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FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

523320 ratings | 13144788 views
Play Fortnite for FREE here: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHcp Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video Order my book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-write-good-pre-order-links/ Just Launched New Official Store https://www.gianthugs.com/collections/ryan HigaTV Channel http://www.youtube.com/higatv Twitter http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Facebook http://www.facebook.com/higatv Website http://www.higatv.com Instagram http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105
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Text Comments (25912)
nigahiga (8 days ago)
Download Fortnite for free by clicking here: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHcp
Them Apples (4 hours ago)
Are you getting paid to do this shit
Lil Jay (5 hours ago)
nigahiga y
JDen (10 hours ago)
timothe giandomenico (12 hours ago)
What song do you use for the rocket scene
Antonio Cruz (14 hours ago)
nigahiga hggbbb
Alfonso Gaming (52 minutes ago)
Luv it
Chip Chip (1 hour ago)
Erick (2 hours ago)
man so good 😂
cyprein gamer (2 hours ago)
Nigahiga should of won because the other player didn't have any teammates to revive him
Longest trailer ever.
Anganee Mitchell (3 hours ago)
U have to make a movie
مافي عرب
Caleb Piggee (4 hours ago)
They should make a real movie basicly this and sellin at theaters
2018 ZEN KO JING YANG (4 hours ago)
Ruy UEDA (4 hours ago)
momma bug (4 hours ago)
Kyle (4 hours ago)
Myth the type of nigga to dislike this video
Jullian Sabulao (4 hours ago)
Fortnite: The Mad Asian War
Beaverli Chow (4 hours ago)
Unknown W (4 hours ago)
Good at fortnite bad at pubg me literally
Phantom gaming (4 hours ago)
???? There was one player left and he got knocked hows that possible
Sammi Atkins (5 hours ago)
😢😢 an no vbux don't grow on trees 😭😭😭 my son makes me a broke as mumma
Sammi Atkins (5 hours ago)
😢😢how is the muffin song above this in trending....I totally love it 😀😀😀😂😂😂
Logan (5 hours ago)
captain caveman (6 hours ago)
...ummm wats a fortnite?
captain caveman (6 hours ago)
Dope A.F
DR. Jason (6 hours ago)
this is crap
Cuzn4 Life (6 hours ago)
These videos are so funny. Please do more
Rep MVP (6 hours ago)
Whats that music when they start falling?
Shark. (7 hours ago)
You should add a epilepsy advice
The Mighty Bat (7 hours ago)
What is the truth of Fortnite
Christian Below (7 hours ago)
Ohh pub Gesus man I get it
Army gamer pro AGP (7 hours ago)
It would be cool if there was real movie
Can I get an L in the chat
Savyon Malko (8 hours ago)
This is good but y would anyone play clash royale instead of Fortnite like Fortnite is WAY BETTER!!!
Oliver Shore (9 hours ago)
Fortnite sucks
Kebap k (9 hours ago)
You cant catch bullet i know xdddd
Kanklys (9 hours ago)
Omg I would definitely wach this
Darren Nix (9 hours ago)
I barely play but, this was grade A comedy good job guys
Max Svedbom (10 hours ago)
Bjørnen Mc (10 hours ago)
Perfect 😮!
H Mirali (10 hours ago)
watched this vid 3 times now😂😊❤
Abdi Warriyha (11 hours ago)
Ur name triggers me
Luke's Skits (11 hours ago)
I wish fortnight was in real life!!!!
Rayner Yeo (11 hours ago)
So glad they added Pacco to the team
Hugo Engkvist (11 hours ago)
Hi there
lynn (11 hours ago)
this is the best sponsored vid
yang the night lord (12 hours ago)
An 8 minute long trailer.
Joshua Santosh (13 hours ago)
Dear Ryan, can you make a video on the new 'Laurel or Yanny' meme.
Hypo Dude (13 hours ago)
Dear Ryan do a part 2 of brain games
The end is so funny😹😹😹 😂
Son of EDM (14 hours ago)
Rocket rider was so epic :)) thanks u guys
FlashyFox (14 hours ago)
Tho for real this would be hella lit!!!
Luke Wizard (14 hours ago)
This is my kind of hunger games movie
Emmers (14 hours ago)
Saima Minhas (14 hours ago)
Lol. Myth doesn't understand that this was a trailer. he is so dumb😂😂😂😂
PSYCHO! (15 hours ago)
What Is this shit?!
lưu xuân chức (15 hours ago)
timothe giandomenico (15 hours ago)
Song used pleas
supreme_ gang (15 hours ago)
Cool and funny
Xiang (16 hours ago)
every fake trailers of fps games wil and dereck seems to die first and shawn is the enemy
KIARA D (17 hours ago)
Dear Ryan, can you make a parody of a kpop music video?
KIARA D (10 hours ago)
saffy 75902 I know. Well it should be a parody of the boy band, BTS
saffy 75902 (11 hours ago)
KIARA D He has already done two.
Jj41430 (17 hours ago)
Fkn OG youtuber
Cameron Carter (17 hours ago)
Omg she was playing clash of clans
Jose Manese (18 hours ago)
he noob in pubg but he win and he pro in fortnite and he lose wtf
Elijah Winnah (18 hours ago)
This must be the original trailer!!! ITS SO GOOD!!!
God Ivan Villarte (18 hours ago)
Will is that you?
Ahmed Sarajlić (19 hours ago)
OMG this is bullshit
Fadlin vloggernations! (19 hours ago)
He almost win
Fadlin vloggernations! (19 hours ago)
Noooo! Why ryan higa dies
thecrazyidiot12 (19 hours ago)
Paco's really good at acting
Alfred Lohse (19 hours ago)
Make the movie
Stefan Velevski (20 hours ago)
You are good Catcher.
Natalie Cape (21 hours ago)
Pub what?
Natalie Cape (21 hours ago)
Why don’t I get his videos in my notifications?
CHICKEN EGGS (21 hours ago)
Dear Ryan, can you make God's Plan into a sad song?
ultimate perkigames (22 hours ago)
I see what you did there with pub jesus man
Lay lay (22 hours ago)
I pro at pubg
Infinite Excalibur (23 hours ago)
Infinite Excalibur (23 hours ago)
Do a beyblade burst /god/cho zetsu
K P (23 hours ago)
Oh my god this is too good 😂 btw I hate fortnite so this as so funny
Dante Overlord (23 hours ago)
Did he get the sponsorship tho🤔
TheQueenCandyGamer (23 hours ago)
Dark voyager Gaming (23 hours ago)
How was he still flying without holding the Umbrella ☂ that is weird
1234 kk (1 day ago)
Man u are soo funny
Alex Rehne Jensen (1 day ago)
Ey fortnite yaay
Mrsnowitall yt (1 day ago)
You have add like someone playing puge and the other just getting mad
Steven Mark (1 day ago)
Last NigaHiga video I watched was his How to be Ninja, How go be Gangster etc videos in YouTube's first years LOL I had no idea he was still relevant, what
ALMIGHTY ONE (1 day ago)
hey ryan do you play clash
ky ky (1 day ago)
If this was a real movie i would definitely go see it!!! 🤩
ESTIsLaced (1 day ago)
*uh is someone going to revive me or we starting over?* Lmaaaoooo I love this!!!
Raruku XCarung (1 day ago)
Who's trying to play fortnite (ps4) comment your psn and ill add you
Robert Blumenthal (1 day ago)
Honestly, I love NigaHiga and I have been watching his videos for more than four years. Not to say I am a die-hard fan that has and will support him forever, but I do enjoy his content and I think that he may just be one of the last legitimate creators on youtube that don't regularly take advantage of trends, clickbait, and other YouTubers to gain views. Not to say he's perfect, but he is better than 95% of other creators in that regard. However, I am mad at how YouTube and their users have turned out. Ryan made an amazing video called How To Get Views On Youtube that he and his team must have worked for a while. His video made the normal view count of four million. He then made a decent video with great digital effects and general humor that the mass population of Fortnite players can relate to, called FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer). That video garnered less than thirteen million dollars. It just goes to show that the twenty million people and more who say they enjoy NigaHiga don't but do enjoy Trends that they force Ryan to use in his videos. Let him become himself in terms of being a content creator and stop forcing him to do stuff like this. If you liked this video, then check out How To Get Views On Youtube. It, in my opinion, is his best video up to date.
I got a Fortnite ad before the video XD
Daily Movies (1 day ago)
Real trailers are around 2 mins but cool
SouR xXx (1 day ago)
Doctor who Fan111 (1 day ago)
Boi u trash a pubg
BarBQ71 (1 day ago)
Fortnite sucks.
The Gaming Titan (1 day ago)
The Asian always wins.
Jay Da Huskie (1 day ago)
Dear Ryan, can you do a parody of a parody
Jay Da Huskie (1 day ago)
Dear Ryan, Can I be in A Dear Ryan
Acid Corp Anims (1 day ago)
nigahiga i heard of you and saw you on xbox
Boogie bomb i got boogie bombed xD
Roark Durden (1 day ago)

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