (10 months ago)
I have to write a one paragraph essay on a speech
Hana Maysuun (10 months ago)
Thank you for your help
Greald Oreste (11 months ago)
Luz Nayibe (11 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Meh Meh (11 months ago)
I thought the thumb isn't a finger
Padparadscha YT (3 months ago)
Well that certainly makes sense just because it doesn't have "finger" in it LMAO .
Tejas Saptharishi (11 months ago)
Angel Gamez Zavala Well I don't have brains Yo I think I need to call zombie apocalypse Where is the freaking ambulance
Sylvia Vigil (11 months ago)
This is is a great and awesome short cut to summarize. Thanks a million!
Hekmat Asefi (1 year ago)
Five fingers👋, awesome explaination... Greatings from an Afghan in Goa - India
Learn Something Cool (1 year ago)
VERY USEFUL . THX... I am about get the best grades for my summary.... THX AGAIN BYE
Rj Alamag (1 year ago)
Thankyouu this video helped me a lot 🙏🏼 godbless
Raj Gupta (1 year ago)
How to find text meaning from the passages
Mybffisahorse (1 year ago)
why am I here
Alnora D Russell (6 months ago)
Mybffisahorse is not coming to meeting you
eme kh (1 year ago)
Thank you your video has helped me so much
Miguel Hernandez (1 year ago)
Hi 703
GeekGirl0502 (1 year ago)
Mcarmen CS (1 year ago)
GReat lesson! Thankssssssssss!
Mohammad Awais (1 year ago)
if we put impartant detail why we use five finger method
throwing facts (11 months ago)
Mohammad Awais go work on your english bud
Savalas Lindsey (1 year ago)
She sound sarcastic. Kindda funny to me. Great information!
Dhaliwal (1 year ago)
Flora Grace (1 year ago)
this video really helped me :) !!!!!
Rhonda Brown (1 year ago)
This is an awesome vid!! Now my daughter and I, have a better understanding, of how to write a simpler summary. Thank You 😊😁
CryptoSavage (1 year ago)
John Lee (1 year ago)
Thank you Miss/Mrs Bullock, and i truly mean it, it is a nice yet simple skill to cope with my Adhd when learning.

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