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Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

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How often should you change your engine oil? In a hidden camera investigation, we test what you're told at the dealership and then actually test your engine oil in a lab to see who's right. To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2017-2018/the-dirty-truth-about-makeup-oil-change-debate »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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G Singh Sandhu (6 hours ago)
Oil change anywhere in-between 20000-25000 km is optimum.
Heather (9 hours ago)
Why is the old lady in first one holding a New Zealand 20 dollar note when this was filmed in America. I am confused.
Thats why Toyota Honda and Nissan are better than the chrysler
MARCUS (18 hours ago)
But in the long run, yor car will stay like new and you will not have serious problems in the futur if you change oil earlier ! I prefer lose a little money now than a lot a^fter years !
nick f (23 hours ago)
The situation is more complex than 1 size fits all. Regular Oil breaks down by losing lighter elements from heat and breaking down heavier elements from mechanical stress so the oil left is mainly middle elements having lost both ends. Synthetic is much more stable. Engine design, pattern of usage and type of oil all play their parts. If you spend a lot of time at low rpm you need heavy ends but those are the ones that are removed at that load etc. Its a difficult engineering problem with each case needing a different solution.
J.W. Griggs III (1 day ago)
My Nissan Murano will flash me warning signs after 3,000 miles. It will do this every time I start up my car until I take it in to get it changed.
Mister Smith (1 day ago)
Or 2 minutes.
Mister Smith (1 day ago)
Lubricants are a modern marvel. No machine can work without them. Well, maybe for a few minutes. Then a boom! It you keep clean lubricants in a car it will last 15 + years.
Mr B money (1 day ago)
My 2015 Camry recommends oil change at 10,000 miles. I use Mobile 1 full synthetic oil, and at around 7,000 miles or so it's pretty dirty and needs to be changed. No I don't drive it hard, but I don't baby it too much either. And that's my 2 cents 😁
Andy_12 _ (2 days ago)
Accura is a branch from honda.
Mario Soto (2 days ago)
My Nissan navara np300's book says 10K for oil changes using full synthetic,but I change it myself every 8K or so due to one fact that I didn't see mentioned here,every time people go out in their cars,must of the time we get stuck in traffic so,that is time that the engine is running and the oil is been used but the car is not registering kms,after 6 months of that is a lot of running time and degradation for the oil,yeah I know,the car has an oil sensor but why wait to almost the breaking point,besides,my car's engine has a new type of turbo and they love fresher oil,peace!
Angel Reborn (2 days ago)
just change the god damn oil...dont be picky on this stuff..i am driving BMW 645ci....for 13 years...since it was launch...changing oil every 7000 km or 8000km, never had any issue with the engine....
arpan sandhu (3 days ago)
Every 10 thousand km
Tran Nguyen (3 days ago)
CBC is the best education for citizens and police bad businesses habit
Rhetorical Answer (3 days ago)
Book says 7500 miles between changes. Yep. Probably will do okay until it's out of the warranty period doing that. Beyond that those intervals are going to get smaller simply because of expected wear and a little more of your oil being lost to blow-by, and the blow-by also contaminating the oil you retain a little quicker which just slowly makes the intervals you should change it shorter and it's based on your driving. Not a time frame. It all has to do with how many miles, the type of driving (city -stop and go, towing, etc....) This reporter acts like he has really found out something crooked being done by car manufacturers when in truth this bonehead is actually advising them in the long run to do something that will end up in shortening the life of their engine. Good job, guy!
HEADBANGRR (4 days ago)
THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS VIDEO ARE DUMB ASSES!! I will continue to change my oil every 6 months or so the more often the longer the engine life. And, I always change it myself, it only takes about 15 minutes.
Smug Smugly (4 days ago)
Great texture and correct consistency for your recipe
TNitro N (4 days ago)
Car companys are in the business of selling cars. Follow the owners manual and you WILL be back for a NEW car in 100,000 miles. With only 36,000 mile warranty on new cars, its a set up so your car wears out every 100,000 miles or change it at 5,000 miles and get 200,000 miles or more out of the engine. What do YOU want?
triadwarfare (3 days ago)
Even with diligent changes, most car problems start after 3 years. The frequency on how you change your oil does not affect that.
Rhetorical Answer (3 days ago)
Most brands... you're gonna need a new one in that time frame anyway. Most are junk now.
Robert Cowan (4 days ago)
Sameul Jones (4 days ago)
Have always changed oil every 100,000kms. Never had any problems and have always thrashed the engine from brand new. Changing oil is a waste of time. The amount of money I've saved over my lifetime and I've never had an engine fail on me. It's a total myth. My 96 Corolla I brought new in 96 has 532,000kms on it and I have only had to change the oil 5 times so far. Next oil change is still 68,000km away!
Rhetorical Answer (3 days ago)
You've wasted a ton of money. Should've gone at least 200,000kms between changes.
RockinRobbins13 (4 days ago)
I change my engine oil every 25,000 miles with Amsoil Signature Series and if my engine dies, Amsoil pays for it. They put their cash where their recommendations are. Using a quality real, not hydrocracked, synthetic oil, using filters rated for your oil change interval, 25,000 mile intervals are perfectly fine, longer if you have your oil tested by a lab as many truckers do.
Thomas Quinn (5 days ago)
Turbo charged cars require more frequent oil changes.
Tony Mutua (5 days ago)
In kenya if you wait for a year to do an oil change....your car will RIP
Kevin Yaretz (5 days ago)
You will wear your engine out waiting that long for oilcganges in the long run
Kevin Yaretz (5 days ago)
Lmfaooo it is a marking ploy y do u think now a days cars barley pass 200k but cars back in early 2000s and older go way pass 500k and more
John Moore (5 days ago)
I use full synthetic oil (best grade) in all my vehicles I change the oil once a year and the filter every six month. A couple of my vehicles will not get more than 2000 mile a year or maybe less than that on them in a year’s time. When I was in the navy I went about 7 years on the oil (unless the lab report said it was bod) that I used in the reduction gears and never changed it out. (2190 tep navy symbol). I did purifier the oil 12 hours a day about 4 days a week. Every four months if I had the time I would pump it to a settling tank. Heat it to 180 degrees for 24 hours then secures the heat on it and again if I had time let it settle for 48 hours scrip off the bottom all the crap that settled to the bottom. Plus I took sample ever 24 hours and check then by looking at the bottle of new oil. Once a month sent sample to the lab.
Jonny Weber (5 days ago)
Once a year is a joke, most people drive their vehicle 12-16,000kms a year.
CHANG DI (5 days ago)
What type of motor oil is the Key issue... Full synthetic, Blender or Conversional oil...
Cosimo Kramarawicz (5 days ago)
Tell me why it takes a certified mechanic to take so long and charge so much to replace a simple filter and a few quarts of oil and not screw it up.
James Miller (6 days ago)
It's pretty simple people more fuel you burn the more often you should change your oil Honda Civic 10000 mile oil change okay V8 pickup truck every 4000 would be the max
A Christian (7 days ago)
Depends on the type of oil...mineral or synthetic.
Lil Mystic (7 days ago)
Grateful for you!! Cbc
Jhon777 007 (7 days ago)
If yourcareusing the regular oil then don't go over 6000km and syntactic not more then 10 000.km Not every been of oil are good. Your car is like your body . You don't eat right your health will go down the same with a cars .
norm lor (7 days ago)
some years back I heard of this (off the assembly line) Chevy going a Millions Miles due to having monthly oil changes, I guess this is the answer ...as often as possible (within reason and not hourly) !!!
Rick Myres (8 days ago)
I don't ever need and oil change but my truck does lol
james mc gregor (8 days ago)
why using Km its miles
Daniel Kempton (8 days ago)
Hi everyone But wasnt there a big battle in the early 90's To be the manufacturer with a once a year service interval ? All in the name of less down time ? And for example, volvo trucks hold 30 to 40% more oil than say, Mercedes trucks. Which surely would alter service time ?
peachees (8 days ago)
If u dont want to pay someone to change your oil, learn how to do it yourself. But for the love of god, dont wait for 10,000 miles ... too many things can happen to the underside of your car. I've seen ppl scrape up their oil pan, or have loose drain plugs or the new oil canister (containing the paper filter) start leaking from bad drain valves or damaged o-rings and leak out lots of oil onto the bottom of vehicles ... don't wait that long. Check it, change it yourself or pay someone. For the love of god, take care of your vehicles and stop believing in bean counters.
peachees (8 days ago)
Ask any mechanic if they follow the recommended oil change intervals on their own purchased new model vehicles. I know most mechanics at my company change it far sooner because they've seen what happens if you dont over time. If u want your engine to run mechanically sound for 120,000+ miles, change your oil every 3-5K miles. Just because your car sounds the same if u wait 2 years or 15,000 miles doesn't mean it will always be ok down the road.
Fun tip, mix 1 cup of sand with every leter of oil. The sand helps keep a barrier between the piston and the walls of the engine, thus prolonging engine life.
Rhetorical Answer (3 days ago)
Yes... when you drain the oil next time you will get little glass figurines in your drip pan. These are meant to be placed on your dashboard for good luck.
tuvalu (5 days ago)
I tried that and now suddenly my Lambo is idling kinda rough. Is this normal?
Manny Ruiz (8 days ago)
I change the oil in my cars, that fix the problem
Paul Amarante (9 days ago)
Aboot ?
I had a Mercedes Benz ML 320 that I purchased brand news and totaled at 250000 miles. Ran regular gas and did oil changes following the service indicator. The shortest was 12000 miles and the longest was close to 20000. The people that built the car know better than we do.
Jaxx Brat (9 days ago)
My Benz turbo diesels get new oil every 8k miles...rural driving conditions..synthetic blend
10mudpuppy (10 days ago)
If you are paying $100.00 each oil change and changing it like older cars 3000 miles it is not cheap. That means you are spending $300.00 per year more than you need to. if you drive between 8 to 10,000 miles a year. Over a 10 year period that amounts to $3000,00 and probably more due to inflation let alone all the extra oil that is wasted. Service advisors make a commission on what they can get you to spend money on. Follow your owners manual.
Dern Vader (10 days ago)
The ignorance abounds... oil change has nothing to do with time, its all aboot mileage. I am a mechanic... for regular oil you want to go about 5000m. max, unless it burns oil. For synthetic its good for aboot twice that, up to about 12,000mi. remember manufactures make money from selling you new cars, when yours breaks down due to ill maintenance... She was totally right when she said its a marketing ploy... All new cars are meant to be disposable... sure leave your spark plugs in for 100,000mi. - they will be part of the engine after that and will strip the inside of the bore when removed... Its all aboot selling you a new one. They don't want you to maintain your vehicle at all. As oil gets older it creates longer poly- chains, which then don't lubricate as well. Much better to change it too often... then to use old oil.
William Yokum (10 days ago)
They dont say what kind of oil is being used here synthetic vs conventional makes a world of difference
RaspingPompano2 (10 days ago)
RaspingPompano2 (10 days ago)
RaspingPompano2 (10 days ago)
Now your government news tells you when, where, and what time to change your oil in Canada. You guys are going down a dangerous hole in Canada.
Christian Ivanov (10 days ago)
Yeah you can change your oil once every year or 10000 miles but that's only going to wear it out faster manufacturers don't want their cars to last more than 10 or so years because why would you buy a new car then also there's a big difference between synthetic and regular oil
Nick Coudounellis (10 days ago)
It wouldn't hurt to change your oil more frequently than what is recommended by the manufacturer. I change mine every 5000 Klass. Oil isn't that expensive
Twenty Paws Ranch (11 days ago)
My 2000 daily driver 4Runner with 170k miles gets an oil change every 18 months. It must depend on the vehicle.
peachees (8 days ago)
Those older engine runs 5W30 oil. Also, those engines were built to last unlike modern engines. Most modern engines run 0W20 or lighter. Thicker oil means the engine has looser tolerances and wear less due to the thicker oil. Modern engines have tight tolerances requiring light oil but if the oil isn't changed the tolerances start to loosen up and burn the light oil. Those older Toyotas were legendary but it doesn't hurt to change it every 6 months to a year. I would never wait 18 months for modern Toyota engines or any other manufacturer.
MrMain65 (11 days ago)
Look at the cart that dealership people drive, they never change their oil
Chownzi (11 days ago)
Everyone is going to look at their owners manual to find out how often they really need to change their oil
Dr James Crabapple. (11 days ago)
l normally say every 5,000 miles.
Nunya Biznis (12 days ago)
You people have no idea what you are talking about. You can't go by what a manual tells you and time and mileage are not the only factors in the degradation of oil. Simply put, the more often you change your oil, the better off your engine will be in the long-run. It's like an insurance policy. If you use a high quality synthetic and you don't drive like a jackass, you can get away with 6-month oil changes. Other than that, it's best to stick with a 5K/3 month oil and filter change if you want to keep your engine in good order. Also change your ATF and Antifreeze every 2-3 years.
Richard Rybicki (12 days ago)
@ 0:55 that kid would be me with a camera lol
Dillon Turner (12 days ago)
Ive seen plenty of people go the longest the manf recommends. Normally 10k (miles here in the USA) these same engines normally end up with sludge issues and oil pressure issues later down the road. Depends on how you treat the car. Im pretty hard on my cars yet ive still managed to get the 4.0 sohc engine in my mustang thats known for issues to go 240k. My dipstick has holes drilled in it for the level indications. Normally ill pull the dipstick out and if I can see through the oil thats in the small hole ill leave it. once it gets dark enough to where I can no longer see through it I change it. At that point its just too much carbon buildup in the oil for me to be comfortable with. Depending on how I drive it and what car it is this varies. Also varies depending on the oil and oil filter I use. Sometimes its a 3k oil change, other times 5k. To much junk from blow by and such in your oil and its like sand paper on your bearings if you beat on your car. None of this is scientific but ive managed to keep my cars running for quite a long time. But alot of this stuff no one will agree with until they see it for their selves and depending on the car, oil, oil filter, and how you drive it, it can vary wildly. 06 Mustang 240k, 96 suburban 269k, ive also owned a 93 GS300 that was at the 400k door step and a 97 expedition that was doing the same. Both ran like a top until expys injector suck open and hydrolocked a cylinder. damaged something. Had a tick after that. Still ran fine. I sold it. Last ive heard is the person that bought it is still driving it ticking. The lexus's torque converter bolts backed out. Damaged the threads in the tc and on the bolts. Person I sold it to fixed it and continued to drive it until fuel pump issues showed up (he kept it on empty 24/7....) he then sold it. Not sure where it went after that. I mostly use ford motorcraft oil. Very good oil. Seems to stay clean the longest and keeps inside of the engine fairly clean aswell. Pull your valve covers and see what things look like. That will definitely tell you if youve been changing your oil often enough lol. I use the motorcraft oil in just about any make except my chrysler 300c. I use pennzoil there that meets chryslers spec. The ford oil would probably be fine in it im just trying to avoid "the hemi tick" that people rage about. It might stop it from showing up, it might not. I just figure chrysler has a reason for that spec. They may be pulling the wool over my eyes but ehh price difference between them isnt much. I use oem filters aswell. Chryslers get mopar filters. slightly pricey. Fords get motorcraft filters, very cheap filters but decent quality. Chevys get acdelco. My nissans normally get K&N filters only because oem nissan filters are hard to come by around here.
wingscancer (12 days ago)
well i do 2 changes a year. one for a summer grade oil and one for a winter grade oil.
ToughAncientSpark (12 days ago)
I used to be a 3000 mile man myself. Now that I'm retired, I don't drive as much and change oil twice a year. Changing your oil is cheap maintenance especially if you do it yourself. Old oil builds up contaminants and moisture which break down oil quality. Contaminants clog oil passages decreasing lubrication to critical areas of the engine. If you drive short distances or not much, condensation builds up in crankcase leading to corrosion of engine parts and saturating the quality and viscosity of your engine oil. Yes, frequent oil changes are cheap insurance of a well maintained engine. Yes, dealers are out to separate you from money in your wallet. But, I feel having your engine oil changed often is one exception. Educated consumers can get only the services they need.
Jonas H (13 days ago)
i change my oil every 50 kilometers.
Miguel Martins (13 days ago)
According to my owners manual I should do it every 30 000 km or 24 months, no way I'm going to be running on the same oil for that long. I'm used to doint it between 10/12000 Km and because I drive a lot thats around every 6 months. Next time it goes in I'll take the head the head off to see if there's carbon build up cause 220000Km in one engine is a bit to not check that.
MrBlue (11 days ago)
If you have a chrysler with a 2.7L like I do............at least every 3k miles and you'll be adding a good 2 quarts between changes as it burns oil like a m'fr. Come to think of it, that f'ing engine is literally doing engine oil flushes on its own. I'd sell my Concorde if it didn't drive so nice. And BS by the way on the dude who said "The book is king".........Chrysler said 7k miles on those 2.7L and that advice on the manual is what made many blow up.
Justin White (13 days ago)
When do you CHECK your oil level? Is the Real question
Romeo Wellington (13 days ago)
Very useful tips
Emanuel Araujo (14 days ago)
As long as there oil Ur good....change only when needed....I never change my oil for three years and car was fine
Laney Xiong (14 days ago)
I always do the oil change yearly on my cars by myself for 25 years and sometimes even up to 15 months to do the oil change it seem my cars never have a problem the problem is got rushed and throw to the junk most of them over 200k mileage, I used unleaded gasoline (87) even through my luxury cars because I tried the premium gasoline it didn't make any difference for my cars but the only difference is It saved me thousands of dollars. You guy should have try it, what you listened and always believed and what you experience is far different.
Joseph Weinstein (14 days ago)
I have a picture of blinker fluid .
Jeremy Kinniburgh (14 days ago)
what people also don’t realise is car manufacturers are under more pressure from consumers to have lower annual servicing costs, that may influence the customer buying a particular car, so the manufacturer may stretch oil change intervals to the limits, A car that is driven everyday 12 months/16,000kms is too long for an oil change in my opnion, I wouldn’t leave it that long In my car
Calvin qui (14 days ago)
If ur car just for showing and not driving it at all u can go a year before changing oil but if using ur car stop n go every day change oil when u feel ur car is not running right or slugish
Calvin qui (14 days ago)
Just do it ur self. Changing oil is not hard even 10 years old can do this oil change
TET2005 (14 days ago)
Change it often... damn EO is cheap...
546 cowboy (15 days ago)
My own experience is what I go by and that is i change oil every 3000 miles and the filter.I drove a 1987 GMC full sized Jimmy for 18 years and 150,000 miles. When I bought the truck used it was 5 years old and had 156,000 miles on it. When another driver caused a wreck and the frame was bent I had never had to add a quart of oil between changes. There were never any engine repairs other than maintenance items like belts, hoses, water pump and such. The the engine still ran fine and on disassembly was clean with little wear at 315,000 miles.Many of those miles were highway miles and I did not live in a city with traffic jams that take a toll on your engine and nerves. I did not baby that truck, I towed a boat with it and trailers too. I did use Mobile One for most of the time I had it or Valvoline only. So you be the judge of how important oil and filter changes are. I did change my own oil and grease the truck.
TigerZero aka Allen (15 days ago)
People placing comment need to keep in mind the title of the video, "Oil changes: How often do you need them?" The key word is "Need". When that "Change Oil Soon" indicator lights up, It's time to change. Assuming it was reset at the last change. The indication is not based on the miles driven but on the run-time of the engine and probably crank shaft revolutions. Automotive oil does more than reduce friction. It also washes away dirt and metallic particles. Those particles will get small enough to pass through the oil filter and will increase wear. That's my main reason I change them 4-5k miles. So replacing both more often doesn't harm the car.
Peter Frimas (17 days ago)
The Jeep 1000km since last oil change and 8 months. And the test technician said 3000 to 4000km more life. That brings us to 5000km or 12 months change for this Jeep. But becuase its low mileage car it makes sense in this case 5000km or 12 month rule. It would have been most help full if they tested two more scenarios. 1000km per month usage car at 6months or around 6000km. Cold climate use and Hot Climate use. I get the feeling if you use your car more than 1000km per month you need to change minimum 6000km and 6months or max never exceed. 10 000km or 10months. Someware in there is the sweet spot but that would depend on the individual case and quality of oil.
Roger Chien (18 days ago)
Dont they recycle oil
Robert James (18 days ago)
I wouldn't believe either one. Manufacturers don't want you driving the same vehicle for a decade and dealerships give false information to see you more often to sell you more crap plus make a little on the frequent oil changes. I would change it every 5-6k miles. Oil filters even the great ones I can't imagine how effective they can be for that long. Especially your oil.
awake & alive (9 days ago)
You're 100% correct I have a clean 1998 Toyota Camry le and every time I go to the Toyota dealership for parts I get the impression that they don't like it when I tell them how good the car runs and that I'm planning to keep it for another 20 years this 4th generation Camry's can go for at least 400 thousand miles if you know how to do the preventive maintenance yourself and changing the oil every 4 months or 4 thousand miles only cost 40 dollars and that includes a genuine Toyota oil filter and quality full synthetic oil and no worries about oil leaks this is the easiest car to work on easy access to anything you need to repair I keep all my fluids clean engine oil, transmission fluid , power steering fluid, brake fluid, and the anti freeze. All this simple preventive maintenance is the key my car has 119 thousand miles and it still runs like brand new. And as much as I like my Toyota Camry le I know they're not making them like they used too.
Bikefiend (19 days ago)
I had a Mazda 6 and at first tried to go with owner's manual instructions of every 7500 miles. Did not work out too well because oil degraded badly after 4000 miles or so. Not wanting to risk it I went and got an oil change and stuck to every 3000 miles after that.
Brandon Schwanz (19 days ago)
100 a pop were i live its like 30
Mark A (19 days ago)
think i took it a little bit to serious , havent changed my car oil in over 10 years but i must admit ... i rarely use the car
RKBA (19 days ago)
My wife and I saw a report on one of the News Magazines (20/20, 60 Minutes, etc. I just don't remember which) a few years back whereby they reported on a study done on New York City and Chicago Taxis - some of worst driving conditions engines/automobiles face - and determined that people were changing their CONVENTIONAL Motor Oil at least twice as often as really necessary.
ferdi himawan (20 days ago)
Nightmare for a rotary car owner
Zolar Czakl (20 days ago)
I drive a plug-in hybrid. The vast majority of my driving is electric mode. Where I am hardly using my ICE at all, how important is the oil change frequency in my circumstances? I am currently under free maintenance, which will expire at the end of this year, and it will include a free oil change. After that, I don't expect that I'll pay to have the oil changes (0-20 full synthetic expensive oil) any more than once a year. Even then, hardly using the ICE at all, that would probably be more frequent. The equivalent of actual ICE driving of 2000 miles a year. Any ideas?
Superchuyito 1195 (21 days ago)
Kilometers ?????
John Lawrence (21 days ago)
Modern oil lasts longer than old formulas and modern filters work better at holding contaminants than they used to. With the exception of Chrysler (Fiat), cars are better than they used to be and last longer.
BattleBear Gaming (21 days ago)
Change it every 3k Miles with full synthetic oil , I got a 95 Corolla with 250k Miles and it still runs like a champ
Oswald Chong (1 day ago)
Got my Dodge Caravan oil change every 10,000 miles, and it was running like a champ at 130k miles before I sold it to buy a new one.
Nunya Biznis (12 days ago)
Use Amsoil 25K/1year oil and change it every 4-6 months (never go a full year!), depending on your driving habits. If you buy the $20/year Amsoil membership, you then get wholesale price. Then, buy all the oil and filters you need for 1 year in 1 order (which gives you free shipping) and you save a ton of money over store oil like Mobile 1. Not only are you changing your oil less, but you are spending less money on a high quality synthetic.
MrBlue (13 days ago)
If you own a Chrysler 2.7L........that is the law. You go over 3k without an oil change and you'll blow the engine up with sludge buildup.
B-Lake 90 (15 days ago)
+]{john l ?
]{john l (15 days ago)
You wasting your money bigley
thcscarface1 (21 days ago)
Changing your oil and oil filter every 16,000km is absolutely ridiculous! The interval in the manual is like a worst case senario basically saying 16,000km is where you are gunna start to have big problems if exceeding this, certainly not to get close to this number EVERY oil change, not to mention top ups, if everybody changed it only once a year i bet most oil levels will be so low that engine damage is occurring not to mention the sludge build up. Listen, change it every 5000km and do it yourself its not rocket science and your engine will stay clean and last much longer.
imeatingursnack plz (21 days ago)
just do your own maintenance ... pansys
imeatingursnack plz (21 days ago)
dont care always change with full synthetic oil every 3k miles... especially with a turbo charged motor....... and i change it myself..... never spent 100$ on oil...... jesus christ...
glenn surgey (21 days ago)
Comes down to oil you use if you use cheap old Dino oils then you will probably damage your engine anyway because most new cars are ment to run on high quality synthetic oils in Europe most cars are running on long life oil and service is normally once a year and some now are every 2 years or when the light comes on and considering most come with minimum warranty of 3+ years if there was any risk then manufacturers wouldn’t risk it
lauraNY (21 days ago)
I change every 5-8K miles ... i like keeping my clean and I watch them changing like a hawk !!!!
John Silver (22 days ago)
Lots of cars have two service guides. One year is ok if you are driving on freeways and country roads. Stop and go in city with long idling in traffic and long traffic lights , its better to change at 6 mo or 5000 miles.
edim1958 (22 days ago)
What is the difference between conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic oil change interval? What oil did you check?
A $100 oil change every 3 to 6 months is alot cheaper then $2000 to $5000 engine replacement.
謬聊 (23 days ago)
Change oil every week,, I take your money, do nothing.
Donald Martin (23 days ago)
An oil change is much cheaper than replacing a worn or seized engine? I would rather pay for an extra oil change every year than wearing out or ruining mine.
Advent Cliff (24 days ago)
Iv'e notated in my book that there is no info about servicing. you have to look on line
Paul Hecker (24 days ago)
I personally change my engine oil (Castrol Full Synthetic)every 8,000km as recommended in my owners manual. I also subsitute one litre(quart) of oil for one litre(quart)of Lucas Synthetic Engine Oil Stabilizer. It is supposed to prevent up 75% of wear caused during cold start ups. I also went to a parts store and bought K&N Oil Filters for the car. These oil filters are supposed to be better.And they were also cheaper than other oil filters at other parts stores. Be very careful though if you have a car with variable valve timing.As these systems seem to be very sensitive when it comes to dirty or contaminated engine oil. So,talk to your trusted mechanic if you have this system in your car about oil and oil changes. My system is being replaced in my 2009 Pontiac Vibe with 155,000km at a cost of around $3000 to $3500 parts and labour. I have no choice as I can't afford another vehicle loan. Am I angry with Toyota?!YES!!! Maybe Markeplace should investigate variable valve timing? Just putting it out there.
Peter Moygannon (25 days ago)
me personally i do my own changes very easy on most cars full synthetic 6000 7000km max oil cheap motor not and wouldn't care about time factor up to you

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