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Horrified by Windows

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This is my thirty-second Webcam blooper clip. "Horrified by Windows" When I got accepted to the Google helpouts to provide auto repair assistance, I decided to upgrade my Webcam. This video is what happened when I turned it on for the first time. When I clicked the start button it looked like everything was okay so I started recording. After about ten seconds a Windows pop-up message displayed with a paragraph of text I have never seen before. As I read through the message the look of horror on my face was unmistakable. I'm not exactly sure why I responded this way to the Windows warning other than I was confused as to why there was a problem. The funny part about the video is my confusion translated to a horrible like expression that recorded without me realizing. When I showed my friend the video that I planned on deleting they collapsed with laughter for about forty-five minutes. I'm not sure if it was just funny to us or maybe others would feel the same way. Regardless, I decided to post the video just in case others would find it as funny as we did.
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