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7 Common Signs Of Prostate Cancer You Should Not Ignore

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Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer. Knowing the symptoms of prostate cancer is very important for us, because it can help us in preventing the occurrence of prostate cancer, anticipate and do early treatment. Many men don't find out they have prostate cancer until the cancer has spread,nci prostate cancer making it more difficult to treat. This is because in the early stages, prostate cancer often doesn't have many symptoms. That's a problem because prostate cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in American men, after skin cancer, you must advanced prostate cancer symptoms. People often ignore the warning signs of prostate cancer, until the problem becomes severe. It is important to be aware of these signs as addressing the problem early can save you from future complications. If you have multiple signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, ask your doctor to check your health levels and get the best treatment for prostate cancer. Here are the early warning signs of prostate cancer. 01:02 Difficulty urinating. 02:05 Pain while urinating.. 03:09 Blood in the urine. 04:07 Difficulty getting or keeping an erection. 05:06 Blood in the semen. 06:03 Chronic constipation and other intestinal issues. 07:02 Frequent pain in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs. 08:01 Having to pee in the middle of the night. 09:08 Leaking or dribbling urine. 10:01 You're over 50 and have risk factors. Well, If you experience any of the following 5 Common Signs of prostate Cancer in Men that I mentioned above, you should not ignore it. It’s important to tell your health care provider to have them checked by your doctor. So that the cause can be found and treated, if needed. Being proactive can lead to earlier treatment and a better outlook. Thank you for watching "5 Common Signs of prostate Cancer in Men." SUBSCRIBE for more videos here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2s_ywqhXm_YmJ1lVPDPtw?sub_confirmation=1 Contact : email : anisawe14@gmail.com Find Us On : Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/u/0/109115292982259471607 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Symptoms-Of-Disease-602529183258705/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/anisawe4?lang=en Blog : http://symptoms2017.blogspot.co.id/
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Christopher Cappella (5 days ago)
Begins at 1:16
Cyber Dan (7 days ago)
Great watch
sahabaj Ansari (8 days ago)
Jeff Polanco (8 days ago)
This makes me cringe
Andy B (8 days ago)
Rangarao Ballamkondha (8 days ago)
న క
Kevin Hillier (10 days ago)
Having a PSA blood test saved my life due to a earlier detection of Prostate cancer. My PSA level kept rising. I was 57 when diagnosed with P.C.fit and healthy with no out of the ordinary signs.5 years now after a nerve sparing operation the PC seems to have stayed away.
Kali Rajak (12 days ago)
akmal khan (14 days ago)
good information i very very like
gulam mustafa (14 days ago)
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Santosh Kumar (15 days ago)
Hindi me bolo
حيدر عادل (17 days ago)
Nice informations
DINESH MISING KO (17 days ago)
Nice video 👍👍👍👍
Mofij Ali (17 days ago)
Florence Njoki (18 days ago)
i like how you prevent people from early dearth.a good post
Pallapu. Ramulu (19 days ago)
Priya Patil (20 days ago)
Nice post
Irshad Husain (12 days ago)
PriyaHi Patil
Abdul khader Mull (15 days ago)
Murshad Pasha (15 days ago)
Wasswa Bruno (20 days ago)
Thanks your alert.
waqas waqas (21 days ago)
Bast video
Gujjar Chohan (22 days ago)
fun channel65 (23 days ago)
nice video
yapa sunglasses (19 hours ago)
pawan rathee (24 days ago)
. ☺
Hooria Khan (24 days ago)
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Danny Martinez (21 days ago)
Hooria Khan so,why u married him then
Hooria Khan (24 days ago)
This is my promblm please help me
Kanmani Canny (25 days ago)
I eat a lot of tomato
M Shahnawaz (25 days ago)
in hindi please you video
Zari F Tusing (26 days ago)
What about pain after urine?
Sai Kiran (27 days ago)
i drank bad whisky after that.. i felt pain while urinating.. on day 1. day 2 the pain began to reduce. is it prostrate cancer?
Dave Costello (21 days ago)
No it sounds like you had cystitis after the alcohol. Plenty of water and cranberry juice should help.
Jozef (28 days ago)
2:44 lmao my body got so weak
TheFoxfire Soul (29 days ago)
I think i have it..
Kenzie Harrison (29 days ago)
I have cancer
Ali Hidayat (30 days ago)
Saya trus terang sy sdh berkeluarga aku lemah ingin solusi ya ini komentar dari daya
Doc Holiday (1 month ago)
U talk funny ..)( ****
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
that's normal. it'll go away.
Ike P (1 month ago)
(49ERS) & (ROCKETS) Rider 😳
12T90 LSD25 (1 month ago)
Well if this video is true i eat enough broccoli to stay pretty damn healthy can literally put broccoli in anything salads, pasta dishes, sides on their own, broccoli can be used in so many ways and I use a lot of it especially in pasta because pasta is fattening you pack a lot of broccoli in a starchy meal you can eat a lot more without having all the starch that's also a cheap way of eating can really do a lot with broccoli , cauliflower, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes combine all that with pasta and alfredo sauce with diced up chicken thighs that's how us cheap poor people have to eat that's about as healthy as it gets LOL
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
to avoid prostate and butthole cancers, here's what all men should be doing: 1) sit while urinating. this squeezes out all of urine from the system 2) was the penis hole with some water or use a wet tissue paper 3) use low leveled toilets. this squeezes the bowels and empties them well 4) wipe with wet napkin or baby wipes(flushable) instead dry TP or just walking away with shit infested in your buttcheeks it's been proven allover the world that if you practice the above formulas, the chances of you having those cancer will be minimal.
Stephen Box (1 month ago)
Hell if I piss blood I'm calling a Lifesaver Helicopter to take me to the hospital!!
S-ubscribe to my chann€l guys. Please and Please , Health-tips
I just subscribed
kamal sheikh (1 month ago)
Vala Govind (3 days ago)
kamal sheikh
Mazari Khan (1 month ago)
Sixib p Thanks
M. D. (1 month ago)
I believe beef is the cause, red meat!
Majin Ketsu (1 month ago)
Have to pee in the middle of night is the only symptom I have but I'm usually up until 4 am
Rogelio Declaro (26 days ago)
Ngayon at kailanman
Great information
Mark Mendoza (1 month ago)
dok tanong q lng sana bkt lagi aq naiihi pblikblik aq s c.r kunti lng lumalbas n ihi q lalo n s gbi herap dn poh aq minsan tumae ano poh b ibg sbhin nto dok.plz sna sgtin nio aq thanks!
mig189189189 (1 month ago)
Cool report!
C3 Stingray (1 month ago)
Why are those 3 women using the men's restroom and peeing standing in front of the male urinal? Are they trannies? Chicks with dicks?
umer Ibrahim (1 month ago)
Every men Du sunna every things OK Du yurin siting
Mark Herald (1 month ago)
The head of me u know. It hurts when I pee is that a sign as well
Ffee Uganda (1 month ago)
I feel pain after pee en urinating can it be Cancer coz I know it's effections
k (25 days ago)
Nenda kwa daktari haraka sana.
Ronald Calam (1 month ago)
Tnx for being concern to our and many people to stop a prostate cancer to men people, tnx to upload this video
Willem Ndimufitu (1 month ago)
very helpful
Jeevan Jeeva (1 month ago)
What is the reason of rashes coming two sides of the leg and between the urinated potions
Jeevan Jeeva (1 month ago)
The girls will come blood in the urine of their age crossing will boys will come blood in the urine of their age crossing sir please tell me
Alex T (17 days ago)
Only girls probably on there period
Jorbo Camara (1 month ago)
Good information
Himoonga Himuntanga (1 month ago)
Nabil Ahisoun (1 month ago)
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Toton Das (2 days ago)
TruthB Told (1 month ago)
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Odubiro Joseph (1 month ago)
Gamini Gamini (1 month ago)
Major Ali Sting'o (1 month ago)
Appreciate your information
Manny Velasquez (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for sharing this
Vogue Of Today (1 month ago)
Wyclife Joseph (1 month ago)
Real thing starts here 1:12
abhi mushra (11 days ago)
Wyclife Joseph
عمر محمد (1 month ago)
هاي 🙂
Mohamed Sangaré (1 month ago)
Gamini Gamini (1 month ago)
I am a bit of a new
Gamini Gamini (1 month ago)
I am a bit of a new
Keshar Khadka Punwar (1 month ago)
Thanks! Greetings from the top of the World! Hail! Nepal !!!
Divin H (1 month ago)
Most of these symptoms are there for kidney stone disease as well, so please consult a Dr before you conclude you are having a PC
Mohamed Lam3alem (15 days ago)
Norzaidi Md anuar (21 days ago)
Ibrhaim S (1 month ago)
Divin H hii
k prabu (1 month ago)
thanks you
k prabu (1 month ago)
thank you
Arlyn Manalo Daquiuag (1 month ago)
Most of the symptoms I've been experiencing today but I quietly hide it because I'm scared.
남대식 (1 month ago)
Arlyn Manalo Daquiuag 8
Chudhary Bilal (1 month ago)
Elianu Silas (1 month ago)
great info,
Charlton Bolden (1 month ago)
I wish I never catch it!
arabion knights (22 days ago)
Charlton Bolden 1 in 7 will be diagnosed. 1 in 3 will have an in large prostate by 60..
Dayo Dayo (24 days ago)
Jan Slikkers (1 month ago)
I motorrad Stammtisch lingen
mr. know it all (1 month ago)
Nice fake inserts. Thanks again.
Noor Ahmed (1 month ago)
Wazzy Ice (1 month ago)
Sometimes after urinating I will still feel like I want to urinate
Prakash Gurung (7 days ago)
Wazzy Ice me too :(
Ismail Mirza (10 days ago)
Wazzy Ice xnxx
Rupali Kropi (23 days ago)
Wazzy Ice 😁😂🤔🤗😆
k (25 days ago)
Run to the doctor man
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
that's temporary
Barry Rosen (1 month ago)
wow that is so true
Ribou (2 months ago)
Fast, don't drink and smoke, eat healthy, excerise. Eazy as that
Jarvis Mickles (2 months ago)
Why is my recommend 😪🤧
Ajay Kumar (2 months ago)
which doctor should have to consult for this?
F. Marshall (2 months ago)
I had prostate cancer almost 20 years ago and only one of those symptoms in the video I had ..the lower back pain. Never had the other nine, not even slightly ...
otim sam (9 days ago)
What happened after are you cured
Malaki Serapelo (12 days ago)
U believe him
Salami Afeez (14 days ago)
Are u cured now n how
Jishu Sonowal (28 days ago)
U are ok now
Kelvin641 Chung (1 month ago)
What happened after ?
Bigman Water (2 months ago)
PSA test helps.
وش السالفه مامعي لغه ههههه
علي العراقي (3 days ago)
Hassan Achammi (1 month ago)
วันใส นิธิสมหวังชัย 😐
Krishna Jabbalala (2 months ago)
Edouard Agossou (2 months ago)
Eze Henry (1 month ago)
Am fine from here no sign of it
radio mirchi (2 months ago)
Nice tropic
Bachir Gougjil (1 day ago)
Signs And Symptoms (2 months ago)
+NAZIMUL MIDDEY Thanks for watching :)
Muhammad Irfan (2 months ago)
Anguaku Anthony (2 months ago)
impotence due to diabetes is not reversible. ask me about it.
Edwin Digno (19 days ago)
Is there a cure for ed
Truthfears Guilty (29 days ago)
it can be today. you sound old school.
Md Imtiyaj Md Imtiyaj (1 month ago)
Anguaku Anthony b . q
심심쿵 (2 months ago)
Vy Productions 1 (2 months ago)
It hurts when peeing sometimes is when I hold it
Valentyna Nacheva (2 months ago)
Keila Clarice Boes (1 month ago)
Valentyna Nacheva Yes kitos
rahman Şimşek (1 month ago)
Valentino Nacheva
Joe Reed (2 months ago)
Valentyna Nacheva h
Signs And Symptoms (2 months ago)
+Valentyna Nacheva😍
biladi maroc (2 months ago)
husna ibrahim (10 days ago)
Signs And Symptoms
Gul Muhammad (18 days ago)
biladi maroc
Bete Balduino (1 month ago)
biladi maroc cao urinado sangue
Signs And Symptoms (2 months ago)
+biladi maroc  Thanks for watching :)
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Loyd Locklear (2 months ago)
Debra Timms e
Roman Anand (2 months ago)
Debra Titthý nh
Begum Ghoorun (2 months ago)
Armağan Arman (28 days ago)
Alebiosu Kamaldeen (2 months ago)
Good natural. remedies.for curing diseases.
dlo korde (2 months ago)
dlo korde وش الموضوع شباب
Nguyen Thilien (1 month ago)
Spring Man (1 month ago)
عليكم السلام اخونا الغالي...نتشرف بمعرفتك...عندك واتس اب
ف النايف (2 months ago)
dlo korde حبيبي ههههههههههههه
زنك بزن واتساب
Thank you

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