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FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

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Text Comments (28707)
Darren Echevarria (5 hours ago)
THE GI0MAMA perez (6 hours ago)
Worst way to end a fortnite battle
All about Memes (8 hours ago)
He won’t pin this
JusTuzz (9 hours ago)
Rumaysa Dawood (13 hours ago)
Even thought I don’t play fort nite I still loved it 😍😍😍😘💝❤️❤️💕😂😂
Jayden Choudhury786 (15 hours ago)
La LA la China, the great wall of China yea
My Life As Kira (16 hours ago)
“Yeah, no you can’t catch bullets in this game.” *falls to floor* “I know.” 😂
Noel Shirley (1 day ago)
This wood be cool if it was a movie
Jasmine Sherrill (1 day ago)
This is the best thing ever 😂
DOOM SLAYER (1 day ago)
What if this was an actual movie
Food pantry Plays (1 day ago)
3:36 wow Ryan can fly
Scooter Bros (1 day ago)
Try hard bro
zombie killer 38 (1 day ago)
I would like to get that movie
Mr. RockPie YT (1 day ago)
What the ftick is this
AriSweet Moon (1 day ago)
this is Soo coool
Ethan Castelino (1 day ago)
The best fake trailer like this comment if you think this video is awesome
Cookie Gamer (1 day ago)
Is this seriously what happens in fortnite?
OmqTehMrBoss (1 day ago)
Imagine loot lake. Then they get knocked in the river then the team mates can’t see them lol. Ryan took the L
Diamond disaster (2 days ago)
Get More realistic!!!
Who play coc?
Laura King (11 hours ago)
Муралим Куванычбек Уулу me
cuddle panda (2 days ago)
This trailer is better then a regular one plz make a move
Brevasive (2 days ago)
I wish Ninja was in the game :(
Rebekah Davidson (2 days ago)
Everyone forgot that fortunate ripped of so many games example Minecraft PUBG Most of the dances And much more
Normal Daily (2 days ago)
8:08 OMG
xDualShockx (2 days ago)
Did anyone else think that scene at 2:07 was fucking awsome
Universal Mario (3 days ago)
When a new player plays fortnite
megan wilhite (3 days ago)
is this real
Nikola Lenart (3 days ago)
Lol the beginning tho 😂
Ryan Shin (3 days ago)
Oh pubG and Ryan didn’t want to make fortnite sad because pubG and fortnite are the same
Speedo500sp (3 days ago)
Bro you gave ma boi Ceeday the win
braydon Beltran (3 days ago)
4:53 when u try your best but u do t suceed
Mr. YOUTUBER (3 days ago)
iam a fan of yours and a subscriber
braydon Beltran (3 days ago)
SSupra Gaming (3 days ago)
Hey , was that ceeday with the yellow face mask ?
Merah Putih (3 days ago)
2019 anyone see??
abu bakr Fedda (4 days ago)
Minh Pham (4 days ago)
6:42 you can see someone’s sky base
Asif Ahmed (4 days ago)
did they see the meteors
jamar mckinney (4 days ago)
It was super good but if the other guys squad was dead how was he still alive
Match Set Gaming (4 days ago)
Fortnite is the Best.
Th3 Fr0g (4 days ago)
0:36 I farted
Th3 Fr0g (4 days ago)
Oh boy! An official fake trailer! Yay
GOOFY GIRAFFE (4 days ago)
I wish This was real
Ariana Playz (4 days ago)
Instant Spider Man (4 days ago)
They should make this a film
Marina Garrison (4 days ago)
Funniest fortnite video ever!!!!
Megan Baker (4 days ago)
Sorry goodman
Megan Baker (4 days ago)
Fox Bowman is right
the DARK TOXIC (4 days ago)
Paper comes out of tree and money of paper money in pay pal buy v bucks
Brian Noel (4 days ago)
Brian Noel (4 days ago)
Who thought they were really going to win loo
wot blitz man (4 days ago)
You Are CZ cech
Black Pandazzz (4 days ago)
No u can’t to talk to other players in this game
Haha that was so funny
Omg DB Daniel (5 days ago)
VisionZ (5 days ago)
Back in fortnites prime
Reche Dacera (5 days ago)
Reche Dacera (5 days ago)
is omega there
Courtyard Films (5 days ago)
Ryōshi Rappu on Twitter follow him tho
Penguin Boi (5 days ago)
Make dis real
Welsh (5 days ago)
Did anybody notice that in the lobby they look like they are 4ft? And they call them selves the *Mega Dunkers*
Longo (5 days ago)
What is the nane music in 4:40?
Schlumy26 (5 days ago)
Would love to know how to edit like this
Adam El-Hakim (5 days ago)
8 min trailer you don't even try
Matthew Del Valle (5 days ago)
Still waiting for the movie...
This should be a actual movie
Infinity Guy (5 days ago)
One of the only good things that came out of Fortnite
Spidey Parker (5 days ago)
Dude has headphones...uses earphones...
Spidey Parker (5 days ago)
Noobs be complaining about the axe throwing scene...
Fun Funny Adr (5 days ago)
Looks like its not a trailer its a short film
Keealgi o_O (5 days ago)
what about PUB...
Eros Cortez (5 days ago)
Dear Ryan can you make a League of Legends official trailer.
Kat Kavern (6 days ago)
Please make the Movie
Whats Good (6 days ago)
Ryan What Town hall are you in Clash Of clash please answer!!
Bugsy the Wolf Ninja (6 days ago)
I hate fortnite so no thoughts
ProZeus (6 days ago)
Nice win, Ceeday!
goldfish productions (6 days ago)
Nah ah I got s creative destrauctuion ad
mister M (6 days ago)
Sa serait bien si il sorte Fortnite le film
Robert Greens (6 days ago)
Dear Ryan, can you do a Clash Royale trailer?
jake josephvilla (6 days ago)
He was suppose to say pubg mobile not publishing somwthing blablabla
考刀 (6 days ago)
4:44 John: hey my baby          Ian : Yes im         John: oh your r gay          Ian :  ?????
Tamanna Iyer (6 days ago)
PUBG or Fortnite??🧐
EkePlay Doug (2 days ago)
TNT Tin (6 days ago)
Daniel Plays (7 days ago)
Best ClickBait Ever!
Фрости (7 days ago)
*Азиаты красавцы, тупо слезы идут от смеха*
Allison Klein Backer (7 days ago)
This should totally be made into a movie
Horton 780 (7 days ago)
This needs to be a real movie lol
Horton 780 (7 days ago)
He's playing clash! Lol sooooo funny
KFC (7 days ago)
i miss sean like if u agree
Yaman Al Ali (7 days ago)
pubg is better...i mean...it is the original unprecedented battle royal ...lets give the guys who made the real game some credits shall we? rather than ignoring it and praising the cheap imitation....ffs...even the AWM sniper is copied xD...how low can u go
Daniel F (5 days ago)
Yaman Al Ali Ryan did do a video on pubg too. Also the thing about not mentioning pubg was a joke.
Razvan G. 07 (7 days ago)
I want a movie with this
faiyas sharif (7 days ago)
Who loves the trailer song? at 2:01 Our last stand by nikales johansson
The Gaming Railfan (7 days ago)
Super Smash Bros: The Movie was better than this
Ali Raphael (8 days ago)
Hired Fire (8 days ago)
This *IS* the movie
Steven Walker (8 days ago)
its just all canadians and asians
Steven Walker (8 days ago)
vanossgaming is in this its ryan the one that caught the bullet
Julliene Velarde (8 days ago)
21m sub!
altarush (9 days ago)
The Ramirezes are taking over.
TKSLAYER707 (9 days ago)
This was actually pretty good that I thought 😲
Chris_ Cross1204 (9 days ago)
But if they are defaults then why are they so good at the game? I’. Guessing that they just din’t have any skins or money lol
FireWoof Productions (7 days ago)
Some people just done spend money on fortnite
Mystical Flare (8 days ago)
Im a default and im fricking amazing

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