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2019 Ferrari 488 Pista: Prototype Drive

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Read the full story here: http://crdrv.co/rxsmR9g We drive a prototype Pista, the even-higher-performance version of the mid-engine 488, and come away highly impressed! Our website: http://www.caranddriver.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caranddriver/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/CARandDRIVER On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caranddriver/ Subscribe to Car and Driver http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoCARandDRIVER
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Text Comments (123)
motorsV12 (2 months ago)
Even if I prefer high 458's revs, I'll never ever take one over a pista !
elwingy (7 months ago)
Car sounds absolutely great after that 488 GTB meh sound
I Love Prophet Muhammad (7 months ago)
atanas yordanov (7 months ago)
Another stupid car from ferrari
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
another stupid post from an hater
Lukestersim :3 (7 months ago)
Just compared the speedomiters for acdelerations there...a 720s will walk away from it
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
Ali M 750 (7 months ago)
Ferrari is getting more boring every time
Racing Red (7 months ago)
Ali M Says the idiot lambo fanboy lol.
TheFede8888 (7 months ago)
Ferrari is boring....really?ehm....yes....boring...
siralanlordsugar (7 months ago)
I’ve just woke up and thought Rob Spaghetti found the perfect car with the Ferrari 488 Pasta
mike anderson (8 months ago)
卓尧杜 (8 months ago)
can it really rev to 8000rpm now? (488gtb can only do 7500rpm in real life)
lacrosse8011 (8 months ago)
is the driver tall or is the cabin extremely tiny??
Dontcallmeshirley (8 months ago)
Pista means Steve in Hungarian :)
Us + Test Drive = Life Complete
The Joker (8 months ago)
Pointless garbage unless I win the Lottery then I may feel a bit different about it
Supercars Luke (8 months ago)
but the pres cars are tuned to be faster so its basically cheating watch the vid of the pres 458 beating 458 special
Racing Red (7 months ago)
Supercars Luke Anyone can send a picture of Ferrari or lambo on the driveway. Such pictures are all over the internet. And besides, do you really think I would give a shithead like you my email? So that you could spam my email box with a trojan or a worm? No thanks, dumbass.
Supercars Luke (7 months ago)
hexagon523 I will send a picture of the Lambo in my driveway what’s your email?
Racing Red (7 months ago)
Supercars Luke And your dad didn't have a Ferrari and 3 lambos LOL that's such an obvious lie. You're just a pathetic lambo fanboy who's trying to make Ferrari look bad. Nice try but you ain't fooling anyone.
Racing Red (7 months ago)
Supercars Luke Ah, more lies! Unless you have some actual concrete 100% proof of Ferrari doing such things then it's nothing more than gossip and hearsay. I can just as easily claim that you're a faggot, even though I haven't seen you fucking another man, but hey who cares about proof, right? Let's all just start throwing some random stories around. Fuckin moron.
Supercars Luke (7 months ago)
hexagon523 there is video proof and ferrari was sued for rolling back miles on a car so whats to say that they arent tuning press cars dumb fuck. and my dad had a ferrari it was shit but now he has had 3 lambos and they are perfect so coming from and owners perspective whoch os different from some internet dumbass the cars are different so YOU shut the fuck up
Ixapter (8 months ago)
Very unique paint job.
Hlor88 (8 months ago)
twice as loud as 488GTB and 10 times quieter than 360 CS
Joyous Gaming (7 months ago)
Hlor88 so you are basically saying that the 488gtb sounds bad? I agree
optimumfilms (8 months ago)
That sounds amazing!
future62 (8 months ago)
Still doesn't quite peel your skin off like a 458. Sounds like a high revving turbo hot hatch.
Russell Coight (7 months ago)
Yep I wouldn't comment that if I haven't , I've driven a 430 scuderia and a 488. The 488 is just next level, just trust me and test drive one you'll see what all the hype is about
future62 (8 months ago)
I have driven a 458 (check my channel).... have you driven either? At no point did I ever think/feel "hmm this thing could use another 150HP at the expense of sound and response" And who are we talking about here... journalists who have to praise the cars to get access? No bias or conflict of interest there. I'm sure it's a great car but NA is best.
Russell Coight (8 months ago)
Drive a 458 and then a 488 and let me know your opinion then.. everyone who has driven the 488 loves it, there is a small trade off for sound but the difference in performance is worth it
future62 (8 months ago)
So your misuse of "performance" to speak to emissions and fuel economy is my fault? Yea maybe it is better for you to bow out of this discussion (and any kind of debate period) P. S. The engine note still sucks
chillout1109 (8 months ago)
future62 *though it's obvious you don't know* ?? Of course I know why Ferrari turbocharged their engine. It's why I said, "There was no other feasible way to wring out more *power or performance* from that engine." I thought that an intelligent person would understand that I was covering fuel efficiency and emissions by my use of the term "performance" in the same sentence with "power". But it's now become quite obvious to me that I'm talking to a tomato. So, never mind.
FreestylerAlbert (8 months ago)
sound like an average boring car. Miss the 458 specialé
Ikr I hate how it sounds like a corolla................. Are you on something?
godzillasballs (8 months ago)
Pasta sound better.
siralanlordsugar (7 months ago)
Made with Rob Spaghetti in mind
Mark Meadows (7 months ago)
Alpaca Crew it’s a dead meme but never forgotten
Alpaca Crew (7 months ago)
Mark Meadows no
Mark Meadows (8 months ago)
Somebody touch-a my spaghet!
Lil Prize (8 months ago)
Wow, that 2019 Ferrari, love cars🔥🔥👍
jalloor (8 months ago)
That thing picks up speed like crazy.
Eugenio A. (8 months ago)
0-200 km/h in 7,6 seconds
Anis Beli879 (8 months ago)
It is no way near the acceleration of the 720s
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
you first stupid tacho reader....
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
720 who?
damefaso (7 months ago)
I bet you already drove it,right? The fuck you didn't fuckboy
rickyfarci (7 months ago)
Yep, this is not a car made to go straight in an abandoned Airport like the 720s. So the 720 is probably faster (when it is working...) in a straight race.
67claudius (7 months ago)
Blake Swan (8 months ago)
I want a Pista.......said no one ever. Awful word
Real720 (8 months ago)
Blake Swan Do you even know what Pista means, you moron?
Eugenio A. (8 months ago)
3500 already sold.
V12orWalk (8 months ago)
Still ecu cuts throttle and it is called slip control... it is rather throttle control at best. Good driving skill which shows alot in such a short time in my eye.
Miguel (8 months ago)
Too short video! Want more!!
Mamo (8 months ago)
All I see is the steering wheel moving all over the place.
Charles Hu (8 months ago)
458 still sounds better
ALIen (7 months ago)
Till then you’re gonna say that the worlds going to electric so get over it
Russell Coight (8 months ago)
Drive a 458 and then a 488 and then you'll realise you'd happily trade off a bit off sound for the next level performance
N4- GANG (8 months ago)
so go and get 458
james64ibm (8 months ago)
Much better. I don't feel like the sound has improved at all, the increase in loudness has rather eliminated all subtle undertones from the engine ...
Ethanmeister (8 months ago)
I mean I don't want to make fun but, since I'm an asshole, this guy sounds like he's never spoken to a camera before, it's pretty entertaining. Keep him.
Ethanmeister (8 months ago)
Happy days.
Duncan Brady (8 months ago)
Dave's the Deputy Online Editor, effectively the editor-in-chief of Car and Driver's online operations! Don't think he's going anywhere.
look uup (8 months ago)
It will be a weapon
Lance B. (8 months ago)
But can it beat a 720s?
Jeff Will (6 months ago)
MT(Motor Trend) recently tested Pista with others. I compared 720S numbers to Pista. Sadly MT didn't give a lot of data. Based off the small numbers I see 720S appears to be faster but Pista is very close. Because cars weren't tested on same day it's hard to use them as a point of reference. Pista tires are far better but 720S was still slightly faster on same track. Big Willow times for 720S is 1:21.75 vs 1:22.01 Pista. On a technical track Pista should be faster due to tires. I checked C&D numbers of 720S vs Pista. Again both are close. It seems 720S pulls away above 130mph due to less drag.
the Boss -rs (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/g6tzngQKgdw 0-200 6.9 Jeff Will
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
repeated by no one
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIvCxB-kdAw&feature=youtu.be now go and shot yourself
N4- GANG (7 months ago)
720s for straight line fking fast 488 Pista for track race and excited drive Which one u choose?!
ASAP Z (8 months ago)
Unfortunately Ferrari tunes their press cars to be faster than customer cars, theres a good video out there of a 458 press car beating a customer speciale in a race.
Shuban Bhatcar (7 months ago)
ASAP Z for that video we don't actually know if it's a press car, it has a question mark on it. Also, Ferrari doesn't sell their press cars.
sonnyreddevil69 (7 months ago)
Stfu with this press car bullshit and stop hating on the best in the game FERRARI
Racing Red (7 months ago)
dagnut You're a complete fucking moron! "No Ferrari customer has ever dynod their car or even owned another supercar for comaprison" hahahahaa that's biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen! You really are retarded you know that.
Tyran Mathurin (7 months ago)
Nigel Baker It is true that the 720s is lighter than the 812 Superfast. However, the 458 italia and Speciale are lighter and feature more hp than the Nissan GTR. And there are drag racing videos that shows the GTR beating them both. In the first episode of Motor Trend's "The World's Greatest Drag Race," a GTR beat the 458 italia. The truth is, Ferrari supercars have been struggling against the competition (especially against McLaren and Porsche) for sometime now. And Porsche and McLaren (in particular) have proven they can achieve similar (if not better) performance from their cars that feature less power than their Ferrari rivals. Either Ferrari is lying about the amount of power that is featured in their supercars, or their engineers just aren't getting the job done quite like those from Porsche and McLaren.
Ale55andr082 (7 months ago)
it's a bullshit spreaded by harris time ago...nothing more, but since then all the idiots on the internet still talking aobut it and a legend became true story, every f*cking time a brand new ferrari is tested
Winston Searles (8 months ago)

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