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Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control

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Samuel Mullins (4 years ago)
Laser pointer too dim to follow on my 3 &1/2 inch LED screen, even viewed with magnifying glass. Intriguingly entertaining although I lack fundamentals for understanding. Thanks, liked this video better noting one of the exchanges was achieved by temperature. One video's reversal of exchange was because of valence right? If ever I can learn table of elements, hope to see more of your tutorials!
Samuel Mullins (4 years ago)
I only grasped you saying betwixt the formulation distinctions, that durability as well as process-sustainability will depend upon environmental situation. In one video, you seem to say a slower growth host-cure according to organism variety concerning blood-gases, best avoids remissions by progress-shock. Here and there is major tutorials worthwhile confirming my hopes for joining participations such as yours, after fundamentally prepared as yourself for advancing. Your communication-bridge effort across the glossary-gap demonstrates your character fitness for futuristic interns such as myself, after having prerequisites beyond academic and equipment rudiments. When that time comes I will seek your advice for joining up. Refinements equalling yours encourages vocational inspirations beyond despairs into opportunities Drive. Good days sir
ONEEZE (4 years ago)
You must fallen in a hell of a deep internet hole to end up here. No one ever watches these. Glad you enjoyed it though.  One is energetically more stable. The other reacts faster. The reaction conditions can be changed to favor one over the other. At higher temps the more energetically stable prevails, because it is more stable. At lower temps the quicker one does because stability is not such an issue. Think of buildings. They can be built quickly and cheaply or more slowly and more stable. In puerto rico all the buildings are concrete, because every year you can expect a couple hurricanes to roll through there. In other places this isn't so much an issue so the quick cheap way prevails.  They all have filled valence electrons. There are other things that affect stability such as the positioning of the bonds in relation to each other. Youll learn about them eventually. Respect the effort you made to try and understand it.

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