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Good Jewelry Vs Bad Jewelry Part 1-THE MODIFIED WORLD- A professional piercer's view

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In this video, j.c. potts of PANGEA PIERCING explains the differences between good body jewelry and inferior body jewelry and why it's important...with lots of side by side examples, greatly enlarged. Topics include implant-grade materials, internal threading versus external threading, and surface finishes. While it's not the most exciting video we've brought you, it IS the most informative, and can help keep you safe and healthy in your choices of personal adornment. NO MANUFACTURERS CONTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY TO THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. The perspective presented is 100% that of j.c. and is in no way, shape, or form influenced by anything other than his almost 20 years as a professional piercer and the collective experience of his colleagues. We have no conflict of interest with our reviews. To learn more about body jewelry standards check out the Association of Professional Piercers website http://safepiercing.org SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PIERCER! DON'T BUY JEWELRY OFF THE INTERNET! http://anatometal.com http://isbodyjewelry.com (Industrial Strength) http://neometal.com http://intrinsicbody.com http://bodycircle.com http://customsteel.com blue mountain steel http://bodyornaments.com
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Text Comments (879)
Kenneth Williamson (17 days ago)
What's the name of the music pleas
Kathryn Nance (21 days ago)
Just got my first piercing!! Thanks for the helpful info!!
Alexis M (1 month ago)
This was very informative
Anaoops (1 month ago)
I just bought some sterling silver earrings R.I.P 😔
Laura Rubow (1 month ago)
What about alloy?
Sydnei Humphrey-Davis (1 month ago)
what do you suggest for a retainer glass? Acrylic?
MissP (1 month ago)
I know this is super old so you may not see this but this content is still super relevant and has been super helpful JC ☺️👌💪💜
Wendy Bees (2 months ago)
I have localized argyria on my nose due to wearing sterling silver in my nose ring. IT SUCKS!
carla noel (3 months ago)
Thank you ,I was getting ready to change my pricing for the first time, and I was getting sliver for my nose jewelry
Bug Catcher (3 months ago)
I may have missed it in one of your videos. What tools should you use when you want to change a NeoMetal threadless gem? I would go to my piercer but it's typically a 3 + hour wait and they don't take appointments.
JULIE HARBONE (3 months ago)
Love your blogs each week.. Wish every piercing place was honest about their jewelry and they shoul always use good quality jewelry... I had a Christina that the ball came off as the threads were no good 1 hour after having it fitted the sharp end stuck into my freshly pierced skin and was so painful having it put back in ...
Busiyo Babatunde (4 months ago)
Thanks for making this video. It's really good to know what is going into our bodies. But especially during the healing process to know, if the process of healing is delayed because of of the wrong body metals, or just due to bad after care. Thanks a lot.
Katherine Anne (4 months ago)
I always come back to this video when I'm shopping for body jewelry. Always a good reminder on what items to avoid
santas giraffe (4 months ago)
Thanks to this video,I will no longer get confused about the difference between internally threaded and externally threaded jewelry!
Lestat De Lioncourt (5 months ago)
I love your channel. I got my septum pierced about a week ago with a Titanium circular barbell and it's healing very nicely. I cannot stress how much people using the word "infected" to describe an irritated piercing pisses me off!! Lol!!
Deanna Arias (5 months ago)
I never knew about the tarnishing stain thing. I always thought my sterling silver belly button ring was safe and thought the black stain was a bruise or scarring from when my piercing was infected
Keyanna Curtis (6 months ago)
You did a good job but how do I know the seller isn’t providing fake Titanium? I know you mentioned it but can you spell out the two types of Titanium for me?
nny Venom (6 months ago)
Thanks again for another Excellent vid!
Rara31393 (6 months ago)
Every place ive got a piercing at never sold me any jewelry when I asked if they did
Bryasia B. (6 months ago)
Amazing video. I learned so much from your video. I am considering getting an nose piercing and I wanted to make sure i was doing thorough research. Especially since I have a ton of allergies. I wanted to make sure the body jewelry I select is authentic. I have an titanium plate in my body already due to an medical issue. So I should definitely go with an "Neometal" jewelry? Or do you recommend an different kind of metal for me?
Izabella Galaxy (7 months ago)
Informative AF! Thanks Handsome!
Rose (7 months ago)
For healed lobe piercings would you still recommend not using sterling silver? I prefer the look of silver metals but studs and other traditional ear lobe jewelry seems to only come in gold, silver, and the cheap forever 21 type crap. Opinion? :)
Rhian Chambers (7 months ago)
Thank u that was awesome
Rocio Duran (8 months ago)
Great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Metals. I was wondering since i make jewelry what metals to use when making jewelry.
Sejal (8 months ago)
Love this video! Helped lots
Shell Nel02 (8 months ago)
You did a good job explaining everything except I need to know a little more detail about the stainless steel jewelry and what it'll do to you if you wear it constantly because I've worn this for years and that is the main thing in my collection. Thank you and have a great day!
Rita Carr (8 months ago)
I feel like I’m in a classroom .
RedserventX (8 months ago)
what about tungsten is this ring ok https://www.fantasyforgejewelry.com/gold-phoenix-firebird-black-silver-tungsten-ring-p/FFJ-TR-129.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw-bLVBRBMEiwAmKSB8_37tBC_sSAtDSs2-7oOiCjyLrGJVxCnetHUvPBNH-BYsKCwGFXY3BoC2hAQAvD_BwE
Tishalou78 D (9 months ago)
What do u think of white gold? Also the website alluring body for a nostril piercing.
anney n (9 months ago)
My ENT told me the argyria on my cartilage were 'normal blood clots' and that I should keep wearing my sterling silver earrings if I didn't want them to close... Thanks for informing those who hopefully don't have to learn the hard way!
bigboostable (10 months ago)
can't get over the beard....looks like a clip on.
Jessica Rabbit (10 months ago)
Hey I got a nose piercing late October last year and the shop gave me a hoop initially. I keep getting a bump and I put tea tree oil on it but it came back... is it because I have a hoop instead of a stud initially or is it that I may be allergic to stainless steel?
Nyssa cat (10 months ago)
I hate when i see someone with sterling silver earrings/nose studs etc and they have a green ring around their skin. It makes me cringe
Ogechi A (10 months ago)
Where can a customer purchase these good types of jewelry? The companies you described were only wholesale
Haley Chacon (11 months ago)
This has been really helpful,I'm getting a double nostril for my birthday this weekend and the shop I chose uses only neo metal so that makes me really happy!
goldandrubies (11 months ago)
Anene Britz (11 months ago)
So useful! Thank you! I'm addicted! Wish I was in the states to come and get a piercing there!
Bec Rowe (11 months ago)
Tamaija Orr (11 months ago)
Do u sell jewelry?
Camille Gronan (11 months ago)
what about G23 Titanium? that and surgical steel 316L are the most common piercing jewelry. is G23 Titanium safe??
Victoria Reilly (11 months ago)
My dyslexia kicked in with this episode! LOL
I just came across your page. Thank you. I stopped wearing earrings because it always turned black. Omg thank you. Now I know why and can change that. I miss wearing earrings. Thought I was allergic to the metal. I will definitely keep watching your shows.
Ashley Mossor (1 year ago)
Hey jc I was wondering what is your opinion about wearing gold and platinum in piercings would you recommend/prefer wearing it ?
jenna goodwin (1 year ago)
I want a video on all industrial jewelry. Like when you go to get your industrial pierced, what to look for etc
Elizawitch (1 year ago)
Definitely just took these sterling silver earrings out as I was watching
Meagan Muñoz (1 year ago)
This video is old af being from 2012 and shit, but it has helped me tremendously. I am researching a ton before I go get my belly button pierced, and I am so glad I came across this video. I am terrified of migration/rejection, and I now know what to stay away from. I will probably just spend my money on 14 kt gold and not risk an allergy to metals I haven't used before. I am very sensitive to metals in my ears, so I can only imagine how my belly would react. But my skin likes that boujee ass gold. lmao
infinite wilderness (1 year ago)
you really have a very effective one of a kind style of teaching. .I love the way you simplify information making it easier to understand especially for those who are naive to the subject.
Sinking Sanity (1 year ago)
I don't exactly want to go into the body mod industry but I love knowing how to properly take care or my piercings. I currently have 10 and I'm getting 2 more soon. You're videos have helped me learn quite a bit.
Sinking Sanity (1 year ago)
I honestly told my best friend not to get her cartilage pierced with a gun and to stop wearing a regular Claire's sterling silver earring in it. While I got mine done in a shop and it's now healed and I've sized it up to 12g and I'm still slowly but surely going up and I have surgical grade metals in it. Hers never healed and it was always sore and when she finally took out her earring it healed with a black dot as a scar. She wants to get it redone but she's not educated at all. We share a birthday so I'm taking her to get it done by my professional piercer.
John Thompson (1 year ago)
your amazing thumbs up to a badass
Jules Encar (1 year ago)
I have no idea what tragus earring to buy if it’s safe or not can anyone help
LeannEllie Davis (1 year ago)
Yes, I found your presentation quite enlightning and very informative. Just the video to see to arm myself with the right information to make an intelligent choice in body jewelry. Thank you!
Josie Crue (1 year ago)
I cant hear the number 138 without thinking of the misfits
Melissa Bruce (1 year ago)
I'm very greatful for this video. I was just thinking about ordering jewelry online and didn't know what to look for because my local piercer doesn't provide much of a selection. I love watching your videos, they are so informative. Thank you.
Leathur Rokk (1 year ago)
I am humbled on watching this.I have JUST uploaded my own video about anodized titanium and how we do not really know how the quality is but compared to YOUR video mine is crap....but that said,i just subbed to you,and if i ever swing down your shop's way i will maybe get a new hole;-)
Max Hellsing (1 year ago)
My piercings are made of titanium. Will they set off an alarm when going through airport security?
Crystal Kelela (1 year ago)
What jewelry material do we wear for tongue piercings if we don’t want to ruin our teeth and gums? The hard metal like ones already ruined my enamel after wearing it for two weeks. Can I wear acrylic? I’m wearing an acrylic ball with the stainless steel barbell right now. It’s that fine?
The Minimalist Ninja (1 year ago)
This was brilliant! My current ear piercings are both titanium studs from neometal and my septum is titanium as well. I've been thinking of switching to a ring from anatometal and your video just confirmed my decision. Thank you for taking the time to make such great content, I really appreciate it :)
knuxyl (1 year ago)
I would like to know your thoughts about Obsidian jewelry.
Hi! I had a question .... I got my nipple pierced with a curved barbell... is that the wrong barbell? Should it have been striaght? And if I put a straight barbell in it, will it go through the healing process again?
Carianne Rons (1 year ago)
Best places to get piercings
Nessa J (1 year ago)
Thank you! Because I can't wear jewelry that's like from forever 21 I did once and the earring turned green and my piercing that I had since I was born started oozing
Kristen LaFond (1 year ago)
Appreciate this info. Proper!
mrssaradee (1 year ago)
This was phenomenal
KimSarah (1 year ago)
Those brands are not available in the Netherlands. How can I get them anyway?
Mia Lynn (1 year ago)
SarahClarity perhaps try ordering through a piercer in the US, and ask them if they can ship to netherlands once they get it.
Alexis Falgoust (1 year ago)
my belly piercing rejected the sterling silver, surgical steel and the titanium. i really was the piercing but idk what to do about the rejecting. is there a metal that's best to prevent that?
sky peters (1 year ago)
What about surgical steel
Maria Katsikani (1 year ago)
Such an intuitive video!
Robin Lujan (1 year ago)
love this !
Barf Salamandruid (1 year ago)
Wow someone who actually know what they're talking about with metals for once. I've had Sterling silver turn my ears black at 13 when I had 7 piercings on each ear but I oddly enough I was able to sort of scrape out the blackened parts with a sterilized post from a real silver piercing. I'm not sure why or how that happened but it did. And it wasn't painful.
Katie Hobbs (1 year ago)
All of these brands are expensive! I will have to think very hard and only buy stuff I would wear for a very long time, since I can't afford to buy more than one or two pieces a year.
Colombianitax23 (1 year ago)
I watch your videos like a Netflix addict would. Haha. As a future nurse I love that you provide great information that a lot of people are ignorant too and will just get pierced anywhere. I tell people all the time take care of your body go to a reputable shop and good jewelry can't put a price on your health and safety. I think it'd be totally worth it to travel and be pierced by you !
Antwon Barnes (1 year ago)
Yo you did a super great job of explaining the jewelry details its has gave me a better eye for spotting bad or good jewelry
Amy Whitaker (1 year ago)
I have my septum pierced and I've had it a little over a month.. It was rose gold when i first got it, now it's almost silver.. How do I find a good place near me to buy a new piece?? I tried anatometal online but I have no clue how to order from them.
I love these videos, they're basically "How To Spot An Actual Professional Piercer" because let me tell you, I've heard some stories. Just like with tattoo artists, you need to really do your research on your...artist, mod guy? whatever. point is, it's like you have to know their job almost as well as they do (in theory! not actually sticking real live needles in yourself! don't do that!!!) so I really appreciate how much detail you go into and how broad you go.
Ivy K (1 year ago)
The sterling silver thing just caused me to decide to throw everthing i own out just to be sure
Becky Ortman (1 year ago)
Is gold safe 🤔
Alexia Rivers (1 year ago)
hope you guys start selling surface anchor tops on your online site! would love some replacements that I know are safe!
lib (1 year ago)
Clair's pierced me with sterling silver... I wore that shit almost constantly for about 5 years... oops
Trinity Najera (1 year ago)
am I the only one that's looking at all of there body jewelry
Tramaine Davis (1 year ago)
this video was very helpful in what kind of jewelry to pick for my rook piercing I'm about to get. thanks.
iceangel587 (1 year ago)
Im planning on using a labret for my nose ive seen some that have internal threading on the back internal portion of the nose and other that have it on the external stud portion? Which one is better? Safer (that I wont breath in the piece while sleeping) and insertion how do i do that? Ive had the barbell type and the L shape which both seem to irritate and reopen the piercings to some degree when I need to clean it throughly which is maybe weekly.
Queen Kuntress (1 year ago)
When you mentioned black metal.... hnnnngggggggg!
Alicia Jones (1 year ago)
thank you so much for telling me do not wear sterling silver plugs or gauge so I know what I have to where you're going to be glass I cannot wear plastic I'm allergic to plastic I don't like gold but if I have to wear gold that where I would do but will you please tell us some more about glass and Stone plugs
Nina Rennie (1 year ago)
I run a small shop here in British Columbia, in a smaller town called Salmon Arm. I have my "competing" shop up the street trying to convince the folk I try to educate, that NeoMetal is the "worst" thing you can put in your nose and body. I know and you know, that the statement is just not true. I know how my jewellery is made, who makes it and I have developed a professional relationship with these quality companies who provide me AND my clients with the Rolls-Royce of jewellery. I can sleep at night knowing that my jewellery isn't mass produced with god knows what materials in an uncontrolled environment *internally screaming* I can call up John from NeoMetal and be like YO JOHHNY how's it going there? What's the turn around? How's your day? GREAT! I don't understand how other piercers justify that the lower quality is better. It's not my job to understand, but it is my job to further educate those who arent aware. Come and join the quality side of things....one of US! ONE OF US!
Amanda Blasius (1 year ago)
loved this video, all my years talking about jewelry and I didnt know about sterling silver, thank you,though I do usually recommend titanium or the implant grade surgical steal
Chelsea DeMars (1 year ago)
i am so glad o watched i didnt know that my piercer is pretty much crappy
Dominic colantro (1 year ago)
have you done a video on wooden plugs
Jean-luc Chessher (1 year ago)
surgical stainless means it is steralised easy
Ann Kozlowski (1 year ago)
love your videos
Ronnie Marie (1 year ago)
what about surgical steel? i wear internally threaded surgical steel that i get from my piercer
RJ Wisdom (1 year ago)
your videos are really helpful, ive thankfully never had a bad or infected piercing and i have 6 piercings, however i really want to train to become body piercer and your videos really help with taking notes :) KEEP MAKING VIDEOS! ☺️
erin cooper (1 year ago)
i live in the uk and i want to buy a good earring for my helix but they dont sell other earrings in the place i go so do you have a good online store recommendation even though you said not to buy online
sweet heart (1 year ago)
what's the best metal to get my belly button pierced in?? xoxo
LonghairDrummer LHD (1 year ago)
Hey man, my name is Jadon. I am interested in stretching my ears. Do you have any advice for doing it myself at home? Any input would be much appreciated man. Thanks.
Audrey (1 year ago)
the first time I ever got my ears pierced I was 7 and it was done with a gun. Not only did I get an infection from the gun, but also the jewelry! To leave out the graphic details, my ears goozed out green pus. So yea, use needles and actual jewelry...
saelem morticia (1 year ago)
My sister can only wear gold and titanium in her piercings. We were told niobium allergies are less common than titanium allergies, and so when my sister got her conch piercing, they used a niobium captive bead ring. She's allergic to it.
BB Lunsford (1 year ago)
saelem morticia as far as I know those are the only 2 materials I can use and anything else made me react badly and lost one of my piercings due to it :c I kept my right daith and want to get titanium nickel free .
pangeapiercing (1 year ago)
I have seen one person personally who was very allergic to niobium. It's totally possible, and technically someone could have an allergy to anything! With 8 billion living variations of people there's bound to be numerous exceptions to every rule, but I by necessity have to deal with generalizations.
Justin 1 (1 year ago)
pangeapiercing (1 year ago)
glad it helped!
Ashley Nichols (1 year ago)
really enjoyed the info in this . i really love piercings and i've gotten bad jewelry before . found out the hard way ..
nvaeh makara (1 year ago)
Do you think its possible to make a video on what to pierce with if you have sensitive skin to metals? (probably could've worded that better 😅)

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